All Glory To The Supreme Cowards!

Hypocrisy is the Mother of all Lies, so it is beautifully fitting that it should be applied right here, brilliantly, by Me, in response to the orgasmic delight reveberating throughout all of amerikkka over the past 48 hours, at the ambush massacre of completely defenseless human beings officially and proudly carried out by the amerikkkan regime, via the Mother of all Bombs, as lovingly dubbed by the media and the genocidal regime itself.
With no warning, with all area inhabitants completely defenseless, and absolutely unprovoked, the amerikkkan regime chose to drop a 21,000 pound bomb upon a specific area of afghanistan known to be occupied by human beings, intending to murder them all, knowing any human within a 1/4-1/2 mile distance of ground zero would almost certainly die.
The attack was secretly planned and secretly carried out, a sneak, ambush attack, with the attackers knowing their chosen target possessed no capacity to counter, no ability to fight back.
And now the Mother of all Cowards, the amerikkkan regime, proudly rejoices in the success of its massacre. We did it, we LAUNCHED the biggest, deadliest non-nuclear bomb that exists in the entire world! It REACHED it’s carefully chosen target! It DID destroy and obliterate a huge swath of land, killing MANY human beings! Yes, success, victory!
And now the regime, Mother of all Cowards, stands alert and ready to demonize any and all responses it may receive to this supreme act of genocidal terrorism: “Don’t you DARE try to launch any surprise attack in response to THIS surprise attack! Don’t you DARE try to target those who are defenseless, as WE just did! Don’t you DARE commit any act of terrorism, in response to this supreme act of terrorism WE just carried out against you!”
No. Hypocrisy does not stand in My world, and it should not stand in any sane world. I will NOT allow Truth to be obliterated, by the labeling of victims of injustice as cowards and terrorists.
There is NO act of retaliatory violence that anyone can carry out in response to what amerikkka chose to do via the dropping of The Mother of all Bombs 48 hours ago, that can ever deserve to be perceived by any sane and conscious mind as an act of cowardice or terrorism or immoral or unjustified, because this is what the dropping of the bomb was and is.
And so, if a plane is disintegrated in midair, or an occupied school is reduced to a pile of rubble, or a water supply is secretly poisoned, or newborn babies are kidnapped and then beheaded on professional 8K video to the chanting of Allāhu akbar (الله أكبر), and the regime and its media puppetmasters respond with horror and outrage, decreeing the act to be supreme cowardice and evil, and the perpetrators monsters who deserve to be destroyed for their secret, sneaky, surprise attack upon the defenseless, I will chuckle and I will snort at the unbelievable, insane hypocrisy of it all.
amerikkka: The Mother of all Hypocrisy!

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Football, War, and the Pope, Intersect at the Matrix of Universal Illusion

Many years ago, while penning My one million word Main Manifesto, I titled an essay “Sports as Toxic Ritual“, dissecting how all organized sports are intended and designed to specifically serve the malicious goals of The Matrix of Universal Illusion.
In particular, amerikkkan football exactly mirrors the Insane War Ritual. It is war, simply minus the fatalities. Everything else is an exact mirror: There is territory to defend, territory to conquer, violent attack, covert strategies to fool the enemy, violence, arcane and absurd rules that must be followed, leaders who give orders that must be obeyed, celebration of useless and meaningless victory, and so much more.
Football is designed to indoctrinate children to covet and worship war, and for this reason all 6 branches of the amerikkkan military, army, navy, air force, marines, coast guard, and national guard, advertise heavily during all college and professional football games.
Yesterday was the professional amerikkkan football championship game, and of course I did not watch it. I am sane, and the insane rituals of you humans disgust Me. But I did learn, from news media accounts, that there was a very interesting message delivered to everyone watching this game, an audience of well over 100,000.000 pathetic human sheeple, by the pope. Yes, the pope.
Why would the supreme leader of the western version of the insane god myth insert himself into a professional football game? Well, one reason is to impose himself upon the captive, hostage minds of 100,000.000+ humans. But it goes much further than that. You see, like football, religion is the embodiment of war.
Religion positions itself as engaging in an epic war between good and evil, and tries to force you idiots to choose a side. And religion also declares itself at war with all other religions: In the 21st century, christianity has declared a holy war against islam.
