Defining Intelligence Within Forbidden Truth Parameters

I am one of the most brilliant human-born creatures to have ever enjoyed the pleasure of knowing he is already dead. In this Mind Bomb essay, I will list twenty separate and distinct defining parameters of personal consciousness that are required in order for any human-born to gain the capacity to try to become intelligent. Note: These inflection points do not make you intelligent, they merely allow you to know what intelligence is, thereby to begin a Forbidden Truth effort to attempt to escape from the universal and natural stupidity that permeates every aspect of human existence.
⇔Intelligence has nothing to do with the acquisition of factual knowledge. Intelligence is not determined by the amount of knowledge an individual has crammed into his brain. Intelligence can be measured by the type of knowledge an individual chooses to integrate to core consciousness, and how this knowledge is processed in direct harmony with both love of Self and love of Truth.
⇔Intelligence has nothing whatsoever to do with education, or being educated. In fact, it must be absolutely and clearly understood that every form of organized human education overtly sabotages, compromises, and destroys the capacity of an individual to develop intelligence. Education, in the modern era, was specifically developed as a cloaked weapon of society and government, and successfully deployed to devastating effect, to undermine and to prevent all humans, of all ages, from gaining and developing intelligence.
⇔Intelligence is the subordination of all brain activity and all thought process, to the chosen will of the individual Self-universe, within control of conscious and subconscious perception. The brain is not the leader. The brain does not determine what you think about, how you think about things, or when you think about things. No. The Self-universe owns, controls, directs, all brain function, via independent will and command of the omnipotent I and Me.
⇔To be intelligent, you must know, consciously, at every moment in time, that stupidity rules the world. That stupidity is the socially determined and enforced de facto standard within which all humans are compelled to endure the shackling, the oppression, the destruction of their own capacity to dwell within an external universe that honors and manifests intelligence. Therefore, the war to gain intelligence must be consciously understood as a war to destroy society and government, as their malicious destruction of intelligence must and does destroy your individual capacity to achieve the maximum benefits of your own Self-universe triumphs of mind.
⇔Intelligence is knowing, and fully implementing to maximal capacity, the fact that nothing external of Self and the individually developed Self-universe, deserves to be granted importance or value or legitimacy as either ideological or functional structure. The intelligent mind is consistently and unrelentingly Self-focused.
⇔Intelligence is knowing, at all times and levels of consciousness, that you are dead. That your capacity to be born, the greatest gift any Self-universe must claim as sacred entitlement, has been deliberately and maliciously denied, by forced beyond your control. And intelligence requires the proactive embrace of profound rage and hate, limitless in depth and scope, specifically rooted within this conscious realization of a supreme atrocity specifically directed and inflicted upon the Self-universe of Me, Myself, and the Omnipotent I.
⇔Intelligence is understanding your own sacred obligation to avenge Yourself, by dismembering and beheading every structure, and every individual who supports, defends, and enables every such structure to exist, that asserts and imposes a claimed right to control, direct, and determine your current, ongoing, and ultimate fate. Every such external construct, and all who serve to collectively uphold such constructs, must be annihilated.
⇔Intelligence is knowing that nothing untrue can be legitimate. That nothing untrue can be allowed to gain any foothold perception of value within your Self-universe. The pursuit of intelligence must always run concurrent and parallel to the pursuit of Truth, both recognition and fully conscious embrace. Within Truth, there is intelligence, and within intelligence, there is Truth. Any divergence within either, indicates a breach and a failure of both.
⇔Intelligence is knowing that every human-born brain is specifically limited in capacity, no matter what levels of Superiority and personal untouchability you may attain. Your brain is and will always be limited in capacity. Therefore you must selectively choose what to learn, what facts are important and valuable, and what facts exist as toxic and poisonous trivia, promoted and taught by society and government for the specific purpose of invading and occupying your limited brain storage and memory capacities.
You must independently choose to limit and filter through all factual knowledge, rejecting and discarding the unimportant and the externally poisonous, in order to maintain needed storage capacity within your brain, for valuable and primarily True facts and philosophical structures of reality perception.
⇔Intelligence is reflected and manifested via the conscious determination to harm and to destroy others, in reflection of the harm and destruction imposed and inflicted upon you, past, present, and future, specifically rejecting the legitimacy of all external demands for Self-control, inhibition, and the attainment of higher/better standards of conduct. All such external demands must be recognized as illegitimate.
⇔Intelligence is knowing as a Self-mind, that love, kindness, empathy, compassion, affection, are all specifically finite in quantity, and therefore must be conserved, hoarded, and exclusively bestowed upon Self, never externally distributed or dispensed.
