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Destiny and Fate as Devastating Weapons of Social Mind Control

The central issue of perversion and derangement of mind that must be understood, when considering destiny, fate, reincarnation, and other hogties of personal potential, is that of religion, god, and the supernatural. Seekers of Truth need to fully understand that all supernatural conceptions are philosophically identical to that of traditional, organized religion. To believe in destiny, fate, reincarnation, or any supernatural concepts that defy science and factual reality, carries the same negative, enslaving, and personal potential destroying ramifications, as belief in a mainstream religion such as christianity or islam.
Of course destiny, fate, and branched concepts such as reincarnation, are false delusions, but our understanding must go much deeper. We must consciously grasp that these concepts are a substitute for organized and mainstream religion, deliberately and overtly promoted by all societies and governments specifically because they are profoundly useful in psychologically and ideologically enslaving and destroying the personal potential of the population minority who choose to reject and abandon traditional, organized religion.
Such abandonment is functionally useless, and a Self-delusion in itself, when any such individual falls prey to any other organized system of mind slavery such as a belief in destiny or fate. Destiny is a lie. It is all wrapped up in the toxic embrace of religion, of afterlife mythology, and the cage of universal social control via the neutering and dismemberment of all personal potential.
The lie of destiny is overtly promoted and imposed by all societies and governments, and is extremely valuable in maintaining universal slavery for all as public policy mandate. The idea of destiny imposes and demands personal impotence. It is the neutering of free will, of mind perception and of physical reality. Destiny is an overtly supernatural concept, devised by humans to avoid having to take responsibility for their own future, which is of course a pure illusion and delusion of mind in and of itself, based upon the Forbidden Truth realities of death, as I have already revealed them to be.
Suffering, oppression, victimization, harm, abuse, injustice, death. all of these horrors, and many more, are deliberately and organizationally legitimized by The Matrix of Universal Illusion, and one of the premier philosophical lies deployed to attain this legitimization, is the foundationally flawed falsehood known as “destiny”.
None of us possess any future. In order to obtain a future, the social shackles of mind control must be severed and dismembered. Destiny is absolutely one of these social shackles, and must be totally obliterated as a belief, in exactly the same fashion as organized religion, must be obliterated.
Destiny as an idea, cages all human potential to shape, mold, control, dictate, and determine their own fate., individually and collectively. That is why it has always been an extremely valuable, weaponized lie of society and government.
How can the Forbidden Truths of death ever be recognized, much less embraced, if one is convinced that some supernatural force has preordained that they must die?? Now you can understand, if you sane, why destiny and reincarnation, fate and all afterlife mythology, all conception of any “outside force” manipulating and controlling your experienced existence, are marketed as being intertwined and connected by society and government.
Fall victim and prey to just one social delusion, and the end result is the same as if you were ensnared by each and every social delusion.
To believe in destiny or fate, is to handcuff and hogtie your own mind and body. because something can and will determine your destiny and your fate, but not a mystical force, rather your very own worst nightmare and mortal enemy: The society and the government that holds you as an owned prisoner, birth to death. It is this enemy that determines your destiny. And your destiny is: To be brainwashed to believe that you cannot control and determine your own destiny, to the degree that you don’t even try.
Or, just as effectively, to be brainwashed to believe you can determine your own destiny, but only within specific sight-lines of the cage where your mind is being kept captive. And so you feel so proud and lucky to believe you can determine your own destiny, and you sincerely try, even as you remain completely oblivious to the reality of the cage you are being kept in, a cage that ensures your destiny can and will only be, what your slavemasters choose to allow it to be.
Your destiny is to be lost to eternal oblivion, , retroactively unborn, and to never get to know or to understand that it is so, and why, until it is too late. Whoops, there it is, eternal oblivion, your destiny has arrived, too late for you to even know it, much less try to change it.
The Superior knows that to control and determine his own destiny and fate, with 100% freedom of mind, rooted within unconditional love of Self and unlimited knowledge and conscious embrace of all Forbidden Truth, is his sacred and inalienable right, as an autonomous Self-universe intrinsically entitled to live, to exist, to be, eternally and forever, all of which can only be achieved via the personal attainment of technological immortality.
Destiny and fate can never be externalized from the Self-universe. Destiny and fate are real, only as weapons at my disposal, to destroy and to annihilate the false illusion anything or anyone external of Self, has a right to determine My destiny.
To believe in destiny or fate, and to not believe in destiny or fate, is functionally the same for you pathetic humans. If you do believe, you consciously accept the horrific harm and destruction imposed and inflicted upon you by society and government.
If you do not believe, you subconsciously and unconsciously accept the limitations of free will and of personal potential, equally imposed by society and government, that serve to effectively compel you to place your fate and destiny in the hands of society and government. The exact same end result is ensured, the perfect lose-lose situation.
The only way to break free of this duality death-grip of the mind, is to know exactly what destiny and fate are, how and why your reality perceptions have been externally warped and controlled, and exactly how destiny and fate are deployed as weapons of mind genocide against you, to render your perceived freedom to choose or not to choose to try to alter your future, to be an absolute illusion.
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The Most Successful Companies Always Serve The Matrix

