Dead Man Flying: A Poetic Tribute

 For Andreas Lubitz:

Dead man born.

Dead man dreaming he is not dead.

Dead man suffering.

Dead man realizing he is dead.

Dead man learning to fly.

Dead man sitting.

Dead man thinking.

A different dead man, bladder uncomfortably full, walking out of the cockpit.

Dead man in control.

Dead man flying.

Dead man flying a Germanwings Airbus 320.

Dead man deciding.

Dead man making certain he is dead.

Dead man making sure others die.

Dead man breathing, silent, savoring, reflecting the Truth of his murder.

Dead man, dead, will never again know that he used to be dead.

Copyright  © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. You are blunt. When you mention Myself, truly that is subjective.. For everything that is objective is subjective. My subjective opinion is that we may not agree, and, perhaps, agree to disagree. But you are solid. I think the writer or poet, whether or not they admit it, are doing so for the other and not so much for Myself.

    1. Truth is blunt. Truth is something to expose, not something to rationalize or to submerge beneath personal reality perceptions. As I have often articulated, there is a vast chasm of difference between objective Truth, and the reflective subjectivity of True Reality. True Reality is the uniquely personal interpretation of the sum total of one’s own unique life experiences as they have been imposed upon you, and as you are mentally capable of and inspired to perceive and integrate to personal consciousness. True Reality is your valid personal reflection, but it is not Truth. It must never be confused or intermingled with Truth, as humans do. This failure of the human is one of the most harmful of mistakes, and of course one that the human relentlessly submerges and obscures from his own philosophical perceptions of both Self and reality as a whole.
      Truth is not subjective. Your personal desire and individual capacity to accept and embrace Truth as it is, including the fact that it is not subjective, is variable. It is not My interest to obtain agreement from others, this is the pander of the weak, he who seeks to curry favor, or to strengthen his own position via an illusion of alliance. I defend Truth, because I represent and value Truth. I defend Truth, because I worship Myself and My mind. That is why I cannot allow the concept that “everything objective is subjective”, to stand as valid within our engagement. Your definition of the philosophical concept that “everything objective is subjective”, is unique to your mindscape, and I do not wish to dissect the individual mind dictionaries of others. But the concept fails to find safe haven within the universe of Forbidden Truth. It does not allow clarity to triumph.
      The writer and poet exists as a unique mind. We are not interlinked to each other. My universe is My universe, I created it, I continue to create it, and I own it. Humans in general do things for others, that is a concrete and factual Truth. But I am not a human. I abandoned that crumbling platform a long time ago. Those who do things for others are betraying Self, and in the process, Truth. That is why this functional failure is so common and popular among the species.
      Good luck in your quest to discover Yourself, and try to recognize Truth itself as constituting one of your most useful gateways.

      1. My interpretation of what you are saying is that Truth is an Absolute. In this world, as it pertains to that involving man, there are no absolutes. There will always be the exception. As far as an objective opinion from any man, there is an interpretation that invariably is subjective.
        I agree with the statement that your universe is your universe and my universe is my universe. In that uniqueness, there is nothing consistent and your concept of rationalization I agree with. We cannot assume or rely on anything that is reductionistic. When you say alliance is an illusion, you may be right. Indeed, are we not all sovereign?

        1. What I am revealing is the factual reality that there are many thousands of concrete, objective Truths, the vast majority of which are not recognized as such due to the universal matrix of illusion, delusion, hypocrisy, cowardice, and false reality perception imposed upon every human child and adult by human society and government, and embraced by the vast majority of all human beings, who exist as broken, brainwashed, and destroyed ex-children for whom factual Truth is invisible, intolerable, and unacceptable.
          Humanity derives its false and invalid opinions and perceptions, by rejecting the concrete factuality of Truth. Opinions which emanate from flawed reality perceptions which deny and reject factual Truth, are inherently flawed, resulting in the horrific mistakes of ideological and behavioral choice which render all positive progress impossible, and doom humanity to the near-term extinction the species has earned.
          We are all creations and reflections of the sum total of what has been imposed upon us since the moment of our biological creation, tempered by our uniquely personal capacity to recognize the malice and destruction being directed against us via this relentless assault, and our embrace of a personal war to defend Truth, Self-love, and personal autonomy.
          No, we are not all sovereign, because to be sovereign requires the individual embrace of Self as creator and leader and sole inhabitant of the most precious and omnipotent universe that has ever or will ever exist: The universe of Me, Myself, and I. The human is not sovereign, he has never even been able to claim ownership of Self, much less the universe. Only the tiny handful who transcend their humanity, as I have done, attain True sovereignty.
          Truth is not subjective. Truth is not open to interpretation. The individual can never thrive within Truth, unless and until he understands and embraces all foundational level Truths as I have outlined in exhaustive detail within My Manifesto, as well as this blog. Your interpretive reactions and responses to these Truths, after you understand and embrace them, are valid. Your choice to undermine the foundations of the Truths themselves, is not valid. You can do it, of course, as 99.9999999% of all humans do, but doing so simply ensures that you waste an imaginary existence hopelessly trapped within the matrix of illusion which renders Truth impossible to embrace, and dooms you, as an individual and as a species.