So now you can begin to see the unholy alliance between football, war, and religion. All three intricately intertwined. The pope knows that massive football audience of 100,000,000+ are already fans of war, already existing as mind-caged drones to the matrix of universal illusion. They are the perfect audience to fall prey to the lure of the insane god myth, especially with a little clever propaganda message praising the glory of sports, a toxic social construct the vast majority of these 100,000,000+ million are already addicted to.
The pope promotes sports in his message, as a shameless ploy to win over the hearts and minds of sports fanatics. Make them into religious fanatics. A very small step. But he also promotes sports because it is a toxic social ritual, destroying children mind, body, and soul. Sports teaches children to suffer, to obey, to hurt, to intimidate, to celebrate false and useless illusions of victory, to be fanatical, to be a mindless extremist.
Organized sports turns children into perfect citizen-slaves, and keeps adults as perfect citizen-slaves. How can you even look for Truth, when you are held captive within the social trance of eternal, artificial war?! Every day a new opportunity to revel in the illusion of grand battles fought and great victories won, all revolving around objects being thrown or hit or kicked by teams serving as substitute nation-states for you to pledge patriotic, fanatical allegiance to. Jeez, you idiots disgust Me!
Organized sports is more than a distraction, more than an addiction. It is a destroyer of Truth, it cripples the minds of children and adults alike, rendering them obedient servants of god and government, and their structures of genocide, such as the Insane War Ritual.
In promoting sports and the super bowl, the pope strengthens and affirms the toxic death grip of christianity upon the western world.
For a comprehensive dissection of the destructive impact of organized sports, read this Mind Bomb:
And to hear the perverse super bowl message that the pope delivered yesterday to 100,000,000+ terrorized sheeple, click on the below video.

The Hypocrisy of the Natural-born Cowardice that is government

The human being is a coward and hypocrite at every level of his conscious and functional core, and nowhere do you see this more clearly demonstrated than in his choice to cheer, support, and enable the genocidal choices made by the regime he props up as a citizen-slave.
Two days ago, the most evil and diseased government on earth chose to pack two state-of-the-art cloaked tools of mass murder, with state of the art mass murder explosive devices, transport them thousands of miles away from its claimed territory, and drop them on a helpless, unsuspecting group of humans, who were completely unable to even detect the oncoming attack, much less try to defend themselves.
See this news article:
Not a single amerikkkan or western news source dares to brand this government action as an act of genocide and terrorism, even though of course it is exactly that.
What if ISIS had flown two undetectable jet fighters loaded with state of the art bombs thousands of miles into sovereign amerikkkan territory, directly over the Fort Bragg army training center at 2 AM, as an example, and dropped 100 bombs, harvesting 80 loyal slaves as they slept, completely unable to even try to escape, much less defend themselves?
Such an action would have been decreed by the amerikkkan regime and its media puppets as a horrific act of terrorism, pure cowardice, and absolute justification for escalation of its theatrical foreign war policy of legal murder carried out to maintain the illusion of a fictional enemy.
Two regimes do the exact same thing, an act of pure genocide and cowardice, yet media judges them in polar opposite ways, and delivers polar opposite brainwashing to its citizen-slaves, who blindly accept the propaganda. This is the True face of 21st century humanity, within the supposedly most free and open and advanced society on earth.
The genocidal regime of amerikkka used the surprise, sneak attack at pearl harbor in 1941, as an excuse to carry out the single greatest act of genocidal terrorism in human history, retaliating with atomic bombs to intentionally massacre helpless civilians.
And now, 75+ years later, it carries out the exact same surprise, sneak attacks, and NOBODY in the western media will call them out on it. Why? Because Truth is dead, because there has never and will never be a free media, and because the amerikkkan population consists of homicidal torture victims of universal child abuse who derive pleasure and emotional catharsis from the commission of mass murder and genocide carried out on their behalf, in their names, under their auspices.
The outlaw serial and mass murderer possesses more courage in a single brain cell, than you loyal and patriotic citizen-slaves, hiding in the safety of your homes, as legal serial & mass murder is carried out for you, via the Insane War Ritual.
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Legal Murder and Definitional Brainwashing

In My last blog post, “No Last Words From Peter Edward Kassig”:
I specifically referred to the ISIS murder of Peter as a “legal murder”, revealing the Forbidden Truth that Peter was legally murdered by ISIS. What exactly is legal murder, what constitutes and qualifies as a legal murder, and therefore should be referenced as such? This is a very worthwhile question to explore, worthy of an entire blog post in and of itself.
