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Is Human Memory a Symptom of Genetic Brain Defectiveness?

In recent weeks I have spent much time brilliantly dissecting the issue of the genetic/biological defectiveness of the human brain. Not merely in My writings of course, but much more comprehensively and obsessively, in the many hours I spend each day expanding and improving My mind universe of Truth realization.
A primary question directly relating to this issue, is simply the identification of the symptoms of the genetically defective human brain: How does this birth defect manifest? What specifically is wrong with the human brain, different from all other species, to mark and to reveal this genetic defectiveness?
In My ongoing analysis, I made a somewhat surprising discovery. One of the most important and direct genetic failures of the human brain appears to be that of memory.
Universally among humans, a “good” memory is highly prized, it is decreed to be a clear and definitive indicator of good mental health, of a properly functioning brain. But this is not so!
Lets illuminate the factual reality of the situation: The human being is addicted to creating good and “desirable” memories, and to replaying them over and over within his mindscape. This replay is a method of escape from reality, a way to ignore and dismiss undesired present and future states of reality. Positive memories are used by the human to create perceptions of false comfort.
At the same time, the human is held hostage and prisoner by his “bad”, traumatic memories, as externally imposed upon him via negative experiences. These memories directly impact his capacity to love Himself, to value his existence, to desire Truth-based immortality, to attain pleasure. Additionally, these memories specifically compel him to try to destroy his own brain functionality, by consuming alcohol, using psychoactive substances which literally kill his brain cells, and conceal/distort/eliminate traumatic memories.
“Bad” memories are not the problem, memory itself is the problem.
The compulsive need of the human to replay and wallow in his “good” memories, is just as harmful to Self and to Truth, as is his desperate need to dull, erase, and escape from his “bad” memories.
Now, most mammalian animals possess some memory capacity. They can remember certain things, for certain lengths of time. Usually not for years, or even weeks. My own personal experience as a human scarecrow dealing with a traumatized bird, is an excellent example of this:
The long-term memory capacity of humans is overtly harmful to them, and it is “built-into” the human brain. As such, it deserves to be recognized and understood as an unnatural, unviable, harmful genetic defect of the human brain. Inferiors will argue that long-term memory helps humans to live better, but this is factually false, upon rational and valid Forbidden Truth analysis.
Memory is used by humans as a substitute for experience.
Memories are used by humans to avoid progressing forward, the memory holds the individual mind hostage to the past, directly impacting his capacity to alter the future, both personally and on a species-wide level.
Personally, I thrive within long-term memory, but only because I have successfully transcended My humanity. And even as I thrive, I recognize the negative impacts of My memories of experienced trauma.
How would the human experience of existence be altered, if no memories could be retained for more than….4 days? Every 4 days a new beginning, a fresh start, a newly minted mindscape?? I speak here of experienced memories, not of factual knowledge such as how to do math or how to drive a car. Or, what if no memories could be retained for more than 1 day, or more than 5 minutes?? Would the psychological experience of existence, as perceived by the individual, be improved? No more impetus to either create, or escape from, memories.
The future would be more open, the possibilities wider and less restricted. The crutch of good memories and the cage of bad memories would both disappear.
On the other side, you can say that memories inform us of important Truths, memories reveal Truths to the conscious mind, that would be very difficult to fully realize and integrate to Self, were they only known as intellectual facts. So, memories simultaneously aid, and hinder, Truth quests.
It would be relatively easy to create a drug, or a surgical procedure, that destroys human memory capacity on a full and indiscriminating level. Selective memory erasure would be much harder, and really would defeat the purpose.
If humanity were sane, adult volunteers would be solicited to undergo destruction of their longer-term memories and memory capacity, and these adults would be given a closed society in which to live, with the goal of analyzing whether they are able to both embrace Truth and personally thrive.
If objective research and analysis of the life path choices and Self-perceptions of these volunteers demonstrates humans function better absent longer-term memory of personal experience, or even absent all memory of such experience, this would serve as evidentiary proof that longer-term memory of personal experience is a genetic and biological defect of the human brain, and should be treated as a mental defect to be corrected on a species-wide level.
Whatever mind perceptions actively and directly harm the capacity of individuals to thrive within Self and Truth, should be understood as abnormal dysfunctions of the brain. This does not prove, in and of itself, that destroying human memory capacity will help individuals to thrive within Self and Truth. But it does mean we need to test it out and objectively reach a valid conclusion. There is nothing to lose, as memories are now causing great harm. A sane species would find out if destroying memory capacity, aids or solves this problem.
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Mitigating the Genetic Defectiveness of the Human Brain

In several recent essays I brilliantly dissected the enigmatic issue of whether humanity is a biological and genetic birth defect, meaning the species came to exist only because a singular life form, possessing a genetically defective brain, managed to survive and breed, passing along its genetically defective brain to its biological creations. I provided evidentiary proof this is the factual reality of the human situation.
If you have not already read these Mind Bomb essays, they are here:
Now, lets move Forbidden Truth forward, by exploring the MANY different viable paths available, for humanity to mitigate its genetic brain defectiveness.
The process can only be undertaken if the species as a whole fully acknowledges this Forbidden Truth.
What is required is that every society, culture, government, every organized collective subset of humans, consciously and officially recognize every human being to possess a genetically defective brain that absolutely impairs his capacity to function within any degree of sanity, morality, natural instinct, or Self-interest.
The great and delicious irony, of course, is that the genetic brain defectiveness of humanity, in itself, renders this conscious recognition an impossibility for the vast majority of all humans, therefore an impossibility for any human society, culture, government. But that is irrelevant to this discussion, because the viability of My brilliant solutions is not impacted by the human inability to implement them.
