Death: The Greatest Censorship of All

The most malevolent and universally harmful form of censorship imposed by all human societies and governments upon their citizen-slaves, is the censorship of the actual process of death, and by proxy, the consequences and ramifications of dying. Ask adult humans what death is, how it occurs, and what it causes, and they will all readily give you answers, but their answers will be void of Truth, absent all understanding, and warped not merely by the external imposition of toxic mythology, but even more primarily, by having been denied the opportunity to witness death as it occurs, in real-time, and as the body decays, in real-time.
Let us clearly understand that all societal censorship of death is intentional and deliberate, undertaken for the specific purpose of not allowing citizen-slaves to develop a clear and accurate understanding of death. The fact that citizen-slaves have always been taught and told to shun and reject all mind focus upon the issue of death, makes this particular form of overt censorship virtually impossible for humans to even recognize as censorship, much less appreciate its horrific end result.
The end result of societal censorship of death, is that humans lack all conscious awareness and understanding of what death is and how their dying will impact them, on a personal level. As a result, absurd fantasies and false perceptions bloom and become concretely rooted within the broken minds of humans, while an equal majority simply purge all thoughts and perceptions of death from their functional minds, adopting an “ignorance is bliss” philosophy, which is even more highly destructive of Truth and of the benefits of facing up to reality as it is.
A healthy human society and species would relentlessly focus upon death, obsess over death. Televisions, the internet, and video cameras would be used to document all deaths in real-time, as they occur, whenever this is feasible, such as at accident sites and with those diagnosed with terminal illness. Far more importantly, once an individual dies, television, internet, and video cameras would remain focused on the dead body for many months, recording body changes of decay, maggot infestation, and ultimately, the remnants of a bare skeleton. There should be thousands of ongoing, live and real-time recordings, of thousands of dead human bodies in various states of decay, broadcast and available for every human being in the world to watch and observe, both on broadcast media and in real life.
No death should ever be concealed in any manner, by anyone. Video cameras should be required to be inserted inside caskets, with appropriate lighting. If cremation is to remain legal, the actual burning of the body must be filmed and broadcast as it occurs, in all cases, followed by a minimum of 8 hours consistent camera focus on the actual ashes/remains. All military soldiers should be required to wear live cameras, so that moments of death may be directly recorded, and all military soldiers must be displayed and broadcast naked, as they rot to skeletons in real-time.
If the legal murder of a death penalty is allowed to occur, it must be broadcast live and the recording of decay broadcast over the following 8+ weeks. Murder victims must have no right to privacy, their body decay also broadcast in real-time. Children of all ages who die, from infancy to age 21, must be shown dead, and their physical decay broadcast for all to witness, on television, internet, and via filmed recordings available for free to borrow from libraries, as well as commercially sold as DVD and other hard copy media.
Only by inundating the consciousness of all human beings with the exact physical ramifications and direct physical process of death, can there be any hope of humanity rising up and rejecting the universal matrix of malicious societal illusion and deceit inherent in religion, and the death mythologies which religion sponsors and imposes.
Human skeletons, maggots consuming human flesh, human bodies in every stage of rotting decay, every form of violent death graphically depicted as it occurs upon the human body, the eternal lifelessness of death, these are things every child and every adult must have seared into their conscious minds on a daily and ongoing basis. All trauma caused by such personal experience of mind, must be understood as necessary and beneficial in order for the Forbidden Truths of death to be recognized and embraced, which is the first, necessary and foundational step for humans to develop the intelligence and rationality to refuse to die, to refuse to accept their own upcoming death, and to demand the achievement of technological immortality.
Tried to find a graphic cremation video on Youtube, this was the best I could find. How pathetic! No view of the face or body pror to the cremation, even:

And tried to find Youtube videos of maggots eating dead humans, no luck. Eating elephants, deer, and other animals, yes. But not eating humans. Here you see the perverse censorship of humanity, as the horrific death you are doomed to suffer, is relentlessly concealed from your conscious awareness.
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