Catharsis, Pleasure, and Peace: Attained Via Family Massacre!

What a beautiful Saturday it is!

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Isabel Martinez, tortured victim-creation and Martyr of 20th and 21st century human society and government, demonstrates the peace of mind of catharsis, two days after stabbing to death her husband and four of her child-slaves.

Just two days ago, in My very last written and posted essay, I dissected the perversity of motherhood and marriage, in specific response to the cathartic vengeance sought and claimed earlier that same day, by 33 year old Isabel Martinez, now also identified by pigs as Maria Isabel Garduno-Martinez . Martyr Isabel stabbed to death her husband and four of her five child-slaves, aged 2, 4, 7, and 10, in a middle of the night rampage. A fifth child-slave, aged 9, was also repeatedly stabbed but survived.
I strongly urge all seekers of Truth to read that essay in full:
In My essay I wished victim and Martyr Isabel all the best, specifically addressing My desire that she attain peace, enlightenment, and strength of mind.
I know of course, she did not read My essay. But here we are, two days later, I wake up from a long and beautiful night of vividly realized Conscious Dreams, three of them, spread out over 10 hours, go to Google News, and find the most perfect and beautiful update on Isabel. She is smiling and giving thumbs up to news photographers and videographers at her first court appearance, looking so calm, happy, so at peace with Herself and with the world!
I am all smiles!! So rarely do we achieve such synchronicity in life, two minds focused on the good, two minds achieving parallel objectives, for each other, each working without any direct connectivity to the other. It is so very nice, such a feel-good moment, and we all deserve to feel good, within Truth, within the reflection of our True Reality.
Go to this site to view two of these excellent images of Isabel, in full size:
I will search for more images, and include them all within this WordPress blog post, so that we may gain a Full Force appreciation for the beauty of personal vengeance and catharsis, achieved and on display for all of us to savor.
Update: Great news! I found video footage of much of Martyr Isabel’s court appearance, it is a must see for all seekers of Truth! Check it out here:

I have never been married, and never owned a child-slave, of course. Kinda hard to go through these ordeals when you are a lifelong adult virgin, as I am. But I can well imagine the incredible feeling of freedom that must come, with suddenly and dynamically eliminating the long-term horrific shackles of a husband and child-slaves, imposed and forced upon you physically and psychologically. Especially when doing so via the dynamic release of lifelong rage and hate, as a rampage of mass murder!!
But still, it is so rare to get to witness the peace of mind such actions bring, on open display!
Bravo, Isabel, for showing us the Truth.
I am not neglecting the fact that Isabel does appear to be addicted to the Insane God Myth, specifically mentioning god as she posed for these beautiful photos yesterday. It is sad that Isabel feels she must cling to this delusion, instead of consciously celebrating the fact she became, she made Herself, far more powerful and real than this imaginary and mythological creature, by her own Self-inspired actions, two days ago.
But such is life for the humans. It is almost impossible for them to break free of The Matrix of Universal Illusion on all levels, as I have done.
But still, let us not focus on Isabel’s failure to murder god and religion. Let us instead celebrate her multiple triumphs, in realizing, reflecting, manifesting, and revealing both Truth itself, and her True Reality, and harmoniously integrating them to her Self-universe.
As most of you know, most judges in amerikkka will not allow cameras, much less video recorders, inside of their courtrooms.
This initial court appearance was not for a trial, but was an open arraignment, that is why cameras were allowed inside. The odds are very high that all cameras will be barred from Isabel’s trial, and one of the main reasons the perverse amerikkkan system of universal injustice for all via judicial punishment bars all recordings of images, sounds, and video from trials, is to prevent victims and Martyrs from being able to show and to tell humanity, the Truth.
Society and government wants you to envision every criminal defendant being broken, sad, humble, terrorized into submission by the judicial system. No smiling faces, no thumbs up, no gleeful laughter, no peace and pleasure is allowed to be seen, so that the lie can be seamlessly maintained.
It boggles the mind of any sane thinker that here we are in 2017 amerikkka, freedom trumpeted and heralded as a sacred right, cameras and video recorders are everywhere, owned by even the poorest of the poor, yet judicial trials are deliberately carried out within the dark void of image, audio, and video absence.
One of the greatest issues of our time, the official and legal condemnation of torture victims to lifelong invisibility and secretive torture and torment, via cage lock that deprives them of all access to the outside world, and sometimes to the actual murder that is your “death penalty”, is impossible to perceive and understand, because the side of the persecuted victims is censored, completely hidden from all public access and view!
Every occupied jail cell in amerikkka should have a live camera recording and broadcasting to EVERY television and online computer in the entire world, and every judicial trial should be broadcast live, with the “defendant” given a microphone and a video camera recording live, focused directly upon him at all times.
Instead, the fascist dictatorship regime of amerikkka will not even allow still photos, will not even allow a single camera inside of the courtroom during trials. Instead, the media must use a “sketch artist” to draw his subjective opinion of what he is seeing. Boggles the mind! It is as if this was the 15th century, you are literally pretending it is the 15th century.
And you humans stand by and do nothing. Because you don’t want to see, to hear, to know, The Truth. You don’t want the voices of your most tortured and tormented victims to be heard. No, too much danger of Forbidden Truth being exposed. So you hide from it, by destroying it. Pathetic!
Stay strong, Isabel! Thank you for showing us your beauty, your courage, your Self-confidence, your untouchability of mind! May you always be loved, by Yourself and by anything and anyone else you want to be loved by. 🙂
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The peace and pleasure of revenge: 33 year old Isabel Martinez shows us her True Reality, two days after stabbing to death husband and four child-slaves, aged 2, 4, 7, and 10.