Fully recognizing and officially decreeing humanity to be a birth defect species, from the inside, human perspective, changes everything. It allows the illegitimacy of normalcy, of majority rule, of mainstream opinion, to be uncloaked.
All popular beliefs, ideologies, life path choices, reality perceptions, can be recognized as WRONG, simply by acknowledging the human brain to be genetically defective. The majority will always be wrong, whatever the majority decides to do, wants to do, thinks, believes, supports, protects, defends, must be presumed wrong, invalid, mistaken: An inaccurate mind projection of a genetically defective brain, on a collective level.
This consciousness changes everything, it pierces the Matrix of Universal Illusion, it opens pathways to the Alien Eye, for humanity to begin to try to see itself from a detached perspective. This is the first, vital step to implementing any mitigation methods, and so for the purpose of this essay we must assume it is achieved, even as we acknowledge the genetically defective human brain, collectively, cannot attain such consciousness.
Here are eight completely different, fully viable paths of mitigation for genetic human brain defectiveness:
#1: Recognizing the genetic defectiveness of the human brain provides the ideological impetus to end parenthood and the family unit. How can the typical, average, “normal” human being, afflicted with a biologically broken brain, rear and nurture a helpless child with a supremely vulnerable, undeveloped brain, to attain appropriate and legitimate mental health and development?? It is impossible!
The Forbidden Truth that the majority of all humans are not fit to raise a child, and that all children must be nurtured in specialized ways by highly trained specialists in order to overcome and transcend the consequences of being born with genetically defective brains, becomes undeniably clear, inspiring the ending of parenthood with the understanding that parenthood is one of the foundational mistakes caused by humanity possessing a genetically defective brain.
2: The conscious realization that the majority is always wrong. This is BIG, a revolution of the mind!
Think about it: Right now, humanity embraces the premise that the majority is always right. Not simply majority rule on a government level, but every belief, behavior, lifestyle, life path choice…the majority choice is presumed right. But if the human brain is genetically defective, this presumption flips 100%: The majority choice MUST always be presumed the wrong, inferior, illegitimate choice.
So, the majority, the most defective, must forfeit their desires, their presumptions of what is best, to the minority, those who are less mentally defective. Within this consciousness, radical, positive, Truth-based change, becomes functionally viable.
3: All children are taught, from birth, that their brains are genetically defective and dysfunctional. They are taught this is a disability that must be fought and overcome via daily, lifelong, conscious struggle. Children learn not to emulate adults, not to trust their own mind impulses and cravings.
Children learn to question what their brain tells them to feel and to think, instead of blindly accepting these messages as being valid. “Your brain is damaged and defective”, is the most positive message any child, of any age, can receive, in terms of gaining the conscious capacity to mitigate and to heal the damage.
4: Selective breeding/eugenics becomes a perfectly logical and necessary element of mitigating the genetic defectiveness of the human brain. Of course it does! All birth defects are variable in nature. Some humans will possess better capacity to regain healthy brain functionality, than others. If these humans breed, the chances are better that the offspring brains will be less genetically damaged, and if selective breeding is continued for several generations, the overall level of genetic defectiveness may be significantly mitigated.
5: Development of drugs to suppress hyperactive brain regions, as well as stimulate underdeveloped brain regions.
For example, within the genetically defective human brain, natural instinct is abnormally weak and muted, while emotionalism is abnormally strong and dominant. Recognizing this, drugs can be developed to counteract this, and many other genetic dysfunctions of the human brain. Consider human desire, the lack of impulse control of humans, the inability of the brain to consider every potential consequence of a belief or an action, before choosing to accept/undertake it. Drugs to specifically alter these genetic flaws, can be developed.
6: Possible surgical modification of the brains of child caretakers and others in a position to influence the reality perceptions of others. Acknowledging the birth defect status of the species, allows us to define normalcy not by what the majority think or believe or do, but by a rational comparison of humans versus other animals, and by a True analysis of what is good, positive, and helpful to the individual human experience of existence.
Brain surgery must be recognized as a way to fix what is genetically wrong with the human brain, lobotomy in reverse if you will.
7: Possible elimination of memory and emotional nerve centers of the brain. Perhaps via drugs, or surgery, or a combination of both. I intend to address the issue of human memory in a lengthy essay, very soon. For now, lets just begin a dissection of the issue by questioning whether memory is necessary for humans to thrive within Truth and mental health, and specifically the issue of short-term versus long-term memory. There are many compelling indicators to suggest that long-term memory is both problematic and abnormal, as it functions within the human brain.
The same applies to emotions. You can “feel” things intellectually, but the human is pathologically compelled to feel things emotionally, a terrible weakness of the mind very likely rooted in genetic defectiveness.
8: Psychotherapy evolves to become a legitimate scientific discipline, mandated and mission-directed to help expose and lessen all of the consequences of genetic human brain dysfunction, on both an individual level, and just as importantly, to establish baseline criteria of what constitutes normal and appropriate brain functionality, absent all existing standards, and specifically void of all perceptions or judgements of the majority.
These eight paths of enlightenment are just the tip of the iceberg, there are so many more, and it all begins with the singular step of seeing and knowing yourselves as what you are: Mentally crippled and retarded creatures, your dysfunction originating on a genetic level, and everything that follows, including your environmental derangments, what was done to you during childhood, and what you do to every child, occurring in reflection of what you are, mind and brain defective, biologically, from birth.
Another Mind Bomb, successfully detonated by Me!
