Charles Manson: For the Fans, the Lovers, the Disciples, the Superiors, the Worshippers of Truth

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Charles Manson Murdered by amerikkkan Society and government


Let us honor and immortalize within ourselves, Charles Manson, the greatest philosopher of the 20th century, a Superior who recognized and integrated to core consciousness the Forbidden Truths of humanity and brought them to the universe with infinite beauty and courage and eloquence.
Demonized a monster, persecuted since birth and murdered in the coldest of blood by 20th and 21st century amerikkkan society and government.
To honor Charles and Truth, humanity must and will end.

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  1. Let me start with I agree with most of the things you say. We have a lot of similarities. And for me to spend time writing this reply is unusual. And you should consider it to be an honor. That means your work is unique and valuable. But you sympathize or honor mass murderers or “criminals” because they practice reflection. They harm others as they have been harmed by their parents, religion, society, and government. And I understand you don’t honor or sympathize with the original victimizers. But why do you sympathize with a mother who murders her husband and children? What’s the difference between her and the normal mother who doesn’t murder her children, but still uses them as her poison container nonetheless? Both practice reflection. Is it all about the extremity of the harm? Or is it all about you just wanting humans to die?

    1. I feel no honor of any kind towards your words. I feel an inferior trying to suck up and place himself where he does not belong. But you luck out and get a reply, this time.
      I honor all victims who reflect either/and/or their True Reality or Forbidden Truth, upon others, human others, with a perceived sense of justified entitlement, consciously, subconsciously, or unconsciously realized.
      I honor all individual victimizers, because all victimizers are victims of human society and government.
      Outlaw violence attacks and exposes Truth. Legal and socially sponsored violence is how The Matrix of Universal Illusion maintains human oblivion to the Forbidden Truths. Outlaw violence is therefore intrinsically more Truthful, more courageous, more honorable and accurately reflective of personal injustice. Outlaw violence attacks The Matrix itself, even if the perpetrator possesses no conscious awareness of or desire to mount such an attack.
      My sympathy is with all victims who love themselves enough to seek and claim reflective vengeance. Admiration, honor, respect, and mind harmony based upon the exposure of Forbidden Truth, goes beyond mere sympathy and lack of all moral judgment, which are universally applied by Me to all victims who harm others.
      If you choose to reply to this, weigh your words carefully if you wish your reply to be approved, as I am already quite negatively oriented towards you.

  2. Someone actually told me that Charles had a nice childhood, and that he was just naturally “bad.” They said he lived with his aunt and uncle, and had a nice upbringing. Obviously he didn’t. Do you know much about his childhood?

    1. I know much about his childhood, but I find your comment insulting to Truth and unworthy of standing together with this essay. So I will delete your comment in 24 hours time, and if you have any interest in Forbidden Truth you can read the many essays on child abuse that I have already posted both at my Main Manifesto and at this blog.

      1. That’s fine. I agree with your assessment that all children are victims of abuse. Obviously Charles was traumatized as a child. I have always resented people framing him as simply a “bad seed.” Perhaps an entry about his childhood would be a nice addition to this series, for those of us not so familiar with it.

        1. If every child is a victim of severe and ongoing and life-damaging abuse, victimization, and trauma, then the correct response to ANYONE suggesting that ANYONE else had a “nice childhood”, is to immediately and openly mock them, condemn them, and judge them to be broken, brainwashed, and uninsightful inferiors. Not to consider their opinion as being plausible, or bringing it up as response to an essay made to commemorate the murder of one of the most insightful, courageous, and brilliant victims of that severe and universal child abuse.
          I have no intention of trying to quantify the specific details of what type of childhood abuses Martyr Charles was subjected to. To do so again insults both Truth and Charles Himself. He knew the exact details of his abuse, as I know the exact details of My abuse. Every True Reality belongs to Self, what we choose to share or describe or reveal to others, fails to describe or define factual Truth, even in the first person, much less as a third party reader.
          People should be resented, period. Stating stupid or perverse falsehoods that spit upon the very foundational framework of Truth, should kick that original resentment into top gear.

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