Envy and Jealousy: Brief But Brilliant Insights of Forbidden Truth

I received an email asking simply: “What do you think about envy?” Here is My reply, fleshed out just a little bit more for this larger audience:
The Superior knows he is intrinsically entitled to the best of everything, to gain and to experience every privilege he can imagine and desire. Within such a True Reality, there is no place for envy. To envy the perceived advantages of another human, is to fail to appreciate and know the glory of limitless Self-entitlement, on a conscious level.
How can you be jealous of what you think another human might have? It is an inferior path, a betrayal of Self-focus upon the Self-universe within which the Superior has already deduced, already analyzed for many thousands of hours, over and over, the limitless nirvanas denied him by society, by humanity, as a whole.
Nobody is lucky, nobody is advantaged, nobody has earned even the slightest bit of your envy. This is the horrific, True state of human existence, of universal oppression and victimization, of your ongoing, real-time 21st century life path.
Envy and jealousy are mentally ill, profoundly dysfunctional states of mind, the warping of reality and of Truth. Envy and jealousy are relentlessly promoted, both covertly and overtly, by every society and government, because to be envious of another human requires the overt rejection and denial of Forbidden Truth. How can you fight for Yourself, how can you demand justice for Yourself, if you believe some other human, enslaved, victimized, terrorized, and doomed to be destroyed, enjoys an existence worthy of being coveted and sought by you??
The caste system, overtly installed and maintained by every 21st century society and government, is nothing more than an elaborate cloaking mechanism, one of the foundational deceptions by which the universal suffering and oppression of all, is concealed from your conscious awareness.
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    1. No. I am feared, hated, pitied, but not envied. The only human-borns who could envy Me are the tiny handful of aspiring Superiors who consciously recognize and appreciate how much better I am as owner and creator of an untouchable and Self-nurturing universe than they are, and this is a statistically insignificant number.

  1. SEER, you are OUTSTANDING! Thanks for writing an essay on this massive problem that most humans are afflicted with. I have to admit that I once fell into the category of “jealously and envy” of other humans that I perceived to have an easier life, particularly wealth and status in which I wanted what they to feel normal. However, after my discovery of the forbidden truths I realized that the people that I envied for their wealth and lot are just as much a victim if not more than I am, and the “rich and famous” suffer equally to that of the poor.

    1. Your Superior realization and embrace of this Forbidden Truth directly threatens the Matrix of Universal Illusion, just as much as it nurtures and enhances your Truth quest. Society and government will always relentlessly promote and impose the lie of human “classes”, in order to ensure that the human garbage remains focused upon internal jealousy and envy, thereby blind to the universal oppression, victimization, slavery, and murder it is subjected to.
      As I have repeatedly revealed, when you can fully accept the validity of foundationa-level Forbidden Truths, you gain a Mind Wide Open capacity of insight to the human condition that can lead to many other important, second and third level Truth realizations. The Forbidden Truths of envy and jealousy are just such a primary, rooted Truth.

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