Civil Disobedience: A Form of Obedience

The amerikkkan news media has been abuzz for the past 24 hours, with the story of Douglas Hughes, who flew and landed his gyrocopter single person aircraft on the lawn of the us capitol building in washington, d.c., yesterday. In case you have managed to miss the media onslaught, here is a good overview of the incident:
Before I get to my main point, a few brief but valuable observations of Truth. First, what a waste of an outstanding tactical plan! Doug’s goal and stated intent, to deliver a “message” to amerikkkan citizen-slaves and political leaders concerning his perception that campaign finance reform is a vital issue, is absurdly useless, regardless of whether or not he could or did achieve this goal. The uselessness and invalidity of his intended message, stands in stark contrast to the excellent tactical plan that he deployed to penetrate to the very heart of government power. Great operational tactics, completely neutered by an ideological goal and intent which plays right into the brainwashing and indoctrination matrix of the regime. So sad!
To be perfectly clear, campaign finance reform is a non-issue, a pure smokescreen put up by the usa regime to promote useless demands for reform. government legitimizes itself via positioning non-issues as issues, thus rendering actual issues, such as the need to abolish government itself, and eliminate all monetary currency, instituting a universal Barter and Trade economic system, invisible and unfathomable to the Unwashed Masses. It is almost laughable, the functional tragedy of a 61 year old government slave, concocting an intricate and operationally astute plan to “invade” his own government,  successfully carrying it out, but backing it up with the goal of delivering a useless message on a non-issue.
The second observation of Forbidden Truth to be gleaned, is just how massively inept and helpless the most powerful regime in the world is, at preventing successful attacks and penetrations of its defenses. Let us understand that to a great degree, all defensive capabilities of government exist as smoke and mirror, illusions put forth via press release, via media deception and hype, and via cosmetic imagery, such as a bull-necked man carrying a fancy looking rifle.
The fact is, after 9/11 the amerikkkan regime identified threats from the air as a number one defensive priority. The media, on government order, undertook a massive propaganda campaign intended to convince all humans that government defensive capabilities were being ramped up to make such threats virtually impossible, especially for a lone wolf, to successfully implement in real life. The propaganda campaign is what successfully deterred all such threats, as nothing that is not attempted, can ever be achieved.
Now, in one of the very first actual attempts in 14 years to use airspace for a nefarious purpose, a 61 year old man, acting all alone, successfully penetrated the most highly restricted airspace, landing an aircraft on the grounds of the us capitol.
What comes to mind is a government leader of 500 years ago building a moat around his castle, informing his security detail that he was going to fill the moat with fire-breathing dragons and man-eating sharks, and ordering his security detail to go all over the land, to the farthest reaches of horseback, and tell everyone they meet that the presidential moat is filled with fire-breathing dragons and man-eating sharks. And so it is done, and now all the humans believe in the legend of the impenetrable moat, filled with dragons and sharks, nobody dares come close to the moat, even though the Forbidden Truth is that the water is only 4 feet deep and the most dangerous creature inside the moat is a goldfish. Think about it, you brainwashed slaves!
But let me get to the main point of this essay, which really has nothing to do with this specific incident itself. Watching and reading the account, I ws most struck by the use of the term “civil disobedience”, both by Doug in describing his actions, and by the media in reporting on the incident. Civil disobedience, such an interesting term, don’t you think?? Especially if dissected from a definitional brainwashing perspective.
What does it mean, to disobey?? It means to refuse to obey rules and laws, to defy authority, or to be more descriptively accurate, those who claim authority over you. Disobedience, a strong and noble word, representing a strong and noble concept. But pair it with “civil”, and what do you get? Disobedience, castrated and neutered. Disobedience, warped and distorted, literally flipped on its head.
“He engaged in an act of civil disobedience”, what does this mean?? He disobeyed some aspect of a law or rule imposed upon him by his authoritarian slavemasters, but he obeyed other laws and rules imposed by the same source. So, what does this make the act of civil disobedience, as functional reality? Clearly and obviously, an act of obedience.
Law and government exist as impositional agents of terrorism. Terrorism is defined as: Causing harm, trauma, victimization. If you disobey a specific law, but accept, obey, comply with other laws, you accept the terrorism of the state, you legitimize the injustices being committed against you by the state. All injustices, including the specific injustice that you claim to be fighting against, in whatever form of civil disobedience you engage in.
The law, all law, in its entirety, represents and overtly expresses the terrorism and injustice of government. To disobey a specific law, but also submit to the imposition of other laws, such as arrest, imprisonment, taxation, judicial sentencing and punishment, is a philosophical and ideological absurdity. You cannot defy a law, unless you defy all laws. If you defy a law, but refuse to defy all laws, you are pretending to be disobedient, when in Truth you are being obedient, submitting to the injustice and victimization of law itself, as deployed terrorist weapon of government.
The term “civil disobedience” is deployed by society to entrap the irrational, the definitionally blind, the rebels without a clue. They believe they are disobeying, but in Truth they are brainwashed to obey, to submit, to stand down, to accept the very persecution they claim to fight against. And Doug Hughes, poor befuddled Doug Hughes, is a perfect illustration of this. “I am engaging in act of civil disobedience!”, he declares, and he lands his gyrocopter on the us capitol lawn, then he sits and does nothing as the pigs swoop in, handcuff, arrest, cage lock him. Now they can decree him mentally deranged, keep him locked in a cage until he ceases to exist. Under law. Under government.
In Truth, Doug is the poster child for good citizenship. government is violence. To be governed is to violated by violence. Doug has always been a victim of the violence of the state. Always. And this same state has successfully convinced him to be non-violent, to engage in act of “civil disobedience”, which not only accomplishes nothing, but allows this same state to violently impose additional harm and injustice upon Doug.
Obey, as you pretend to disobey, that is what civil disobedience is. George Orwell would be proud.
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