Depressed, and Mentally Healthy

Mental health has nothing to do with feeling happy, and nothing to do with being able to integrate well to any existing social structure or environment. The only accurate way to define what constitutes good mental health, is: The personal capacity to recognize and embrace factual realities and Truths, to integrate factual realities and Truths within personal reality perception and understanding, and to make conscious behavioral choices based upon these realities and Truths, which do not directly result in overt Self-harm.
The human who attains happiness at the cost of lying to himself and rejecting Forbidden Truth, is mentally ill. The human who fits into any existing 21st century social structure as a normal, mainstream member, is mentally ill, because the society within which he fits well, is absolutely mentally deranged.
When you are trapped within and enslaved by a deranged social structure, it must be understood as an honor to be labeled as mentally ill by the society itself. Such a label must be understood as a perverse attempt by society to legitimize and deny its own mental derangments, by applying a false label of mental illness to those whose psychological orientation towards Truth, threatens to expose the universal derangements of the mainstream, promoted, and imposed social structure.
By every rational and logical measurement, every personal existence in the 21st century is horribly depressing. The facts and realities of pretending to be alive as you play out an imaginary existence which is doomed to end in retroactive unbirth, are supremely and undeniably depressing. Depresion is a natural and appropriate emotional response to the factual reality that life is horrifically depressing. For any society to label depression as a form of mental illness, exposes the society itself, its mandates and chosen orientations of doctrine, as mentally deranged. In decreeing the depressed individual as defective and suffering from mental illness, the collective pathology of humanity as a species, in creating and embracing an existence which is by structure horribly depressing, is denied.
The Forbidden Truth issue is not how to treat or cure or mask the signs of depression, but rather how to alter the factual realities of human existence, in ways which eradicate the causes of universal depression, including death, universal child abuse, lifelong slavery to external structures of malice, and the existing pointlessness and meaninglessness of life. Personal depression of individuals must be recognized as a precious indicator of what is wrong and diseased within society. Doing so would inspire those who are depressed, to consciously recognize there is nothing wrong with them, and everything wrong with the society guilty of and responsible for creating and imposing a horribly depressing universe of malicious and inferior structure of existence upon them.
The personal mandate of all Superiors who recognize and embrace the fact that they are depressed, as I do, is to unconditionally accept and embrace their depression as not merely valid, but reflectively necessary and vital for the achievement of good mental health. Concurrent with this embrace, must come the open acknowledgment that any and all emotional or intellectual urges to harm Self in response to feelings of depression, should be transformed, via strength and control of mind function, to rage and hate directed towards others, and towards all human social structures.
Let us never forget that harming others is always a sign of better mental health, than harming Yourself. And harming others does not mean you are harming Yourself, even if it results in you suffering harm via attack and punishment from others and from social structures.
It is not possible to achieve mental health perfection when you are born into, victimized by, and trapped within a mentally deranged social structure. But you can maximize your own potential for mental health, by rejecting the derangments of society. Two very effective ways of doing so, are to unconditionally embrace your depression of mind as indicative of good and appropriate mental function, and to always direct your intrinsically justified rage and hate outward, against others, while creating and enhancing unconditional love of Self.
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  1. You’re so based Seer. They don’t even know what being mentally healthy truly is. They can’t even imagine, every lie they eventually renounced is replace with an even worse one. The ideas of depression is just some obscure and abstract idea to them in reality. This is because society and government manipulate what “happy” is. When society dictates what it means to be happy how can the normal citizen-slave even begin to comprehend what depression is?! It’s all just part of the multifaceted attack on the mind that makes it difficult to obtain REAL mental health. I’m certainly “depressed” but I’m happier in ways 99% of humans cannot even imagine.

    1. The great triumph for society and government is convincing humans that they should aspire to be happy. From that point, all freedom of will and of mind is lost, because it is impossible to achieve happiness independent of embracing toxic and diseased illusions, lies, hypocrisies, and the sabotage of Self.
      Happiness has nothing to do with power of the mind, nothing to do with creating or experiencing reality as you desire, nothing to do with peace or pleasure or creating a universe or thriving within Truth. Happiness is the diseased finding a way to convince themselves they are not diseased, as their disease eats them alive from the inside out, and from the outside in, simultaneously.

  2. Nice that you mention this: most humans are mentally ill and are depressed due to the horrors of life, but they are afraid to admit because of society’s condemnation. Whenever anyone expresses disdain for their mistreatment in society, they will be ridiculed and criticized by others, so they have to keep their true feelings to themselves, away from public view. That is, they have to pretend that everything is okay, when in fact, it isn’t.

    1. Correct. Mental illness is demonized by society, because to even admit that it occurs as a response to external traumam, is to open a Pandora’s box that threatens to expose at least some Truth regarding the universal nature of external human trauma, and how every human is literally broken and destroyed of mind.

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