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"Are You Carrying Any Weapons, Sir?"

Within the fascist dictatorship of 21st century amerikkka, there is a good chance you will be asked this question by hired terrorists of the regime, deployed to terrorize all citizen-slaves at numerous public locations, and, ironically, carrying deadly weapons themselves. The irony may escape you slaves, but it resonates with crystal clarity to Me.
A good answer to give, assuming you are not in fact carrying an illegal weapon, is:
“Yes motherfu*ker, I am carrying one very powerful weapon. It is My brain. It is what I use to destroy anything and everything I want and choose to destroy. It is the weapon you can never take away from Me. It is the weapon you can never know the power of, no matter how thoroughly you search Me. Your weapon has a caliber, motherfu*ker. My weapon is exactly as big and powerful and lethal as I want it to be. Go ahead, search Me, find My weapon. Try to take it away from Me. I dare you. And while you’re at it, tell Me, how many worlds have you destroyed today?”
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The Most Devastating Lies

All lies originate from external sources, and are then emotionally and intellectually internalized as valid, acceptable, and/or necessary. This internalization constitutes embrace, the implantation of the lie to personal True Reality perception. Once implanted within the mind, the lie exists as a highly malignant cancer, warping and destroying the capacity of the individual to perceive reality as it is, and to make behavioral, philosophical, and ideological decisions reflecting the actual situations and choices which exist, and crippling the capacity of every individual to positively maximize their own existence within the glories of personal benefit, Self-interest, and Self-love.
So let us understand that on one level, all lies are externally sourced, while at the same time, all lies are internally incubated. The lie which floats free in the consciousness of humanity as a whole, is highly dangerous. But the lie which finds a home within your mind, within your reality perception, is lethal. It is lethal because it destroys your mind, on a direct level. It is lethal to you, and as it destroys you, in inspires you to externalize it outward, to destroy the minds of others. It is within this internal and external flow, that the lie itself successfully takes over the entire universe of all human experience, always and everywhere.
The most devastating lies are the lies you tell yourself, and the more firmly you convince yourself they are Truths, the more compelled you become, emotionally, impulsively, and ideologically, to spread the disease which has consumed you, to others. So, which lies are the most devastating of all? Before I begin this brief list, you must keep in mind that foundationally, what renders them so devastating is not that they exist, are popular, or are spread by others to others, but the fact that you are telling them to Yourself.
The 5 most devastating lies:
1: Everything will be okay. No. Nothing will ever be okay. Nothing can ever be okay, because you are telling Yourself the most devastating of lies, that everything will be okay. If you tell Yourself the lie that everything will be okay, how can you ever even begin to imagine finding the strength or insight to destroy the structures which ensure that nothing is okay right now, that nothing will ever be okay in the future, and that nothing can ever be made okay, as long as these structures exist? You are literally nailing shut your own eternal coffin of nothingness, when you tell yourself that everything will be okay.
2: I am doing the best I can. No, you are not. You are compromising and delaying and rationalizing and accepting the greatest of horrors in exchange for the illusion that you are postponing or avoiding the greatest of horrors. You are not doing the best you can, no matter the degree of external terrorization you are directly confronted by. Telling yourself the devastating lie that you are doing the best you can, allows you to choose to not do the best you can, dooming you to the most horrific of fates, a fate being played out in real-time right in front of your unconscious mind.
3: Others have it worse than Me, others suffer more than Me. No. Nobody has it worse than you. Nothing has ever or will ever suffer more than you. All injustice and suffering is unique to every individual creature. Your inability to embrace Yourself as the greatest of all victims of injustice and suffering, is a lie of devastating proportion, because it inspires you to accept this actual, factual, and Truthful ultimate horror, instead of rising up with limitless outrage within the conscious realization that it is unacceptable to experience your existence, within Truth, as victim of the greatest injustice, and the most suffering, of any creature on earth.
4: The world continues, after I die. No. The world does not continue after you die. When you die you become retroactively unborn. To die is to have never been born, and no, the world did not exist before you were bon, anymore than it will exist after you die. The world is built within the consciousness of your own mind, and your existence must be understood as necessary in order to allow the world to exist. To tell Yourself the lie that the world will continue after you die, is to make a mockery of your own existence, to embrace the murder being carried out against you by government and society, in real-time, as acceptable and necessary.
5: I need others in order to thrive as Myself. No, you do not. You do not need physical or emotional connectivity with others. You do not need their approval, their support, their nurturance, or their false projections of love. You do not need family, community, or any other artificial support system. You need to break free of the hive mind, so that you can stand alone, utterly and always alone, to stand apart from all others within the warmest of embraces, the unconditional love of Self and maximization of ego and narcissism. The lie that you need others, devastates your capacity to thrive as a Self-realized, autonomously functional Superior.
To conclude, let us understand that just as there are foundational Truths which serve to nurture, develop, broaden, and strengthen the universe of Forbidden Truths that all Superiors must seek out and embrace, there are also foundational lies which devastate the capacity of individuals to recognize, understand, and reject the universal matrix of lies and illusions upon which 21st century humanity is being compelled to exist as hopeless slaves. These foundational lies must be openly recognized as such, and absolutely rejected. This must be understood as a vital first step towards unveiling the entire matrix of illusion, and rejecting it all.
And do not forget, the most devastating lie can never be the lie that you are told, the lie that floats among universal human consciousness. The most devastating lie is always, will always be, must be recognized as, the lie that you are directly telling to Yourself.
