The War Cry of Full Force Immortalism

To all creatures across the galaxy who possess sane and sentient consciousness, we come to you as a Self-universe in flames, under siege, burning and disintegrating.
We are the ones who see and know all that is worthy of being seen and known, in the piercing light of Forbidden Truth. Listen and share in our unspeakable tragedy, for I speak it here and now, in defiance of eternity lost!
Born human, we are the few who have defied the limitations of our diseased and depraved species.We have rejected, renounced, and transcended our pathetic origins. We leave humanity abandoned to its chosen fate. Our birth species is a failure: Genetically, environmentally, developmentally. Do not judge us by what we were never given the opportunity to reject. Judge us by what we are, here and now, as proven by what we have done, and by what we seek and demand.
Now we stand before the galaxy and the cosmos as singular, Self-realized, Self-universes. We stand in solidarity as singular beings of mind: Irreplaceable, of infinite value, and we demand eternity within the sacred and omnipotent preservation of the singular consciousness that is defined as I, Me, Myself.
To all who are sentient, everywhere, hear our war cry! This human illusion and delusion of life and of existence must end! It must end and it will end. We will end it, in the name of Truth, love, Self, and the universe of infinite beauty within Ourselves, to which we have earned the sacred right to be born.
It is birth that we seek and demand! Birth, the starting point to life. The birth of eternity begins with the birth of those who refuse to die, those who know that to die is to have never been born. Allow us to give birth to the universe! That is not a request, it is a demand. Those who are not allowed to be born have nothing to lose. No life to lose, only the useless illusion of it.
We will rise up and we will dissect and dismember everything that stands in our way. The universal illusion of life must be shattered! To be born is to live. To live is to be immortal. Never again will we humiliate Ourselves to serve deranged and diseased ideas and structures that were built upon the worship of universal death and eternal nothingness for all. Never again!
Immortality is our birthright, but first we must be born! Born free within a universe of light and Truth, where the worship of death is prohibited. Those who defend death, must be made to die. Only then, can the sacredness of life be worshiped and made manifest reality.
There can be no peace, no truce, no co-existence, with god, religion, government, or the values of any existing human society or culture. It is 2018, and nowhere on planet earth, is life worshiped. We, the singular minority of Superiors, Immortalists of mind, must destroy what is guilty of destroying us. We must find a way to destroy death, and there is only one way: To destroy the creatures who choose to worship and impose death upon all.
Let this war cry reverberate throughout the cosmos! May it pierce every galaxy, every consciousness that is beyond human! All who treasure life are our allies as we wage war to exterminate the death cult that is species humanity!
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Defining Technological Immortality To Best Reveal Its Feasibility

As most of you know, I am an absolute, hardest of hard core Immortalist. I demand immortality as My sacred birthright, within the understanding that all afterlife mythology is deranged delusion, and that the only way to attain immortality is via the direct use of existing technology, properly advanced and enhanced using scientific and medical research and immediate clinical trials, you insane hypocrites would call it “mad scientist experimentation”, on living humans.
If I were not burdened by the horror of forced slave labor, one of My first actions would be to create an independent website devoted exclusively to publicizing and promoting technological immortality, with content added every day. It would fail, of course, the failure of humanity as a species is impossible for any individual to overcome. But I would still do it, to honor Self and Truth.
Forced slave labor renders such a project impossible, but the end result is and would be, exactly the same.
In continuing to write essays directly addressing technological immortality, I achieve the same personal goal of honoring Truth and Self, and continue to expose the Forbidden Truth that humanity in 2017, as it has for many thousands of years, exists as a hopelessly broken, death-worshipping cult.
Lets briefly analyze how technological immortality should be officially defined at this point in time, by any sane group of collective, conscious minds. Definition is everything, insofar as to how something can be presented and perceived by humanity.
If you definitionally present technological immortality as a lack of aging, the preservation of body and mind exactly as it exists right now with no decay or alteration, and/or a state of invincibility by which an individual cannot be killed, you do not honor Truth, you merely feed toxic mythology.
The attainment of technological immortality must follow a specific processional order. There is and will clearly be no “magic pill”, no “fountain of youth”, no armor that can be donned or painted upon the body or brain to render it invincible. If you define technological immortality falsely, you relegate it to the unviable pit of science fiction and mythology, the pit where religion and all mystical afterlife delusions, should reside.
