Emotionally Autonomous Isolationist Misanthrope

If I ever become famous, the media, in a deliberate effort to demonize Me and far more importantly, to discredit the Forbidden Truths which I articulate and embody, will decree Me to be a loner. Or perhaps an extreme loner, or maybe a lifelong loner. But you can be certain, the word “loner” will be prominently featured in every news media article.
Loner is a demonizing label applied by society and government to discredit all who reject the toxicity of emotional dependency and socialized enmeshment, which cripples humanity on an individual level, thereby dooming the entire species. It is My pleasure to proactively suffocate this specific form of definitional brainwashing as it may be appled to Me by My sworn enemy.
I am more than a loner, more than a lifelong adult virgin, more than an angry individual obsessed with revenge. I reject all outside labels. I define Myself within the glory of Truth, in everything I may do and say and represent. To any creature, human or otherwise, who may read or hear external descriptions of what I was or am, you are obligated, if you seek Truth, to reject all such external descriptions, and recognize Me via the portraits I paint of Myself, using the millions of words I have written, analyzed within the absolutely clarity of a life lived as outsider, outcast, and outlaw, a life lived to honor Self, Truth, and the glory of reflection, perfected.
I exist as emotionally autonomous, isolationist misanthrope. My emotional autonomy is a bedrock foundation behind all I choose to say and do. Emotional autonomy does not refer to any lack of emotion, or any inhibition of emotion. Emotional autonomy refers to freedom and to ownership. Emotional autonomy is what allows Me to own My mind, and to make every decision free of the prejudice of external imposition and manipulation of My True Reality. Within the slave state, I have maximized My experience of personal freedom, by breaking all shackles of emotional dependency and connectivity with all living things, most directly and primarily, with all human beings.
Emotional autonomy does not limit either the embrace or the expression of any emotion. Emotional autonomy allows Me, as a Superior creature, to successfully subordinate all emotions, on a specific and ongoing case-by-case basis, to rational and intellectualized judgment rooted within absolute fact, reality, and Truth. Emotional autonomy is a unique achievement of mind by the Superior individual, an achievement which the inferiors cannot even contemplate attempting to strive for, as they remain hopelessly trapped within their mind cages.
I am an isolationist. If you examine dictionary definitions of the term “isolationist” and isolationism, you will see that they consistently reference only a country, the foreign policy of a government. I fully reject and renounce this definitional limitation and prejudice, as I decree Myself an isolationist. Isolationism perfectly describes the individual choice to detach from all human contact, as a philosophical and ideological aid to maximizing positive experience of personal existence. The isolationist isolates for the very specific, foundational reason of understanding beyond all doubt, that rejecting all dependency-based human interactivity, is extremely important in achieving all that is positive and beneficial to Self.
The isolationist is not motivated by fear or bias, not motivated by a desire for comfort or a continuation of long-standing ritual or habit. The isolationist simply knows and embraces the fact that there is no other living thing worthy of experiencing a communion of mind with Him. He communes only with Himself. The isolationist embraces the Truth, rooted with the achievement of absolute emotional autonomy, that there is nothing to be gained via any form or aspect of human interaction that has a basis in personal or emotional bonding.
And finally, I am a misanthrope. There is no neutrality within My understanding of the True nature of humanity. I hate and despise humanity as a species, free of all bias, simply reflecting the factual reality of what humanity is, of what humanity is guilty of, of what humanity has done to Me personally, and does to every child, and to every adult, and to every living thing it is allowed to have contact with. I am a full-fledged misanthrope, incorporating absolute emotional autonomy and the Self-governance of mind as Truthfully defined via personal isolationism.
My misanthropy is proud and unwavering, a badge of honor I wear as created victim of the most inferior species of life to have ever infested planet earth. I am a misanthrope because I know exactly what humanity is, with the same clarity of mind as I know exactly what I am, and why I am what I am. You can define Me as a hater, but if you do so absent the context of My personal achievement of emotional autonomy, and ideological embrace of isolationism is a positive way of life, and the concrete fact that every last bit of My rage and hate is not merely justified, but necessary in order to accurately reflect both Truth and My True Reality, your definition is both inaccurate and exists as overt attack upon Me and upon Truth itself.
So, to all who seek Truth, if you should ever read an article or hear a report or access any type of information in which others attempt to describe Me, you should reject that description, and seek out the texts that I have personally written or otherwise created via audio or videotape, such as this essay, in which I define Myself within the Forbidden Truth of what I am, absent the biased attempts of others who serve as agents of society, of government, and of humanity, to demonize and discredit Truth, and to maintain the structures of universal human genocide which bear full guilt for My victimization.
© Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Another gem that I forgot to mention in my previous posting:humans don’t realize that when you are in “so-called” friendships or relationships, you are absorbing their feelings, pain, and emotions as though you are them. I don’t want to experience the pains and emotions of other humans. It is their pain not mine. So, why should I worry and have empathy for others? We should be mentally capable of dealing with our own emotional struggles, and stop dumping it in the laps of others to deal with