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Psychohistory: Bastard Stepchild of Psychiatry

How many of you are familiar with the mental health discipline of Psychohistory?? If you have read My brilliant writings, the term should be familiar to you, as I have specifically referenced it. But, for the vast majority of humans, the mental health discipline of psychohistory is not merely obscure, but completely unknown.
As an introduction to psychohistory, which is in Truth by far the single most valid, useful, and legitimate of all mental health avenues of scholarly research, I recommend that you read this web page, before proceeding with this essay:
So, what is psychohistory? It is: “The study of the psychological motivations of historical events. It attempts to combine the insights of psychotherapy with the research methodology of the social sciences to understand the emotional origin of the social and political behavior of groups and nations, past and present. Its subject matter is childhood and the family, and psychological studies of anthropology and ethnology.” What does this mean?? In a nutshell, Psychohistory seeks to dissect the nature of the human condition, to determine why things are the way they are, why humans make the choices they do, as a collective body, by analyzing the past, by exploring the psychological trauma of the past and of the present, as it relates to human behavioral choice, in the past and present.
Psychohistory is the most valid of all mental health disciplines. What do I mean by valid?? I mean that the foundational premise upon which it claims to be built, as I have described above, is functionally legitimate. Let us not address any of the findings or conclusions of existing psychohistorical research, but let us begin with an acknowledgment that the mandate it claims, the “study of the psychological motivations of historical events, to combine the insights of psychotherapy with the research methodology of the social sciences to understand the emotional origin of the social and political behavior of groups and nations, past and present, with subject matter of childhood and the family, and psychological studies of anthropology and ethnology”, is valid, legitimate, and carries with it the potentiality to reach insights of genuine Forbidden Truth.
Now, let us contrast the discipline of psychohistory, with the disciplines of psychiatry and psychology, which are both socially promoted and well-known throughout the world. Psychiatry and psychology have no validity as mental health disciplines. They have both been built upon a purely artificial platform, based upon the patently false premise that humanity as a majority possesses mental health, sanity, and the capacity to judge and determine what constitutes mental health, versus mental disease and dysfunction.
The standards of what constitutes mental health, from both the psychological and psychiatric viewpoints, have no foundational basis. These standards simply reflect the imposed will of governmental and societal leaders at a given point in time, lacking all legitimate analysis of the past, of human motivations and of the institutionalized traumas which mandate and determine human motivations.
Psychiatry says: “This is normal and healthy because the majority do it, and because government and society wants you to do it.” Psychology says: “You should behave in specific ways because society and government wants you to behave in these ways and will reward you for complying and obeying these external edicts.” But neither discipline has any interest in acknowledging the past and the present functional and institutionalized derangements of belief and behavior, which make a mockery of any claim by the psychiatruc community to promote, restore, or provide mental health to individuals. Very simply, the overt goal of all mental health therapies of psychiatry and psychology is not to restore mental health, but to cloak the universal mental illness within which humanity as a species functions, by denying it, by establishing false and invalid standards of mental health, which in Truth express and manifest absolute mental illness and derangement.
Psychohistory, and again I am speaking only of its claimed mission and mandate, is very different, completely different. Psychohistory claims a mandate to study, dissect, analyze the past, identify and expose the history of human behavioral and ideological pathology, and carry forward an understanding of how the human mind as shaped in the past, controls and determines reality perceptions of today.
Note, I am not saying that the mental health discipline of psychohistory has achieved any of this mandate. It has certainly not done so! But I am describing the mandate that this discipline claims to pursue, and in doing so, in understanding the nature of the claimed mandate, we reach a vital realization of Forbidden Truth:
Psychohistory is extremely dangerous to society and government. It is dangerous because the mandate it claims, if realized, has the potential to completely shatter the absolute house of cards that all mainstream psychiatry and psychology is built upon. Psychohistory has the potential to reach back to the past, expose the past as an endless series of human mistakes caused by mental dysfunction and emotional pathology, and thereby expose the present reality of human existence as being nothing more than the manifestations of profound, universal mental illness which has been institutionalized within a cloak of mental health and sanity.
This is the theoretical potential of psychohistory as a discipline of study and research. To be certain, no psychohistorians have come anywhere close to realizing this potential, and none ever will, because their actions occur under the fascist control of governmental and societal leaders. But still, the theoretical potential is there, and this is why the discipline of psychohistory has been and always will be marginalized, ignored, and hidden from all public understanding and discourse.
Psychiatry possesses no capacity to uncover or express the Forbidden Truth of 21st century universal human derangement. It has a proactive mandate, and is specifically utilized by society and government, to cover up this Truth! The exact same applies to psychology. These disciplines have already been hopelessly corrupted, the standards by which they judge and determine mental health are not merely invalid, but built upon the existing model of universal derangement. For example, believing in god is decreed mentally healthy, agreeing to join a military and murder complete strangers on command of another, is decreed mentally healthy, agreeing to perform slave labor in exchange for worthless pieces of paper is decreed mentally healthy, etc…
Let us recognize psychohistory as the last gasp opportunity for humanity to analyze and understand itself, and thereby gain the capacity to recognize the Forbidden Truth of universal mental derangement as it exists in the real-time present. Let us understand how and why this scientific discipline is being suffocated and stomped out of existence before our very eyes and minds, because of the existential threat to the universal matrix of social illusion, that it poses.
The past of human existence consists of an endless series of profound mistakes, mistakes which have never been analyzed or understood, mistakes which have seemlessly transitioned over many centuries to create the universal derangement of now, the universal matrix of insanity upon which all of human existence in the 21st century, is based. Only by dissecting the past with a ruthlessly Alien Eye of Truth, which is the theoretical potential of the discipline of psychohistory, can the profound mistakes of the past be recognized as not merely shaping and controlling the fatally flawed reality perceptions of today, but of dooming all of humanity to near-term extinction, absent their immediate and absolute abandonment.