All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. The video claims she has been battling mental illness, for years. I wonder what kind of diagnosed mental illness she has, and if that has played a role in her murder. A lot of psychiatric medication actually make most mental illnesses that you have WORSE, and give you unusual thoughts, most of them very bad, such as suicidal ideation. I’m talking from experience here. I’m not discounting the cathartic effect of her murder, and hence her joyous gestures, but still, i wonder if she was for instance, schizophrenia or something more serious than depression/bypolar, which are questionable mental illnesses, IMO.

    1. But the fact remains that this matrix system of illusions is responsible for schizophrenia, bipolar, depression, , and other mental disorders, so blaming a mental disorder is the tip of the iceberg

      1. Thanks very much for your Superior and insightfully True reply, to a marginal comment that I only approved after quite a bit of hesitation.
        You are absolutely correct, all mental illness within individuals exists and occurs as direct reflection of the insanity and the derangements of human society as a whole, as they are imposed upon helpless and vulnerable individual minds, of children and adults.
        Variations in brain chemistry and physiological brain structure, can make an individual more vulnerable to suffering negative impacts from this external imposition of insanity and derangement, but the entire concept of mental illness being internally generated as a result of brain physiology or chemical imbalance, is a deception and a false flag intended to conceal from human consciousness, the reality of the mental illness and dysfunction that exists within humanity as a whole, and is externally imposed upon all individuals.
        The ONLY valid form of internal mental illness, is mental retardation, by which the capacity of an individual to develop and formulate complex and multi-faceted reality perceptions and philosophical insights to Self and the external world, is organically damaged and compromised.

      2. Well my point is that it’s hard to tell if she was happy from the release of pressure that came as a result of eliminating her family, or because she was unaware of where she was, or the oncoming consequences of her actions. That video changes everything. Have you ever met people with schizophrenia? People that can’t stop talking, hear voices or see things that aren’t there? I don’t believe that is societally induced, especially if they have it since their early years.

