Child Abuse: The Only Social Problem

In My last blog post, I dissected the Forbidden Truths of what child abuse is, the fact that every child on earth is abused, and the fact that the universal abuse of all children is enabled, sponsored, legitimized, and made manifest reality, by the deliberately chosen public and legal policies of every society and government. So now, let us dissect the full spectrum of consequences that the universal child abuse of modern era humanity has, upon every human being and upon the illusion of life each of us is experiencing.
Every imaginable problem has a solution. But the only way that any problem can actually be solved, is for the problem to be accurately identified within sane and rational understanding of mind. No problem can ever be solved unless and until its root foundational cause is identified. For example, if you break your leg, you will experience pain, but pain is not the cause of your problem. Pain is merely a symptom of the cause of your problem. In Truth, pain must be recognized as extremely helpful in diagnosing the actual cause of your problem. Trying to reduce or eliminate the pain of a broken leg, without resetting and casting the leg, is an exercise of utter stupidity and insanity.
And so it is with every imaginable social problem being experienced by humanity in the 21st century. Every social problem exists as manifested symptom of the root, foundational, and therefore only actual problem that must be addressed and solved, the problem of universal child abuse. Let us briefly examine some of what you brainwashed inferiors identify as social problems, and some that you do not even recognize as social problems, all caused by the universal pathologies of mind you experience, as traumatized victims of universal child abuse.
government is an unrecognized symptom of a problem, indeed the single greatest of all such unrecognized symptoms humanity faces. But why is government not recognized as a horrific structure sponsoring universal oppression on many different levels? Because every adult is a traumatized victim of child abuse, Self-hating and obsessed with both personal suffering and making others suffer, and the structure of government successfully meets this mind pathology. If universal child abuse were eradicated, no group of humans would ever accept the oppression, subjugation of will, and personal victimization which defines the process of being governed.
Violence, in any and every form, occurs because all human beings are victims of universal child abuse and as a result, pathologically obsessed with physically harming other human beings, as accurate reflection of and catharsis to, their personally experienced childhood traumas. If you eliminate child abuse, you eliminate the primary motivation for all social violence.
Religion exists because it provides traumatized victims of child abuse, who in Truth hate themselves and want to die, the perverse lie of a blissful existence after death, thus allowing them to accept both the horrors of their childhood abuse and the ongoing, daily horrors and injustices of their adult existences. Eliminate child abuse, and you eliminate the #1 reason why humans seek the comfort of this toxic fairy tale.
Death exists, yes death itself only exists today, because of the collective suicidal ideation of humanity as a species, directly caused by the universal child abuse experienced by every human being. Eliminate child abuse, and humans will refuse to die, demand that the technological immortality that the human brain can already achieve today, be made manifest reality via a concerted, worldwide effort of the best scientists, geneticists, roboticists, engineers, and physicians in the world.
Starvation exists only because of universal child abuse, humans reaching the maturity of adulthood obsessed with sadistically reveling in the suffering and death of others, in order to feel better about themselves and insanely rationalize as acceptable and dismissible, the torments they personally experienced as children.
War exists only because government, which would itself not exist were it not for universal child abuse, has seized upon it as a marvelously effective way to dissipate the collective rage and hate of all citizen-slaves against an imaginary foreign enemy, cloaking from conscious realization the Truth that the government which claims them as citizens is their greatest enemy, oppressor, and ongoing victimizer.
Forced labor via employment only exists because all adult human beings exist as traumatized victims of child abuse, having been terrorized and brainwashed to abandon all recognition of the sacredness of their personal autonomy, and having been rendered slaves, obsessed with having ritualization imposed upon their conscious minds, so that they may abandon all capacity to focus upon the unbearable Truths of their own horrific pasts, and doomed futures.
Every imaginable addiction exists because every human being is a trauma victim of child abuse, unable and unwilling to consciously focus upon either his own personal child abuse, or the universal child abuse being carrying out against all children by his own society, under his name and under his cathartic demand. Every addiction reflects the cowardice of a broken mind, determined to create a universal of personal illusion within which he may hide from and reject the Forbidden Truths.
