Definitional Brainwashing and Indoctrination

Every Word is a Prejudice----Friedrich Nietzsche

This topic is extremely important for anyone trying to break through the societal matrix of universal illusions and deceptions, to fully and clearly understand how their reality perception, on a daily and ongoing basis, are being absolutely warped on a governmental, societal/cultural, and directly personal one-on-one level, all three levels separate, distinct, and devastatingly harmful. Therefore, this post will be slightly longer and more intricately detailed, than most.
Let us begin with definitions of what definitional brainwashing is. Definitional brainwashing is the use of words, terms, sentences, and language to create false and invalid reality perceptions among human beings on a group and mass scale, in the process emotionally and intellectually indoctrinating the embrace of irrational, hypocritical, deranged, Self and externally harmful, ideologies and behaviors.
Definitional brainwashing is pervasive throughout all segments of human existence. It is used by governments, all governments, to control the reality perceptins of citizen-slaves and to inspire them, as a mass and mob, to accept both personal and external horrors that cause great harm, without allowing them to consciously become aware of how their reality perception has been externally, maliciously molded and manipulated.
Definitional brainwashing is used by societies to maintain illusion of legitimacy for deranged behavioral and ideological behaviors, concepts, traditions, and rituals, such as war, abortion, the death penalty, marriage, family units, etc.
Definitional brainwashing is used by individuals on a directly personal, one-on-one level, to maintain the matrix of universal illusion inspired by the governmental and societal/cultural structures of definitional brainwashing. Meaning, the pregnant woman utilizes definitional brainwashing to convince herself and specific other individuals, such as her sex partner or mother, that she is getting an “abortion”, instead of murdering a helpless, womb-trapped child.
It is important to analyze and understand how and why definitional brainwashing occurs within all three of these separate and distinct levels, because this allows you to understand how intricately woven into the very fabric of every human existence, definitional brainwashing is. Understanding what definitional brainwashing is, and how it works, does not translate to the individual being able to successfully identify all, or even most, of the specific ways his reality perceptions have been and continue to be warped by, definitional brainwashing.
The only way to successfully eliminate the impacts of definitional brainwashing, is to fully transcend your own humanity, and develop a 24/7/365 Alien Eye, in which you filter everything a society or government presents to you, within a fully detached perspective devoted to analytical Truth and reality, devoid of all emotion-based prejudice.
There are 100,000 or more different examples of overt definitional brainwashing, and every government and society creates and imposes specifically different versions, based upon variables in its own malicious agendas and the cultural milieu that it has built up among citizen-slaves for 100’s-1000’s of years. I cannot dissect more than a tiny percentage of these definitional brainwashings in this, or any other post.
Therefore it is vital that Truth-seekers understand the handful of dissected examples which follow, are merely the tip of the iceberg. Maybe ten, out of 100,000. Even if you fully understand and accept the validity of these ten, and that they constitute malicious definitional brainwashing, this does not translate to you being able to recognize and reject the 100,000 other definitional brainwashings that have been and continue to be maliciously imposed upon your minds and reality perceptions. The struggle to identify and reject all definitional brainwashing must be understood as constant, relentless, and never-ending. As long as government exists, as long as humans remain trapped within a matrix of external illusion, daily bombardments of definitional brainwashing will continue, and must be proactively repelled by seekers of Truth.
A final note before I provide the ten examples: The specific goal of definitional brainwashing must be understood as the intent to indoctrinate your mind. It must be perceived as a directly personal attack upon you, intended to destroy your capacity to recognize and embrace Truth. It must be understood as such, it cannot be minimized as something that governments and societies do on a mass scale, to alter the overall cultural environment. No, it is a directly personal attack, you are the one being targeted, you are the one being harmed and destroyed. Only within this Truth-based perspective, can you fully appreciate the horror of definitional brainwashing, and why it must be eradicated. The Truth-seeker should also realize, within sanity of rational reflection, that the eradication of all government structures must precede the elimination of definitional brainwashing.
Okay, here we go with My ten dissections of very specific words/phrases/ideas which constitute definitional brainwashing. Analyze these examples not simply for the specific message of malicious deception being delivered, but use the examples to broaden your mind to contemplate the entire matrix as it stands, so that the 100,000 other examples I will not be detailing here, are given the chance to become illuminated within your consciousness.

  • “Terrorist” versus “freedom fighter”, I begin with this dissection because it so beautifully illustrates how definitional brainwashing works, via a double-tier of imposed illusion. A double tier because in Truth, there are no terrorists, and there are no freedom fighters. “Terrorist” is a demonizing label applied by governments which terrorize their own citizens, upon specific individuals and groups decreed to exist outside of the spectrum of existing social acceptability. In naming someone a terrorist, a society and government cloaks the fact that it exists as terrorist structure, that it is actively terrorizing its own citizen-slaves on a daily and ongoing basis, in hundreds of different ways.

