Child Abuse in Retrospective

It is interesting to dissect your own experience of child abuse, by consciously recreating your emotional and intellectual state of mind at specific points in time, while it was occurring, after it ended, and throughout the years leading up to the present moment in time. By comparing your states of mind as they are, to how they were, the evolutionary impacts can be gauged and measured, the maturing of a Superior mind can be accurately assessed.
I like to begin at age 4, from My first conscious memories of confusion, terror, trauma, personal helplessness. Then I go to age 6, to standing in the school playground and vowing to never be one of those, never to be a human being, My first conscious effort to transcend. Then I go to age 8, consumed by rage, handling knives for the first time, envisioning murder and destruction of others. Then I go to age 10, awakening of the potential of guns and bombs to wreak mass havoc, and directly beginning to assault those who abused Me. Then I go to age 13, the stabbing and the subsequent cage lock, and My sacred vows, a seminal moment and point in time. Then to age 16, beginning of full isolation, obtaining and shooting guns, conscious work on transcending My humanity.
Even the adult years contain nuanced changes in perception, such as the full embrace of Forbidden Truth that those who abused Me are as much victims as I am and was.
As the years pass, the Forbidden Truth that time heals nothing, is proven. I am what I will always be: A victim of child abuse, destroyed. Only existing as a triumphant creation of Self, of mind, of courage, of love, of hate. If I should ever perceive My moment of death, those final seconds will be a reliving of My abuse. They will not be any triumphant illusion of victory. I know what I am. I know why I am what I am. I will always face the Truth of My creation.
This song speaks Truth, it speaks to the adult looking back and knowing, understanding, that he will always be an abused child:

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  1. I agree, SEER, no one ever gets over childhood abuse. One will and always be a victim until they take their very last breath of life. To say that one is a “survivor” is utterly nonsense. Once a victim always a victim. With that being said, it’s no wonder why tortured-victims continue to lash out, they are unaware that they are lying to themselves about their status. Lies don’t sit well with the subconscious

    1. Well-stated, and absolutely correct. The absolute embrace of victimhood status on a personal level, is key to anyone seeking to consciously recognize and embrace the Forbidden Truths as a whole. Nobody who overtly attempts to overcome their personal victimization via denial, is capable of becoming a full-fledged Superior.
      When you fully embrace your victimhood status, an entirely new realm of consciousness uncloaks itself, allowing you to accurately perceive every available option, every path of vengeance. The victim undertstands that justice cannot be achieved, that victory is impossible, that lying to Yourself is simply a proactive form of ongoing Self-victimization. These profound insights provide a direct path to even more valuable and powerful Truths, which open the wormhole which makes transcending your own humanity, possible.

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