Charles Whitman's Brain Apparently Destroyed

It is always tragic when a human brain is destroyed, as this eliminates all possibility for any future reanimation. Brains preserved in formaldehyde are clearly being damaged and rendered unsuitable for future reanimation, yet their proactive destruction is still an outrageous act, impossible to justify. In the below article we learn that 100 brains were destroyed by the university of texas in 2002, very possibly including the brain of Charles Whitman, a seminal figure in the school massacre phenomenon, who held the school massacre record for 41 years, between 1966 and 2007, before Seung-Hui Cho finally bested him.
It is still not fully confirmed that Charles’ brain was destroyed, let us hope it remains preserved, and meantime this article contains a nice collage of 15 different photos, some of them quite rarely seen, which relate to his university of texas clock tower sniping rampage:

“I never could quite make it. These thoughts are too much for me.”–Charles Whitman

A comprehensive chronicle of Charles’ life., including what is known of his child abuse, and a detailed account of his school massacre of August 1, 1966. Charles Whitman, the original School Shooter:
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