Child Abuse: Truthfully Defined

This will be one of My more important blog posts, in terms of revealing foundational-level Forbidden Truth, and I have just finished considering whether or not to “pin” this blog post so that it appears at the top of My blog feed in the future. After careful deliberation, I have decided not to pin this blog post to the top of My blog feed. This decision is based not on any lack of primary importance to the blog post, but rather on the fact that you humans do not deserve such a gift.
I have no interest in preventing child abuse, and therefore there is no reason for Me to give this particular blog post any priority in terms of making it easier for you humans to access, or more popular in terms of being read. Let this blog post fade away to the obscurity of the past, left in the dust by 100’s or 1000’s of My future blog posts. This is what you deserve, as you leave every child in the world to suffer the torments of child abuse. Let us begin this profoundly valuable dissection, so that it may be trashed and discarded within the garbage dump where you diseased hypocrites lay waste to all Truth, and to all who dare to reveal it.
What is child abuse? Child abuse is: Anything deliberately, intentionally, or via crime of omission, done to a child, which causes a child to experience trauma, harm, victimization, pain, stunting of personal potential, or in any way imposes anything upon a child mind which forcefully limits, directs, or inspires any specific life path behaviors, or intellectual or emotion-based choices. This is what child abuse is. Any attempt to define child abuse in any other manner, constitutes an act of child abuse, because doing so betrays the Truth of what child abuse is, and therefore directly encourages, sponsors, and causes child abuse.
There is no such thing as a mild form of child abuse. Every act of child abuse is equally harmful, not because it actually causes an exactly equal degree of harm, but because every act of child abuse has a uniquely harmful impact upon every unique child. Therefore, being forced to perform oral sex upon a biological father hundreds of times during childhood, as I was forced to do, may not cause more harm than another child being verbally told he is stupid, even a single time. All harm is uniquely experienced, therefore placing any level or degree of severity upon any act of child abuse, is impossible to justify and again, constitutes child abuse in and of itself.
Telling a child he is stupid, is child abuse. Any verbal insult directed to a child, is child abuse. The degree of harm it may cause, even if only occurring once in an entire childhood, is impossible for any external observer to know or to calculate. All child abuse is equal, in constituting the abuse, harm, victimization, and mind potential attack upon a child. Therefore, criminalizing, punishing, judging, or demonizing any act of child abuse is perverse and impossible to justify, as long as a society or government chooses to promote, legitimize, and sponsor any act of child abuse, which every society and government of the 21st century, does.
Let us briefly list some of the forms of child abuse that society and government overtly promotes, sponsors, and legitimizes, keeping in mind that as all child abuse is equally harmful, these forms of child abuse must be recognized as being the same as a father forcing a son to perform oral sex upon him 100’s of times, or a mother deliberately pouring shampoo into a child’s eyes and refusing to allow him to rinse it out, 100’s of times, just two of the child abuses that I, your Seer of Forbidden Truth, am and will always be a victim of.

  • Spanking is child abuse, a violent assault committed by a familial caretaker upon a helpless child, by its very nature likely to be more traumatic than any such assault committed by a total stranger, who faces arrest andcriminal prosecution for doing the exact same thing a parent is authorized and given legal permission to do.
  • A parent encouraging a child to do what he likes to do, to adopt the same hobbies and interests as the parent holds, is child abuse, constituting malicious narrowing of mind potential and behavior, via coercion, bribery, and emotional blackmail.
  • The imposition of any type of religious mythology, a belief in the god creature, constitutes highly abusive and extremely harmful child abuse, subverting the instinctual capacity of the child to formulate reality perceptions based upon sane and rational thinking patterns.
  • Any type of educational content which is designed to limit and conform the brain functionality of the child to existing social structures, doctrines, or ideologies, is malicious child abuse, as the existing social structures of the 21st century are diseased, perverse, and universally harmful to every living thing.
  • The imposition of all cultural and ethnic tradition, by a parent, family unit, school, or any social structure, is child abuse, as it destroys the capacity of the child mind to consciously understand the malicious and invalid human divisions of class, sponsored by society and government to inspire bias, prejudice, and hatred.
  • All indoctrination to the concept that every human being must and will suffer, is child abuse, as it destroys mind potential of the child to envision creating a new social order free of the deliberate imposition of universal suffering by society and government, as it exists today.
  • All external application of definitional labels upon a child, i.e. you are an american or you are a kurd or you are christian, is child abuse, destroying the capacity of the child to perceive his place in the universe free of the lie-based illusions created by the mentally deranged victims of child abuse who preceeded him and who now constitute the social order.
  • All physical touching of a child is child abuse, it does not matter if it is a mother hugging a child as she declares her love. The physical body of every child must be recognized as autonomous from age of capacity to give verbal consent. No affection via touch should be imposed upon any child, by anyone, without the child overtly articulating consent to be hugged or kissed or touched in any manner.
  •  Abortion is child abuse, the overt decision to murder a helpless child for no sane reason, and as such, it is one of the most malignant forms of child abuse, as it officially decrees every living child to be utterly worthless, as official societal decree and authority of law. Let it be clearly understood that the very legality of abortion, dehumanizes every child of every age, and is directly responsible for inspiring the universal abuse of all children

There are thousands of additional examples I could provide, of what constitutes child abuse. But the above list allows you to understand the universality of child abuse in the 21st century, and as it has occurred throughout all of human history, and this leads anyone capable of sane thought, to the following Forbidden Truth realization: Every single child who is alive now, or who has ever lived throughout all of human history, has been victimized by child abuse. Every child is a victim of child abuse, and this child abuse is sponsored, promoted, legitimized, encouraged, declared legal and woven into the very fabric of every human society, culture, and government.
What does this mean? It means that every “crime” of child abuse exists as pure, utter, and absolute farce. How can a society criminalize and punish certain specific acts of child abuse, when it is guilty of choosing to sponsor, encourage, declare lagal, and carry out the universal abuse of all children?? This is a hypocrisy impossible to rationalize in sanity. Nothing any of us, as individuals, do to harm a child, should be even judged, much less punished, by society, as society is the deliberate sponsor of universal child abuse.
It also means that the universe of human existence as of today, cannot be valid. It is the creation of tortured ex-children, every single one, a victim of child abuse. Don’t you understand, religion would not exist today, were it not for universal child abuse. government would not exist, forced labor would not exist, countries would not exist, war would not exist, money would not exist, jails would not exist, punishment would not exist, organized sports would not exist, education as indoctrination would not exist. None of these deranged structures would exist. They only exist because every human society exists as the tormented reflection of tortured ex-children, every adult a created victim of child abuse.
And so we now come to the very top Forbidden Truth of this essay: Each and every one of you, who live as members of society, no matter what claims you might make to be an advocate against child abuse, each and every one of you is guilty of and responsible for sponsoring and causing the universal abuse of all children, as of today and on an ongoing basis. You are the sponsors of universal child abuse, and your sponsorship reflects the Truth that you exist as victim of child abuse, individually and collectively, each and every one of you.
Child abuse is a societal construct, just like law or religion. It is sponsored by the collective weight of humanity, the collective weight of every adult, because every adult has combined to create a universe reflecting his own broken, traumatized, and destroyed mind, as created within him, by his childhood abuse.
To access many other brilliant Forbidden Truths concerning child abuse, and the very simple way that you perverse creatures could eradicate all child abuse, transforming all of human existence in the process, read the Child Abuse essay of My Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, located here:
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