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Personal Pleasure: Sacred Right and Self-Obligation

One of the greatest of all obligations that the Superior lover of Self must embrace, is to proactively create personal pleasure for Himself. Let us understand that there is a profound difference between happiness and pleasure, and let us also understand how and why I am specifically emphasizing the term proactive creation.
Happiness is a passive state of mind, and the mindset of happiness is ruthlessly promoted by society and government. To be happy is both stupid and insane, because in Truth there is nothing for any human to be happy about, there is no logical or sane reason for any human to be happy. Society and government deploys the fatally flawed concept of happiness as a numbing agent, an artificial and invalid state of reality perception, intended to cloak and render invisible the Forbidden Truths of every existence being pointless, mraningless, and doomed to retroactive unbirth.
No Superior should ever attempt to achieve personal happiness within the factual reality of 21st century existence. To do so actively endangers and compromises personal capacity to recognize and embrace Truth itself. Happiness must be understood as an external enticement specifically offered to you by others, for the purpose of negatively compromising your experience of your existence.
The differences between happiness and pleasure, are profound and immense. In a very real way, pleasure must be recognized as the antithesis of happiness. For the Superior, pleasure must always exist as an offensive pursuit. It must be both proactively sought and directly created by the individual, and this seeking and creation must be recognized as an attempt to not only meet a personal, sacred right, but also a direct effort to thwart all societal efforts to inspire personal happiness.
There is a very real contradiction between being happy and being depressed, an incompatibility. But there is absolutely no incompatibility between the proactive pursuit of pleasure, and the embrace of personal depression, rooted in the Forbidden Truth that life is profoundy and utterly depressing, and that depression is a normal, natural, and healthy state of mind, given this Truth.
Those of you who have read My writings should know that I stridently advocate for the embrace of personal depression. To not do so, betrays reality and Truth. But My advocacy for the proactive hunt for and creation of personal pleasure, is just as vehement. There is no contradiction, and no compromise of either reality perception or experience. Depression and the relentless, enthusiastic pursuit of and creation of personal pleasure must and do, for the Superior, exist within mutual compatibility.
You seek and obtain personal pleasure by embracing your own unique True Reality, and recognizing the achievement of personal pleasure as an absolute personal right and Self-obligation. Everyone born human possesses the capacity to achieve and attain personal pleasure, if his mind is strong and untouchable enough, and has been made so via courageous and sustained effort.
To achieve personal pleasure, you must come to realizations of what you desire, and you must absolutely embrace these realizations, rejecting all external efforts to judge, manipulate, or discredit either or both your desires, and the actual achievement of personal pleasure. The sexual orgasm is one absolutely valid way to achieve personal pleasure, but even more primarily, the Superior must perfect his ability to MindGasm, which must be accurately defined as the experience of explosive pleasure within the mind, absent sexual arousal or climax. This advanced level of consciousness can only be achieved via Superior and sustained effort to develop a limitlessly powerful and untouchable brain.
Personally, I can experience pleasure as much as I want, as often as I want, but only within absolute isolation. I must be alone. Contact with humans, or even just being in their presence, limits and reduces My capacity to achieve limitless pleasure. Such a limitation is normal and appropriate, and does not indicate any weakness. It is natural that undesired external circumstance can sometimes compromise our capacity, even as Superiors, to maximize personal pleasure.
Also, it is important to note that the pursuit and achievement of personal pleasure can be misused and overextended. Just because I can create personal pleasure for Myself at all times, when alone, does not mean I should or will do so. No! An obsession with experiencing pleasure at all times and at all costs is just as great a pathology as the relentless pursuit of happiness, and to embrace such an obsession would compromise and negatively impact many vital and Superior aspects of My True Reality, including the ongoing maintenance of My personal untouchability of mind, and My daily quest to reinforce and srengthen embrace of all Forbidden Truths.
I create and achieve personal pleasure on a daily basis, utilizing the power of My untouchable mind, rejecting all external attempts to limit, confine, or control these efforts, within Self-chosen limitations based upon the understanding that pleasure in and of itself does not reveal Truth, and ultimately, does not provide any benefit beyond improving the daily experience of existing as a doomed citizen-slave. I am entitled to the limited benefits provided by personal pleasure, and therefore I embrace and enjoy them, but not at the cost of sacrificing any aspect of the embrace of Truth, or the reflection of True Reality.
So, what gives Me personal pleasure? Death and destruction, rage and hate, the annihilation of human beings, and of humanity. And so I have spent decades perfecting the science of Conscious Dreaming. Now, I can and I do completely script, direct, and control the content of every dream, allowing Me to torture, murder, destroy any human being, any number of human beings, or all of humanity, at will, in whatever ways My brilliant brain is capable of imagining. This is a great source of nightly, and daily, personal pleasure.
Concurrent with My achievement of Conscious Dreaming, I have maximized My capacity to savor and experience awake fantasies as experienced reality. And so as I walk down the street or sit in a car or bus or engage in My slave labor activities, I can savor the overt murder and destruction of any human being I choose, in any way I choose. Making their heads explode from the inside out, is a favorite of mine.
The sexual climax is a source of personal pleasure for Me, and so I enthusiastically masturbate to climax, an average of 2.5 times during every 24 hour time period. I embrace the primary genesis of My sexual arousal, female foot pain and deformity, with limitless enthusiasm, spending dozens of hours every week searching for female foot pain imagery, writing female foot pan stories, concocting erotic female foot pain scenarios within My mind. Right now I am working on a 10,000+ female foot pain photo website, which will feature mini-stories to accompany each photo. This will be a totally private project, only for Me to savor, as most of these images remain under copyright.