Legal murder is a term which must be understood and used by all seekers of Truth, in direct defiance of the hypocrisy inherent in any society or government of the 21st century labeling any act which takes a human life, as an act of “murder”. The term “murder” is a demonizing label, deployed by society and government to demonize specific acts by specific individuals. As such it is inherently invalid. The term “legal murder” does not exist within the 21st century dictionary vocabulary as sponsored by society and government, because to allow such a term to exist would threaten to expose the Forbidden Truth that every murder is an expression of the collective pathology of humanity as a species, not a moral, ethical, or in any way personal failure or “evil” of any individual.
When society and government label any individual a “murderer”, they do so in order to demonize him. But we must dig deeper to the Forbidden Truth question: Why does society and government desperately need to demonize individuals as “murderers”?? In order to successfully conceal from human consciousness the Truth that universal murder is a functional and operational obsession of all human beings, reflecting the trauma of universal child abuse as experienced by each and every one of “us”. I use the term “us” in quotes, because even though I have transcended My own humanity, I remain, of course, a created victim of universal child abuse.
All human beings are murderers on a genocidal scale. all human beings directly cause and sponsor the murders of millions, billions of living things, on a daily basis. Murder must be understood as any consciously chosen act which can be reasonably understood as having the consequence of causing the death of a living thing. Therefore, as example, stepping on a bug as you walk down a street is not an act of murder, but fishing is an act of murder. The Forbidden Truth that humanity as a species chooses to commit genocidal mass murder on a daily basis, as a direct result of the emotional pathologies inspired by universal child abuse, must be concealed. To admit to such a Truth would threaten to tear apart the matrix of illusion which is used by you broken creatures to maintain the living death you call life, which constitutes 21st century existence.
Is there a legitimate distinction between committing murder in order to avoid being murdered, as opposed to committing murder for emotional catharsis? The answer is Yes, but with an extremely important caveat: Exactly what constitutes an act of murder, undertaken to avoid being murdered, must be accurately and Truthfully defined. Lets look at fishing. The fisherman may claim he murders fish in order to eat them, and if he does not eat anything, he will die, therefore he is murdering fish in order to avoid being murdered. But if he can obtain nourishment, including meat harvested from animals murdered by others, yet chooses to fish, he is committing a legal murder for emotional catharsis, not as a way to avoid being murdered.
And even if he does not murder fish via fishing rod and hook or net, if he chooses to eat fish, he may be cathartically celebrating the mass murder of fish by others, carried out in his name, because he is consuming creatures murdered by others to satiate their homicidal rage, none of which is being consciously acknowledged, by either the fishermen or the eaters of fish.
Yes, in very specific and select circumstances, legal murder is carried out by an individual in order to directly avoid being personally murdered. But these situations are extremely rare. The vast majority of all legal murders are committed in order to exact personal, emotional catharsis: To destroy because you have been destroyed. A complete lack of conscious awareness of this Truth, does not alter or negate it in any way. And establishing an artificial level of detachment, such as not directly murdering the fish you eat, does not negate the fact that the eater may subconsciously relish and gain emotional catharsis from the murders being carried out on his behalf.
Let us understand the wide range of acts which constitute legal murder as sponsored and promoted by society and government. Hunting, fishing, abortion, war, the death penalty, euthanasia, death by old age, death by benign neglect, such as allowing starvation to occur, these are all overtly sponsored acts of legal murder, in the 21st century. How is death by old age a form of legal murder? Because technological immortality is now fully feasible, and being deliberately withheld by society and government, and death by old age is being actively deployed by society to convince “young” humans that they are not dying and becoming retroactively unborn with each passing moment of time.
Now, there are some minor variations within specific forms of legal murder, between one government and another. For example, some governments have a “death penalty” which they carry out as legal murder against demonized victims who dare to express their True Realities in defiance of the terrorism that is law. But other governments do not have such a “death penalty”. Yet they punish and victimize and ultimately murder everyone they hypocritically deem a “lawbreaker”, anyway. Therefore the distinction is ultimately, only cosmetic.
Some governments overtly authorize the legal murder of abortion, while others do not. But the governments which do not, still covertly legitimize and promote abortion, denying this Truth only to establish an illusion of morality and cultural superiority for their citizen-slaves to hypocritically embrace. Again, a variation that is only cosmetic: Creating an invalid distinction which cloaks the Truth that sadistic and homicidal rage of citizen-slaves is being validated and its expression encouraged in the same very specific ways, by the society itself.