    1. Correct, and well-stated. All human relationships are intrinsically vampiric. Each individual seeks to make you suffer, as he is suffering, and his perception that you are sharing in his suffering, makes him feel better. Humans always drag each other down, they never lift each other up, even as they create absolutely false, epic tales of illusion, grand mythologies regarding how they love and help and nurture each other. Utter bullsh*t! The mythology of mutual aid is one of the greatest of social deceptions, intended to addict all citizen-slaves to the horror of toxic dependency, and to convince every slave to drown others as he drowns himself, to pull others into the abyss which he inhabits. Via this perverse construct, everyone ends up destroying everyone else, as they destroy themselves.
      This is the victory of society and government as it brainwashes you to choose a sexual partner, a friend, a live-in lover, a marriage mate. In many ways, platonic friendship is the most toxic of all relationships, because it is the emotionally easiest to establish. Anyone can pretend to be your friend, without subjecting himself to any great inconvenience, establishing a toxic and destructive link, based upon pure illusion and motivated by the need of vampiric extraction.

  2. I agree SEER, socializing with humans is very debilitating and draining on one’s autonomy and psychiatric abilities. Humans who seek socialization from other humans are setting themselves up for failure, because the tables will turn and one will be more dominant or less dominant in the relationship. For example, one will toil the responsibility in meeting the social and emotional needs of the other individual in which their needs will go unnoticed. Simply put, they will be used and abused as a result of it,. These social vampires will drain every fiber of your being due to their inability to meet their own needs and the lack of loving themselves. Society has crippled humanity with their idealistic beliefs that humans were meant to be social and not loners. As a result, humans become too dependent on others and make others responsible for their well-being, which has negative consequences on the reciprocating individuals . Interestingly enough, when humans grow tired of you and have gotten their needs met, they will simply cut you off and move on to someone else. However, they won’t tell you, but inadvertently, their demeanor will by giving you the “cold-shoulder” and lack of interest. You are treated like an object to be toyed around only when needed. This is very typical of humans, as they are users by nature and only have their self-interest at heart. although, nothing is wrong with this; but, however, humans should embrace this truth and not be in denial about it, as they are.
    I’ve noticed when carrying on a conversation with them, they tend to place their interests first and undermine your feelings and thoughts as though they are less of importance. It makes you feel left out, at least, that’s how I feel when conversing with them. I feel robbed and abandoned by them because the focus is mainly on them and not me. In addition, they will betray you because that is what humans are good for.
    As you mention in your manifesto, humans can gain positive benefits from social interactions, only if they have experienced similar traumatic experiences in which they can reflect and share those experiences that can serve as empowerment in regards to mental health . Other than that, human contact is counterproductive and obsolete and serves no purpose in justifying human contact.

