Death: The Perceptions of Human vs Animal

An interesting reply to this post:
prompts me to expand upon the Forbidden Truths of how humans face up to and embrace death, in comparison to other animals. A thank you to the commenter for providing an excellent visual illustration of the difference. As always, My reply appears in bold and non-italicized text.
“The willingness of human beings to embrace death is one of the key traits that reveal their departure from everything that is healthy and natural.”
You are correct. No other species of life seeks, desires, courts, embraces death. No other species of life, with full consciousness of mind, passively accepts death. Only the human being, proving himself to be the most genetically defective of all non-extinct species, a birth defect species on a brain functionality level.
“I found footage of a wounded lion, previously the dominant male, being set upon and castrated by other male lions while unable to defend himself:
At 1:50, even after being severely maimed and in agony, and near death, he still courageously roars at his attackers and fights them off, with boldness and rage, in an amazing, inspiring and beautiful display of self love and courage. The same courage, if not more, that he would have if he had switched places with his attackers.”
You are correct. I watched the video and it demonstrates the healthy mind of a sane member of a genetically healthier species. The fight to obtain immortality must be understood as the undaunted refusal to accept death. How perverse and ironic it is that other animals do their very best, within their intellectual and technological limitations, to attain personal immortality, while the one animal. the singular animal, that is in a position to make technological immortality a functional reality, for itself as well as for other animals, refuses to do so, and is too genetically and environmentally deranged and defective to desire to exist forever as a sentient brain.
Self-love is instinctual in other animals. But not so in humans. In humans it is destroyed by the combination of genetic birth defect on a species-wide level, and the relentless attack upon healthy and natural brain function that the species collectively undertakes against every child and every adult, at every moment of their existence.
An interesting issue and question to philosophically ponder, is this: How do animals perceive death on a general basis, and how do animals perceive their own upcoming death, and the consequences of their own upcoming death? To some degree, these questions are impossible to fully and accurately answer, because we can only hypothesize as to the level of conscious understanding and deductive reasoning possessed by any specific animal, or the general level of a species as a whole. But a Forbidden Truth analysis, even when it contains speculative elements, still sheds valuable light on the nature of the pathetic human animal. I may well tackle this specific issue in a future essay.
Your video shows us the simple Truth that our Martyred lion knew and understood his own death to be unacceptable, a horrific injustice that he must prevent. The specific level of consciousness within which he embraced this realization of Truth, is interesting to try to determine, but the basic and elemental fact of his understanding, as proven by his actions, speaks volumes as to the immense gap that exists between the human being, pathetic, diseased, and hopelessly broken, in comparison to every other species of life.
“It brings tears to my eyes, and I hope that I will be able to one day attain such a natural state of pure self love, like the kind wrongfully ripped from me at birth.”
Your desire to attain limitless and unconditional love of Self, in and of itself, is extremely rare among humans. The fact is, humans do not love themselves. These two things, To be human and to possess limitless and unconditional love of Self, are mutually exclusive. My achievement was made possible only by rejecting and transcending my humanity.
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  1. Inferiors view death as nobility and not the end, but it is. Whilst, they weep and cry whenever a love one dies, but at the same time, they view their death as an end to suffering. How twisted that is

    1. The human being is mentally deranged and deformed, a lunatic who imagines himself sane and rational, as he judges others who are less deranged than he is, to be mentally ill and evil. The inferior can never see himself as he is, just as he can never recognize his own ideological and behavioral perversions, so obvious to the Superior who has transcended his humanity, for what they are.

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