Clean Getaway for the San Bernardino Mass Murderer(s)

Breaking news out of San Bernardino, California, where at least one and possibly as many as three gunmen went on a well-planned, well-orchestrated shooting rampage just a few hours ago, killing at least 14 humans, and wounding at least 14 more.
Unlike most other mass murder rampages, the gunmen appear to have made an absolutely clean getaway. This adds greatly to the terror aspect of the event. Terrorization on a sustained and ongoing level, is what humanity has earned. If these gunmen remain at large for a lengthy period of time, the terror level will remain high and possibly increase over time.
From a tactical perspective, this incident instructs us that from both a sustained and ongoing media focus, and a capacity to stoke the fear of others, there are significant advantages to the mass shooter who makes a successful and clean getaway.
Again, everyone interested in following this dynamic and breaking news event online, can go to:
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