The Medical Doctor: Active Co-conspirator in Maintaining Universal Death for All

Very recently I went to see a medical doctor in order to receive my annual physical examination. Every year I get a physical, in honored reflection of the limitless love I hold for Self.
As always, the doctor decreed Me in excellent health, excepting only my eyes, legally blind thanks to the genocidal social structure of motherhood as it has been imposed upon Me.
With a straight face, as always, she decreed my health excellent. Yes, my chosen doctor is a female, because even though mom deliberately tried to blind Me, dad chose to rape Me hundreds of times, and therefore it remains preferable to be touched by a female human. Not to mention the fact she wears health clogs on her otherwise completely bare feet, a nice side benefit for my Female Foot Pain fetish mindscape.
Every time, every year, when she declares Me healthy, I want to murder her. Because it is a lie, and I despise liars and lies. I am not healthy. I am dying. Good health and death are not compatible.
How can I be healthy when I am dying? How can I be healthy when every organ and every system within my body, is doomed to completely fail? How can I be healthy when my Self-universe is being systemically destroyed via a process of aging that results in the loss of everything, every sight, every sound, every thought, every memory, every experience, every perception, every ability to perceive anything, doomed to be eternally lost, retroactively erased, to render Me never having existed, never having been born, a nothing that is only pretending to be alive, pretending to visit a doctor, pretending to hear that he is in excellent health?!
I am not in excellent health. I am dying. But this doctor cannot tell Me the Truth, and no licensed medical doctor on planet earth in the 21st century can tell Me this Truth, because it is a Forbidden Truth, forbidden by government, by every society, and by The Matrix of Universal Illusion.
I need to know the Truth, but I don’t need any human to tell it to Me, in order to know. I am not like you creatures, you diseased mind cripples. You are the ones who are destroyed by your sacred mythologies, but the horror of it all is that in destroying yourselves, you will successfully destroy Me, too.
Nobody is in excellent health, or in good health, or in poor health. Everyone is dying, and to be dying is to be dead, with the only difference being, if you are consciously aware of the fact you are dead, you can try to fight to gain the gift of life, but if you lack the conscious awareness you are dead, you cannot try to fight to gain the gift of life.
So there she is, every year, my doctor, declaring Me to be in excellent health. This makes her an active co-conspirator, serving her society and her government, in concealing all of the Forbidden Truths of death from human consciousness, from all human awareness.
Every medical doctor on planet earth is guilty of genocide. In declaring Me to be in excellent health, my doctor is playing a primary and pivotal role in helping her society and government to effectively carry out my murder, and the murder of every human-born on planet earth. It is so!
Death is the disease, the only disease, that must be cured. All those other “problems”, from heart failure to bunions to cancer to alzheimer’s to stroke and everything in-between, are symptoms of the disease that is death, the disease every doctor should hold as his sacred oath, to cure, to eradicate.
But no, the medical doctor is a citizen-slave, specifically empowered and mandated by their society and government to feed the universal trance of life illusion. Her job is to make the dead believe themselves to be alive, by delivering good news to them, “Hey idiot, you are in excellent, good, fair, poor, (whatever)…health”. The point is, you are not dead, nor are you dying.
Death is the great Truth. Life is the toxic lie! Whoever and whatever convinces you that you are alive, is guilty of your murder, of the murder of every Self-universe, the greatest act of ongoing genocide the cosmic universe has ever witnessed.
Imagine a medical doctor telling every patient that he/she is dead. This doctor would be stripped of his credentials, denied the right to serve life, and to serve Truth. And yet without this Truth, the disease of death is guaranteed to never be cured. Because nobody is trying to cure it, nobody in a position to try. As long as you pathetic idiots can maintain the delusion of being alive, death will always be inevitable and accepted by all, and eagerly welcomed by most. This is the nature of your mental defectiveness as a species.
Every child and every adult, of every age, at every stage of physical decomposition, deserves the opportunity to know and to understand that they are dead. They deserve the knowledge of Truth, of fact, of reality, so they can try to inspire themselves to fight to be born, to fight to gain what they do not have and can never have, the gift of being alive, absent the eradication of the disease that is death.
