The Truth of Free Speech in France

Western media would have you believe that france is a society which respects freedom and free expression. French citizen-slaves have spent the past week vehemently proclaiming their support for free speech, freedom of the press, and free expression of controversial and unpopular ideas. Absolute bullsh*t! Just yesterday, the government of france seized and locked up inside cages, citizens and residents who have done nothing more than attempt to exercise their free speech and free expression rights. Here is a profile of Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, just one of the victims of this perverse display of nationalistic hypocrisy:
Now, you brainwashed hypocrites, this is the video you need to watch, in order to understand the horror of freedom illusion under government. Here you will see a french journalist stridently defending the right of muslims and islam to be mocked and ridiculed, followed by the same journalist interviewing Dieudonné M’bala M’bala and viciously condemning him for daring to mock and ridicule jews and judaism. Why? Because the French government is under the control of jews:
There is no freedom of speech or freedom of the press or freedom of expression anywhere in the world, there never can be and there never will be, as long as government exists. The human being you see interviewed above, has been placed inside a cage by the french government yesterday, and this article tells you exactly why:
It is because of his attempt to exercise his free speech, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, rights and freedoms. Rights and freedoms which do not exist, which have never existed, for any citizen-slave anywhere on earth.
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  1. I don’t believe humans have really questioned the authenticity of their freedom, because people in western societies are grateful for their illusion of freedom. They compare their existence to that of developing countries believing that they are much better off. Americans, in particular, are in denial about their restricted freedom and justify it as a necessity for safety of others

    1. Humans choose to exist as broken slaves, while lacking the courage of mind and insight of consciousness to face up to this Forbidden Truth. There is no such thing as conditional or limited freedom, there is only slavery, cloaked and denied via lie-based rationalization inspired by the brainwashing of the slavemaster nation-state.

    1. I mean exactly what I say. Every go0vernment exists and thrives only within the ritualized institutionalization of bias, every imsaginable form of bias: Of religion, ethnicity, gender, class, caste rank, eduucational level, etc… The french government is controlled by jews and catholics, who deploy this religion as a force of socisal terrorism. Whether or not the actual top “leaders”, in terms of election status, are practicing jews or catholics, does not speak to who controls the tone of government indoctrination. All elected leaders are figureheads, serving the will of the existing power structure.
      The government of france and its media puppetmasters are devoted to maintaining muslims as a permanent, demonized, underclass, because this serves the ideological mandate of appeasing the ruling elites, middle and upper class, those aspiring to attain the “french dream” of success, and the population majority as a whole. And of course muslim regimes deploy the exact same prejudice and demonization of christian/catholic and/or jewish minority populations, to appease their majority populations, divert them from all Forbidden Truths, and focus their personal rage and hate upon a demonized foreign “minority”.
      The link I posted beautifully illustrates this religious bias and insanely hypocritical double standard. The perspective of the featured “journalist”, perfectly mirrors the impossible to justify double standard of the french government. Here it is again:

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