Crazy, Crazier, Craziest

You see it all the time, some human is decreed insane or mentally incompetent, locked up inside of a cage because an empowered agent of society has judged him to be insane, or stripped of the right to make life path decisions for himself. But who is doing the judging, and under what authority? These are important Forbidden Truth questions for all aspiring Superiors to rationally and sanely analyze.
The Truth is, for thousands of years, ever since the dawn of what you creatures mislabel as “modern civilization”, the inmates have been running the asylum. And the asylum is nothing less than planet earth itself. The most insane, deranged, and mentally crippled humans on this planet, have achieved primary leadership roles in government, society, and culture, thereby setting ideological and behavioral standards that are utterly and completely deranged.
Let it be clear that all negative judgments by all human societies as to the relative mental health of specific individuals, are not merely invalid, but malicious in their specific intent, not merely to harm specific individuals, but to systematically cover up the derangments of the ruling class. By demonizing individuals as mentally ill, the Forbidden Truth that every aspect of the existing society and culture functions within psychopathic derangement., is successfully concealed from conscious awareness.
How can an individual who murders 1, 5, 10, or even 100 people be judged mentally ill, when the society he was born into chooses to murder millions of humans and billions of animals every year, for purely sadistic release of denied and suppressed rage and hate?
How can an individual who tries to commit suicide be deemed mentally ill, when the society he was born into specifically chooses to destroy the Self-love, narcissism, and egotism of every child and adult, and chooses to promote their embrace of Self-harm and Self-destruction?
How can an individual who rejects all aspects of socially promoted doctrine be declared mentally ill, when all such doctrine is foundationally rooted with Self-deceit and illusion? How can an individual who worships an onion be decreed mentally ill, when society officially legitimizes and terroristically indoctrinates the worship of an imaginary god creature, something that does not even exist?? At least the onion exists!
Look at a so-called “mental illness” like autism. Autism is simply the effort of a child or young adult to cope with a deranged society which is attempting to impose its deranged doctrines upon him. The child instinctually withdraws into Himself, the safest place to be, mentally. And for daring to react in a saner way, to the insanities you seek to impose upon him, he is decreed mentally ill.
What about mental retardation? Here again you have the perverse hypocrisy of the most insane, running the asylum. Intelligence can only be accurately judged, as it directly leads to Superior behavioral and ideological choices. Every human measurement of IQ is fatally flawed, because the humans who are decreed to have the highest IQ’s, achieve empowered positions within society, and are therefore far more responsible for creating and legitimizing the most deranged of social structures.
The humans who are deemed profoundly retarded and spend their entire lives mute and rocking back and forth in a fetal position, are in Truth demonstrating better mental health than the highest IQ “geniuses”, who directly cause genuine horrors to be perpetrated as social policy, against themselves, against all other humans, and against every existing life form.
Am I mentally healthy? No, that would be a stretch. No creature born human, who has been subjected to the limitless horror of being forced to mature within an insane asylum run by the most deranged, can legitimately achieve mental health. What I have successfully accomplished, is the transcendation of My humanity, in the process leaving behind the worst mental pathologies of the human social matrix.
In My next blog post, 24 or so hours from now, I will detail My own personal triumphs of sanity and mental health, as a created torture victim of humanity.
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