Compassion, Empathy, and Respect

I am filled with compassion, empathy, and respect…for Myself. For you creatures, not so much. I choose to selectively bestow compassion, empathy, and respect, towards specific individuals that I recognize as being the greatest victims of the highest degrees of injustice and victimization. I reserve my compassion, empathy, and respect, for individuals such as James Eagan Holmes and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. I honor them for trying to show humanity what it is, more so than for trying to show humanity what they are. I honor them because you refuse to honor them. I honor them because you choose to deny them compassion, empathy, and respect, in the process increasing their victimization, increasing the injustice they have always been subjected to.
I do not deny you inferiors, your victimhood status. But I only have so much positive sentiment available, and I will always hoard most of it for Myself. The small amount I choose to distribute upon others, will go to those that you demonize, those that you choose to demonize. Your created victims, people like Dzhokhar and James, that you continue to persecute. I align with them, because you deny them their victimhood status. I align with them, because you choose to continue to harm them, instead of thanking them for showing you what you are, and being inspired to beg them for the forgiveness that you do not deserve.
Inside the cages you build for your torture victims, Truth flourishes. Individuals are destroyed, but Truth remains triumphant. You murder your children and you murder your adults. You murder physically, and you murder ideologically. You murder in order to conceal the Truth that you have always been murderers, that you murder everything you touch.
Your grand theatrical odes to justice and revenge, punishment and redemption, are pathetic and perverse charades. Your theaters are shrines to violence, yet you demonize a tortured child for showing you what you are. Your marathon races are testaments to the cowardice of a species devoted to fleeing from itself at every turn, yet you demonize a tortured child for showing you what you are. You fight for the freedom to lie to yourselves, and for the freedom to destroy yourselves, and in the process you destroy anyone who dares to show you what you are, as James and Dzhokhar and Charles Manson and John Wayne Gacy and Timothy McVeigh and Ted Bundy and Howard Unruh, and so many thousands of others, have tried to do.
We are only your reflection, we are only what you made us, we are only your created victims. And so when you blame and judge and demonize us, you prove that our actions were not merely just, but insufficient. Insufficient to right the universal scale of injustice that you have built, that you deploy against us.
So no, I will decline all compassion, empathy, and respect for the secondary victims that you ruthlessly exploit in order to feet better about yourselves. I will reserve all compassion, empathy, and respect for my fellow front-level victims, the individuals you dare to condemn to be murdered, locked inside cages, subjected to brain chemistry alteration, denied their victimhood status, denied the honor and gratitute that is owed to them.
You are going to destroy each of us, I cannot prevent this horrific tragedy and injustice. My only solace is in knowing, with absolute certainty, that in choosing to destroy us, you are ensuring your own destruction, individually and as a collective species.
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  1. Why should anyone have compassion and empathy for anyone but themselves? Humans wonder why the people that they think they love and care about are so needy and can’t meet their own needs. The reason is, humans are doing it for them and not allowing them to do it for themselves. But, they complain about these needy individuals when they grow tired of them. I dare humans to complain when they are part of them of dependency and helping others. Humans you are crippling these dependent creatures, so don’t complain about it.

    1. Dependency is relentlessly promoted by all societies and governments, because it is the foundational root of all personal impotence. Society positions interdependency among humans as being unavoidable, necessary, beneficial, positive, and natural. Why? Because as long as humans are busy trying to get others to meet their needs, they cannot and will not even try to meet their own needs, therefore guaranteeing their own slave status, to be relentlessly exploited and victimized by the slave-state.

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