I derive great pleasure from news events of violence and destruction, and great pleasure from fondling and discharging my weapons, and from communing with Myself, reveling in My own brilliance and Superiority. Even the writing of these blog posts provides Me with pleasure, because i am exalting My own unique perfection, as well as exposing how pathetic and hopeless humanity is.
And there are other activities which provide Me great pleasure, the details of which are not your business. What is important for all seekers of Truth and personal perfection to understand, is how I have and always will completely and fully embrace a limitless right to seek, claim, and achieve personal pleasure at My own will and demand. This is the Superior path.
So yes, I value and I pursue pleasure, and I encourage all other aspiring Superiors to do so. Your specific pleasure triggers and sources may vary greatly from mine, but this does not negate their value or validity. You were born with an instinctual capacity and need to achieve personal pleasure. Embrace this Truth, as you maximize your ego, your narcissism, and your love of Self, even as you steer clear of the societal traps of happiness, optimism, hope, and other invalid, externally imposed pathologies of mind.
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Mental Health, Definitions and Manifestations

How do you define mental health, when you exist as a mentally deranged species and are compelled and mandated to cover up this Forbidden Truth? Let us dissect the official definition given by The World Health Organization, which has positioned itself as: Begin quote: The directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations system. It is responsible for providing leadership on global health matters, shaping the health research agenda, setting norms and standards, articulating evidence-based policy options, providing technical support to countries and monitoring and assessing health trends. In the 21st century, health is a shared responsibility, involving equitable access to essential care and collective defence against transnational threats. End quote.
Yes, The World Health Organization, empowered by the leaders of all slave-states, errr nations, is claiming authority to set the standard for every form of appropriate health care, including how mental health should be defined and “improved”, all across the world. Let us understand that this authority represents the carefully deliberated and considered demands of human societies and governments as a collective whole. The WHO is a shell organization, a mouthpiece created to grant legitimacy to the demands of nation-states and the social structures they seek to legitimize and develop.
And so here is the official, worldwide definition of what constitutes mental health, according to the World Health Organization:
Begin quote: “Updated August 2014. Mental health is defined as a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community.” End quote.
Hows that for a kick in the head, folks?? Now, let us dissect this deranged definition, from the Forbidden Truth perspective. According to the WHO, you are mentally healthy if you “realize your own potential”. What does that mean?? It means nothing. The personal potential of every individual is determined by the limitations of his conscious mind, and as such it is inherently subjective. I can realize My personal potential to die, to murder others, to hate Myself, to love Myself, etc… It is a fully abstract concept which allows for any state of mind, from the healthiest to the most diseased, to be arbitrarily judged and defined as representing mental health.
The reason why this language is used, is specifically because it allows every nation-state to arbitrarily judge and determine what it deems to constitute mentally healthy behavior and ideology, absent any legitimate standard. Thus the priest realizes his full potential and is mentally healthy. The police officer, the soldier, the billionaire who hoards money as millions die of starvation, the president who punishes and murders and sponsors universal child abuse, all these humans are decreed mentally healthy under the propaganda decree that they are “realizing their own potential”, and this is the single greatest definer of what constitutes mental health.
So, let us continue. The WHO says you are mentally healthy if you “can cope with the normal stresses of life”. Seriously! Yes, cope with them! Accept that you deserve to be subjected to stress, accept that your experience of existence should be stressful, and find a way to “cope”. In Truth, what the World Health Organization is decreeing is that you are supposed to suffer. Life will be stressful, so find a way to cope, and you will be decreed mentally healthy. Understand: If you fight against the right of others, of society, to impose stress upon you, you will be judged mentally ill. You must accept stress, you must cope with stress, you must subordinate your sacred right to not be harmed and traumatized, to the right of government and society to inflict harm and trauma upon you.
Again, you see how the leaders of society and government define mental health in a specific way, to justify the mental derangements which society and government has created, promotes, sponsors, and imposes upon every human being. How do you cope with stress? Do you worship god? Do you spank your child-slaves? Do you bully and humiliate others? Do you hoard money? Do you cut yourself, are you a cutter? Do you alter your brain chemistry via alcohol, drugs? Do you pretend there is an afterlife?? Do you serially kill others? By its definition, the World Health Organization leaves it up to every government to decree whether or not your specific coping mechanism meets a standard of mental health.
And so every government and society is officially empowered to promote and impose mental illness and dysfunction, in whatever ways it chooses: Hey slave, are you feeling stressed? Go to church on sunday, they will brainwash you to feel better! Hey slave, feeling stressed? Hunting season is right around the corner. Soon you will be able to stalk and murder animals for emotional catharsis. You’ll feel better, enjoy your mental health! Hey slave, feeling stressed out? Go home, right there you have your very own Poison Container, soothe your rage and hate by terrorizing the child-slave, and enjoy better mental health! Do you understand how society and government promotes the deepest and most profound forms of mental illness, via definitional brainwashing as to what constitutes mental health??
Continuing with the official, worldwide definition of mental health, as given by the most powerful ruling medical organization in the world, the World Health Organization. You are mentally healthy if you “can work productively and fruitfully.” I’m not joking, slaves! This is the official and exact terminology, the exact words that are used to define mental health. The concept that being able to perform slave labor is an indicator of mental health, is insane, absurd, bizarre. It makes no logical sense. In Truth, refusal to work, refusal to be exploited and enslaved and forced to do what others tell you to do, is a far greater indicator of mental health. But here we are, with this specfic decree, from the WHO.
