Conspiracy theories: A government conspiracy

The universal matrix of deception and illusion that humans have chosen to create and dwell within, cannot be accurately perceived, deciphered, and understood by any individual who functions within the matrix itself. A perfect illustration of this, is the conspiracy theory phenomenon. Countless millions of humans are obsessed with the idea that organized social structures are engaged in complex conspiracies to withhold factual information from them, and yet when the conspiracy theories they cling to are dissected within the light of Truth, it becomes obvious and clear that all of the most popular conspiracy theories exist as socially sponsored deceptions, in and of themselves.
A popular conspiracy theory never exists within organic independence. It always has sponsors, organizations and governments which promote it, either overtly or covertly. Humans who believe they have uncovered valuable Forbidden Truth within the context of conspiracy theory embrace, are blind to the reality that conspiracy theories are just as potent a weapon being used against them by society and government, as are the actual conspiracies that promoted conspiracy theories are specifically designed and intended to cloak.
Popular conspiracy theories always serve a specific agenda of government and society. Embrace of these conspiracy theories does not merely serve this agenda, but just as importantly, it renders the actual conspiracies that all governments and societies absolutely do engage in, impossible to accurately perceive and understand.
Let us take a brief look at a few of the more popular conspiracy theories that you brainwashed sheeple are addicted to, and the actual Forbidden Truths that these theories are specifically designed to conceal.
The John F. Kennedy presidential assassination: Millions of humans are convinced that there was a conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy, and that the usa government is concealing this fact. Absolutely absurd! There is not a single shred of legitimate evidence that any such conspiracy existed, or that Lee Harvey Oswald did not successfully plan and execute this act all by himself. Since the day after this assassination occurred, the usa government has actively promoted the conspiracy theory that Lee Harvey did not act alone. This promotion has occurred on both covert and overt levels, most primarily by leaders and agents of the usa regime, but also by leaders and agents of other governments.
Why do leaders of government want you to believe John F. Kennedy was assassinated as part of an organized conspiracy? Because the actual Truth of what happened is far more dangerous to the functional viability of a cloaked fascist dictatorship pretending to exist as free democracy, as usa regime is. The Truth: A single and lone individual, slight of build and balding and possessing no extraordinary weapons or tactical skills, can and did successfully assassinate the most powerful and supposedly well-protected leader of government in the entire world. This is the Truth that government seeks to conceal, in deliberately promoting this conspiracy theory. The intended goal is obvious: To discourage any and all future attempts of this nature, and to try to encourage organized conspiracies against government, as they are far easier to uncover and prevent the successful execution of.
9/11 was an inside job: Here again we have an utterly absurd conspiracy theory, not backed up by even the tiniest shred of legitimate evidence, encouraged by usa regime because of how successful the event actually was. To the brainwashed citizen-slave, the question of why usa regime would want to promote the idea that it organized and orchestrated 9/11 as an attack upon itself, makes no logical sense. But to the unbiased observer with a piercing Alien Eye, the answers are obvious, and twofold: First, the successful execution of the attack necessitates mitigation of the True vulnerability of government structures. The insane claim that “this could not have happened unless it was an inside job, unless usa orchestrated the attack upon itself”, mitigates and denies this True vulnerability. And second. this conspiracy theory reduces capacity of citizen-slaves to understand how the war ritual exists as organized partnership between governments, to dissipate domestic unrest by soliciting external attack and then using such attacks to terrorize allegiance and patriotism.
Extraterrestrials have been/are here on earth: Another promoted conspiracy theory, lacking all credibility and evidence. This type of conspiracy theory serves as valuable distraction, inspiring millions to obsess over something which has asolutely no impact over any aspect of their actual existence, therefore ignoring the horrific structures of government and society, which enslave and oppress every aspect of every moment of their lives. This conspiracy also places another protective layer upon the existing social matrix, convincing humans that there is some alien force force controlling the directional paths of their day to day existence, cloaking the totally human created and imposed matrix.
New World Order: This conspiracy theory promotes the concept that a single government is being planned in order to rule the entire world within totalitarianism, and it is one of the most toxic and harmful of all organized conspiracy theory deceptions. The Forbidden Truth is: governments can only maintain their universal slavery over you fools, by pretending to compete against each other, pretending they are protecting you from the evil and inferior ways of rival governments. No government wants to rule the world, least of all the cloaked dictatorships of the west, such as usa or england. These governments depend totally upon the demonization of other governments, to maintain public support and allegiance.
Those who obsess over a new world order are playing directly into the hands of their greatest oppressor, their own government, fearing an imagined future problem that will never come to pass, blinded to the Truth that government already has them hopelessly trapped, exactly where it wants them.
Do you recognize the theme of all promoted conspiracy theories, from the four examples I am providing above?  Promoted conspiracy theories specifically serve to conceal and render invisible, the actual and real conspiracies, far greater in scope, magnitude, and harmfulness, which are being imposed upon you. Conspiracy theories exist as operational tactic of society and government, in and of themselves. In embracing these theories you are not uncovering any valuable insights of hidden Truth, but rather playing right into the hands of your greatest enemy and deceiver.
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  1. I really liked this post, but gotta ask you something about the New World Order conspiracies. Do you think that some or groups of people may be trying to control the world, at least economically? I mean David Rockefeller who ran the CFR and is the honoree president of it has openly admitted in his autobiography that he wants a more ‘integrated’ world and that national sovereignty is outdated. Him and people like him actively work on ways to integrate the world economically, which usually leads to people like him gaining more control over the world economically. The general thing of groups like the CFR are that there should be no barriers on trade between countries and the think tank generally runs the world since there are so many very powerful people in it. Governments do need to paint other governments as enemies, but powerful business elites often are the ones playing governments off of each other.
    For example the business elites like the Rockefeller family basically built up Hitler and the Nazis and then played them against the Allies. This isn’t the only example and isn’t even really a conspiracy theory as it’s well documented by people like Anthony Sutton and Carroll Quigley. And its not like those two are raving lunatics, Quigley was Bill Clinton’s favorite professor at Georgetown.
    Certainly not what most New World Order people espouse and I very highly doubt these guys are trying to impose a ‘totalitarian one world government’ but what do you make of it?