Google is one of the most popular, famous, and profitable internet companies in the entire world. But why? Is it because it independently developed superior technology and/or marketing skill? Or is it because it has chosen and agreed to work collaboratively with the Matrix of Universal Illusion, to protect, maintain, defend, promote, the status quo, the derangements and delusions of 21st century amerikkkan and western society? Any Alien Eye analysis demonstrates the latter to be True.
The only question is, is Google literally a “front” for western regime propaganda, or did the company start out independently, only to later be successfully recruited to serve the Matrix. I cannot say for certain, but if I had to guess, I would go with the latter scenario.
Do you wish to see a real-time illustration of this Forbidden Truth? Go to the main gateway page of Google, right now:
Look at the page. What do you see in the center? A black ribbon!?!
This black ribbon has NOTHING whatsoever to do with any Google function, app, service, or program. It links to nothing. If you click on it, nothing happens, it takes you nowhere. But if you hover your mouse cursor above it, the following sentence appear: “Our hearts are with the victims in Ft. Lauderdale and their families.”
Try it, do it now, and you will see exactly what I see. In a few hours Google will remove it, but for MANY hours, at least 16 so far, every single human being in the world who directs his browser to this Google Main Gateway page, and this should be hundreds of millions of humans, is confronted with this bizarre message.
This message comes directly from the Matrix. It is exactly what the Matrix wants its slaves to DO, in the wake of a courageous revelation of Forbidden Truth: To not THINK about it, to emotionally identify with the “victims”, denying Esteban his victimhood status, and to deem the event a “terrible tragedy”.
With one sentence, Truth is destroyed. The most powerful “private” internet company in the world, working in collaboration with the most powerful regime in the world, the amerikkkan government.
The brainwashed slaves don’t see it, they might argue this little ribbon actually PUBLICIZES Esteban’s airport massacre, peaking the curiosity of site visitors, maybe even informing them about an incident they may not even know about yet… No! The goal is to plant a seed of Truth destruction, 21st century style. That’s why the sentence uses the word “hearts” instead of “prayers”, gotta appeal to the younger, supposedly hipper internet audience.
I C U, Matrix. I see the collaboration at work, and it is undeniable.
So, to the Ideapod commanders: Instead of using ads or a donate button, the best way to generate big money might just be to court the matrix. Start pandering, design a better black ribbon & a more “heartfelt” propaganda message, & hope they are watching. 🙂
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Popularity: A Genocidal Weapon of Society & government

Humans are obsessed with popularity, not merely obtaining it for Self, but even more pervasively, immersing themselves within it: Being around those who are popular, being within popular human-built structures and ideologies. This is a horrific human weakness, directly caused by the destructive devastation of their ego, as it is deliberately and maliciously committed against them from the moment of their birth by society & government.
The human obsession with popularity is ruthlessly exploited on a genocidal scale, by the slave-state, and this exploitation is extremely easy to undertake, achieve, and maximize.
Consider: Simply by controlling and determining what is allowed to become popular, society and government successfully directs the vast majority of all humans, to waste their existences within these toxic and harmful structures, without even trying. The pathetic humans mindlessly gravitate towards these artificially popularized structures, on their own.
Consider: Because humans crave popularity, they will mindlessly follow, en masse, meaning literally millions of them, the publicly revealed lifestyle paths of a tiny handful of humans that the Matrix of Universal Illusion elevates to extreme popularity via the designation of “pop culture celebrity”. Deploying its media puppetmasters, throughout the 20th and 21 centuries, society and government has done exactly this, to devastating results for all who seek and value Truth.
From James Dean to Elvis Presley to Fonzie to Marilyn Monroe to Madonna to Arnold Schwarzenegger to Dear Abby to Michael Jackson to GI Joe to Rev. Jesse Jackson to Dr. Ruth Westheimer, to Phil Donahue, society and government has devastated all human potential to progress, by rolling out an endless stream of artificially popularized celebrities, to cripple and entrance the hopelessly broken minds of the popularity obsessed masses.
Consider: By controlling which structures become popular, government controls and determines which ideas become popular and accepted. And this structural control is remarkably easy to both achieve and maintain.
Example: Ideapod, as a media and ideologically interactive platform of communication, can and will never become popular, as popularity is measured & defined by 21st century society, unless existing celebrities and empowered leaders choose to join and participate in it. And they will never make this choice, unless the collective body of the matrix of universal illusion gives an affirmative nod, as it has to facebook, twitter, instagram, etc..
Think of it: If donald trump joined Ideapod and made just one unique post at Ideapod, many millions of brainwashed sheeple would flock to the site. Instant popularity, instant credibility, as the slaves blindly follow their popular master. Of course this will never happen, but it illuminates the complete control government has, over what becomes popular.
Oh, and here is an important message to My blog fans: Ideapod is My other, currently active platform of Mind Bomb dissemination, so you should definitely follow Me there:
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Brilliant, Due To Lack of Education