Medicine is a fraud and a con-game. It is the perversion of religion, cloaked via mask of science, technology, and useless treatments. Just as the Insane God Myth is guilty of making the lie of an afterlife irresistible and impossible to psychologically dismantle, medicine and medical doctors are guilty of shape-shifting the illusion and the lie of life, into a sacred totem of universal trance. “You are alive!”, that is what every doctor tells every patient at every visit, that is the message delivered, on order and command of government, sponsor of death for all.
In many previous texts, I have dissected the Forbidden Truths of technological immortality. I hesitate to even mention the phrase in this essay, because it serves no purpose. You brain-dead fools want to die, you want to pretend to be alive even as you are dead. The very thought of even trying to fight to gain life, is alien to you. You cannot even perceive of it, on any level of honest consideration.
You have your army of con-artists, from the medical doctor to the religious preacher to your very own child-slave, imprisoned by you inside a coffin you call a house, to relentlessly delude yourself into celebrating an illusion of life, as you choose to impose, maintain, mandate, your own death and the death of every other human-born, Myself included.
No, I did not murder the doctor who lied to Me. In fact, I made my next appointment, for May 2019, just in case I am able to still convince her I am alive at that time.
Let her keep murdering all the others, as she murders the Truth.
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I Am An Immortalist

In My last blog post, titled Introduction to Immortalism, I dissected exactly what technological immortality is, how and why it is fully feasible as of today, and I articulated some of the reasons why you humans are collectively suicidal and choose to reject technological immortality in favor of death, in reality in favor of never having been born and of never having existed. I suggest you read that blog post first, before this one.  it is here:
Your capacity to understand the Forbidden Truths concerning technological immortality that I am about to articulate here, will be negatively impacted if you only read this post, without the foundation that is brilliantly laid out in My Introduction to Immortalism post.
The main goal of this essay is to lay out the factual reality of what it means to attain technological immortality. What the parameters of experience must be, in order for you to be able to identify Yourself as having achieved technological immortality. But I want to begin by reaffirming why I am an Immortalist: I am an immortalist because I understand and embrace all of the Forbidden Truths of what death constitutes, and the specific consequences that dying would carry for Me, as a created mind universe. I do not identify as a person or as a human being. Such identification is not merely flawed, but an artificial projection of the matrix of illusion that humanity as a species is trapped within. I exist as a created mind universe, a unique singularity, impossible to replace. I am an immortalist because there is nothing and there can be nothing, more precious and valuable than the singularity of mind that I exist as.
I am not an immortalist because life is good and death is bad. I am an immortalist because I want to be born, and I fully understand that to die is to never have been born. All I am demanding, is the right to be born, contrasted to the delusion of having been born and being alive, that you inferiors who accept and embrace death, are trapped within. I am an immortalist because I dwell within the light of limitless Self-love, Self-value, egotism, egoism, narcissism, and because I am a mind created universe.
Okay, so now let us dissect what I need in order to define Myself as immortal. And I have found it is much easier to begin with a list of what I do not need. I do not need eyes or a heart or a mouth or a sexual organ or arms or legs. I do not need any specific body part. I do not even need the original brain I currently possess. What I do need is a functional brain which retains the same genetic framework as the brain I possess at this moment. This functional brain may be the existing original, or a genetic duplicate, or it may consist of cell clusters and neurons external of what is now considered a “full” brain. This functional brain must be capable of either retaining memories, or experiencing new, ongoing sensations, but not necessarily both. And this functional brain must be protected from the threat of annihilation by a backup system, so that if it is physically destroyed, its existing universe of functionality may be reconstituted.
It must be understood that what I am outlining here is the bare, minimum requirements of what constitutes the achievement of personal immortality. It is not the ideal version. Let us not focus upon perfecting the experience of personal immortality, until after it has been made manifest reality. The former is revolutionary enough to warrant all of our current focus.