Peter Edward Kassig is a victim of the legal murder that is war, as sponsored by the human structure of government. ISIS carries out legal murder via war, and amerikkka carries out legal murder via war. All other labels applied to this act of legal murder, are invalid. Amerikkka declares Peter Kassig’s murder an act of terrorism, while ISIS declares his legal murder an act of justice or nationalistic vengeance, but none of these descriptions are valid. All of these descriptions represent propaganda which conceals the Forbidden Truths of what legal murder is, and why it is deployed as a form of universal social control, by all governments.
Seekers of Truth must consciously understand the importance of recognizing every form of legal murder, for what it is: An act sponsored by government, intended to satiate the homicidal rage of all citizen-slaves, in safe and controlled ways which shield government from facing the direct wrath of the torture victims it has created and holds as hostages of body and mind.
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No last words from Peter Edward Kassig

The video of yesterday’s ISIS beheading of Peter Edward Kassig is prompting usa and western media speculation as to why Peter did not say anything on the video, as all the other western hostages legally murdered by ISIS did. One theory is that Peter might have refused to say what ISIS wanted him to say, and this is being hailed as an act of great courage. How absurd and deranged! If in fact Peter refused to participate in the ongoing efforts of ISIS to demonize amerikkka and the west, he directly aided his greatest enemy and the government most primarily responsible for his beheading, amerikkka, in its demonization and propaganda crusade against ISIS.
There can be no such thing as neutrality when acting as a citizen-slave of any government or governmental structure. There can be no such thing as siding with your friend, your ally, your protector, because governments do not provide friendship, allegiance, or protection to any living thing. governments enslave and terrorize, suck the life out of all, and destroy. The stronger your allegiance is to a government, the more certain you can be that this government will destroy you.
Propaganda is a universally exercised perversion of the minds of those born human, practiced by all governments. Of course ISIS wanted to and did use Peter Edward Kassig as a propaganda mouthpiece, ISIS is a government, and that is what governments do. But if Peter rejected and renounced these efforts, his battle contained not a trace of nobility, no fragment of any possible Truth quest, because all he has done is make it easier for the amerikkkan government to more successfully use him as its propaganda mouthpiece.
The Truth-seeker fully integrates to conscious realization and understanding, this foundational level Forbidden Truth: “Your” government, meaning the government within which you were born and raised, and chose to “willingly” pledge your allegiance, is always your greatest enemy. Other governments, no matter if they seize your body later on and attempt to use you as pawns in an insane war ritual, are lesser enemies. Your ultimate fate of being a murder victim, as all who die are, is sponsored by the government which claims primary ownership over you.
It is the government of amerikkka which claimed primary ownership of Peter Edward Kassig. He was born a slave to amerikkka, it is this regime which indoctrinated him to the culture and traditions of this totalitarian dictatorship. It is amerikkka which terrorized Edward via religion, money, death, punishment, harm, and every imaginable form of ideological, emotional, and intellectual blackmail.
If in fact Peter refused to cooperate with ISIS in delivering last words just prior to being beheaded by ISIS, he chose to align himself with his greatest enemy. Truth possesses intrinsic value. Our position of existing as citizen-slaves is universally hopeless. Those who choose to align with ISIS are just as dommed as those who choose to align with amerikkka. And yet, as we revere Truth, we must always seek the path of Truth.
Peter Edward Kassig, doomed as he was, by the structure that is government, did not serve either Himself or the Truth, in denying ISIS the ability to most effectively use him as a propaganda mouthpiece, because ISIS was not his greatest enemy and destroyer. Both the structure of government itself, and the specific enslaving government structure of amerikkka, were his greatest enemies and are guilty of his destruction. In remaining silent, Peter has helped to conceal this specific Forbidden Truth from coming to exist within human consciousness. And of course in the long run this makes absolutely no difference, to Peter or to any other human, as Truth itself is dead to this devolving and extinction-doomed species.
But still. to those who follow the path of Truth, it must be understood that Peter’s failure to blame either the amerikkkan government, or government itself as a structure, in his last words prior to being legally murdered, if in fact he was given this opportunity by ISIS, represent a profound betrayal of both Self and of Truth.