Money exists only because government exists, and government only exists due to universal child abuse. If child abuse did not exist, human beings would never be willing to sacrifice their lives to worship at an artificial alter consisting of pieces of paper and metal imprinted with meaningless symbols given an artificial and arbitary value by slavemasters, for the purpose of extracting slave labor from every individual.
All acts of Self-harm exist only because of universal child abuse, the trauma and ego destruction of personal victimization, manifesting as cloaked suicidal ideation and the gaining of emotional catharsis via sabotage of Self, of health, of safety, of comfort, and of existence.
The insanity that is parenthood and the sacred family unit, every child mindlessly decreed a subhuman slave and imprisoned upon birth to its creators and fornication partners, to do with as they choose, would be unimaginable to any human society existing free of the horrific impact of universal child abuse. Parenthood and the family unit can only exist in current form, due to the desperate need of all adults to cathartically reflect their child abuse upon children, to use every child as a Poison Container for their own rage and hate, never consciously acknowledged.
Once again, there are a thousand other examples of symptoms of social problems that I could list here, each and every one of them a mere symptom of the one True problem: The fact that every adult human being on earth exists as, and emotionally/psychologically/intellectually manifests the traumatic dysfunction of, being a tortured victim of child abuse. Therefore, all you need to possess is a sane and logical mind, to fully understand that none of these social “problems”, in Truth symptoms of another, actual problem, can or will ever be solved or eliminated, unless and until the actual problem of universal child abuse is first solved and eliminated.
I am brilliant only insofar as I have successfully transcended My own humanity. The Truths that I am revealing in My writings do not require intellectual brilliance, but simply a sane and rational mind, simply the capacity to think independent of the mind prisons that you broken creatures are hopelessly trapped within.
I have single-handedly articulated how every single one of the horrors afflicting all of humanity in the 21st century, can be solved and eliminated. If you creatures were sane, this single blog post would be the #1 news story on every tv station, newspaper, radio station, in the entire world. It would be hailed as the beginning of the end of the Dark Ages, which in Truth have existed since the very first dawn of what you creatures label as “civilization”. Think of it: Every human horror ended, the solution known and embraced.
But no, instead, this blog post will be ignored and buried, shunned by every empowered agent of society, as My online Manifesto has been for the past 11 years. The Forbidden Truth is unbearable to you humans, and it is unbearable because you exist as traumatized victims of child abuse, and facing up to this Truth is unbearable to you.
And so we reach the final, ultimate symptom of the problem of universal child abuse: Universal child abuse exists as an endlessly repeating pathology, every generation of adults compelled to destroy every child generation, and successfully doing so. This will continue as the species devolutionarily death spirals to absolute extinction. The solution I offer you is unacceptable, it cannot and it will not be accepted or become reality. You have chosen and will continue to choose, to sponsor the genocidal destruction of every child via child abuse.
To access the fully detailed solutions to the problem of universal child abuse: The elimination of the family unit, the institution of Mandatory Parental Competency Testing and Mandatory Yearly, Live-in Child Assessment Centers: read the Child Abuse essay at My Manifesto of Forbidden Truth:
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  1. I wish I could shake your hand. You deserve a Nobel Peace Prize plus. This essay perfectly illustrates how broken humanity is

    1. Communing with a Superior mind is far more pleasurable than shaking a human hand, at least for Me. As I expected, My two brilliantly insightful child abuse essays have received little traffic and few hits. Humanity is far too broken as a species to even contemplate as mind speculation, taking the necessary steps to eradicate child abuse and in the process transform every aspect of their own experience of existence.
      My posts providing links to the uncensored ISIS beheading videos have gotten almost 1000 hits. My child abuse posts, about 20. You can clearly understand why, as humans desperately seek the “safe” catharsis of murder to satiate their rage and hate, which is perfectly fine. The problem is they stop at that, as cowards refusing to probe their own minds to dissect the root cause and reason they are pathologically drawn to violence and death: Their own suffered child abuse.

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