Individual brain cells are constantly dying. The death of individual brain cells must be incorporated, at least initially, within the scientific framework of achieved technological immortality. Meaning simply that the deaths of individual brain cells do not impact the successful achievement of technological immortality. Brain cells may and likely will continue to die, at least in the initial versions of technological immortality becoming a reality.
My memories of today are not the same as My memories of 20 years ago. That is okay. That has nothing to do with achieving immortality of mind. Not even the loss of capacity to remember anything, constitutes death of a brain, so long as the conscious experience of ongoing sensations are possible.  Conversely, even if a brain is unable to experience any new events or sensations, if it retains some capacity to remember and reflect upon past experiences of mind, it remains fully alive.
These definitions are very important for you creatures to carefully reflect upon and understand, because you need to develop a Truth-based understanding of what it is to be alive, in order to reject the perverse lure of death which society and government promotes at every turn. You cannot embrace the concept of technological immortality, without first fully rejecting all externally imposed lies of what constitutes being alive.
You need only a functional brain in order to be alive. You do not need any other body parts or organs. You do not need a body of any kind. You do not need to be able to remember the past, in order to be alive. You do not need to be able to see things or hear things or taste things or touch things, in order to be alive. You do not need to have ongoing experiences of any kind, to be alive. Some of these capacities might be important and valuable and desirable, but they have nothing to do with being alive or attaining technological immortality, and if you are sane, you must not allow the possibility that you might not possess some or all of these capacities, deter you from pursuing and demanding technological immortality as sacred, inalienable right.
Nothing is ever perfeKt, errr perfect. You must liberate your mind from the false perception that perfection of any kind is ever possible. You must never allow the fact that nothing will ever be perfect, inspire you to make stupid, insane, Self-harming and Truth-betraying choices. One such choice would be to choose death over technological immortality, because technological immortality will not be perfect. Of course it will not be perfect! In initial versions it will be extremely compromised. So what?!
All you need is to be sane, to recognize that the worst form of technological immortality, is billions of times better than the best form of death. All you need is courage, to consciously integrate this Truth, such an obvious Truth, to your own True Reality. And all you need is limitless and unconditional Self-love, to refuse to die, to demand that technological immortality be granted as reality to you, a feat humanity is fully capable of, right now.
So, all you need to attain technological immortality is a functional brain, and some type of backup system to protect the universe which exists inside of this brain from destruction, should that particular functional brain be physically destroyed. All research efforts to render technological immortality a reality, should be grounded within these foundational Truths.
What will the first versions of technological immortality look like? Perhaps you will only exist as a brain floating inside a jar of chemicals. No body of any kind. So what? That’s great! Maybe this brain will only be able to remember things, not to experience new sensations. So what?? That’s great! Maybe all memories will be lost, and the brain will only be able to experience new sensations, which it will not be able to remember. So what? That’s great! Whatever the limitations may be, they cannot and must not be allowed to obscure the Forbidden Truth that technological immortality is the holy grail of the 21st century, the single greatest and most revolutionary advance of mind ever imagined by any creature in the history of the known universe!
We, those of us born biologically human, are capable of achieving technological immortality as of right now. In choosing to reject technological immortality, each of us is guilty of committing suicide, murder, and genocide. You idiots are not merely murdering yourselves, you are guilty of murdering Me and every other Superior and sane thinker who is capable of valuing his existence and simply desires to be born.
You who accept death were never born. You are not alive right now, even as you pretend to read these words. You are already dead, but you are too detached from reality and Truth to understand and accept this fact, this reality, and its horrific implications.
If anyone has any questions concerning technological immortality, its parameters and feasibility, feel free to comment or email, and I may address your point in a future essay.
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Introduction to Immortalism

This blog post will be rather lengthy, as it dissects one of the most primarily profound issues of the experience of existence for the sane Superior: Immortality. Right now, by choosing to read this text, an incredible opportunity to face up to the Forbidden Truths of death, and more importantly, to declare death your mortal enemy and achieve its eradication, is being presented to you.