⇔Intelligence is knowing that the only way to change the world, is to force others to change, and that every available method to force this change is inherently justified, regardless of how much harm it may cause in the short-term, and regardless of what demonizing labels or judgments the external universe might apply to such methods. Further, you must know that your right, as an intelligent Self-universe, and as an individual, to force the world itself, cumulatively and entirely, to change to your will, is absolute, sacred, and incontrovertible.
⇔Intelligence is the conscious choice to rigorously and obsessively abandon and reject all externally created and maintained distractions and diversions from the individual pursuit and embrace of Truth, of reality, and of the sacred individual right to focus the Self-mind exclusively upon chosen directional paths, absent all external influence.
⇔Intelligence is expressed and reflected by a personal proclamation of infinite value, and the right to attain infinite power and control over everything that touches the Self. Therefore, as god is externally defined by your mortal enemy, You must consciously and overtly claim and demand every power, every privilege, every right of action afforded to the mythological god creature, by society and government. As god is given right to destroy all Self-universes, you must claim right to subvert and destroy not merely god, but all human structures that are at work, subverting and destroying your capacity to attain omnipotence, untouchability, and immortality as a Self-universe.
⇔Intelligence is manifested by denying, rejecting, and transcending your humanity, within the conscious realization that the human species is a failure, biologically, developmentally, progressively, and intellectually, and cannot be redeemed or rendered viable, beyond individual transcendence.
⇔Intelligence is a mind on fire, in love with itself, what it is and what it must always be, a mind demanding radical change, knowing that all change is radical, because within the external human universe nothing has changed for thousands of years, as the collective consciousness of the species rests in frozen paralysis.
⇔Intelligence is the conscious abandonment of all belief on a structural level, within the understanding that belief is a polar opposite to, and impossible to reconcile with, the pursuit or the progressive development of knowledge, facts, or intelligence. Belief itself must be understood as a toxic poison seeking entry to the Self-universe of mind, where it will wreak havoc and destruction should such penetration, on any level, occur.
⇔Intelligence requires a consistent and absolute refusal to compromise on anything. Stupidity must never be met halfway, quarter-way, or any way. Intelligence must be treated as a standard that must never be lowered.
⇔Intelligence is known and expressed by an absolute and unrelenting desire to eternally repeat and replay every positive experience of the Self-mind. Obsession with new and different experiences must be consciously understood as an indicator of stupidity, even as mind progression towards superior intellect is consistently maintained. The Self-realized past and present must be honored as sacred foundational paths going forward to an infinite future.
⇔Intelligence is knowing there is no slavery beyond slavery of the mind. Understanding that every other form of slavery is only possible, can only exist, after slavery of the Self-mind to external forces has been established. Therefore, everything external of Self that seeks to control and influence your Self-mind, does so as malicious and unforgivable attack against You, an overt attempt to establish mind slavery against and upon You, that must receive an overwhelming response of violence and annihilation from You.
⇔Intelligence is the deliberative and ongoing organization of hate and of love in a way that consistently honors and reflects all of the Forbidden Truths as articulated by Me within all of My texts and essays, subordinating emotion to thought, consciously aware that emotions, while not to be denied a legitimate right to exist within the Self-universe, formulate as flawed and stray thoughts and must be refined within the superior environment of thought.
Boom!! Mind Bomb successfully detonated!

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A Forbidden Truth Understanding of Eternity

Let us begin by defining what eternity is not.
Eternity is not a myth, not a fantasy, not a dream, not an impossibility, not a superstition.
Eternity has nothing to do with god, religion, or any form of afterlife.
Eternity is nothing external to Self.
Okay. Now we can Truthfully define eternity:
Eternity /əˈtərnədē/ noun: The personal achievement of a mind universe of personal consciousness rooted within a singular brain functioning perpetually.
To achieve eternity requires the defeat of death, the attainment of immortality. Immortality can only be attained in one manner: Via the technological preservation, maintenance, and/or duplication of an existing mind universe, an existing brain. Therefore, eternity and technological immortality are inextricably linked.
There is no eternity, as a functional structure and as a valid concept, absent the personal, individual attainment of technological immortality. Eternity does not, cannot exist, absent this attainment.
When can the quest for eternity begin? Upon your personal realization, as a mind universe, of what eternity is, as it is Truthfully defined above.
Absent such fully conscious understanding and embrace, eternity can be nothing more than a lie, a Self-delusion, a weapon of enslavement successfully deployed against you by the matrix of universal illusion, via definitional brainwashing.