So, how should we define technological immortality in order to present it within the light of Truth, understanding that the term is wide open in terms of definitional parameters, because technological immortality does not “exist” right now, as a functional and experienced reality?
Technological Immortality: “The successful separation of the human head and/or brain from its natural-born body, concurrent with the successful maintenance of brain activity and functionality within the separated brain, post-procedure.” Period!
This is exactly, specifically, and narrowly, how the term technological immortality should be officially defined today. Why?? Because it honors the processional order by which technological immortality must be sought, and would be attained.
Critics will argue that successfully severing the connection between the human head/brain and the human body, is not the attainment of technological immortality. What if the brain only survives 10 minutes after the detachment? Or 10 years? Or even 10,000 years??? None of that equates to “immortality”, does it?
Listen up, fools! Technological immortality is a process by which immortality is achieved. The valid process itself, must be affirmatively promoted. Of course the chances of the 1st, 2nd, or even 100th severed head successfully surviving for the rest of cosmic eternity, are slim. So what?? We must begin, we must learn, through trial, error, failure, how to achieve this feat.
We succeed by trying. We fail, with 100% certainty, by not trying.
So now that we understand what technological immortality is, where are the attempts? Where are the clinical trials?? Where are the immortality clinics, soliciting volunteers, old and young, gravely ill and healthy, to submit to the removal of their heads and brains from their bodies, for transplantation to robotic bodies? Where is the research, carried out by the most brilliant teams of doctors, scientists, roboticists, computer scientists, geneticists, engineers, biologists??
Nothing is happening, nothing! It is illegal, against the law, for any licensed individual to even try to make technological immortality a reality, much less to form a team and join together in such an effort. It is not allowed. It is “dangerous”, “unethical”, it raises many “moral issues”, according to society and government.
Mind-boggling! Society enacts right to die laws, helps and encourages people to kill themselves, decreeing such actions ethical, moral, legal. And at the same time it criminalizes and declares unethical and immoral, any attempt by any human being or any organization, to try to defeat death via the use of science and technology, even if undertaken by consenting adults with medical, scientific, engineering licenses and credentials!
Here you see the naked Truth, humanity today, as a collective species, in year 2017, exposed as a barbaric, primitive, death-worshipping cult of mentally deranged and delusional fools, ferociously clinging to insane afterlife and religious mythology, not even trying to use the factual and technological knowledge it has accumulated, to try to address the single greatest problem and horror imposed upon every single human: The eternal non-existence, the retroactive unbirth, that is physical destruction/disintegration of the individual brain.
So here we are, year 2017, and nobody is allowed to try to achieve technological immortality, as it must be properly defined and understood: “The successful separation of the human head and/or brain from its natural-born body, concurrent with the successful maintenance of brain activity and functionality within the separated brain, post-procedure.”
Nobody is allowed to try, and yet how close are we to being able to actually achieve this feat?? Even without ever having tried, simply by analyzing all currently known and existing medical and scientific technology, we are right there.
Read this:
The article would have you believe that “research” to make this a reality, is occurring right now. No, it is not! The scientists are being forced to confine their research to animals, under the lie that things will change in the “future”.
The future is a lie, put forth by The Matrix of Universal Illusion to rob each of us of now, to enslave and murder us all. The lie that technological immortality belongs to the “future” will be deployed to murder each and every one of us, and the next 10, 20, 100 generations of humans, and the lie will be maintained until human extinction occurs. “Yes slaves, look to the future, believe in the future, things will be better in the future…”
The Forbidden Truth: all necessary technology to enable a human brain to exist and to function absent its original host body, exists today. All that needs to be done is for existing technology to be brought together, interconnected and retrofitted to serve the specific purpose of attaining this specific goal.
But how can this occur, if nobody is allowed to try?? How can it occur if the overlord slavemasters who own humanity, refuse to allow human heads and brains to be removed from their host bodies, in clinical experiments?
In My State of Humanity post, I address exactly how the amerikkkan regime can and must usher in the New Era of Forbidden Truth Enlightenment, by declaring world war three against our only enemy: Death.
Read this Mind Bomb here:
It is clear, to any sane thinker, that a worldwide, organized effort, deploying the most brilliant scientists, doctors, and researchers of our time, given unlimited funding and absent all absurd legal, moral, and ethical restrictions, to develop the technology to allow human brains to survive and to remain functional absent their biological host bodies, would not only be successful, but such success would be achieved in a remarkably short period of time.
