Eternally Blind

The humans who recoil in horror at the thought of watching a fellow human being fatally consumed by flames while locked up inside of a cage, are hypocrites, eternally blind to the Forbidden Truth that they are experiencing the exact same fate, only being played out in slow motion. Life in the 21st century as a citizen-slave to any and to every government, consists of nothing more than being shuffled from one cage and prison and cell to another. From womb to childhood to family to school to church to bar to forced labor to parenthood to retirement home to illness to death to coffin.
Eternal nothingness is the fate for all human cowards, eternally blind to this Truth. You sit passively inside of your cages, cheering for your captors, as you await your certain, your openly agreed to, extermination and immolation. You never get the opportunity to witness yourselves being burned to death, even as the flames consume you. And so you sit, judging others who dare to expose you to your own fate, a fate you can never face up to. And so you demonize those who show you what you are, tortured child victims such as are the members of ISIS. You condemn them for revealing, by their actions, a Forbidden Truth that neither you nor they can consciously face up to. How pathetic!
I have already posted a direct link to the full, uncensored version of the ISIS immolation of Muath al-Kaseasbeh, twice today. So I will not do so again, here. Instead, I present lyrical words of Truth, relating to fire and flame, which you may attempt to integrate to core consciousness. This song is for the members of ISIS, and for the citizen-slaves of amerikkka, and for every human being, every tortured child and ex-child, who is waiting, sitting inside of a cage, to be given the gift of retroactive unbirth by a government:

Yes, The Fire of Truth Still Burns!
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