    1. Of course there are individual human beings who want to control the world, just as there are individuals who want to destroy the world. The thing is, every social matrix is stronger than any one individual. And the social matrix of human existence throughout the modern era, mandates that individual leaders play off against other individual leaders, and societies do the same. The Truth is, no individual has any control over anything, in terms of his own personal existence. Will the supreme leader of the world wake up tomorrow morning? He has no control over whether or not he can ever even get to pretend to be alive, a single second into the future.
      Therefore, the fact that some specific individuals may want to control and rule the world, has no bearing upon the capacity of any individual to achieve such a feat. The matrix controls what any individual can achieve. In terms of monetary-based economic systems, the illusion of wealth cannot exist independent of the illusion of poverty. Classes must exist, a caste system is the only way that the lie of wealth can be sustained. If everyone was wealthy, this illusion would collapse, and so poverty must be maintained by the matrix, and by everyone trapped within the matrix. Saying “I am rich!”, is impossible, unless others are poor. But everyone is poor, because the Forbidden Truth is that money has no intrinsic value that can be transfered to a Truth and reality-based experience of existence.
      Every government is already the same, all differences exist as cosmetic illusion. But these illusions must be maintained, the matrix demands it, regardless of what any individual who achieves control and leadership over a specific group of humans, personally wants. So yes, individuals may want to rule the world, and maybe obama sincerely did believe he could “change” the world for the better. But the matrix taught him that he cannot. All cages close in on those who attempt to break out. government requires a false mirror, other governments to create absurd comparisons to. The whole “this is our way of life” excreta could not exist unless there was an illusion of a different way of life, to demonize.

      1. Supremely agree Seer, could you imagine being the child-slave of one of these “elite” families?! The soul destruction that they must experience must be pretty unique.

        1. We are all destroyed in different ways, but the process itself is quite similar, as is the end result. Destruction of personal ego and Self-value in children, is achieved via the exact same structural methodology, regardless of whether the child is born into a dirt poor family, or an empowered, elite family. The individual child is always subjugated, even if he is told he is better than other children due to wealth or race or any other individual factors. The very wealthy grow up hating themselves and as adults seek out and embrace personal harm and death, to the same degree as the dirt poor. Only their chosen forms of Self-destruction may vary, and this variation is only to provide them with deniability as to what they are doing, the universal refusal to face up to motivation and consequence of chosen actions and lifestyle paths.

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