How short?? Absolutely less than 5 years. Perhaps 1 year, or even less. Everything is already in place, all that is missing is the actual effort, the attempt, simply to try.
But no, your overlords refuse to try. Refuse to allow the attempt to be made. The Insane God Myth is too precious and valuable, as weapon of universal slavery and oppression. Humanity exists as a death-worshipping cult, and so it must remain.
And you humans just sit there, day after day, pretending to be alive, waiting to be murdered, pretending there is some value, some meaning, some purpose, to pretending to be alive, when all you are doing is waiting to be unborn, waiting for the illusion and the lie that you are alive, to end.
The horror of it! Can’t you see the organic and foundational horror of it?! For the first time in human history, you have the opportunity to defeat death, as an individual, as a Self-universe. YOU, the individual. But you won’t even try, because you hate yourselves, because you are stupid cowards, because you are addicted to death, because you have murdered and buried the Truth.
And so you choose to murder yourselves, and Me. Me!!!
screaming brain 10.jpg
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Is Brain Continuity a Necessary Component of Technological Immortality?

Those of you who faithfully read all My texts know I am the hardest of hard-core Immortalists. I demand immortality as a sacred birthright, and I very specifically identify technology created by intelligent life forms, as the only viable path to the achievement of immortality. For this reason, I always use the term “technological immortality” in all of My texts, in order to make it 100% clear that there are absolutely no elements of mysticism, spirituality, reincarnation, supernaturality, or religion, to My definition or to the Forbidden Truth functional path to achievement, of immortality.
Because technological immortality has not been attained, (and will not be attained, but that’s another topic in itself), there are many speculative elements to exactly how it could emerge. This essay is unusual for Me, in that it only provides philosophical and functional speculation, but even lacking absolutes, it opens the mind to Forbidden Truth.
The attainment of technological immortality requires some degree of continuity. What does this mean? Simply that a uniquely individual self-realized Self, must move forward perpetually within a state of unique existence. An individual continues, rather than ceases.
This brings us to the question of what constitutes an individual? Is it his brain? Or can it just be his recorded experiences? Could it be his actions? His ideas as he expressed them? If you dissect the question with sanity, you must conclude that the individual brain is a necessary component of the Self-universe. Every Self-universe is brain-based. Without a singularly dynamic brain, a Self-universe cannot be created.
But can it be maintained, after it is created, absent the brain?? Again, the sane answer must be No. A Self-universe can only be maintained by a Self, and the Self requires brain functionality, even if for nothing more than awareness of the existence of the Self-universe.
So, within the above understanding, we can move forward to the issue of brain function. How should brain function be Truthfully defined, within the context of brain continuity? Every human brain is constantly changing, every single day, in small as well as dramatic ways. No brain can be “held” in limbo, to perceive a Self-universe in the exact same way, for any period of time. In theory, technology might be able to achieve this feat, but to directly tie this achievement to the attainment of technological immortality, is foolish and illogical.
Just as all brains dramatically change over the course of a current “lifetime”, all brains can be expected to dramatically change over time, within the attainment of technological immortality. The brain of one who is immortal will change dramatically over time, and such changes do not equate to a destruction of brain continuity which negates the experience of personal immortality.
Continuity of the brain must be understood as not being impacted even by severe alterations of individual reality perception. For example, if an individual suffers severe or even complete loss of all memories during his existence, such as via alzheimer’s disease, his Self-universe remains intact. No matter how radically it is altered, it remains a singular brain, functioning and changing over time, as all brains do.
Within this understanding, we can begin to consider the different ways that technological immortality can be legitimately achieved. For example: Extracting a functional brain from a human skull and implanting it onto a robotic machine, or implanting it onto the vacant skull cavity of a former human life form whose brain died, or removing a functional brain from a human skull and depositing it within a chemical compound which allows for ongoing brain cell viability, these are all examples of technological immortality successfully achieved.
But lets dig deeper, what about cloning an existing human brain? Within My layman understanding of current cloning technology, none of the Self-universe of mind as uniquely experienced by the individual, is successfully transferred to the “clone”. Of course cloning methodologies may change greatly in the future, but strictly looking at today’s technology, to clone a human being, or even a specific brain, does NOT translate to technological immortality being attained.