Here is a direct link to the portion of the uncensored ISIS beheading video of Peter Edward Kassig. If you read the attached article, it provides you with a link to the full, 15 minute uncensored video which features additional beheadings by the government of ISIS:
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Propaganda and Warmongering by CNN & all Western Media

This is how CNN, the largest news organization of the west, headquartered inside the united states and operating under the direct control of the amerikkkan regime, is covering today’s ISIS beheading of Peter Kassig:
To any sane thinker, this coverage boggles the mind. There is not a shred of journalistic integrity, not even the slightest pretense of unbiased, fair and balanced reporting of facts, with the goal of allowing viewers to decide for themselves why Peter Kassig was beheaded by ISIS. There is only blatant propaganda, unabashed demonizing of a war “enemy”, unrepentent cheerleading of patriotism and nationalism. It is sickening to contemplate that any thinker can imagine himself free, living under a regime that censors and controls everything that its media reports.
Like every mainstream media outlet, CNN provides the full and complete video of obama’s response to the ISIS beheading of Peter Kassig video, but does not allow any of its viewers to see the uncensored video. Think about this! The supreme leader of your fascist dictatorship, who has already declared war on ISIS, is given an open forum by the amerikkkan media to decree a pre-selected enemy as “evil, inhumane terrorists”, because of what they are doing, but you, the citizen-slaves, are not allowed to see the video itself!
You can read biased descriptions of it, filled with editorial opinions rooted in patriotism, nationalism, and warmongering, but you are overtly prevented, by the media, from simply watching the video that obama is responding to. Imagine a presidential debate, in which the media allows only one candidate to speak, and he overtly demonizes the other candidate, but the demonized candidate is not allowed to respond. That is exactly what we have here, and we cannot blame CNN, or any other media outlet. We must understand that the entire notion of journalistic freedom in the west, is nothing but pure illusion. There is no freedom of the press in amerikkka, none. The government decides what the media is allowed to say. Just as ISIS has its media spokesmen, the united states government has its media spokesmen, and they are called CNN, FoxNews, MSNBC, CBSNews, NBCNews, ABCNews, Huffington Post, and every single other tv, radio, newspaper, magazine, and internet news source which has readers, viewers, or listeners who number 10,000 or higher.
I provide the following direct links to the uncensored ISIS videos of Peter Kassig’s beheading not because I am a fan of ISIS, but because I am a fan of Truth, and the greatest evil you can ever discover, is what no government will allow you to see and to understand: That each and every one of us exists as terrorized hostage of the governmental structure, be it america, or ISIS or britain or iraq, which claims us as citizen. The state terrorizes its own. Every state. And that is why I am an anarchist.
The 2 minute uncensored video of Peter Kassig’s beheading:
And the 15 minute uncensored ISIS video of Peter Kassig’s beheading:
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Uncensored ISIS beheading video of Peter Kassig

Continuing My proud tradition of defying the censorship and propaganda of the warmongering amerikkkan regime, it is My pleasure to proudly post a direct link to today’s uncensored video of ISIS beheading Peter Kassig. As has been the case throughout the war between ISIS and amerikkka, the amerikkkan news media, mandated to serve the regime and obey its demands to serve as a propaganda mouthpiece, is actively and cohesively choosing to censor all ISIS beheading videos of western citizen-slaves, for no valid reason.
The beheading of Peter Kassig by ISIS is the #1 news story of the day throughout the western world, and it will be directly used by the usa regime to foment bloodlust and the mass murder of complete strangers via the insane war ritual. To consider amerikkka a free country and an open society, when every amerikkkan news media source chooses to actively censor a news story that is being used by the government to demonize a foreign group and create the illusion of justification for mass murder via war, is absurd and insane.
The amerikkkan government continues to prove it is a fascist dictatorship and has no respect for any form of freedom, in its censorship of news content as made available to its citizen-slaves.
Here is the uncensored ISIS video of Peter Kassig’s beheading by ISIS today:
And here is the full, uncensored 15 minute version of today’s ISIS video which features the beheading of Peter Kassig:
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Robert O'Neill: Created Victim and Assassin

Robert O’Neill is a state-sponsored assassin and paid hitman for the organized crime syndicate which goes by the name The United States of America. Robert O’Neill embodies and personifies the worst traits of the brainwashed and broken citizen-slave who agrees to serve and defend his greatest enemy, the society which is guilty of his creation.
Military service exists as inherent betrayal of Self and of Truth, and is specifically promoted as an opportunity to commit legal murder, and be rewarded and praised for being a successful serial killer, mass murder, and/or assassin.
Read the below news article with a Truth-seeking mind, and you may begin to understand the homicidal bloodlust implanted within the minds of citizens by the societies and governments guilty and responsible for their brutal victimization. guilty and responsible for causing them to be emotionally and intellectually obsessed with murdering fellow humans, fellow victims.
