Direct Link:Uncensored Charlie Hebdo Police Execution

Here is a direct link to the specific video footage that CNN and all other mainstream western media has chosen to censor, of one of the Charlie Hebdo gunmen shooting and then executing a french police officer just before making their escape from the scene.
Note that there is NOTHING graphic about this footage, you see no blood even, because the distance of the video camera is so far. And yet every western news media organization has chosen and is continuing to choose to censor the imagery. This is what happened, this is the factual reality of what happened, and yet billions of human beings are being prevented from seeing it, by the media, the western media!
So, this is the freedom of the press you value so greatly??! This is the freedom of the press that amerikkkan citizen-slaves are willing to fight and to die for??! This is freedom?? You are free to be protected by your own media from seeing the factual reality of an act of violence that the west has inspired?? Shame on you, hypocrites!
Be advised, this is a Youtube video, and because Youtube is controlled by western governments, you may expect this video to be deleted by Youtube, censored, very soon! For now, here it is, I will try to post a more permanent link, even though it is hardly worth the effort, since nothing graphic is shown. But still, I will post a more permanent link, in the name of Truth, and to defy the perverse censorship of the west. Please note, the uncensored portion of the footage begins at the .54 second mark:

Update: Just located a better source for this video, same footage, but in slo-mo and without any advertising. LiveLeak used to proudly stand up against all censorship, but lately they have given in to government pressure, not sure if this will stay up permanently, but should last longer than the Youtube clip:
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