You can begin the fight to achieve eternity, by knowing what it is. But of course knowing is not enough. Eternity is something wonderful, something you humans, you Self and Truth-hating creatures, you suicidal death worshippers, fear, loathe, and reject. Eternity terrifies you, and so you mythologize it. So you never even have to consider, to contemplate, pursuing it, demanding it, achieving it.
You can be an Eternal. You just don’t want to be. Can anything be more tragic and enraging?? No. Not to you, but to Me! Because in rejecting eternity, you murder Me, you deny Me what I deserve: To be BORN!
For an introductory understanding of the Forbidden Truths of technological immortality, read:
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Eternity: Rejected by you!

Emotional Autonomy and Mind Ownership

I received an email reply to one of My most uniquely brilliant essays, and it asks a few questions which I deem worthy of being answered via a brand new blog post. But, before you read the email and My reply, you really should either read or reread My initial blog post. This blog post is absolutely vital for anyone who seeks to transcend their humanity and to become an untouchable Superor, to fully comprehend. I just reread the post Myself, and even I am struck by how exceptionally brilliant it is, which is saying a lot since I have an immense ego and find all of My writings to be brilliant. Here it is, one of My Mind Bombs, atomic grade:
In response to reading the above, My email correspondent states:
Begin quote: “I was reading through this blog post yesterday
and had some some questions/was seeking advice about emotional autonomy. I was just kinda wondering how emotions can be controlled when everything happens so fast? I mean emotions to me seem so sudden, even though when thinking about things from a FT/Superior perspective I can usually manipulate them somewhat. Like if something happens to me it will usually garner a “typical” reaction, but upon thinking about it a for a given amount of time I can decide what to feel about it. I’m not sure, it is kinda hard to describe, but I just don’t get how emotions can be controlled the way you’re talking about there, and in other writings, when everything seems to happen so fast that emotions just seem to arise naturally. Kind of a jumbled question, but I hope you get what I’m getting at. Please let me know if there’s anything I need to say to elaborate.
You said it took you decades to master it. That’s concerning to me, but also a challenge which I like. Do you have anything you’re willing to say about that? Also decades as in decades in your adult life or decades total?” End quote.
My reply: To own your mind is to place it under both guard and control. To draw an analogy, consider the white house. Yes, the white house. The white house is a building, a structure, which houses increasingly important structures, within its deep parameters. The white house is protected via multiple layers of defense structure. For example, there is an iron fence, then there are perimeter patrols. Then there are interior patrols, from within the fence. Then there are unknown, to the general public, observational patrols, both human and mechanical, such as cameras and guards on the roof or looking out of windows. Then there are more internal defense mechanisms, guarded doors, security locks, hidden rooms, secret passageways, etc…
Now, consider your mind, your brain, as the most precious, important, and valuable object you possess. Your brain is a structure. Your brain must be protected, and nobody on this planet will ever try to protect it. Only you can protect your brain. Nobody else wants to, and nobody else will. In point of Truth, your brain is under constant attack, every minute, by malicious, external forces. This is not a metaphor, but concrete Truth and fact. So, what do you do? If you love Yourself and seek to render Yourself untouchable, you must build a white house to encapsulate your brain. A fortress with multiple and impenetrable layers of defense and control. Nothing may be allowed to access your brain, the control centers of your brain, nothing and nobody, beyond the emotionless Self.
Why the emotionless self? Because all experiences of emotion can be externally directed against you, as offensive weapons. Even after you transcend your humanity, unless you have subordinated emotion to intellect , with absolute control, “your” own emotions can be deployed externally, by outside forces, to sabotage you, or, put another way, to entice you to sabotage Yourself.
Feelings are not thoughts. To strive to become emotionally untouchable, is an exercise in futility. The only way to achieve emotional untouchability, is to successfully subordinate all emotional feelings, to emotionless, intellect-based thoughts, concepts, plans, realizations, and actions. You become untouchable as a mind, by understanding that the pursuit of emotional untouchability cannot work. Let your emotions be touched, it will not matter after you succeed in subordinating emotion to intellect.
You choose what you feel, this is the achievement of the untouchable Superior. Others may and will attempt to use emotion to penetrate your defenses, but all such attempts fail, because you have erected enough layered defenses to successfully repel each and every external attack. At the same time, you understand that the emotional threat also exists within, and in response, no impulse, no ideation, no thought, is allowed to roam free. The intellectually untouchable mind functions as a computer virus detection program. Everything which enters the mind: thought, concept, impulse, is analyzed for emotional contamination, which is identified, and contained, always subordinate to intellect.
Note My use of the word “contained”. This is because I have no desire to function as an emotionless automaton. Emotions are not My enemy, they are useful to Me, but only within absolute control via ownership.
