Chris Harper Mercer: The Murder of a Voice of Truth

There is great irony and beautiful, albeit functionally useless poetic justice, in Chris Harper-Mercer choosing his english class at Umpqua Community College as the primary target of his mass murder rampage.
English. A language. What is the purpose of language, or should I ask: What should be the purpose of language, if humanity were sane?? The free, open, uncontrolled expression of ideas, concepts, philosophies, and ideologies, so that everyone can understand everyone else, so that illumination and enlightenment of mind and of reality perception can occur.
How many languages should there be?? One, of course. One language, to facilitate communication and understanding. But no, instead there are over 4,000 popular languages. Four Thousand! Why? Because it is the overt goal of human societal leaders, governments, and the hive mind, to render communication and understanding impossible to achieve, from any and all perspectives of Truth.
This is why a personally inspired mass murder targeting an english class at an educational facility controlled and operated by government, is an absolutely perfect expression of True Reality-based rage and hate. Let us clearly understand what all violence which directly challenges the laws of society and government it: It is an attempt to communicate. It is a personal, individual expression of trauma, directed by a trauma victim and targeting a structure which is guilty and responsible for causing the individual to be harmed.
Society and government deploy language to hinder and prevent open, uncensored, Truth-based communication. This attack upon freedom and Truth of mind is undertaken in numerous ways, from the entire immense and fully organized structure of definitional brainwashing, to the intentional maintenance of 4,000+ different languasges, ensuring that humanity as a whole can never and will never be able to directly communicate with each other in order to reach any consensus of understanding and insight into their oppression.
We must understand the mass murder rampage of Chris Harper Mercer as constituting much more than the personal seeking and claiming of cathartic vengeance. We must understand his actions as an attempt to illuminate the Forbidden Truths of universal oppression and suffering of the human being, of all human beings, everywhere on planet earth in the 21st century. We must understand his chosen actions as an attempt to communicate Truth, because that is exactly what his actions were.
Nobody hears. Nobody listens. Nobody understands. And why not? Because Truth is dead, eliminated from all of human consciousness. An english class at a college of higher education is not intended to teach human beings how to communicate effectively. It is intended to legitimize the hive mind of society and government as it censors and prevents proper, open, free, uncensored communication between human beings.
And now, in death, as a murder victim, what is being done to Chris Harper Mercer? His words and his ideas, as expressed by him via the english language, are being destroyed, eliminated, wiped out from the universe, deliberately and intentionally, by the state, by the government which controls education, which dictates and determines the operational structure of english classes at colleges, under the lie of uplifting individual voices and enhancing individual capacity to communicate.
No hypocrisy! The murder of Chris Harper Mercer’s voice, runs concurrent with the murder of Chris Harper Mercer, the human being. And it is society and government which carries out and is guilty of committing, both murders.
Less than 48 hours ago I published a direct link to Chris Harper Mercer’s online blog. And now the blog is gone. It no longer exists at the address. It has been eliminated and destroyed by the censorship of the amerikkkan government. It used to be right here, it was here 48 hours ago:
But now there are only the words “Unknown Author”, followed by blank space. Liars!!! The author is not unknown. The author is Chris Harper Mercer. a victim, a Martyr, a writer, a philosopher, who gave his life in an attempt to communicate. The murder of his voice by the state, is just as horrific as the soul murder Chris has been a victim of since childhood, and the physical murder he became a victim of, 48 hours ago.
Within the next week, I will be writing and publishing a lengthy and complex essay. It will be titled: “Subverting Censorship: A Guide for Enemies of the State“. Look for it right here, at this blog. In this essay I will be giving practical and useful advice to all who might seek to personally counter censorship efforts of the state against them.
All censorship of voice, constitutes censorship of mind. No Truth can ever be realized, unless it is first thought, conceived. The censorship of voice by the state is the most malicious censorship of all. It is impossible to justify. It cannot prevent harm, it can only ensure the ongoing universal victimization of all. And why is Chris Harper Mercer’s voice being murdered right now?? Because only now, for the first and only time ever, is it possible for his voice to be heard. And so it is murdered, right now, by the state, to ensure that Truth remains forever dead, invisible, non-existent, within the minds and consciousness of all citizen-slaves.
In the end, all communication efforts undertaken by humans are doomed to failure. And in a very real way, not even worthy of undertaking. But still, in the name of Truth, and to honor Self, I am obligated to defend and enhance all individual voices, in the same way that I am obligated to honor and respect the True Reality and the life path actions of Chris Harper Mercer. And so I do, and so I will.
Today is Saturday, and hundreds of millions of amerikkkans are sitting at home feeding on the poisonous propaganda of the state, as it is imposed upon them. Horrific structures of universal illusion, such as sports and political elections and the insane god myth, are being viciously imposed upon brainwashed and broken minds. The very actions of Chris Harper Mercer, undertaken just 48 hours ago, are being mercilessly propagandized and distorted in order to serve the hive mind.
And at the very same time, in the exact same moment, the voice of Chris Harper Mercer has been murdered, suffocated, snuffed out. His words, english words, have been destroyed, wiped clean from the internet. Anyone who tries to locate his writings online, will find them removed. Additional writings he very specifically and clearly wished to disseminate to the world, are being kept secret and hidden by the police, acting as direct agents of government. even as this very government demonizes Chris, employing hundreds of talking heads in an organized media blitzkrieg against Chris, as a way to strengthen, increase, and popularize greater censorship, greater suppression of Truth.
The soul, the body, and the voice of Chris Harper Mercer has been murdered by the state. This is why he is a Martyr. Let all of us who seek and honor Truth, recognize this fact for what it is.
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