Osama bin-Laden was a created victim of government and society, who deserved to be treated as an absolute victim. Instead, he was murdered as an act of regime strengthening by the amerikkkan government, in its efforts to maintain and develop new war partners so that the homicidally enraged population of current and future traumatized amerikkkan citizen slaves and victims will embrace the terrorism cloaked as patriotism which defines the amerikkkan social matrix.
And so here is an amerikkkan media outlet, just one among many thousands, honoring a tortured child turned government hitman and assassin, as a beloved hero and role model, even though the Truth is, his assassination of Osama bin-Laden can and will do nothing more, and nothing less, than ensure the ongoing genocide of all human beings on earth by governments, and directly contribute to the near-term extinction of humanity itself as a species.
This propaganda hit piece describes Eric as a professional soldier, without revealing the defining characteristics of a professional soldier So let Me tell you the Truth of what constitutes a professional soldier: A destroyed ex-child, homicidally enraged and personally obsessed with harming others, brainwashed and indoctrinated by a government, usually the very same government guilty of sponsoring his childhood destruction, to misdirect his justified rage and hate by acting as financially and emotionally rewarded legal murderer,
So go ahead, look at that smiling face. Look at Eric, and you will know not evil, but the consequences of being a created victim of the evil that is government.
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Navy SEAL told kin: I shot Osama a third time — for good luck

The Barbaric Savagery of Civilized Violence

Please allow Me to introduce Myself. I am the educated and civilized savage barbarian. I dwell in the 21st century, and I look down upon the savage barbarians of the past. I am not like them. My violence is only carried out as a necessary evil, to counter the savage barbarism of real barbaric savages. < This is one of great human delusions of the current era. Savage barbarians all dressed up, enjoying their air conditioning and heating and motorized transportation and electronic gadgets, Savage barbarians pathologically murdering and torturing and victimizing and destroying, and getting murder and torture and victimization and destruction carried out in their names, all the while washing their bloodsoaked hands and minds of the Truth, as they chant their denial of what they are.
Humanity as a species in the 21st century is more savage and bloodthirtsy than at any other time in its history of existence. Violence, murder, torment, sadism, the need to personally suffer and to make others suffer, and to cathartically revel in their suffering, permeates every aspect of the human experience. The more civilized a society claims to be, the more obsessed with manifesting and reflecting barbaric savagery it actually is, and the more firmly it clings to its cloaks of conscious denial.
The westernized citizen-slaves of the 21st century refuse to look at the horrors they carry out. Barbaric savages wearing blindfolds, which actually exist as mindfolds. This is not what we are, we are better than that, we are better than what we used to be, we are better than those nasty beheaders. But you are not. The only thing you are better at, is hiding the Truth of what you are.
You used to tie children to stakes in public and sacrifice them to a sun god, watching them slowly die, a communal form of emotional catharsis. But then you decided to pretend to be evolving, and so now you lock up your children is large buildings you claim to own, with walls that muffle their screams,, as you torture and destroy them in the privacy of the family unit.
You used to lynch your created torture victims in public, that was how you terrorized each other into obedience to the barbarically savage laws that you created to ensure universal victimization. But no more. Now you murder your created victims in secret, not even allowing any ordinary citizen-slave to witness the murder being carried out in his name, under his authority as a citizen-slave.
To all 21st century westerners, and those aspiring to western ideals:  Your antiseptic whitewashing of the barbaric savagery you carry out and sponsor, renders you a far more diseased and perverse barbaric savage than any of your ancestors could ever hope to be. Your education and the modern communications and conveniences you have created, prove your barbaric savagery exists not in response to the external environment, but as response to the core True Realities of what you are, of what has been created and implanted within you.
Never will you hear Me condemn violence itself. Never. I face up to the Truth of exactly what I am, just as I ruthlessly expose what you diseased hypocrites are. What I condemn is the denial of the Truth that you who condemn violence exist as far greater barbaric savages than I could ever try, pretend, or hope to be. My rage and hate is honest and open, My glee when I witness a beheading is so much purer, more noble, than the glee you deny as you abort, hunt, fight wars, carry out executions, decree your children owned slaves as you destroy them, commit suicide, and watch the WWE on your television sets.
Abortion is a necessary evil, you say. So where are the live television broadcasts showing each abortion in graphic, gory detail? Where are the billion eyes looking at the necessary evil with open minds, determined to understand why they are choosing to murder children as public policy, as legal right, and as emotional pleasure?
