Dylann Storm Roof Captured, in Pig Custody

CNN is now reporting that Dylann Storm Roof, the 21 year old suspect in last night’s Charleston Emanuel AME church massacre, has been captured by police and is in custody. Now he wil be subjected to additional punitive punishment at the hands of your diseased and deranged society, his victimhood status denied and rejected.
The Forbidden Truths Dylann has illuminated and highlighted, via his actions, specifically as relates to the insane god myth and the institutionalized, structured racism inherent within and promoted by amerikkkan society and government, will be rendered invisible via a nationwide media blackout, as has always been the case when an individual carries out a high profile crime which the media cannot proactively censor and ignore.
You, the brainwashed citizen-slaves, will be subjected to an orgy of propaganda-based commerntary, disguised as news, in which the mental health of Dylann is endlessly debated, whether or not he is evil, whether or not he deserves to be murdered by the state, how and why he was able to gain access to guns, what influence music or video games might have played on his mindset and actions, etc…
All this will serve as deliberate obfuscation by the media, so that no Forbidden Truths are exposed or opened up to public scrutiny. From Dylann’s status of being a victim of child abuse, to the racism which the amerikkkan government overtly promotes and encourages, to the gaping holes in god mythology which this church massacre exposes, to the need to ban all exposure of children to all religion, to the need to eliminate parenthood and the family unit, nothing which violates the secure matrix of social illusion will be allowed to gain any traction.
The amerikkkan regime will use this incident to increase the popularity of religion, and to increase the institutionalized racism which it plays out as a never-ending soap opera in order to maintain directional control over the rage and hate of the unwashed masses. Death will be celebrated, as this church reopens and is filled to the rafters with loyal and with newly minted death addicts.
Meanwhile, lifelong abuse and trauma victim Dylann, a child today, as he has been throughout his existence, will continue to be brutally and unjustly victimized, as you malicious hypocrites satiate your suppressed bloodlust via the demonization of your own tortured child-creation.
I am feeling motivated to write a detailed Open Letter directly to Dylann, as My next blog post, but let me make a few brief ciomments, directly to Dylann, right here and now:
Dylann, I am so glad you are alive, and chose not to murder or harm Yourself in the wake of your reflection of True Reality. Please stay strong, and please find the power of mind to love Yourself, to bestow limitless and unconditional love upon Yourself.
Dylan, you are a victim. You have been victimized, and you will be victimized. But you are not alone in this regard. Every human child is a victim, and everyone born human is victimized throughout their existence. I ask you to recognize and appreciate Yourself as a victim. I ask you to not allow anyone, to not allow any human being, to cause you to feel bad about Yourself, or to cause you to doubt Yourself, or to cause you to lose appreciation of the glory of your reflection.
Dylann, life is a war. You owe allegiance only to Yourself. So fight for Yourself, protect Yourself, defend Yourself, and in the process, may you dwell within and draw strength from the twin glories of True Reality and Truth.
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