Why is the performance of slave labor specifically positioned as an indicator of mental health?? Because every human being on this planet is officially decreed to exist as owned slave, belonging as property, to a government. As owned slave, every individual is decreed to be in debt to the slave state. The slave state collects the debt it claims is owed by the slave, by forcing the slave to produce, to create, to perform slave labor, as a slave. Therefore, the individual who refuses to work is decreed mentally ill, so that society and government may try to terrorize, threaten, medicate, brainwash him, to agree to work. And here you see the WHO, mandating the embrace of personal slavery by the individual, as indicative of his mental health.
And finally, as if all these deranged and invalid definitions of mental health are not enough, the WHO concludes with the astonishing claim that you are mentally healthy if you “are able to make a contribution to your community”. Yes, there it is, in black and white. You must contribute to the community. You must serve the existing hive mind. You must give yourself away. “Hi community, its me, the seer of forbidden truth, please, i want to contribute something, please show me, please tell me how i can contribute. I exist to serve the community, make it stronger and better, so that it may harm me more easily, how can I help you to better destroy me, my dear community??”
F*****CK that! You’re okay, as long as you contribute to the community???? That is a mental health standard, to agree to integrate to the deranged society as it currently exists? How utterly insane. And of course here again, we see the terrorist force of government being used to compel obedience and allegiance among the citizen-slaves, under threat of being judged mentally ill. “Look at that guy, he just sits inside his house all day, he’s a real loner, he is not contributing to his community at all, he must be mentally ill…”
So there you have it, the definition of mental health, by a deranged society which manifests absolute mental insanity in all of its public policy mandates and ideological/behavioral structures, seeking to promote mental illness among all humans, by deliberately misdefining what constitutes mentally healthy states of mind and behaviors.
It is now time to stand up for Truth! Here are just a few of the valid definitions and descriptions and functional manifestations of genuine, valid, and Truth-based mental health. As you integrate the below definitions to your consciousness, I ask you to compare and contrast them to how society and government defines and describes mental health. The conclusion you will reach, if you are sane, is that society and government exists and functions within absolute and profound mental derangement, and overtly sets out to absolutely destroy the mental health of every single child and adult on the planet.

  • Mental health: To love and value Yourself limitlessly and unconditionally.
  • Mental health: To never deliberately or intentionally harm yourself in any way. To never smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol or wear high-heeled shoes or compromise your physical health in any manner.
  • Mental health: To never deliberately or intentionally endanger Yourself in any way, absent absolute and immense reward. To never go skydiving or engage in unprotected sexual contact or join a military or become a firefighter, etc…
  • Mental health: To always place your own best interests and needs ahead of the interests or needs of all other individuals and social structures. To never agree to sacrifice your own best interests.
  • Mental health: To refuse to suffer ongoing harm and injustice, to refuse to accept any and all external efforts to compromise your experience of your own existence.
  • Mental health: To seek out and demand factual reality and Truth, at all costs, including the cost of peace of mind, with the conscious understanding that peace of mind obtained via the rejection of Truth and reality, is both functionally useless and overtly harmful to Self.
  • Mental health: The rejection of all mythology, lies, and deceit, no matter how popular they may be, and no matter how alluring the rewards of embracing the deception, are positioned by others to be.
  • Mental health: A state of mind achievable only via the overt prevention of all abuse, victimization, trauma, and terrorization of the individual. A state of mind which exists within most children at birth, and must be actively protected and nurtured via the prevention of all child abuse.
  • Mental health: A state of mind which instinctually craves and demands personal freedom and autonomy, and rejects all external efforts to dictate and control behaviors and life path choices.
  • Mental health: A lack of all emotional dependency upon others. The complete and absolute capacity of the individual to meet his own emotional needs, under all circumstances.
  • Mental health: The conscious understanding that preservation of Self as an individual is a sacred obligation, manifested via the conscious direction of rage and hate against any external entity, individual or structural, which in any way attempts to harm, endanger, or destroy you, as an individual.
  • Mental health: The maximization of personal ego, narcissism, and Self-confidence, so that the inherent value and irreplaceability of Self is always directly and naturally manifested in all life path decisions and behaviors.
  • Mental health: The capacity to unconditionally recognize, appreciate, and value the personal perfection of Self, absent any and all need or motivation to compare or contrast Self to any other human beings, living things, or external mandates/structures.
  • Mental health: The capacity to thrive within absolute isolation of body and mind, rooted within the understanding that the greatest and only legitimately valid form of companionship is that of your own brain.
  • Mental health: The functional capacity to subordinate all emotional responses to all external stimuli, to intellectual and brain-reasoned responses, rooted within the understanding that emotions within humans function on a genetically compromised level.

So here you have, let me count….15 different definitions of what constitutes mental health. Each of these definitions is absolutely valid and accurate, and of course if I had the time or inclination could be described and fleshed out in much greater detail. But the point is this: Here you have 15 different True, accurate, and absolutely valid definitions of what constitutes mental health, all of which completely and absolutely defy the definition of the WHO which I have dissected above,  as well as all mainstream psychological and psychiatric structures of 21st century humanity.
So, what have I proven here? I have proven not only that all of humanity is currently functioning within absolute mental derangement, and not only that society and government is the deliberate sponsor and promoter of mental illness, dysfunction, and derangement, two profoundly important Truths in and of themselves, but also that every claim by the mental health community to be engaged in an effort to reduce mental illness, and to treat mental illness, meaning to restore mental health, is an absolute lie and a pure deception.
