Church Massacre in Texas: 26 Y.O. Devin Patrick Kelley Harvests 26 Humans

Hello folks. I know I’m a little late, been very busy with other projects, but did you really think I could totally ignore yet another supersized lone gunman mass murder rampage, inside of a church, no less??! Nope, I have too much respect for the Truth, to let this go by without at least a brief essay.
Less than 24 hours ago, 26 year old Devin Patrick Kelley stormed a small baptist church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, armed with a Ruger semi-automatic rifle, and wearing a bulletproof vest. He shot 46+ humans, successfully killing at least 26 of them, then fled the scene in his car.
Unfortunately, he was shot by other humans, nosy busybodies with nothing better to do than defend and support the very society guilty of their, as well as Devon’s, victimization and destruction. Martyr Devin did tragically die after driving away wounded, but once again I am so glad he did not actively choose to Self-murder.
Let’s shatter the societal and government promoted stereotype that mass murderers are suicidal Self-haters. That is not True! They hate the diseased and malevolent structures, such as religion and the family unit, guilty of their victimization and destruction. Of course some do end up misdirecting their rage and hate in the end, but look at the facts and know that less than 25% of successful mass murderers, dynamically choose to commit suicide.
How deliciously ironic that 26 year old Devin has ended up with exactly 26 claimed and achieved fatalities. Coincidence, or god’s plan?? Well, since god does not exist, it is of course a coincidence.
This is the single most successful mass murder in the historical existence of the state of Texas, breaking the kill counts of Charles Whitman’s iconic and groundbreaking University of Texas Clock Tower rampage, and decades later, George Hennard’s Luby’s Cafeteria massacre.
Individual progress, as humanity itself regresses.
Throughout the day, all news outlets around this pathetic planet will be updating this remarkable expression of rage, hate, Truth, and True Reality by Devin. Due to other projects, I will unfortunately not be posting any regular updates, but all seekers of Truth should spend time graciously immersing within the torment and the catharsis of a child destroyed by religion, the family unit, and other deranged structures sponsored, created, and promoted by government, such as war and the military.
Study the life path of Martyr Devin, and understand how religion, the family, and government are directly and primarily guilty of his transformation from helpless child with limitless potential of MindPower, to enraged and homicidal child, still a child, who chose to try to indiscriminately massacre strangers as they wasted their imaginary lives praying to a non-existent creature, inside a cage specifically built by society to promote death and universal murder of all humans.
Thank you for standing, Devin!
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  1. I wonder if society will punish the human or humans who killed Devin. I wouldn’t hold my breath for it. They will probably be given an award or medal for exemplary service…hmmmn.

    1. Of course society and government will not punish the murderer(s) of Martyr Devin. They will not even try to investigate the exact circumstances of how he was shot.
      The suppressed and denied homicidal rage of humanity as a whole must always be sated. Humanity demands the sacred right to both carry out and revel in causing all types of genocidal harm, from universal child abuse, to animal murder, to the destruction of the environment, always hidden and cloaked from conscious acknowledgment, but always absolutely demanded and carried out.
      Judicial “justice” is the infliction of limitless harm by society upon its own tortured and destroyed victims, under the insane and absurd collective delusion of morality, fairness, compassion for the “other” victim(s), and the prevention of future harm.
      In Truth of course, the judicial system ensures perpetual injustice for all, always and everywhere, as it selectively denies the greatest victims of harm, their victimhood status.
      The very existence of “justice”, as defined and deployed by all 21st century societies and governments, renders all acts of criminal violence inherently and intrinsically justified, and renders every criminal an emissary and a benevolent messenger of True justice and morality, in a way that NO law-abiding citizen-slave could ever hope to be.

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