Those of you who have read My Manifesto, My 62,000+ tweets, other public writings, and the essays at this blog, might be wondering about My level of education. I am certainly very articulate and well-spoken, but perhaps you notice anomalies in My grammar or language structure. One reason for this is that I reject all efforts by society to dictate any and all behavioral choices I make. I carve out a unique path reflecting My Self-created universe of mind. But beyond this reason, the fact is: I am uneducated.
I dropped out of high school at the age of 16, and have never set foot inside of any classroom or educational facility, since that time. But My lack of formal education goes much further. Throughout My childhood, while being forced to attend school, from first grade onward, I sat in my seat and looked at the blackboard, but could not see what was written. My mother began the process of destroying My eyesight by deliberately pouring shampoo into My eyes and refusing to allow Me to rinse them out with water, when I was 3 or 4 years old.
By first grade, My vision had already deteriorated to the point of not being able to view writings at any distance. And so I sat in the classrooms, looking at the chalkboards, but seeing nothing. No letters, no words, everything was just blurry blobs. And sometimes the teacher would call my name, ask me a question, ask me to read something from the board, and I just looked at her, and laid My head down on the desk. In later years I would just stare defiantly at the teacher. Sometimes tests were written on the board. In those situations I wrote My name on the top of my sheet of paper, and handed it in completely blank.
All throughout the years, from 1st grade until I dropped out of the 10th grade, no teacher ever noticed I was legally blind and could not read anything written on the boards. Some teachers wrote I was lazy on my report cards, others said I was defiant, others suggested to My slaveowners I be taken to a psychiatrist, but nobody noticed I was being blinded by My womb excretor, what you call a “mother”.
For close-up reading from books at My desk, it was the same situation. I could see the words if I held the book 3 inches or less from My face, but I quickly realized that doing this drew lots of attention from the teachers. So I held the books further away from my face, and only pretended to read. Sometimes, if the book really interested Me, I would hunch down over My desk so that the distance between my eyes and the text was small enough so that I could read, without it appearing obvious that I was holding the book too close to my eyes. Again, no teacher ever noticed My legal blindness.
And yes, there was a yearly vision test performed at the school. i simply refused to participate. In younger years I would walk up to the line, look at the chart on the wall, but say nothing when prompted to read. This drew no suspicion, since I never really spoke in school beyond yes or no answers. In later years I would cut school on the day when an eye examination was scheduled.
The issue of how and why the educational system is desgned to and sponsors/facilitates universal child abuse is a good topic for a future blog post, but here I am simply revealing how My educational experience goes far beyond just being a high school dropout. Throughout My entire school attendance years, My ability to learn was severely compromised not only due to ongoing child abuse, but also a physical consequence, legal blindness, which nobody noticed or knew about.
And yet listen to My words, read My brilliant essays and insights of Forbidden Truth, and My high intelligence and brilliance of mind, is undeniably clear. I have attained brilliance of mind because I sought and created brilliance within Myself, utilizing the power of will, determination, and mind, as a Self-created creature. But My brilliance goes much further: It stands as direct reflection, a direct consequence of, My complete lack of formal education.
Education among humans has always existed as a brutal form of indoctrination, brainwashing, mind-control, and the malicious narrowing of reality perception. The purpose of all formal education is to assist the state in ensuring all children are destroyed, all children are made into broken pieces of molded clay, indoctrinated to accept and embrace the validity of all existing diseased cultural traditions, insane lifestyle paths, and an existence of perpetual slavery to others and to delusions of mind, until death finally destroys each and every imagined life.
My success in breaking free of the horrific harms caused by education is directly due to both the psychological and the physical trauma of My experienced child abuse. The psychological trauma of daily child abuse allowed Me to recognize that no human should be trusted, nothing humans say or do should be respected, accepted, or emulated, and that My humanity was something to reject and overcome, instead of to embrace. And the physical trauma of being rendered legally blind, helped too. It helped Me to avoid being sucked into the social environment of school, it helped Me to maintain full isolation and independence of mind and of thought, which I have used to dissect every human deception and structure within the glory of absolute reality and Truth.
Education harms the minds of all children. Education is a weapon deliberately deployed by government and society to make certain every generation of children is destroyed in the same horrific ways that the existing adult generation was destroyed when they were children. You will find Forbidden Truth best articulated by uneducated torture victims of severe abuse, such as Myself.
Everything I have ever achieved as a mind, every insight of Forbidden Truth I have realized and expressed, exists in open defiance of education. Those who seek Truth, but have been formally educated, must first break free of the crippling shackles of indoctrination and thought control, which formal education imposes. The inability of the vast majority of humans to dwell within the enlightenment of Truth awareness and acceptance, is due in large part to the destructive force of education. Or, to put it in a way that might more easily appeal to the Unwashed Masses:

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