“We execute them in order to protect ourselves from harm and evil”, so say the barbaric savages, as they commit cold-blooded murder, impossible to justify, upon the children they have chosen to destroy via universal child abuse. You celebrate their deaths, you celebrate your murders. We do this in the name of justice and morality”, these are insane lies you use to cloak your barbaric savagery. And always you refuse to look. You refuse to look with either your eyes or your mind. Blindfolded and mindfolded you live out an existence of savagery that no barbarian of past centuries can rival.
Always you are hiding, you hide by refusing to consciously face up to what you are doing, and refusing to consciously face up to why you are doing it. You will not allow others to witness the barbaric savagery, if others witness it, a few will not be able to deny the Truth. They might talk or write, they might expose you for what you are, just as I am doing via this blog post. And so the blackout is always firmly in place. every popular hangout kept antiseptically clean of the proof of what you are.
No beheadings of westerners allowed on twitter, but enjoy your free speech, you are free to demonize those who are slightly more honest in their barbaric savagery than you are. Hurl as many insults as you want at ISIS, on twitter and every other social media, Vow to bomb them back to the stone age, publicly cheer as your long-range missiles are deployed to commit mass murder in your names. Revel in mass murder, as you try to destroy those who hold a mirror up to your face and show you what you are, via deeds or words.
You are all drowning in a sealed coffin of blood, the thick liquid rising as a high tide, suffocating you, and yet you remain antiseptically clean. Abortion? Sure, let it be done, but let nobody expose it to the world, let nobody see each and every abortion in full size and color, on your large screen televisions. No public executions, no videotaped executions. Nope. Not even by choice, are any of you allowed to go to a library or a blockbuster video rental store or a netflix kiosk, and check out, in living color, the Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy or Timothy McVeigh murders, the thousands of impossible to justify murders that you are guilty of having committed. against your martyred children.
You send your destroyed children off to engage in the insane war ritual, to commit mass murder of complete strangers in your name, so you can feel better about yourselves, and to die in your name, so you can deny your collective suicidal ideation. But will you look at their mutilated corpses?? Will you open the caskets wide, so that the children who died in your name, so you can pretend to be good and moral and god-fearing and life-affirming, can be seen? So that the consequences of your mindfold can be illuminated?? No! Closed caskets for your child martyrs, so nobody is exposed to the Truth of your barbaric savagery.
And you sit inside your climate controlled dwellings and watch the bombs exploding. “Yes, we got em!”, You cheer as the murder you refuse to look at is committed in your name. Damn barbarians deserve to die!  And yet when Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev show you what you are, you demonize them as evil cowards. Every moral judgment you hurl upon others, is nothing more than a reflection of the Truth of your own limitless immorality, cowardice, and hypocrisy.
You may never know what you are. But what you are is known. I know what you are. I see exactly what you are. You cannot hide from Me, you can only hide from yourselves. And so I celebrate your destruction as a species. Keep aborting and executing and hunting and playing sports and watching football and boxing and wrestling and mixed martial arts and enslaving children within families and destroying the minds of every child on earth and fighting wars to protect freedoms you pretend exist.
To you, the barbaric savages, I say, thank you for proving, each and every day, exactly what you are, and exactly what you deserve.
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Why ISIS Censors Beheading Videos

One of My 3 or 4 genuine fans asked a question in a comment, that I have deemed worthy of being addressed via a complete blog post, as the answer itself reveals valuable Forbidden Truths. He wanted to know why ISIS censors its own beheading videos of westerners, as it has done in all four of the videos it has chosen to release to the world. Let us dissect the reasons why, and the Forbidden Truths at play.
First, we must understand that what ISIS is doing absolutely qualifies as censorship. It is not simply “editing”. These four videos are all very specifically edited, but the decision by the editors to show only the very beginning of each beheading, the first 2 or 3 seconds of the act, then to cut the video off and return it to display only the fully severed head, constitutes censorship.
It is clear to any logical thinker that this censorship is selective. Meaning that the full videotapes which depict the complete beheading in uncensored form, obviously do exist, and obviously are being watched, replayed, and enjoyed, by full-fledged members of ISIS. The four beheading videos of westerners that have been released to the west by ISIS, are designed to propagandize western citizen-slaves, as well as to attempt to actively solicit new recruits from the west, to join ISIS.
