Clementa Pinckney: amerikkkan Leader

Perhaps by pure luck, or perhaps by deliberate targeting, one of the nine god addicts harvested in last night’s Charleston Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church mass shooting rampage, was a nationally known, elected political figure in amerikkka. His name was Clementa Pinckney, he was a state senator representing South Carolina, and before you proceed with this essay, I strongly urge you to read this CNN profile/obituary of Clementa:
I also strongly urge you to read his official profile/resume as published by Charleston Emanuel AME church:
Now, let us begin with this fact: As of yesterday, Clementa Pinckney was the pastor, the religious leader, of Charleston Emanuel AME church, AND at the same time, he was a politically elected state senator of South Carolina.
How many thousands of social leaders across amerikkka have combined the perverse structures of religion and government, to establish and claim power and control over the minds and over the lives of citizen-slaves and god addicts?! Amerikkka is a religiously fundamentalist fascist dictatorship. This is what amerikkka is, and if you pathetic creatures were not brainwashed by government and unable to formulate a rational thought, this fact would be clear, obvious, and undeniable.
Politics and religion are bloodbrother twins, born of the same desperate desire of broken and destroyed children to gain and exercise power, control, and domination over others. All political leaders are malicious con artists, as are all religious leaders. Within its fundamentalist design and operational structure, the leaders of amerikka seamlessly enmesh politics with religion,deploying each to strengthen the other, deploying both as weapons of terror to control, dominate, destroy the minds of all citizen-slaves, from birth, throughout childhood, throughout all individual lives.
The con artist is a professional liar, he perfects the perverse art of deceit, delivering lies with greater sincerity, purer passion, and more clean-cut earnestness than he could ever deliver Truth. The political leader makes a perfect pastor, and the pastor makes the perfect political leader. Leading a religious group is ideal practice and training for becoming a future political leader. Successfully brainwashing and indoctrinating fellow humans to believe the insane concept of a god creature existing, proves that you are capable of seeking and gaining elected political office, capable of convincing broken sheeple, brainwashed slaves, through lies and con artistry, that you deserve to be handed a shackle with which to enslave them on a secular level, and they will cheer their own slavery, they will clap as you propose your intent to govern, to own, them.
The factual life story of Clementa Pinckney could not more perfectly illuminate the religiously incestuous and the functionally horrific state of the 21st century amerikkkan political system and governmental rule. Clementa was enslaved at birth to mentally deranged and functionally crippled slavemasters, his parents. He was then subjected to relentless brainwashing and terrorization via the imposition of the insane god myth, christian version.
At the age of thirteen, a helpless, brainwashed, destroyed child, he began preaching the insane god myth to others. Yes, it boggles the sane mind, but it is True. As a helpless child, only 13 years old, he was officially empowered by his slavemasters and other adults, to not merely be exposed to the insane god myth, but to impose it upon others, fellow children as well as adults.
At the age of eighteen, believe it or not, Clementa was given the official job title of pastor, legally authorized to teach, to preach, to impose, to terrorize anyone and everyone he so chose, with the insane god myth. The amerikkkan government welcomed him as an official sponsor, an official promoter, of the mind virus of religion, and more specifically, christianity, the official religion of this fundamentalist regime.
Clementa was a good pastor. Oh yes, most church-destroyed children make excellent mind virus hosts and disease spreaders. Can you not appreciate the horror of this 13 year old child being empowered to promote religion, and then rewarded five years later with the actual job of pastor, leader of a church?! Understand what we have here: A brainwashed and broken 18 year old child, being shamelessly exploited by his society to enhance and strengthen the god addictions of adults, as well as to inspire children younger and more naive than he is, to become god addicts.
Make no mistake, there is no crack dealer, no heroin pusher, no cocaine fiend, who could ever dream of causing as much harm to as many human beings as Clementa Pinckney has caused in his shortened lifespan, beginning at the tender age of 13. And of course I am not trying to blame or demonize Clementa. Of course not! He was a pure and absolute victim of the horrific child abuse that is religion itself. His society, 20th and 21st century amerikkan society, destroyed him, empowering him to destroy so many others, and look, yes look, my dear flock of Truth-seekers, how incredibly, how perfectly, the mirror of reflective Truth shone last night, as Clementa was shot dead by a young torture victim, as he maintained his lifelong rampage of terror, imposing the insane god myth upon others.
Do you know the age at which the typical human can expect to reach mental maturity? As I have outlined in My writings, this age is between 28 and 36, depending upon the individual. But your malevolent society decreed Clementa competent to judge the existence of god at age 1, at age one, by allowing him to be exposed to religion. Then it judged him competent at age 13 to instruct and advise others to believe in god. Then it decreed him competent at age 18 to be officially ordained as a minister, to teach, instruct, impose the insane god myth upon others, as a paid professional. How can this be?? It is because Truth and sanity are dead to you humans. It is because all of humanity, in the 21st century, functions within absolute mental illness and derangement.
But wait, the horrific life story of Clementa Pinckney only gets worse. As so many other deranged and power-crazed victims of society, once Clementa got a taste of possessing power, control, domination over others, he could not get enough of it. Being pastor of a large church was not enough. Clementa determined to seek and attain elected, political leadership. Was he successful?? Of course! His many years of practice and training as a con artist promoter of the insane god myth, made him ideally suited for the con artistry of the political arena, of democracy to be specific. Democracy, where every political leader must convince the sheeple that they have achieved and enjoy freedom, even as they spend their pathetic existences as terrorized slaves.
At the age of 23, a veteran of 10 years of terrorizing others via religious preaching, Clementa won election to the South Carolina house of representatives. Twenty-three years old, and there he was, a religious and a political leader, even though no human can even attain mental maturity prior to age 28! How can these things be? Because you humans are not merely pathological slaves, but collectively suicidal, pathological slaves. And then, 4 years later, aged 27, Clementa gained far more political power, as he moved up to a successful political election to the state senate.
Now, Clementa is physically dead. He died last night. But his legacy is not dead, not by a long shot. The minds that he murdered via religion, remain murdered. The slaves he addicted to the insane god myth, remain addicted. Religion is the worship of death, and government is the worship of personal slavery and universal destruction. All who worship god, worship death.
And so we have the life story of Clementa Pinckney, an amerikkkan leader, a shining star, representing religion and government, a face and a voice of god and flag, and therefore the face and the voice of death, of universal slavery, of universal oppression, the face and the voice of humanity destroying itself. A face which will rot away to nothingness, a voice forever silenced, but how many thousands, how many millions of human drones are today stepping up to fill his void??!
This is the horrific legacy of Clementa Pinckney, a destroyed child lifted up so that he may lead a large group of destroyed ex-children, and he has led them to the same horrific fate to which he was subjected and doomed, by you, by you humans, by you cowards, by you, the broken and destroyed ex-children who pray, who vote, who choose the path of universal slavery and death.
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