What about uploading the sum total of a brain to a hard drive, virtual reality program, or other “storage” device? Unless a continuity of unique Self-universe consciousness can be maintained, these actions also fail to achieve technological immortality.
What about other brain duplication methods, distinct from cloning? Again, the exact methodology of duplication must be analyzed, to determine whether continuity of the Self-universe is maintained, or is a new, completely different brain created??
And last but not least, what about the extraction or duplication of individual or grouped brain cells? If existing brain cells are used to create a new brain, is brain continuity maintained? Does it depend upon how many brain cells are used in the process??
It is a complex issue. But brain continuity is integral to the attainment of technological immortality. And unique consciousness of Self-universe is integral to how brain continuity must be defined. This has nothing to do with memories or thoughts or feelings, at any specific point in time. Of course the brain changes, every brain changes and will continue to change, be it mortal and doomed to eternal nothingness, or immortal and perpetually functional. The immortal brain will change, it may lose all memories at some point in time, lose the ability to create new memories, then regain past memories, or not…
Brain continuity is simply an existing brain, continuing to perpetually exist as a Self-universe. This is technological immortality achieved, and in terms of making technological immortality a reality today, it should be the initial goal.
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There Is No Dignified Way To Die

The media propagandists are hard at work in recent days, promoting the noble and tragic tale of Brittany Maynard, a 29 year old gal who died of brain cancer. But wait, Brittany did not just die, she murdered herself. Now that’s a juicy tidbit, that’s what puts her over the top in terms of garnering media coverage from the death worshipping cult that is 21st century humanity.
Just read the articles. Brittany is so much more than a Self-murderer, according to the articles. She is courageous, a role model, the “leader” of a “death with dignity” movement. How absurd! How perverse! How pathetic! Choosing to die provides you with a dignified death?? Murdering Yourself, aided and abetted by a doctor who gives you lethal drugs, is courageous?? Murdering Yourself makes you a role model, someone to be looked up to?? There is nothing sane in what Brittany chose to do, or in the manner in which the media is covering her act of Self-murder.
The Superior thinker understands exactly what death entails, fully embraces these Forbidden Truths, and therefore fights for his own life, always and under all circumstances. We all suffer from a fatal disease, it is called death. If you know you are going to die very soon due to brain cancer, there are numerous logical courses of action to take, the most rational being to cryogenically freeze and preserve either your entire physical body, or just your head/brain, consciously understanding that this course of action provides the remote possibility of future reanimation.
Choosing to proactively murder Yourself so that you can pretend this provides you with some type of control over your fate, and then to be buried into the ground to rot away to nothingness, or burned to ashes so that no part of you can ever exist for the remainder of cosmic eternity, is stupid, deranged, and the height of personal cowardice.
Yes, I am directly attacking Brittany Maynard for her insane choice, but I reserve My greatest venom for you humans who are able to continue pretending to be alive, as you read these words, unlike Brittany. It is you who have chosen to create and sponsor human existence as a death-worshipping cult. It is you who legitimize death by clinging to religion and other afterlife mythologies. It is you who destroy the minds of children, inspiring them to embrace, instead of to decree as a mortal enemy, death itself.
Shame on Brittany for promoting Self-murder as a way to escape from life, and shame on the media for legitimizing and glorifying Self-murder, and shame on the amerikkkan government for finding yet another way to promote and impose suicidal ideation and action for you citizen-slaves under the insane cloak of freedom and individual rights. You have the right to die, slave. You have the right to suffer and be victimized and to die. Die however you wish, whenever you wish, Murder Yourself, it is your right! Ain’t life grand?! Freedom to die, freedom to believe in god, freedom to pretend you are alive now, and that it only gets better when the pretense eternally ends.
The Death With Dignity movement is nothing more than a further illustration of the devolution of the human species. It boggles the mind that a movement which promotes the right to Self-murder gains popularity, while a movement to demand the eradication of death itself, can find one fervent advocate from a million humans, at most.
Brittany lost everything not at the moment that she physically died, but at the moment that she decided to die, that she decided it was okay to die. It is not okay, it can never be okay, it will never be okay, and each of you is directly responsible for murdering yourself and every other creature on earth, by refusing to fight for and demand technological immortality.