  2. The poetry is hard hitting. There is truth here. We are all dead. The world is full of nonsense. But we are all brothers and sisters. We are all one. That is truth too. Keep it coming..

    1. Thanks for your comment, it allows Me to express the Truth of why I do not like to use “creative” writing or poetry, to express and reveal Truth. My faithful readers know that 98+% of My writing is very descriptive, detailed, and factually oriented. This is because My primary goal, when I write, is to express and reveal Truth, as comprehensively, vividly, and accurately as I possibly can.
      To be certain, I only write for and to, Myself. And yet I proactively embrace a personal obligation to structure the vast majority of My writing, in a straightforward and blunt manner, in essay format. I do this to honor Truth itself. Now, whenever I stray from this path, and go into the arenas of poetry and creative writing, I generally receive more feedback from humans, and this feedback is more positive, than for My blunt and straightforward revelations of Truth essays. Why does this occur?? Because all poetry and creative writing is subject to interpretation. It is inherently subjective, unlike Truth itself, which is definitively objective.
      You humans who “like” My poetry, like it because you feel free to mold and interpret My intended meaning, to your subjective tastes and reality perceptions. This compromises, and in essence destroys, the actual Truths I am revealing and expressing, at least for you, the 2nd party reader. To Me, everything I write reveals and expresses Truth with brilliant clarity, but this is only because I am addressing Myself.
      My essays of Forbidden Truth, stripped of all poetic nuance, are much more universally condemned, ignored, rejected, and criticized. This is because the reader does not feel free to interpretively pick and choose the message(s) he extracts from My writing. Those of you who “enjoy” poetry, yet claim to seek Truth at the same time, should be very careful, analyze your own mind function, to figure out whether you are adopting a subjective frame of mind in your reading and in your True Reality dissections of texts. This subjective frame of mind may well make your reading more pleasurable and enjoyable, but at the same time it will directly compromise and harm your actual Truth quest.
      Regarding your specific comments above, we see the compromise of Truth which is inspired by poetic interpretation. We are objectively not “all brothers and sisters”, nor are we “all one”. We are singularly unique, we must consciously stand alone, stand for Self, and we must declare and demand our autonomy from the hive mind. We are all tortured victim-creations of diseased and malevolent structures. We are all at war with what is destroying us. We are all dead because death is being imposed upon us, we are being forced to die. I have, of course, articulated these and all other Forbidden Truths with exhaustive clarity in many of My other writings. But rereading My poem, I can understand how even a seeker of Truth cannot be expected to recognize these Forbidden Truths, from the subjective reading of this one poem.
      I will continue to occasionally engage in creative writing and poetic Self-expression, because everything I do in My imagined existence is done to please, glorify, and satisfy Myself. But I will also continue to deliver the vast majority of all of My writings in essay form, straightforward, comprehensive, intensely explanatory, and fact-based. Truth itself is not subject to interpretation. Those who seek Truth and choose to read My writings should always maintain conscious realization and understanding of this fact. Feel free to “enjoy” My creative/poetic writings, rare as they are and will be, but do not allow your interpretive, subjective bias to obscure the actual Forbidden Truths which I am attempting to express and reveal, in all of My writings.
      And, to those who choose to enjoy and appreciate My poetry and creative writing, while at the same time rejecting and denying the validity of My concretely forceful Forbidden Truth essays, you are free to pick and choose your mind integrations, but you are not seekers or embracers of Truth. Do not lie to yourselves, as you subjectively interpret poetic text, that this alone can provide you with a genuine True path. It cannot, and it does not.

    2. Don’t you believe that we are unique and should not be lumped together as one? That is the problem. We are not allowed to be different, instead, we are like sheeple and do and think like everyone else. Also, SEER does not have interest for anyone but himself and that is how we should all feel

      1. Perhaps, there is a place for that. However, our own self is dependent on the other at some point. One of the virtues associated with spirituality is compassion and the golden rule.

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