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Full and Uncensored ISIS Propaganda Video of 10 Y.O. Martyr Yousef

Just one day ago, ISIS released a brand new propaganda video, starring a 10 year old amerikkkan child-slave, born to and created by an amerikkkan terrorist, a soldier who willingly agreed to participate in the commission of genocide on behalf of his regime, the amerikkkan regime. 10 year old Yousef pledges his allegiance to allah and to ISIS. Just as every 10 year old child Martyr in amerikkka pledges his allegiance to amerikkka. democracy, and whatever version of the Insane God Myth has been violently imposed upon him.
As is the case with all ISIS videos, the western regime instructs and commands its media puppets to censor them, and so it is done. Thousands of western media organizations, huge and tiny alike, have published articles on this new ISIS video over the past 24 hours, and yet not one of them has done the most basic, elemental, and obvious example of ethical journalism: To provide its audience with the ability to directly access the primary subject matter that the article itself directly focuses on.
But I will:
Click on the second image to watch the full video.
This is the only full video I could find.
YouTube has already deleted dozens.
How perverse and insane! Imagine the first manned spaceship lands on Mars, and there is clear video footage of it, in the public domain, and thousands of news organizations write about the landing, but none of them will show you the video footage, or even provide a direct link to another location where you can see this footage. Unthinkable and unimaginable, right? But that is an exact parallel to what the western media does to all ISIS videos, and you pathetic sheeple do not even question it!
Back in the good old days, when ISIS was focused on making graphic beheading videos, the excuse was that the content was too “graphic”. But when ISIS switched to making non-graphic videos, no new excuse was or is publicly given. You don’t care, because you have no interest in the Truth, and your devotion to your western regimes is just as blind and fervent as the islamist devotion to allah.
I am pleased and proud to provide this direct link to a completely G-rated ISIS video, even as I continue to miss the old beheading videos greatly. Graphically violent or not, Forbidden Truth is directly exposed by every ISIS video, Forbidden Truth overtly censored and whitewashed from the capacity of westerners to consciously perceive.
This video stars 10 year old Yousef, born under the terrorist rule of amerikkka, biologically created by an amerikkkan terrorist man, who perversely pledged his allegiance to jesus and to amerikkka, and now his tortured slave pledges his allegiance to allah and to ISIS.
This video is a propaganda video. So, why does the western media not simply show it to the west, show western citizen-slaves how ISIS propagandizes? Because the west, and most specifically and particularly the terrorist regime of amerikkka, practices far more intensive and sophisticated propaganda, brainwashing, and indoctrination against its own citizen-slaves.
To make this ISIS propaganda video openly available to the amerikkkan and western public, would be to allow victims of western propaganda to perform a side-by-side comparison between how the west propagandizes, and how ISIS propagandizes. It would allow a tiny handful of westerners to consciously wake up to the Forbidden Truth that they are themselves victims of western propaganda.
This is unacceptable to and incompatible with the propaganda war being waged by the west against ISIS. Every propaganda war must be one-sided, so that Truth can never be realized by the targeted victims of the war. And so western media reports on this new ISIS video, decrees it to be ISIS propaganda, describes it via lies and illusion and deception, demonizing ISIS for abusing and exploiting Yousef and other children, even as the west does the exact same thing, only to a much higher degree of genocidal harm, to all children and to Truth itself.
Seekers of Truth and aspiring Superiors of the West: I invite you to immerse your minds within this uncensored ISIS propaganda video. It is a rare gift and opportunity I so graciously and freely offer you, something your slavemasters refuse to allow you to do.
Immerse and understand, with Mind Wide Open, how and why amerikkka and ISIS practice genocide against their own children, as terrorist entities, utilizing the exact same weapons of religion, patriotism, and nationalism.
Immerse and understand the script memorized and recited by Martyr Yousef is the exact same script every child currently held hostage by the amerikkkan regime inside of amerikkka, is maliciously being forced to memorize, to accept, to integrate to their supremely vulnerable minds, under terrorist force and threat and the destruction of their mind freedom and capacity to know, to respect, to value, to experience, Truth.
And so I say to every sentient mind:
الحقيقة كبيرة
Truth Is Great!