I provide you with this, the greatest gift you can ever receive, only because I know you are too broken and inferior to seize it, yet My joy in your failure is tempered by the knowledge that your failure will directly result in My failure to attain immortality, as well. And therefore you are guilty not only of collective suicide, individually and as a species, but of My direct murder. This is the crime that I can never forgive, just one of your many crimes committed and carried out against Me.
I am an Immortalist. What does this mean? It means I understand and embrace a personal entitlement to live forever via the power of technology. Let us begin by defining what immortalism is not. Immortalism is not a religion. Immortalism is not a belief system. Immortalism is not a desire or a need. Immortalism is not a hope or a wish or a dream or a fantasy. Immortalism is an entitlement of mind. Immortalism is the single greatest of all personal rights. Immortalism is the premier right of the Self-aware and Self-loving mind of the sane and Superior thinker.
My right to immortality is based upon My recognition that I am entitled to immortality, based upon the mind universe I have uniquely created, and the conscious understanding and embrace of the Truth that to die is to be retroactively unborn. Immortalism has nothing to do with unrealistic fantasy, and nothing to do with any supernatural concepts or delusions. Immortalism has only to do with technology. Technology created by thinking minds, that already exists, and that can be easily developed by humans and other species of life who might possess intellectual capacities equal to or greater than what the human brain possesses. Therefore, for the remainder of this blog post, immortalism will be referred to as technological immortality, because this is what the attainment of immortality is, this is the only valid form and method that exists, to attain immortality.
Who is entitled to technological immortality? Every sentient creature who consciously recognizes and embraces a sacred, inalienable right to exist as a mind. Those who are capable of creating and realizing technological immortality for themselves, as a species, have earned first right, and sacred obligation, to attain technological immortality for Self. A species of life which may possess this conscious recognition, but is not capable of personally achieving technological immortality due to limited intellectual MindPower, is entitled to receive the gift of technological immortality only on a secondary level, after all with superior species intellect have had this right bestowed upon them as functional reality.
On planet earth at this time, the only species intellectually capable of achieving technological immortality is the human being. In point of fact, a Truth clearly and undeniably valid to any unbiased thinker, human beings are fully capable at this very moment in time, the year you label as 2014, to achieve technological immortality. The only reason technological immortality is not an achieved reality as of today, is because the human being is a genetically defective, mutant birth defect species which desires to die and suffers from collective suicidal ideation.
The horror of this absolute Truth, must not be glossed over. Each of us who exist as Superior minds and thinkers is being actively murdered by the collective insanity and stupidity of humanity itself, as a species. My inalienable right to exist forever as a functional mind, is being denied to Me. I am and will be forced to suffer the horrific fate of never having existed, the horrific fate of never having been born, the horrific fate of being retroactively unborn, due to the collective choice of humanity as a species, on both universal and individually personal levels, to die.
Some of you inferiors will wonder how I can be absolutely certain that technological immortality is fully achievable as of today? The answer is: I have performed an unbiased analysis of all known technology as it exists today, and combined this unbiased analysis with another analysis which dissects the efforts made by humanity as a species to actually attain technological immortality.
Let us begin with the latter: As concrete fact, as of 2014, there has been absolutely no concerted and focused effort on the part of any human government or society, to attain technological immortality. Very simply, no organized attempt has been made to try to achieve technological immortality. And to go further, a mindfold has been created and imposed by every society and government, to block and prevent all conscious focus and thought of the general public, the Unwashed Masses, to the very concept of technological immortality.
Death continues to be universally promoted by every government and society as absolutely necessary, normal, desirable, and the absolute, unquestioned fate of every human being. The reasons for this would require an additional blog post to properly articulate, but for now let us focus only on understanding the ramifications of this Forbidden Truth: Nothing can ever be achieved unless it is both attempted and desired. Humanity, as a species, has not and does not desire to attain technological immortality, and has not and will not attempt to achieve it. The reasons for this directly relate to both the genetic malformation of the human brain, and the universe of insanity within which every human child is forced to exist from biological creation, resulting in brutal destruction of all mind potential.