All governments, to varying degrees, and ISIS absolutely qualifies as a government, utilize brainwashing, lies, and indoctrination, to solicit immigration. amerikkka is the single greatest prostitute regime in the world, compulsively and pathologically seeking to entice immigration, to solicit slaves of other regimes to decide to abandon and reject slavery to those regimes, in favor of slavery to the amerikkkan regime. ISIS is doing exactly what amerikkka is doing, via its beheading videos and other propaganda: It is is soliciting immigrants to pledge allegiance as new citizen-slaves. usa does the exact same thing.
So, ISIS is selectively censoring its beheading videos of westerners, to try to more successfully deliver its propaganda messages, and to more successfully recruit new citizen-slaves. But why would not showing the full beheadings on video, aid this effort? Here we begin to delve into Forbidden Truth.
All indoctrination occurs in stages. There is a vast difference in the psychological state of mind and reality perception, between a full-fledged member of ISIS, fully brainwashed, who has pledged allegiance and devotion to this government, and the discontented citizen-slave of the west, who has come to rightfully hate the government which enslaves him, but has not been successfully brainwashed to pledge allegiance to a different slave struture. The latter must be wooed, brainwashed to believe that the slave structure he is tentatively considering pledging his allegiance to, is not a slave structure.
To the sane thinker, this is obviously absurd. But of course no citizen is sane. The very mindset of accepting citizenship on a personal level, proves derangement of mind and inability to formulate rational reality perception. The censorship of the actual act of beheading in these four videos plays to the antiseptic nature of the mind of the indoctrinated western citizen-slave. Slaves of the west do not like facing up to the Truth that they are bloodthirsty savages obsessed with the most extreme of violence. No, they prefer to maintain the illusion that they are civilized, even as they revel in every form of violence.
The censored ISIS beheading videos begin with the victim telling the world the actual Truth of why he is about to be murdered. This Truth is then verbally reinforced by the murderer himself. Then the victim is attacked, then the victim is shown dead, already beheaded. The Truth is, each of these four human beings was murdered because of the fact that they were citizen-slaves of the usa and uk, therefore they represent the genocidal actions and policies of these regimes. The usa and uk are responsible for causing all four murders, because if usa and uk had not chosen to initiate insane war rituals, and to impose their political and sociological doctrines via force and via brainwashing upon other nation-states, the western war partner of ISIS would never have come to exist.
This important Truth is undermined. in terms of capacity of the western audience to recognize and embrace, by a long and very graphic video which shows in full, the beheading victim being beheaded by a member of ISIS. The censorship by ISIS, helps enraged and disenfranchised citizen-slaves of the west, to come to the realization of Truth that their own malevolent regime is guilty of and responsible for causing these beheadings, as well as their own personal child abuse and ongoing injustices and traumas. Of course joining ISIS is not a rational or viable solution, the solution is to rise up and target for destruction, their own regime. Joining ISIS does not and cannot achieve this goal. ISIS is a diseased and illegitimate structure of brutal enslavement, just as us and uk are. But this Truth is fully cloaked from brainwashees, and joining ISIS becomes the obvious solution to the successfully propagandized westerner.
Once you become a full-fledged member of ISIS, viewing the uncensored beheading videos should stimulate great excitement and pleasure, with full immersion in the doctrine of the infidels, the holy war, revenge against the west for its murders of millions of muslims, etc… But this does not work as well, as a recruiting tool for westerners who are “on the fence”, who need wooing, and who have been conditioned by their slavemasters to shy away from consciously open embrace of highly graphic violence.
I must give three cheers and hats off to the editors of these four ISIS beheading of westerners videos. They have struck the perfect balance of revealing the Forbidden Truth of how malicious western regimes are, positioning slavery to ISIS as a viable option for those seeking to unleash personal rage and hate, and allowing westerners who are so inclined, to revel in the actual beheadings themselves, without the highly graphic content which might confuse and dissuade those who are unaccustomed to consciously facing up to graphic violence on a personal level.
All brainwashing must play to a specific audience. Every attempt to indoctrinate and brainwash must be carefully formulated, with full understanding of the exact, existing reality perceptions of the target audience. And brainwashing must occur in stages, most especially when adults, or at least teen-agers, rather than small children, are being targeted. Further, an attempt to change the minds of those who have already been indoctrinated by a different slave structure, is much more difficult and must be approached from a different perspective, than the ongoing brainwashing and indoctrination of someone who was born into and raised up within the same slave structure.
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