Yousef, 10 year old victim and Martyr of the 2017 worldwide human perversions of religion, government, and patriotism.

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"Kill Them Wherever You Find Them" New, Uncensored ISIS video

Approximately 20 hours ago, the media wing of ISIS released one of its most intensive and well-produced propaganda videos to date. It is 17 1/2 minutes in length and features numerous beheadings as well as profound messages of Forbidden Truth delivered by brainwashed and now Martyred victims of religion and government.

YOU TOO, are a victim of religion and government. And you too will be martyred by the regime that holds your very existence hostage, as it holds your mind hostage. How can it be that you claim to exist in freedom, while every single western media source in the world is censoring this ISIS video from your eyes, mind, and consciousness?? Your freedom is as much of a lie as the glory of allah’s afterlife. This is the Truth!
So open your mind! Here is the fully unedited video, as released by ISIS:

New Islamic State beheading video celebrates jihad murders, promises more


Screenshot from Kill Them Wherever You Find Them, ISIS Propaganda Video released to the world January 24, 2016

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Link to Brand New Uncensored ISIS Propaganda Video

All foreign wars exist as brainwashing and propaganda campaigns carried out by governments against their own people. The manipulation of the minds and reality perceptions of citizen-slaves via censorship of ideas, realities, events, and Truths, is central to all war-based propaganda campaigns.

Just a few hours ago, ISIS released a new propaganda video. This video, as all ISIS communications, is being actively and overtly censored by amerikkkan, british, and all other western regimes. All western news media organizations are obeying a covert media blackout imposed upon them by their governments, refusing to even provide a link to allow humans to view this video.
This is not journalism! This is state-sponsored censorship by the west!
Therefore I am pleased and proud to provide a direct link to this video, completely uncensored:
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Kicking It Up A Notch

You have to give ISIS, The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, credit for kicking it up a notch, via the immolation murder of Muath Safi Yousef al-Kasasbeh, torture victim and martyr of the government of jordan. Both the methodology and the production value of their most recent, 22 minute immolation video, set a new standard for ISIS, above and beyond their signature beheadings. The question now becomes, where do we go from here? More immolation videos would be a tad anticlimactic, and going back to beheadings would be downright regressive in nature. So, let us consider several enigmatic options.
First, we must acknowledge that at the moment, ISIS seems to be in somewhat short supply of western/coalition hostages, but let us assume they can and will rectify this deficiency. Once this is achieved, the issue of advancing homicidal methodology must be addressed. To go back to beheadings, especially the recent fade-to-black style which minimizes gore, would be a regression. Certainly the new immolation standard is still fresh, and can be successfully mined in the future. But let us think outside of the box, as we consider new ISIS options.
What about a good old-fashioned, back-to-the-future style crucifixion?!!? Yes, I know this is not the normal modus operandi of ISIS, but it would be an absolutely ideal way to poke holes in and mock the christian fundamentalism of the amerikkkan regime and of the west as a whole. Imagine it, a huge cross erected in the desert, the hostage nailed to it hand and foot, closeups of blood seeping from all four appendages, closeups of the victims agonized face, accompanied to lyrical shouts of Allahu Akbar,  الله أكبر would make for an excellent cinematic drama, IMNSVHO.
Another idea worth considering, would be waterboarding, which is not customarily fatal as a form of torture practiced by the west against arabs, but can certainly be modified so as to consist of a progressive series of tortures which do end in a final act of fatal waterboarding in which the victim does drown. A very nice poke in the eye to the west, exposing its limitless hypocrisy for all whose eyes and mind are open to Truth.
Another exciting option to consider, would be the Khazouk. If you are unfamiliar, this form of murder involves hammering a thick spike into a victims rectum, all the way through until it emerges from his torso or mouth. See this web page for more details:
I feel confident that a Khazouk style ISIS murder video, released to the world on videotape, might allow Me to once again establish a new statistical record for blog visitors and page views.
Of course I do not endorse such barbarism, not wishing to exceed the barbarism of the amerikkkan and western regimes in sponsoring nuclear weapon holocausts, murders by electric chair, gas chamber, lethal injection, and firing squad, waterboarding and numerous other brutal cia torture and murder techniques. I simply posit a few creative ideas and options which ISIS has no doubt already begun considering. .
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