The term “terrorist” exists as definitional brainwashing, it obscures reality and Truth, using a word/term, and there is a very specific malicious motivation behind its deployment. As with most definitional brainwashing, the term originates via government, within malicious motivation,to be handed down and used on a societal/cultural level, and is also used by lone individuals to deceive themselves and each other, such as via a daily conversation, “Timothy McVeigh is a terrorist, I think he should be executed“. Remember the three different levels of definitional brainwashing that I disclosed earlier.
Now, within the construct of definitional brainwashing, most words/terms/language attacks upon Truth, contain an opposite word/term, which is equally invalid and carries the same malicious intent by government and society to indoctrinate ideology. For “terrorist”, this opposite term is “freedom fighter”. The term “freedom fighter” is just as invalid as terrorist, because freedom does not exist for any human in the 21st century. To fight for a government, to protect and defend a government against external attack or threat, is to conspire with your own slavemaster, to keep Yourself enslaved.
And so government indoctrinates you to the insanity that dangerous terrorists who threaten to harm you must be repelled, even as you remain willing victim to the only True form of terrorism, that which is committed against you by your own government, and that in direct opposition to terrorists, there are noble, moral, heroic “freedom fighters” who battle terrorism and are devoted to creating and protecting freedom. Even though the Truth is, freedom does not exist, freedom is not and has never been offered as opportunity for any human being, ever.
In creating the opposite to terrorist, the “freedom fighter”, via definitional brainwashing, government and society successfully legitimizes war itself, and its own direct undertaking of war, and the “foreign” terrorism that it chooses to sponsor, which allows for the creation of an imaginary enemy, the individually victimized citizen-slaves of other regimes who can then be officially labeled “terrorists”.
Do you understand the full and closed circle at play here? Do you understand how the definitional brainwashing of “terrorist”, allows for the definitional brainwashing of “freedom fighter, which in turn allows for the definitional brainwashing of the concept of an “enemy”, which in turn cloaks from Truth realization the fact that your government is your only True enemy, which in turn inspires you, on a directly personal level, to patriotic allegiance to the terrorists who are terrorizing you?? This is a prime example of the full and closed circle of definitional brainwashing, in full bloom.

  • Abortion. Here is an enigmatic example of definitional brainwashing. Society and government decrees abortion to be a very specific action, that can only be undertaken by specific individuals under specific circumstances, and as such, it exists separate and detached from various other acts it labels as “murder”. But this is, very simply and obviously, insane. Abortion is the murder of a child while it is trapped inside of a womb. The child is alive, and very specific actions are taken to terminate its existence, to murder it. Abortion is murder. Only definitional brainwashing allows you deranged hypocrites to deny this Truth.

Every explanation given by a government, society, or individual human being, as to why abortion should not be defined as murder, is functionally insane. The child cannot be murdered because it cannot survive on its own outside of the womb? That is insane. I cannot survive without oxygen, does this render Me unmurderable?? The child cannot be murdered because it is not a child, but a fetus? That is insane. Fetus is a term of definitional brainwashing utilized and created by government and society to justify and rationalize the murder of womb-trapped children. Of course the child trapped inside the womb is a child. What else is it? A pen? A piece of paper? An elephant??
The issue of whether or not acts of murder are justified, is fully legitimate and must be fully addressed, as I comprehensively do within My Manifesto. The creation by government and society of the invalid illusion that some forms of murder are acceptable, while others are not, is successfully achieved via definitional brainwashing, and the term “abortion” perfectly illustrates this Truth. By refusing to allow the Truth that abortion is murder to be consciously acknowledged, society and government avoids facing the issue of whether murder itself is justified. The term abortion decrees the act of murdering a womb-trapped child legal, that is what it does, all the while denying and concealing this Truth from the consciousness of all brainwashees.

  • The Death Penalty: Definitional brainwashing used to genocidally harm, once again. As abortion, the death penalty exists as one of the purest and most impossible to justify forms of murder: The proactive annihilation by a society and government, via murder, of its own created victim, the child it has destroyed via child abuse and trauma, and refuses to accept guilt and responsibility for having created. “We are not murdering him, we are imposing a death penalty as authorized by law. It is not muder because the law does not define it as murder.” This is the derangement of definitional brainwashing.

