Democracy: Ultimate Freedom Illusion

How can you fight to obtain something, when you have been successfully brainwashed into believing that you already possess it? How can you destroy your greatest enemy when it has successfully brainwashed you into believing it is your friend, your ally, your protector and defender? These are foundational questions which all seekers of Truth who exist as citizen-slaves to governments which have labeled themselves as democracies, must dissect and answer. void of all externally implanted propaganda.
The democracy is the most maliciously harmful form of government, because it functions exactly the same as every other form of government, but by its design structure, it is able to far more easily and effectively conceal its genocidal chokeholds upon its owned slaves. In the 21st century, the democracy has positioned itself as the valid alternative to communist, totalitarian, and fascist forms of government, both to its existing citizen-slaves, and to citizen-slaves being held hostage by these other cosmetically different forms of government.
The great harm of the democracy is exactly this illusion of difference, which blinds all brainwashees from recognizing the Truth that government is a diseased, enslaving, and absolutely illegitimate structure which must be eradicated from the human experience of existence. No government has ever or can ever offer, provide, or protect any form of freedom, because government is by design a slave structure: It enslaves, oppresses, and holds as lifelong hostage, the bodies and minds of all that it claims ownership and functional control over.
No human on planet earth can ever fight to obtain, possess, or protect freedom, if he aligns with any governmental structure. It is democracy which best conceals this Forbidden Truth. The government which directly enslaves you, you specifically and personally, must always be consciously understood as your greatest enemy and oppressor, what you must fight against, not ally with. Again, it is democracy which best conceals this Forbidden Truth. These two Forbidden Truths are key and integral to humanity rising up to demand an end to the universal slavery that is government.
Democracies are the greatest barrier to the mind enlightenment represented by the embrace and demand of anarchy. You cannot even imagine being inspired to fight for freedom, if you labor under the delusion that you are already free, as citizen-slaves of democracies do, or that you have an opportunity to obtain freedom by changing your form of government, as many citizen-slaves of communist, fascist, and totalitarian regimes believe.
amerikkka is a communist, fascist, totalitarian regime, cloaked as a democracy. This Truth must be understood. All variations of design structure within which a government dresses itself, are meaningless illusion. The difference between capitalism and communism, within the functionality of government use of capital to universally enslave all, is nil. We must stop idealizing any and every form of government. We must rise up to the Forbidden Truth that the very concept of government was a horrific mistake, a failed idea of mind which has had devastating consequences for every living thing on earth and must be declared a failed social experiment, to be completely rejected and abandoned.
Freedom can only exist within anarchy, the complete lack of any centralized government structure empowered to direct, control, propagandize, reward, and punish. As long as government exists, nobody can ever be alive, nobody can ever be free, nobody can even exist as an independent, autonomous mind, much less body. As long as government exists each and every human is nothing more than a puppet, a 1000 strings attached to every part of his body and mind, a puppetthat spends its existence being jer5ked around by the puppetmaster, government, to which it is hopelessly enslaved.

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