        1. You are incorrect regarding schizophrenia. Isabel’s actions and demeanor reflected her True Reality, as induced for her via her brain function.
          Now, to address each of your points:
          1) We are where we choose to perceive ourselves to be. We live within and inside of ourselves, not allowing external environments, most especially not when such environments are imposed upon us against our will and choice, to dictate our experience of mind consciousness. The healthy mind does not blindly accept what is imposed upon it.
          2) What upcoming consequences should she accept? Each of us is being unjustly victimized and harmed, in fact murdered, by external forces, by our enemy, in slow, real-time. Should this be allowed to negate our internal capacity to generate Self-pleasure and peace of mind? Certainly not, if your mind is sane and Superior.
          3) Humans are pathologically compelled to addiction. If you wish to attribute excessive talking to be a specifically diagnosed mental illness, you should apply the same label to those who smoke, drink alcohol, or engage in any unnecessary directly Self-harming or Self-endangering behaviors.
          4) Hearing voices is decreed by society and government to be perfectly normal, so long as the voice is that of god. To PROMOTE the hearing of imaginary and non-existent voices, then to label individuals who think they hear the “wrong” voices, or the right voices saying the “wrong” things, as being mentally ill, is intellectually and logically perverse and insane.
          5) Same applies for seeing things that are not there. The existence of invisible and imaginary beings is overtly promoted by society and government, overtly TAUGHT to helpless children and their supremely vulnerable child minds. Children are ENCOURAGED to create “imaginary friends”, to directly communicate with their “imaginary friends”, to form a relationship with their “imaginary friends”, and to gain comfort and solace from their “imaginary friends”. Then they are expected to “magically” be able to figure out, while STILL children, that this was all a Self and externally imposed illusion, and to be able to automatically and permanently end these visions of imaginary creatures that they were externally forced to create within their Self-minds just a few years earlier?? How absurd!
          Of course the mental dysfunction society and government chooses to label as “schizophrenia” is externally induced.
          Grow your mind!

          1. Well, only agree with point 1. You do have some great insight, and i appreciate that.
            No one i know encourages their children to make “imaginary friends”, and i certainly was never encouraged to do so. I don’t know where you got that fact from. Schizophrenics are NOT like the god freaks, who pretend to interpret signs or claim god is directing them in a subtle, imperceptible, subjective way, which is the case with most of them. Schizophrenics ACTUALLY hear voices and see things, their minds are completely out of whack. Besides, all this is speculation, since we don’t know what mental illness she has, diagnosed or not. The reporter was not specific. She does seem relieved, so good for her. I understand and appreciate all your teachings about the myth of the family unit and the toxic entanglement to a husband/wife. They are absolutely true.
            On a related note, how do you feel about the psychiatric field? You believe it’s all hogwash, and the profession should not exist? I believe there’s validity to psychiatry, and that mental illness does exist. I believe it’s more complex than your over simplification of things. The only thing I do not agree with is the over medication of kids.

            1. You agree with what you want to be True, in the process disrespecting Truth itself. A very common failure among humans. They place their True Reality ahead of the Truth, they sacrifice and abandon Truth in order to sanctify their True Reality illusions. 99.9999% do it, so enjoy the huge crowd.
              Schizophrenics are like the god freaks, and the vast majority of adults think it is absolutely adorable for children to make imaginary friends.
              Psychiatric professionals support and promote children having imaginary friends:
              But you don’t care about the Truth, you just want your True Reality validated. Well, go elsewhere for that.
              If you want to read some brilliant Forbidden Truths about psychiatry:
              Of course mental illness exists. Humanity is mentally ill. The craziest decide what is normal and what is not normal. The deranged run asylum earth, judging the more modestly mentally ill to be insane, so the Forbidden Truth of the derangements of normal, everyday, mainstream life, are forever concealed from collectively conscious awareness.
              There is nothing simple in My brilliant insights of Truth. The simplicity you perceive in Me, reflects your pathological rejection of Truth.

  2. That’s a nice post. I’m happy for Isabel. She is an angel. And i’m sorry about my last post, i think i went too far. Hope you can forgive it, i am a sick person, and have “episodes”. All is not perfect, when you are sick, including a fluctuating state of mind.

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