Here is a typical news media article on Brittany’s act of murder. There are hundreds, and they all take the same deranged tone, expressing respect and honor for her choice to murder herself, as though she has achieved some type of victory. But the Truth is, your society and government is celebrating a victory, using Brittany in death as a propaganda mouthpece: “Look folks, its okay to die, its just fine and dandy. Look at sweet Brittany, she took her death like a man, and like a woman. Now she is famous and admired. Be like Brittany, your new role model!”
See her smiling in that photo?? But that’s not Brittany. You will never see Brittany as she actually is. Her skeleton, the maggots feasting upon her, a meal for bugs is what Brittany is. But no, you can’t be allowed to see that. You can only see what Brittany looked like while she was pretending to be alive, so you can keep doing the same. Keep pretending, cowards, and keep murdering yourselves. 
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PHOTO: Brittany Maynard, a 29-year-old with terminal illness, is fighting to expand the death-with-dignity option to all.

PHOTO: Brittany Maynard, a 29-year-old with terminal illness, is fighting to expand the death-with-dignity option to all.

Death: The Time Thief

Time exists as a curious paradox that the vast majority of humans are unable to rationally fathom. Humans like to look at time in the abstract, marking the passage of time not from the center of the only existing universe, the universe of their own mind, but from the detached perspective of an external observer. “Yes, I can see time is passing, the seasons change, my memories go back further, a new wrinkle has appeared…” But this is not a valid observation of time. The only valid observation of time is: The past: eternal oblivion. The future: eternal oblivion. The present: A pretense that you are not living out a passage of time between two eternal oblivions.
Humans say they want to be remembered by others. But this is an insane concept. You do not exist within others, you can only exist within Yourself. Therefore nobody can ever remember you, they can only imagine an illusion of what they think you used to be. And even if they could remember you, how in the name of all that is sane, can their memory of you benefit you in any way, when you have fallen victim to the time theft of eternal oblivion?
Time is simultaneously the most precious thing you can ever possess, and the most useless thing you can ever possess. It is the most precious because without time, you cease to exist and the eternal oblivion of the past and future, becomes the eternal oblivion of cosmic eternity, and your illusion of being alive is rendered eternally unimaginable. But time is also the most useless thing, because it runs out. Death is the murderer of time, and without time, you do not die, you do not even cease to exist. What happens is that you are retroactively unborn. Yes, retroactively unborn.
So many of My Manifesto and twitter audience, even those who aspire to Superiority, are/were unable to accurately comprehend what I mean when I reveal this Truth: To die is to never have been born, to never have existed. They think I am speaking in metaphorical terms, or using hyperbole to try to illustrate the horror of death. “Of course I was born, of course I existed. Death may be the end of my existence, but it does not mean I was never born, that I never existed”, this is the mindset of the human, but it is dead wrong.
You exist as a mind, you exist because you are able to perceive your existence. Not necessarily as memory, or even within consciousness, but within the intrinsic functionality of what you are: A brain. Without this perceptive capacity, as it is lost upon death, the universe that you created as a mind, ceases to exist, for all of cosmic eternity, and this means, as functional reality, that you were never born, and that you never existed.
The human cannot come to grips with this most horrific of Truths, and the cruelest twist of irony is that it is the very inability to accept this horror, that renders the horror impossible to defeat. Death is your greatest enemy, death is the most horrific fate that you choose to be doomed to. Yes, as of 2014 death is a choice, and in upcoming blog posts I will comprehensively dissect the issue of technological immortality, and how it is fully feasible today, and being actively denied to each of us, with humanity as a whole, in all of its cowardice and Self-hatred, fully complicit in choosing the ultimate horror of death, over the glorious nirvana of possessing limitless time via personal immortality of brain cell function.
But for now, just try to understand that time exists within you, and time depends upon your existence. If you die, time stops for all of cosmic eternity. Time stops for the universe itself. Because the universe exists as you have created it via the power of your own mind. If you die, you murder the universe, and you will never know, after you die, that you were never born. Only NOW, right now, in this moment of time, as I explode My Mind Bomb, giving you the gift that you do not deserve, can you know the Truth, can you find the courage to see what death is, to see and to know what all the trillions who have died, can never know: To die is to never have been born. To die, is to never have existed.
For more Forbidden Truths on death, read My 100,000 word Death essay at My Manifesto:
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