CNN Censors Footage of Charlie Hebdo Massacre

The hypocrisy of the human is so delightful to witness! An attack against a western news source is demonized by the western media as constituting an attack against freedom of the press, and in response, just hours later, the western media chooses to deliberately censor actual footage of the attack itself. Watch and listen to this video. The CNN anchor openly declares he is censoring the content of a dynamic, breaking news event, while in the same breath, the attackers of Charlie Hebdo are condemned for trying to censor the western press!
How can any sane thinker be blind to the perverse hypocrisy being demonstrated here? How can anyone fail to understand the proof being exhibited right before their eyes, that all notions of any press or newsmedia being free, are pure illusion. The Truth: Every government engages in constant censorship, by controlling its media, directly and indirectly, and every media exists as a propaganda mouthpiece for a government, both censoring content for the government, and delivering false content and ideology that the government is seeking to promote, impose, and popularize:
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    1. Correct, most of them don’t realize, because they are trapped within the same universal matrix of illusion, as their targeted audience. But some of them do, some of them fully understand the role that they serve, fully understand that their only mandate is so control and direct the beliefs and perceptions of the unwashed masses, in accordance withe the specifically malicious goals and agenda of their government, and they do not care. They love being journalists because they can delude themselves into feeling powerful and influential. To shape the reality perceptions of citizen-slaves, even when doing so only under the mandate and orders of others, can and does provide a powerful illusion of personal power.

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