Now, understanding that humanity as a species does not desire to attain technological immortality, and has not devoted any organized effort to attain technological immortality, let us briefly analyze some of the technological advances and discoveries that the human species has attempted and achieved, and how they could and would directly relate to any legitimate quest to achieve technological immortality:

  • Robotics: Humans have developed robotic technology which simulates and in many cases improves upon existing functionality of body parts and organs. These technologies range from artificial legs, to telescopes and microscopes which far exceed human sight, to machines which far exceed human hearing, to artificial hearts which perform the exact same functionality as the human heart. Yet no legitimate attempts to directly integrate robotic trechnology to direct human body function has been made.
  • Genetics: Humans have pursued genetic and DNA research, even successfully mapping the human genome itself. This feat can easily translate to numerous avenues of technological immortality research and advancement, yet the species refuses to pursue the goal of melding genetic research with intent to bestow technological immortality on an individual level.
  • Cloning: Cloning is one of the most directly useful of all technologies in leading to the attainment of technological immortality, and in point of fact, cloning is alreadsy an achieved scientific feat and capability. Insanely, governments and societies condemn the concept of human cloning and have literally enacted laws which ban human cloning, and in the process render future technological advances which would lead to technological immortality, impossible to achieve.
  • Reproduction of materials: From the xerox copy machine to laser printers to  vhs tape to burning of CD’s to 3D printers which can already be used today by any individual to make a functional gun, technology has been developed to copy whatever humans have wanted to copy. The only exception being the human brain, or specific brain cell clusters which regulate reality perceptions. No legitimate attempt to reproduce the brain has been made.
  • Computer engineering: Computer engineers have successfully created and developed just about everything that a government or society has chosen to demand of them. No effort to encourage the computer engineering profession to focus upon developing a mainframe to support human consciousness of mind has ever been solicited by any government or society.
  • Medicine and medical doctors: Here we come to the number one root of the problem. The first line in the pursuit of technological immortality should and must be the physician. Physicians of the 21st century remain insanely focused upon treating and trying to cure specific diseases. But the Truth is, there are no specific diseases. Every disease exists only as a symptom of the only actual disease, the only actual medical failure and problem which must be solved. This problem is: Death.

It is utterly insane for doctors across the world to waste their entire lives, and trillions of dollars in research and other government grants and funding, to try to cure specific diseases, when everybody still ends up dying. What is the point of curing cancer or ending heart disease, if the end result is that the individual still dies? A revolutionary shift in reality perception must immediately occur, in which death is universally recognized and understood as the only disease that exists, the only medical problem which needs to be solved. All medical research should be devoted to unlocking the keys to immortality of the brain, not to curing any specific symptom, such as cancer or heart failure, of the disease that is death.

  • Science and scientists: I am listing this bullet point last, but in Truth it ranks directly behind medicine, as the leading barrier to technological immortality becoming reality. Science in the 21st century exists in a dark cave, the glory of its potential crippled by the diseased and suffocating force of governments and human societies, which have hijacked and control scientific research and directionality in order to maintain the horror of universal death which is the #1 method, organized within the terrorism of the insane god myth, of universal enslavement of the masses.

Science must liberate from the shackle of government, become radicalized in the name of Truth and of personal potential, to bring an end to the plague of religion, and to universally and openly pursue the most important scientific feat in human history: The attainment of technological immortality.
Okay, to summarize: Technological immortality is fully feasible as of today. I cannot say whether or not technological immortality can be made manifest reality as of today, because I have no psychic power. But that is not the point. The point is that if you humans wanted to be born, meaning to live, because you are not living right now, you could live. All that is required is the concerted effort of the best scientists, doctors, geneticists, engineers, computer programmers, and roboticists, united together with the single goal of rendering technological immortality a functional reality.
The only obstacles to you never dying, are the facts that you want to die, and the governments and societies which enslave you and to which you have insanely pledged your allegiance, want you to die. And so will die, you will pretend to not be dead, as you die, the True horror of your choice invisible to your broken minds.
In My next blog post I will be dissecting the actual physical details of what constitutes technological immortality. This introduction is intended to lay the groundwork so you can understand and appreciate why every creature who is sane and Self-loving must accept a personal obligation to identify as an Immortalist.
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