Esteban Santiago & The Forbidden Truth of Military Service

All Military promotion, recruitment, enlistment & service, constitutes a crime of genocide.

This crime of genocide is perpetrated by EVERY government on earth in the 21st century, against its own children. Everyone who enlists in any government military, anywhere on earth, be it “voluntarily” or via mandatory force, is a tortured, victimized, brainwashed child. It makes no difference if the enlistee is 16, 21, 28, or 35 years old. He IS a CHILD, brainwashed for many years, from his earliest memories aged 3 and 4, by his malevolent government.

Enticed, goaded, shamed, taunted, bribed, brainwashed, indoctrinated, rewarded, to agree to become a mindless, zombie mass murderer, to murder complete strangers with no provocation of any kind, upon the command of a leader, representing the society and government that is guilty of his creation and victimization, and holds him hostage body, mind, and soul.
It makes no difference if the enlistee is a computer scientist who never fires a single shot in any combat zone, he is still a torture victim of government genocide.

Military service is marketed to all children as the single easiest and best way to gain the opportunity to commit MURDER. Legal, rewarded, praised, murder. And since every child on planet earth is a tortured, traumatized, enraged victim of universal child abuse, there is never any shortage of child-slaves willing and eager to take their government up on its genocidal offer.

The vast majority of all military soldiers remain brainwashed for life, satiating their homicidal bloodlust with no conscious awareness of any kind, channeling all rage and hate into patriotic loyalty, demonizing an imaginary enemy, exactly as instructed by their slavemasters.
The vast majority NEVER get to personally murder anyone, but that doesn’t matter. They exist as part of the collective, therefore can and do gain sadistic, bloodlust pleasure and emotional catharsis from EVERY legal murder committed by EVERY fellow member of “their” military.
And, as masochists, they also gain emotional catharsis from the maiming and deaths of members of their own military.
All this is cloaked from conscious awareness, of course. The Matrix of Universal Illusion in full bloom.
But scattered among these many millions of happy legal murderers, there are a few tortured children who wake up, on some level of consciousness, to the Forbidden Truth: That they have made a deal with the devil. That they are collaborating with their OWN ENEMY, their own victimizer and destroyer.
It is this tiny handful that government fears. This tiny handful, who wake up and begin to hate their True enemy. And from this tiny handful, an even tinier handful find the strength to redirect their homicidal rage, to make the 180 degree turn. Esteban Santiago, amerikkkan army veteran, sent by the regime to iraq to murder complete strangers, made that turn yesterday, inside of Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.
Do you understand why Esteban is being demonized as a mentally ill monster, yesterday and today, by the amerikkkan regime and its media? Because his actions EXPOSE the derangement of his society and government. Because his actions expose the genocidal evil of his society and govt. But this exposure is only visible to the sane and Superior thinker. The mandate of the regime is to wash away all of this icky Truth, wash it away under a fresh torrent of lies and illusion. Make Martyr Esteban into a crazy monster, so nobody else wakes up to the Forbidden Truth of what govt is, and what govt does.
And it will work. Of course it will. Timothy McVeigh tried to lay a little Truth upon the universe in a much more powerful and eloquent way, and failed. So did Howard Unruh, father of the modern era of mass murder in amerikkka, a highly decorated us army world war 2 sniper, who shot 13 dead in Camden NJ in 1949.
It will work because Truth is dead, successfully murdered by government, every day.
The below photo of Esteban was taken YESTERDAY, by his terrorist captors, the amerikkkan regime guilty of transforming him from a helpless child into a mindless mass murderer. His destroyers hold him captive today, as they demonize him to be an insane monster. Can you appreciate the perverse hypocrisy of this?!
Look at the photo, look at Esteban, as he looks at you, just hours after carrying out a modest, but still successful, act of mass murder. LOOK AT HIM. He’s not evil. He’s not crazy. He is your reflection, just a tortured child who found the courage to TRY to break free of the Matrix of Universal Illusion. At least he tried. You fools won’t even try.
As much as I abhor human contact, if I were face to face with Esteban at this moment, I would reach out to touch him, and tell him, “I understand, and thank you”. To try to make sure he knows he is not alone in the universe, in his True Reality.
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