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Ideapod: The Place Where Truth Goes to Die

Years ago, there was an open social network called Ideapod, located at It was free and open, meaning not actively censored and not in the business of extorting monetary currency from human slaves. After being banned from twitter, I chose to grace this relatively new social network with Forbidden Truth posts.

But the universal malignant cancer that is monetary currency eventually invaded and assumed control over the broken brains of the founders of Ideapod, and they chose to terminate their free and open social network, hire professional writers, and initiate a new platform devoted to honoring the status quo and pandering to the Unwashed Masses of broken sheeple, extorting money from them in exchange for safe and comfortable essays and ideas that reject and betray all Forbidden Truth.

All this occurred almost two years ago, but just within the past few weeks, Ideapod has created a “discussion” forum that is completely “open”, even as it keeps its social network locked down for payment extortion. And so, as you would expect, I could not resist posting a final goodbye message at this open discussion page. For the historical record and My own Living Legacy, I reprint My final post there, right here:

Ideapod: The Place Where Truth Goes to Die

“Hello! So nice to be back, did you miss Me?My visit will be brief, intended only to finalize a few Forbidden Truths, for the historical record. I am The Seer of Forbidden Truth, the most radical, dangerous, and prolific poster of the most brilliant, terrifying, and unacceptable ideas to the universe at large, and to Ideapod itself, back in the day. Back in the day when Ideapod was still pretending to be free, back in the day when it was still trying to milk ideas for money, instead of milking the brainwashed sheeple who love pretending to seek Truth.

That day ended hundreds of days ago, when the malignant cancer that is monetary currency became puppetmaster, god and ruler of ideapod. Truth died, Truth was murdered by human beings, for the 9,999,999,999,999 time (just an estimate), when the decision to monetize Ideapod was made. And I watched it all, not merely the eradication of all existing Forbidden Truths as posted by Me, but the birth of censorship, mind-molding, prejudice, discrimination, broken brains shaping a platform to cater to other broken brains, carefully vetting all content, to make sure to try to gain the favor of those pathetic humans who come, money in hand, begging to be told that everything is okay, that everything will be okay, just believe, just follow our leaders, just walk along this safe and comfortable path we will build for you, just for you, as long as you pay your daily and monthly toll, as long as you feed the cancer that is murdering you in the real-time eternity of nothingness that is Now.The journey of Ideapod is the most perfectly beautiful parallel universe to the journey of humankind: A trip to nowhere, every step down, every day a greater failure and tragedy, and every day a more desperate effort to keep this Forbidden Truth secret and hidden from all conscious and subconscious awareness, by the owners, the creators, the consumers, by all involved. The feeders and the fed, all consumed, all cannibalized, all cannibalizing themselves and each other, under the greatest lie humankind is capable of inventing: The lie of freedom, of hope, of opportunity, of the future, the lie of open minds seeking Truth, as every mind remains shuttered, and works, actively and fully, to shutter every other mind.

And so Ideapod has transformed from a platform pretending to honor Truth, to a platform devoted to silencing and shuttering all Truth. A transformation maliciously and successfully achieved by the greatest enemies of every Self-universe capable of perceiving itself at this moment in time: 21st century free democracy and capitalism, every existing society and government.

The same structure that mutilated and destroyed google and facebook and twitter and instagram and youtube and every other billion dollar internet corporation, has done exactly the same to ideapod. Only now, Ideapod is worse than any of them. Why is it worse?? Because it is still pretending to be better, still pretending to honor radical ideas and to seek Truth, even as it deploys professional writers to pander to the Truth-hating Inferiors and Human Garbage, to extort money from them in exchange for the promise of carefully curated content that will feed and nurture their illusions and delusions and brainwashings and lies that constitute The Matrix of Universal Illusion.

Never again, in any form, will this forum be graced with the Forbidden Truths. Ideapod is a place for dead human-borns to try to pretend to be alive, a place where Truth is mocked, shunned, rejected, individually and collectively, by content creators and by content consumers.

It is My personal pleasure to have been a part of something that died. Human-borns committing suicide as they pretend to try to save themselves. What a beautiful thing to witness, to be a direct part of.

That will be My final memory of Ideapod.

Take care,

The Seer of Forbidden Truth”

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Social media is the epicenter of government censorship

The more social a media platform is, the more likely it will be censored. This is an important Forbidden Truth for the 21st century class of citizen-slaves to understand. A website is quite unsocial, and even a potentially interactive blogging platform such as wordpress, is far less social than facebook and twitter. The capacity of a Superior to reach out to an audience via dynamic, real-time messages of Truth, threatens the universal matrix of illusion that sustains government. For this reason, usa regime overtly coerced twitter, facebook, youtube, as well as other highly social medias, to delete all of the uncensored beheading videos of James Foley, Steven Sotloff, and David Haines.
Perhaps WordPress will delete this blog, because I posted links to the three uncensored beheading videos, but the odds are much greater that facebook would delete My account if I did the exact same thing on their platform. And they may well do so anyway, because I posted a LINK to My WordPress post, on facebook.
government is determined to overtly control social media, and to use it as a propagandizing weapon, exactly as it has successfully done with television. Television broadcasts are directly censored, via both the FCC and the fact that every television network is controlled by a wealthy citizen-slave who is extricably tied into the societal matrix. The internet is censored on a second level platform, meaning that it is more difficult to prevent Truth from being stated, so there is more emphasis on extinguishing it by suspending and deleting individual accounts, if and when they become too popular, and if/when the message being delivered is deemed to pose a significant threat to a developing goal or agenda of a government.
usa regime has a strong interest in not allowing millions of tortured, homicidally enraged young people to become enthralled with the prospect of being able to cut the heads off members of their own society. Allowing uncensored beheading videos to be openly and widely viewed by amerikkkan and british citizen-slaves WOULD increase support for ISIS, and inspire more slaves to reject the amerikkkan way of life and try to join up with ISIS. This, in and of itself, is NOT the primary fear of these western regimes. Rather, the fear is that the general public as a whole might come to realize these “traitors” are correct and right on target, in successfully recognizing their own regime as their greatest oppressor, enemy, and terrorizer.
© Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.