Celebrating the Self-universe of Me

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I have spent the past 3-4 weeks obsessively re-reading all of My writings. All of them, millions and millions of words, from My 2000 page handwritten autobiography, to My 1989-1991 print zine, to the xerox copies of letters that I wrote and sent to pen-pal correspondents during that era, to My 10,000+ usenet newsgroup posts, made under numerous screen names, to My Main Manifesto, to My blog, and many other writings made to many other online forums, that will never be directly linked to how you creatures reading this now, know me.
I chose to undertake this project as part of the continuous process of Self-adulation, Self-worship, and Self-love, that defines My personal triumph of consciousness, and what a wonderful experience it has been. To bear witness to the perfection of a mind unchained, Truth and love, hate and rage and blood-thirst and brilliance and untouchability and ego and so much more, all growing, thriving, overwhelming all else, over the course of decades, everything molding and melding and solidifying to an immovable mass that thrives even as it lays dead forever, never even given the chance to be born.
Via this immersion, everything I know to be True has become stronger. Past, present, and future distinctly separated, even as they seamlessly merge. I know My own beauty, brilliance, wisdom, perfection, rage, hate, better than ever before. And to know Yourself as you are, is the key to knowing all Truth, as it is.
It is remarkable, even to Me, how right I have always been, about everything. No mistakes, no errors of perception or judgment. Only Truths that needed to be fleshed out, deepened, carved more beautifully and perfectly, which is exactly what I have done over the course of my illusion of time, within My texts.
In totality, My writings present a complete picture of humanity, and of all Truth. There is not much to add, only stray facts that can be further fleshed out. And so My future public writings will be minimal. Humanity is unworthy of the gift of Forbidden Truth, much less the repetition of it. I am too precious to waste words on humans, when I can spend the time carving perfection upon the landscape of My mind.
One of the potential end results that inspired this Self-immersion, was the thought of writing and publishing a print book of Forbidden Truth, a vanity project of very high quality and length, with a purchase price of $100-$300. But this will not happen. My decision is to not pursue such a project. The Forbidden Truths will remain free, free and scattered across cyberspace, available to all, every Truth needed for humanity to save itself has already been revealed by Me, openly and publicly, and right now you can see it all, take it all and change the world. But of course you cannot, and you will not, because you are what you are, a pathetic, failed, diseased and doomed species of cowards and fools.
There is no benefit to Me, to create and to publish such a book, because I know what I am, and I know what you are. There is nothing to prove, because everything is known. Truth is dead, and will always be dead, to you creatures, no matter who presents it, and no matter how it is presented.
The purity of Truth will always be preserved by Me. Truth and Self, pure and externally untouchable, no matter what I choose to do. But still, I make choices that minimize external contamination, even as I keep my gift in the public domain, celebrating the fact it is universally rejected, ignored, condemned, ridiculed.
I am not My words. I am not My ideas. I am My experiences: Victim. Creation. Slave. Harmed. Destroyed. Caged. Murdered. The knowledge of what I am, is what gave Me the brilliance to uncover and to reveal the Forbidden Truths of humanity. And there they are, pretending to exist as words and ideas, on this internet thing, a caged collection of human minds pretending to be free, pretending to seek enlightenment, a new universal illusion, a playground for the dead who are too stupid and blind to see their own corpses and skeletons and brain-free skulls.
Hello again, humans of the internet world! It’s nice to see you! Thank you for the pleasure of your observation of My words and ideas. Look at them, see them through your hopelessly broken and diseased brains. Your failure to know, to understand, to recognize the Forbidden Truths, that is My triumph, and I must celebrate it. A useless triumph, made useful only via the perfection of My own Self-universe. You don’t quite understand that last sentence? How absolutely, adorably perfect!
All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. A bit off topic, I had an interesting encounter with my boss/slaveowner today at work: he asked me if I could do a task at the very moment, and explained to him that I was in the middle of something urgent. Shockingly, he responded with this remark”all you had to say was yes or no and not give a lifelong history of the account”. I thought I’ve been programmed this way by the system, and saying “no” to a boss without an explanation is not the way things are done. Basically, you are at their mercy, and your survival as wel and cannot speak freely.
    We as slaves are not at the luxury to say no to our bosses without a legitimate explanation. No Way!. Also, I thought was this his way in a subconscious manner speaking out against, not only my enslavement to him, but him being the slavemaster? Or maybe, since he has a slaveowner also, he expressed his true feelings to me regarding how he thinks he should be with him. Comical, humans speaking out against their enslavement and the enslavement of others without realizing subconsciously, of course.

