Ego: The Cerebral Cortex of the Central Nervous System of the Top-level Superior

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Aspiring Superiors need to fully comprehend the integral necessity of achieving and maintaining a limitless, maximized, internally and externally untouchable ego. Ego is the single most vital component of a thriving Self-universe. Nothing is more important, not Self-love, not external hate, not even Truth itself.
Why is this so? Because the ego is the foundational platform upon which everything else must be placed and built and made glorious. Without this foundation, everything else is a sham and an illusion.
Of what use is supreme knowledge of all the Forbidden Truths, if they cannot be perfectly integrated to the glorification of Self? Of what use is Self-love, if it is subject to random fluctuations based upon external and internal changes to reality perception? Of what use is external hate, if it seeps into the Self-universe, be it consciously or subconsciously?
The ego must be erected and perfected, first. From this foundation, everything else can bloom.
Every society and government knows how incredibly dangerous to its stranglehold upon the collective psyche of humanity, a healthy ego is. Just look at how ego is portrayed and defined. Something petty and perverse, something insignificant. Something to be vanquished, rather than exalted. Something sought only by small minds, rejected by great minds. A destroyer of mental health, instead of the single more integral component of mental health.
Destroy the individual ego of a human being, and you destroy him. You render him a mannequin, jello and clay, putty in the hands of the collective shackle that is society and government and The Matrix of Universal Illusion.
To envision Yourself as less than the omnipotent creator of the universe, entitled to every bliss and privilege and power and pleasure, yesterday, today, tomorrow, eternally and forever, is to possess a destroyed ego.
There is no moderation to ego: It is either maximized and completely untouchable, or it is nonexistent and destroyed. The lie of moderation is one of the most deviously genocidal examples of how society and government destroys all human potential. How can you fight to regain a healthy ego, if you believe you already possess it, in perfect moderation. An ego healthy, but not too strong, not overly developed. A modest ego! How preposterous!
All of your mental health problems and failures, from suicidal ideation to the willingness to sacrifice Now for an imaginary future, from addiction to romantic love, from refusal to acknowledge your victimhood status, to refusal to even try to defeat the disease of death; All of it traces back directly to one single issue: Your destroyed ego.
Every day I spend time consciously perfecting and strengthening My already and always untouchable, Supreme ego. It is the only way to become, and to indefinitely remain, a top-level Superior.
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  1. Very good post, 5 stars. I was wondering where you were the past days, but now you’re back. Thanks for not giving up on us earthlings.

    1. All my posts are 5 star. Your selectively prejudicial brain, compelled to choose True Reality over Truth itself, compels you to rate some higher than others.
      I gave up on humanity a long time ago, and I do, with My non-slave labor time, exactly and only what I choose to do. You can keep wondering, as your True Reality dictates.

  2. Nice! It’s interesting that the mental health field defines someone with excessive ego as a”narcissist”. However, they state that a moderation of narcissism is healthy; but if it exceeds that, it is unhealthy narcissism. Why? It’s dubious for society to rate the intensity of love that one has for him or herself. What they are doing, is chopping them down bit by bit and destroying them into shattered pieces. If someone’s ego is too high, they are made to feel that they are selfish and a horrible individual. In lot of cases, these people are given the proverbial guilt trip in which society employs its minions to harass and hound them, fam mem, friends,etc,. They are helpers for matrix system and don’t know it. I have been told all my life that I am selfish and don’t care about anyone else. Why should I? That’s one of the main problems on this planet, is that humans are always thinking about others and not themselves. It has been pounded in our minds since childhood to care and love others, and place their needs before our own. And why? Because it is an honorable thing to do, and god will bless those who do. Also, it will them happier in life and better individuals. BS! I don’t believe it; it’s the opposite of loving self and goes against self.. It appears humans can’t see what society has and continues to do to them, betraying them with these lies and stripping their innate ability to love themselves.

    1. Controlling the minds and the reality perceptions of humanity as a collective body, is the overtly malicious goal of every society and government.
      To make you believe you are okay, and doing fine, even as you are destroyed and bleeding out on every level of consciousness, that is the victory society and government achieves.
      Everybody is nothing within Self, but they are given permission to feel important as long as they are serving as slaves to specific individuals, others, to whom they are rendered emotionally addicted and dependent upon, and to specific social structures that relentlessly suck them dry and leave them broken and dead.
      I appreciate your capacity as a mind to consciously recognize and face up to the Forbidden Truths of what has been done and is being done to you. You perceive Truth on a high level, a genuine 1 in a million+ level, and you deserve to know this is a factual reality.
      If every human on earth possessed the same level of brain functionality that you do, the species would have a chance, it would not be hopelessly doomed. But they do not, and will not.
      You took My texts and made them your own, with courage and understanding and insight. Admirable.
      I pay you these compliments because you deserve them. Use them to continue to grow your ego, your Self-love, and your capacity to recognize and embrace all Truth.

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