By embracing absolutely invalid definitions of what constitutes mental health, and overtly rejecting absolutely valid definitions, such as I have outlined above, society and every one of its empowered mental health treatment agents, is directly sponsoring the dynamic and daily destruction of the mental health of all children, helping to further destroy the mental health of all individuals, and refusing to help restore the mental health of any individuals. Got it?
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Broken Body, Or Broken Mind?

When I am not busy composing uniquely brilliant mind bombs disguised as blog posts, there is a good chance I am scouring cyberspace for images and writings which feed My personal obsessions with Truth, violence, rage, hate, mind power, and deformed female feet, not necessarily in that specific order. Recently I came across a uniquely erotic, stimulating, and thought-provoking image which I have decided to dissect, no pun intended, and share with My unworthy audience. So, enjoy the photo, and feel free to make it larger by clicking on it. Larger is usually better, I have found.
I am familiar with many thousands of images that stimulate My mind on one, or even two levels, but this particular image is one of a few, which stimulates on numerous, multiple levels. It stimulates both My sexual obsessions, and My intellectual/ideological quest for Truth. So, let us explore the issues raised, yes the ISSUES raised. Get your mind out of the gutter, please!
Body dependency. This striking image uncloaks important Forbidden Truths on the nature of human body dependency in the 21st century. Let us understand that as of right now, human body dependency exists as a psychological problem. Robotics is already advanced enough to allow for bionic bodies, only governmental bans on research and development, are responsible for this failure of scientific advancement to reach proper fruition.
It is the human inferiors who choose to cling to body dependency, identifying themselves by how they look, addicted to their horrifically flawed images, incapable of seeing themselves with the clarity of the Superior mind, to identify as a brain. The wires protruding from the artificial leg of this gal, shock more than the missing leg itself. This is wrong. Humanity is not something to cling to, it is something to reject, something to strive to overcome.
Artificial limbs are not a sign of human progress. The positive embrace of the artificial body, would be a step forward for humanity, allowing for the conscious understanding that you do not need any aspect of the physical body you were born with, not even your sexual organs, and to go further, you do not need a body, period. The viability and sacred autonomy of a detached human brain, must be understood as being just as intrinsically valid as any form of brain attachment to a functioning body, be it original, robotically modified, or fully robotic/cybernetic.
Now, observe our sweetie’s intact leg, wearing a high heeled shoe. Here you can perceive the absurdity of the human condition. Humans intentionally and deliberately handicapping themselves, for emotional catharsis. Sabotaging their own freedom, their own potential, their own very survival, by choice. Or is it by choice?? We have already established the human to be a genetic birth defect. Nobody chooses, in advance, to be birthed as a genetic defect. And then the bombardment of ego and Self-love destruction at the hands of society, that every child is subjected to. No child consciously chooses, in advance, to be subjected to this destruction. So now we must explore the issue of choice. Just because she has a high heeled shoe on her intact leg, and we assume she put it on herself, does not mean she made this choice via independent free will, of mind.
Every personal choice must be understood as the combination of genetic failure, environmental terrorism, and the unique capacity of the individual, varying from day to day, in fact from moment to moment, to counterbalance these two horrific weights, against his instinctual need, and hopefully desire, to preserve and enhance his own existence. And so look again at the picture. There she is, on the ground, her robotic leg detached, and yet hindered just as much by the high heeled shoe she has chosen to wear on her uninjured leg. What a poignant comment on the human condition!
Humanity is broken. You can fix a cybernetic leg. You can remove an impractical high heeled shoe. Well, unless you are paralyzed, but that’s another fetish, for another time and post. But you cannot repair a broken mind. Humanity as a species chooses to cripple itself. Whatever physical crippling occurs, reflects the crippling of the mind, which occurs both voluntarily and involuntarily.
Does our sweetie feel pain in her shattered cybernetic leg? Or maybe the pain is worse in her intact leg and foot. Maybe the high heeled shoe is pressing on an inflamed corn or bunion? Maybe she took off her cybernetic foot and lower leg just to try to gain sympathy from passersby, to get them to stop and offer to carry her away, without having to reveal the Truth of her foot pain?? This is the human, lying to others as she (or he), deceives herself.
If you saw this sweetie lying in the street, would you be drawn to her because she is classically beautiful in face and torso and buttocks, or would the wires sticking out of her leg stump draw you in, mesmerizing you?? Or maybe you would be fixated on her one foot, and the high heeled shoe attached to it. You might draw a strange look if your first words to her are, “Hi, are you okay? Is your foot hurting??”
Personally, I would be drawn to both her intact foot, and to her cybernetic stump. The wires must be probed and explored, it must be clear whether or not they can move independently, whether or not sensation, pain or otherwise, can be provoked. In the name of science!
And yet the intact foot, especially wearing the high heel, cannot be ignored. So I would ask her if she can walk, help her up onto her single foot, offering an arm for assistance, but not immediately offering to carry her. Lets see if she can walk on her artificially handicapped foot, as we contemplate whether she was wearing the same high heeled shoe on her cybernetic leg, before the accident. Of course all this assumes that I am feeling altruistic, which is a pretty big assumption to make.
Do not dismiss the power of images to provoke insights of Forbidden Truth. Yes, I am a female foot pain fetishist, but time is precious. Even as we prove love of Self via compulsive masturbation and the seeking of erotic content, we should try to combine sexual and intellectual focus, to broaden our minds and enhance the pleasures we create for ourselves at every level.
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