    1. Institutionalized inequality, or the propagandized perception of inequality, is a hallmark social structure and a grand failure of humanity as a species. Nobody wants to be equal, even as they profess it to be a virtue. Humans seek out personal relationships specifically to make themselves feel unequal. They may prefer dominance, or submission, but not equality. Same with slave labor, the human wants to be a boss or an employee, or both, to be a boss, and yet to have a boss. To be told what to do, even as you are telling others what to do. These illusions of power and powerlessness help to conceal the universal slavery and powerlessness of all humans. “I have the power to make myself suffer,” this is another primary way that humans conceal this unbearable Truth from themselves, by embracing the illusion of suffering as a personal right and form of empowerment. You see this in women who wear high heels, in those who vow to defend and protect their right to drink alcohol and to skydive and to harm themselves in so many other different ways.
      Only via personal isolation, can you develop the Alien Eye of understanding as to the vampiric nature of all human relationships. The great irony is that the vampire, in the midst of his relationship, can never see clearly how and why he is sucking, and being sucked dry. Even if he perceives the vampirism, he does so via a distorted lens of bias, like holding a watch one inch from your eye and trying to read the numbers. Distance and detachment is key to all Truth quests. You can learn to despise human relationships while interacting with humans, but not if you become emotionally enmeshed towards and with them. I appreciate your apparent capacity to detach, and to analyze the nature of all human relationships even as you are directly interacting weith humans.

      1. speaking of vampirism, I met this human a month ago at the library in which we had a meaningful conversation. However, he has become attached and dependent on me in meeting his emotional needs. Of course, he hasn’t stated this, but I am not stupid and feel this way. He’s the type that uses a lot of flattery and offers free drinks and lunches, etc., to exploit me. I want to cut off communications with him because I feel drained, and my own personal needs of focusing on self, has been diminished. It’s ironic that vampires don’t view this as a problem and continue on with their escapade in exploiting others. That is, they will simply try to buy the individual to hold them hostage for their own use. Boy, are humans emotionally dependent. They don’t seem to grasp this. They believe that by offering something that will somehow diminish their exploitation of you. It’s like they assume that their is a even-balance, and both parties are equally contributors in relationships. Now, I’m leery about talking to strangers because I don’t know if they will try to exploit me to get their emotional and social needs met. The mind becomes chaotic and cluttered when focusing on others, and it has detrimental effects on one’s ego

        1. The human cannot be content with the cerebral communion of ideas. He immediately begins to obsess over establishing a toxic emotional enmeshment, with any human who engages him in any type of dialogue. This is just one reason why you should never touch any human, in any way. Do not shake his hand or pat him on the shoulder or touch the back of his hand. No contact of any kind must occur, as even the exchange of intellectual ideas is interpreted by the diseased mind of the inferior, as a form of intimacy, a form of toxic enmeshment.
          In real life, it is always best to avoid all dialogue with humans. I will not even tell a human what time it is, if he is a stranger in public. If you engage in slave labor, some forms of dialogue, including human touch, are sometimes unavoidable. In these situations you must proactively reject any and all overtures which extend beyond the unfair and unjust minimums which cannot be practically avoided.
          For someone who has transcended their humanity, all human contact, on all emotional levels, is unnecessary and counterproductive. All communion must occur only with Self. But in terms of practical knowledge and personal mind expansion, cerebral dialogue with others, can sometimes be of benefit. This is where the internet can be used, as you can control the exact parameters of every dialogue. What is important is that you, the Superior, consciously understand that always, you are interacting only with Yourself. All dialogue must remain internal, even as you exchange ideas, emails, instant messages, what have you, with others. No enmeshment can be allowed to occur. You are literally “picking” their brain, dissecting their mind by analyzing their words to you, their response and interaction towards you. But nothing they want from you, is given to them. You allow them to take whatever they are able to extract, from your chosen interactions with them. Then, you cut them off, you eliminate them from your universe, whenever you find they are unable to stimulate any additional, useful, cerebral contemplation of mind. This is the empowered, gloriously selfish and Self-loving, fully detached method of human interaction, practiced by the Superior.

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