Definitional Brainwashing & Perceptions of Change

Two of the perverse Golden Rules of the Matrix regarding change, are:
1: Change is good.
2: Change is constant and inevitable, “The only constant is change.”
Absolute bullshit! Lets dissect this horrific, universal deception. Regarding #1, Why would change be good?? Change can only be good if the current reality you are being forced to endure, is BAD. And of course it IS bad. Your perception of change as positive and necessary stems from the Forbidden Truth that at every singular moment in time, every individual human existence is utterly horrific.
If life were good, change would be bad, you idiots!
Which leads us to #2: Change is NOT constant, it is NOT inevitable, it is NOT even occurring at all. Here you see the full force impact of definitional brainwashing.
A caterpillar does not exist, comes into existence, does things,transforms into a butterfly, does different things, grows old, dies, ceases to exist. Did anything change? From no existence, to no existence.
According to the matrix of universal illusion, the caterpillar experienced great changes. No! Nothing changed. The cycle went from one source point, to an identical source point. The same applies, of course, to every human existence.
Change must be understood as an enduring, evolving, PERMANENT alteration of the Self-universe. Otherwise it is not actual change, but only an externally imposed illusion and delusion of change.
1000’s of useless and insignificant modifications to social shackles are celebrated as wondrous changes: The poor slave become wealthy, a huge change? No change! Same shackle.
All change illusions are not merely useless and unworthy of any advocacy, but actively and dynamically harmful and destructive. Because they render the pursuit and demand for Truth-based change, impossible. How can you demand and achieve True change, if you are successfully brainwashed to believe your current crop of change illusions constitute the achievement of change??
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  1. Change is not some random process, but a calculated assault upon the individual. Change is what society does to keep you from becoming an individualist. Change is the way that the collective prevents you from attaining individual autonomy. Change keeps you busy flailing about in consumer society. Change must always be resisted if you ever want to obtain freedom. Change is just a desperate thrashing before you drown.
    For an extended approach to this topic, see “Change is Always a Catastrophe” on my own blog:

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