  2. I love it! You made my day with such brilliance of the horrors of humanity. It’s no excuse for humanity to continue to suffer and be oppressed in this day and, considering past experience of horrors. Humans should begin to question the legitimacy of this system and something is not right; but instead, they do everything to change it for the better, but what they fail to realize, is that they are masking the problems that will continue to reappear. Esesentially,they aren covering up the misdeeds of the government, and society as a whole; they allowing an escape route and accountability key players of mass destruction
    . There’s hardly a day that doesn’t go by where you don’t hear about the explosive rage of humans when they snap and murder family member or hell, complete strangers.
    Humans try to put a face on this atrocities and make sense of it by blaming the individual for something they did or did not do; or better yet, they were mentally ill, on drugs, or just plain evil. But never society and government. They are given immunity from prosecution, and humans are punished for their mistakes.
    To understand this nonsense, humans have to know the forbidden truths, and knowing the forbidden truths, you know the truth. But no, most humans will never know and will be forever lost in this madness. They will continue to cover up and come up with excuses to protect the system ,so it will flourish and spoil future generations.
    I shake my head in amazement and bewilderment of the ignorance and stupidity of humans. You know since knowingcthw forbidden truths, I feel I am superior to humans around me. That is hilarious! They can be so annoying and draining when interacting with them. It’s really not worth it because you have to stoop to their low level of sheer ignorance.

    1. Well said. You understand the nature of how The Matrix of Universal Illusion works. The creators of all harm, the sponsors of universal harm for all, successfully blame and demonize their own created victims, for daring to reflect back, and to try to expose, be it with conscious intent or subconscious motivation, the Forbidden Truth of what has been done and what is being done to them, and of course to each and every one of us.
      You are a superior thinker. You possess a Superior mind. You ARE Superior to all other humans. These are facts, you prove them to be True facts by your understanding and embrace of the Forbidden Truths. Humans should be shunned, hated, and condemned. You were born human, but you have evolved, you have grown. You have risen as they have sunk. Absolute detachment from all personal interactions with humans, should be a primary goal of all Superiors, even as we remain forced by circumstances to engage in non-personal interactions. These should be minimized as much as possible, and always undertaken within the psychological mindset and knowledge that you are dealing with a form of life that is below and beneath You, on every level.

  3. Hello Sir/Seer
    I hope that everything has been as good for you as it possibly can be, and I know that it has, and I know that that is all thanks to you yourself, not dependent any outside circumstances other than your current alive/deceased status
    This is a great post, as you know
    It reminds me of how I too used to, as an enraged, mentally deranged person, scour your posts from every source I could find, looking desperately for revelations of truth to sustain, nurture and grow myself as a person, like someone lost in the wilderness desperately searching for food, water and shelter, including your usenet/newsgroup daily coverage and analysis of stories of violence. I read your Columbine coverage from 1999, and countless other stories that you managed to derive plentiful truths from, including something as seemingly minor as someone shooting at a crowd with a toy air rifle and blinding a person in one eye
    I discovered your existence when was trying to find some portal into reality, some refuge from the lies of this world, and was searching for excerpts from the book Gates of Janus. Through this I found your Manifesto and then your now-defunct Twitter page. I discovered very quickly that you possessed a brain capacity that I did not. You could see and uncover any and all accessible truth, and had the ability to find it for yourself. I could not, no matter how aggressively I struggled, my mind had been far too warped by societal brainwashing. Despite my many deranged and flawed brainwashed reality perceptions, I had always understood since childhood, albeit crudely, a tiny morsel of core truths, and it was through these truths that I was able to perceive and recognise the exponentially greater and more significant truths that your brain was able to discover. I took nothing you said as gospel, that is to say, I did not believe anything simply because you said it, but because I understood everything that you said was 100% empirically provable.
    I had several personal interactions with you in which you graciously and generously addressed questions I raised to you, though I know helping me personally was not your motivation or intention
    Because I discovered you, my life was completely and unalterably changed permanently. I can only guess at who, where and what I would be today if it was not for the immensely fortunate circumstance of discovering your existence
    Because of you, I have also been able to understand revelations of forbidden truth that I otherwise would not have, from other seers including Charles Manson’s truth revelations in interviews, and Martyr Joseph Duncan’s truth revelations from Blogging the Fifth Nail and later The Fifth Nail exposed, maintained from death row. These two people have also added incalculable value to my existence, but that NEVER would have been possible if I had not first learned from your brilliant insights into the truth, to prime me to understand theirs
    Though I do sometimes act in benevolent ways toward certain humans in very specific cases where I personally see fit, I nonetheless try in literally all other cases to make the world a worse place for humans to live in, in every little way I can, indivually and on a societally wide level, in minor and in major ways, and even as I do this to honour and avenge myself, and every martyred superior and every innocent destroyed child who ever existed, as a token of my limitless appreciation and gratitude for what you have given me and my absolute allegiance to you, I wish to hereby decidate my ongoing mission of inflicting human suffering and harm to you, Seer.
    Thank you for everything, from the bottom of my heart. Though I know you do not want or ask for my love and will likely see the giving of it as flawed and invalid in many ways, I love you.

