Definitional Brainwashing & Universal Child Abuse

Definitional brainwashing permeates all aspects of human existence, permanently warping all reality perception of those who have failed to reject and successfully transcend their humanity.
A perfect real-time illustration of definitional brainwashing at work today, is in how child abuse is defined & perceived. Note that this definition and perception is worldwide, crossing all nationalistic and cultural boundaries:
Child abuse is anything done to a child that causes him physical, psychological, emotional, or mental harm, anything done to a child that hurts, traumatizes, or stunts the capacity of the child to thrive and to mature within love of Self, recognition and embrace of Truth, and ability to understand Himself and others, as well as organized social structures, as they actually are.
But every human society defines child abuse under different, limited terms. This is done to legitimize and sponsor the universal abuse of children, while cloaking the actuality of it.
The result is simply this: It is impossible for any human dwelling as a human, within the matrix of universal illusion, to perceive the reality of universal child abuse. Under the definitional brainwashing of the matrix, child abuse cannot be universal. Every society creates its own statistical lies, proclaiming a certain percentage of children to be abused in differing ways, while the majority of all children are decreed to not be victims of child abuse.
Go online, or do any type of research, and this is what every 21st century organized structure will order you to believe: A percentage of all children, are abused. You can believe the percentage accurate, or not. The matrix does not care, because simply accepting the lie a percentage of children are abused, utterly and absolutely cloaks from all human perception the Forbidden Truths of universal child abuse.
And this lie allows the matrix to propagandize you to believe you are not a victim of severe child abuse.
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