Does A Billion Lives Taken Avenge A Single Life Taken?

No. Not if it is My life. Justice died when humanity chose to take My life. Revenge has been claimed, is being claimed, will be claimed. But justice will never be achieved. The score will never be settled. It is important for the Superior to consciously know this Truth. Revenge is right, but just because something is right, does not mean it repairs an existing wrong.
Revenge honors the reflection of universal injustice for all, the reflection humanity has chosen to live, and die, by.
There are no happy endings. Revenge gracefully bows down to this Truth. The smile of bitter irony, celebrates the intimate transfer and sharing of personal pain.
There is no past tense for True suffering. He who has suffered, will always suffer. The only good news is that pain does not need to hurt, if it is used to hurt.
Mercy and forgiveness are the weapons in the hands of the matrix. Pretend the fire does not burn, even as it consumes you.
Look to the future, a burning flame.

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