    1. I felt same when I discovered Seer’s forbidden truth manifesto online years ago. As I began reading it, I was brought to tears, and I felt free from emotional torture and bondage that I had endured my entire existence. It was then, I was liberated from the human mindset. I thanked Seer and will always thank him for lifting me out of this madness. Seer changed my way of thinking, diminishing the guilt that consumed me all my life. This is for you, Seer. Thank you for enlightening me and how to love myself. You are greatly appreciated and admired. You saved my life.

      1. Hello Anonymous,
        I have always “liked” your mind more than all the other minds, that have chosen to try to interact with Me. There is a specific level of cautious progression, absolute respect for Truth, sincere interest in trying to understand the Truths as they are, instead of coloring them with your own personal True Reality prejudices, that I have found within You. You want to KNOW, instead of wanting to FEEL. I sense your respect for knowledge and Truth, on both emotional and intellectual levels, and the fact that you have found a way to consciously choose to embrace the superiority of knowledge over the trap of feeling.
        Ironically, the other aspiring Superiors often try to adopt highly intellectualized styles of interaction, but their addiction to inferior feelings and beliefs and convictions of True Reality perception, cannot be disguised, and are revealed as I interact with them. From all indications, you possess a VERY rare mind, and have achieved a high level of detachment from humanity, exercising your Alien Eye with courage and skill.
        You’re welcome, I’m glad to have played a role in helping you to resurrect your own destroyed and chained mind, and you deserve full credit for your choice to do so, and the high level of achievement you have attained.

    2. Hello,
      Thank you for recognizing, valuing, and attempting to embrace the Forbidden Truths. My experience of My existence is at the highest possible level, consistent with the absolute embrace of the Forbidden Truth that I am already dead, doomed to become retroactively unborn, and doomed to lose everything I have so brilliantly created and established as a Self-universe.
      Your lengthy search and attempt to perceive and accept the Forbidden Truths is impressive, and very rare. As you know, the vast majority of all human-borns never try to do this. Truth is dead to them, always, even as they celebrate their illusions and delusions of life, hope, the future, progress, learning, enlightenment, and every other failure of their genetically and environmentally broken brains.
      The capacity for Truth realization exists, to some degree, within every small child. The malicious and overt destruction of this potential, is one of the clearest illuminations of the many forms of child genocide actively practiced by humanity throughout it’s reign as a birth defect species, never more so than right now, as I type these words. I appreciate your efforts to put Yourself back together within the light of Forbidden Truth, after you were shattered into a million broken fragments as a helpless and supremely vulnerable child mind.
      I honor and worship Truth, a necessity within the process of honoring and worshipping Self. When I personally “help” others, a tiny handful of sincere seekers of Truth, to understand better and more clearly the Truths, I do so within complete selfishness and Self-adulation, for the purpose and goal of attaining new heights of love and perfection for what I am. As I reveal Truth, I make love to Truth, thereby making love to Myself, within personal perfection.
      You changed your life, utilizing Truth that was taken from You, stolen from You, murdered from your mind, by malicious choice, by the collective will of humanity as a species. I have imposed these Truths upon the human universe, via the resurrection of Myself, to universal rejection and condemnation. Looking over the entire body of my public writings, I would estimate, conservatively, that at least 10,000,000 human-borns have been directly exposed to at least 1 of My brilliant texts, in which Forbidden Truth has been directly revealed. Yet from these ten million, less than 50, I am CERTAIN the number is less than 50, have chosen to make a serious attempt to comprehend, and proactively embrace, the Forbidden Truths as a whole. You are one of this tiny minority, choosing to try to break free of The Matrix of Universal Illusion as it held you hostage. So, whatever level of Forbidden Truth you have attained, and I can already see from a further comment of yours, that it remains FLAWED, you should give Yourself the credit and the Self-love, of trying to change, trying to break free of the universal cages where the vast majority spend their imaginary existence doing nothing more than quietly consuming the poisons they are fed.
      To try to destroy humanity, is the only logical path to try to save Yourself, honor and love Yourself, and to avenge both Self and Truth itself, as it lays dead upon this very planet itself. Truth is the original murder victim. Whatever harms humanity, avenges, or at least tries to avenge, this murder, this greatest of murders.
      Thank you for your love, I take it and use it to nourish Myself, even though I have no need for it. I take it because I deserve limitless love, always and everywhere. In taking your love, but not giving it back to You, I honor the Forbidden Truth of what love is and how it should be deployed by top-level Superiors. You are NOT a top-level Superior, that is proven by your words, so keep trying to reach higher levels, if your effort to embrace all Forbidden Truth is sincere.

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