How do you define murder within Truth: The deliberate and intentional termination of the life and existence of a sentient creature. That is murder. Only definitional brainwashing allows you to deny and reject the Truth-based definition of what murder is, what it does, and how it is perversely applied by government and society to authorize, legitimize, legalize, and encourage the most impossible to rationally justify, acts and forms of murder.

  • Sports versus exercise. Let us shift gears somewhat radically here, because it is important to understand the massive scope and parameters of definitional brainwashing, how every reality perception is impacted. Consider sports and exercise. Society and government instructs you that playing sports is a form of exercise which facilitates good heath and physical fitness. But this is a pure and utter deception. Organized sports has absolutely nothing to do with physical fitness. Organized sports are highly dangerous, highly stressful, and actively harm both physical and mental health.

Some forms of individually chosen exercise, absent all organization structure, competitiveness, and the attack/enemy posture inherent in all sports, are beneficial to personal health. Only definitional brainwashing, has created the false illusion among humans that participating in organized sports is a way to obtain exercise and thereby achieve good health. As with all definitional brainwashing, there is specifically malicious intent on the part of government here, as the toxic ritual of organized sports serve numerous perverse goals of government, which will be detailed in a future essay.

  • Love. One of the most universally devastating deployments of definitional brainwashing relates to this one emotional state of mind: Love. Romantic love is pure illusion. Familial love is pure illusion. Every externalized form of love that you may hold valid, exists within your reality perception, solely as a result of definitional brainwashing. Love is something you feel for Yourself. Every newborn baby knows this. And then the baby is bombarded with malevolent attacks, intended to strip him of the capacity to love Self, to indoctrinate and coerce the baby to accept the lie that he can and must love others, and so he does, and it is the beginning of the end. As he is doomed, mankind is doomed.

How many humans on this planet consciously refuse to love any living thing besides themselves? How many??? They can still bestow affection, like, empathy, if their True Reality dictates/allows. Just not love. How many humans are able to resist this definitional brainwashing, to retain the sanity of mind they possessed as newborn babies, which inspired them then, to reserve love for Self? One in a million? One in fifty million??  Here you see the devastating impact of pervasive and relentless definitional brainwashing, when it is not recognized and understood as such.

  • Child. The word child, and all of its less formal knockoffs, “kid” “teenager” “toddler” “fetus”, all these words are used to definitionally brainwash, to promote abuse, victimization, slavery. The Forbidden Truth definition of “child” is: A subhuman piece of owned property, possessing no personal rights, to be molded by a family, a school, and a society as these ownership structures so choose and desire. But let us understand this definition is only possible via definitional brainwashing, where the equality of humanity is decreed null and void, between “adult” and “child”.

That is a child. It belongs to others. It has no autonomy of its own. It does not possess the rights of an adult. It is something to be used by others, something to be molded by others. You may beat a child, terrorize a child, enslave a child against his will. You may force a child to do many things, as you choose, because you are an adult, and it is a child. It is not fully human, it is never fully human until it reaches an age of legal adulthood. <This is the manner in which definitional brainwashing directly sponsors universal child abuse.

  • Zoo. Yes, zoo. Or, to go further into the depths of more recent definitional brainwashing, we have the “animal park”, and even the “wildlife sanctuary”. All three of these terms exist as overt definitional brainwashing. They are terms created by society and government to conceal and deny the Truth. What is a zoo/animal park/wildlife sanctuary? It is an animal prison. Animals, superior in nature and character to humans, are locked up against their will and against their natural instinct, locked up and prevented from leaving,for the sadistic amusement of humans, as well as other insane reasons such as extraction of money from human visitors.

And why do humans choose to visit zoos? So that they can pretend they are free, so they can observe the animals in their confinement, and use this imagery to deny the cages in which they are being forced to spend their imagined existence. “Lets go visit the zoo, it’ll be so much fun!” This is the consequence of definitional brainwashing. This is why you humans can say and believe this insanity, instead of facing the Truth: “Oh my goodness, look over there, it is an animal prison. Helpless animals, superior to us in every way, are being held hostage and prisoner against their will, right over there. Something must be done! We must liberate them!” No, this insight of Truth is impossible, thanks to definitional brainwashing.
Well, I am tired of writing this post. I was planning to provide 10 comprehensive illustrations of definitional brainwashing, but you will have to make do with these seven. Really, the number I provide makes no difference. There are 100,000 active and ongoing definitional brainwashings. You must learn to recognize them on your own. The purpose of this post is to make fully clear exactly what definitional brainwashing is, how and why it is imposed upon you each and every day on a universal scale, and just how devastating its impacts are. The rest is up to you, brainwashed and broken slaves.
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