Death: The Time Thief

Time exists as a curious paradox that the vast majority of humans are unable to rationally fathom. Humans like to look at time in the abstract, marking the passage of time not from the center of the only existing universe, the universe of their own mind, but from the detached perspective of an external observer. “Yes, I can see time is passing, the seasons change, my memories go back further, a new wrinkle has appeared…” But this is not a valid observation of time. The only valid observation of time is: The past: eternal oblivion. The future: eternal oblivion. The present: A pretense that you are not living out a passage of time between two eternal oblivions.
Humans say they want to be remembered by others. But this is an insane concept. You do not exist within others, you can only exist within Yourself. Therefore nobody can ever remember you, they can only imagine an illusion of what they think you used to be. And even if they could remember you, how in the name of all that is sane, can their memory of you benefit you in any way, when you have fallen victim to the time theft of eternal oblivion?
Time is simultaneously the most precious thing you can ever possess, and the most useless thing you can ever possess. It is the most precious because without time, you cease to exist and the eternal oblivion of the past and future, becomes the eternal oblivion of cosmic eternity, and your illusion of being alive is rendered eternally unimaginable. But time is also the most useless thing, because it runs out. Death is the murderer of time, and without time, you do not die, you do not even cease to exist. What happens is that you are retroactively unborn. Yes, retroactively unborn.
So many of My Manifesto and twitter audience, even those who aspire to Superiority, are/were unable to accurately comprehend what I mean when I reveal this Truth: To die is to never have been born, to never have existed. They think I am speaking in metaphorical terms, or using hyperbole to try to illustrate the horror of death. “Of course I was born, of course I existed. Death may be the end of my existence, but it does not mean I was never born, that I never existed”, this is the mindset of the human, but it is dead wrong.
You exist as a mind, you exist because you are able to perceive your existence. Not necessarily as memory, or even within consciousness, but within the intrinsic functionality of what you are: A brain. Without this perceptive capacity, as it is lost upon death, the universe that you created as a mind, ceases to exist, for all of cosmic eternity, and this means, as functional reality, that you were never born, and that you never existed.
The human cannot come to grips with this most horrific of Truths, and the cruelest twist of irony is that it is the very inability to accept this horror, that renders the horror impossible to defeat. Death is your greatest enemy, death is the most horrific fate that you choose to be doomed to. Yes, as of 2014 death is a choice, and in upcoming blog posts I will comprehensively dissect the issue of technological immortality, and how it is fully feasible today, and being actively denied to each of us, with humanity as a whole, in all of its cowardice and Self-hatred, fully complicit in choosing the ultimate horror of death, over the glorious nirvana of possessing limitless time via personal immortality of brain cell function.
But for now, just try to understand that time exists within you, and time depends upon your existence. If you die, time stops for all of cosmic eternity. Time stops for the universe itself. Because the universe exists as you have created it via the power of your own mind. If you die, you murder the universe, and you will never know, after you die, that you were never born. Only NOW, right now, in this moment of time, as I explode My Mind Bomb, giving you the gift that you do not deserve, can you know the Truth, can you find the courage to see what death is, to see and to know what all the trillions who have died, can never know: To die is to never have been born. To die, is to never have existed.
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