First of all, things rarely happen “fast”, as you say. Whatever happens external to Self, must be perceived first and foremost, as a threat to Self. Any emotional feeling to the external event, which occurs outside of intellectual ownership of mind and reality perception, only increases the threat level. If a pig suddenly stands in front of you on the street and declares you under arrest, the experience of any emotion over an intellectualized analysis, will only result in a poor tactical response. Intellect-based responses do not take longer than emotion-based responses. We are not talking about engaging in a deep philosophical Self-debate. What we are talking about, is retaining the emotionless clarity of mind which allows for split-second tactical decisions to be made, which are absent the errors of judgment inherent within emotion-based responses.
Even if a stranger on the street pulls a gun and points it inches from your head and declares he will blow your head off, there is no need for an emotion-based response. Instinct must be understood as completely detached from emotion. Instinctual attacks upon others, as defense, exist within the intellectual mind, and their initiation does not require subordination of intellect to emotion.
You say that emotions come upon you all of a sudden. Most emotional responses occur slowly and over time. If you try to inhibit your emotions, they can burst forth in an uncontrolled way. This is not the path of the Superior. If an external event has the capacity to render you sad or angry on an emotional level, you have not mastered the subordination of emotion to intellect. Which simply means you intellectually decide whether or not to personally experience the emotion.
Example: About a year ago a stray cat that I feed, one of my favorite stray cats in fact, she used to lay down on my bed when I allowed her inside, and sometimes refused to leave if it was cold or raining outside, was hit by a car. I was home. I heard the squeal of tires and saw the cat lying at the curb. I went outside and looked at the cat, she was dying. I picked her up and took her to my garbage can and placed her inside. I felt no emotions of any kind throughout. I dumped regular garbage on top of her later in the day, took the container to the curb as usual on the scheduled day. I gave the incident no thought, beyond some intellectualized musings, such as how I wished a human being, instead of a cat, had suffered this same fate and I could have disposed of the human in the same way.
My subordination of emotion was consciously chosen. There was nothing to be gained from feeling bad for the cat, or sorry for the cat, or to allow the incident to impact My emotional experience of existing. I would not have chosen to hit the cat with My car, had I been driving. But so what? This is an intellectual fact, not an emotional response. You decide what to feel based upon actual benefit to you, this is the Superior path.
I choose to experience the emotions of rage and hate, to revel in these emotions. They empower Me, they enhance My experience of My existence. I choose to consciously relive the True experiences of My childhood abuse, because these experiences define Me. These experiences were traumatic, and reliving them now is also emotionally traumatic, but this emotional trauma is the fuel which has allowed Me to transcend My humanity. It is the fuel which empowers Me to revel in rage and hate. And My experience of this emotional trauma occurs within consciously intellectual control and choice. Here you can know the essence of mind ownership, if your own mind is capable of the courage to openly understand and relate to the gift of insight I have just graced you with.
There should be no emotional reactions to external events, absent an intellectualized choice. Like with Me and the stray cat. Within 2 seconds, an intellectualized choice was made, that no positive benefit to any emotional response to the incident, or to the dying/dead cat, was personally beneficial. And so I had no emotional response. This is ownership of mind. “Controlling” your emotional responses is not ownership of mind. Feeling bad but controlling how bad you feel… No, that is the amateur, pretending to have control.
Emotions arise because you have failed to successfully subordinate emotions to intellect. You keep going back to the “fastness” of emotions arising. Speed is not the issue, the issue is, do you have ownership over your mind. Thoughts and ideas are faster than emotions. The question is, what is stronger? If your emotions are stronger, they will assert themselves, and your intellectual mind will feel overwhelmed by emotion. If your intellectualized mind is strong enough, no situation you are faced with will allow emotions to overwhelm you. Because you will be the owner, and you will choose, and your MindPower will be consciously developed within the understanding that protection of Self cannot be compromised via any external or internal manifestation of emotion.
I began consciously and overtly seeking to attain ownership of My mind via subordination of emotion to conscious, intellectualized force of will, at age 6. Although of course I was not able to articulate the process as such, back then. And it took Me decades to achieve absolute untouchability in this regard. Decades from age 6. The question of whether it might be harder or easier if someone consciously begins to undertake this quest as an adult, is a good one, and I cannot answer with certainty. My brilliantly analyzed guess would be that it will be more difficult, as every mind becomes less malleable with age. On the other hand, the adult mind has greater capacity to formulate complex intent and multi-step processes, and brain maturity is clearly not reached until the late 20’s to late 30’s, agewise.
From your above comments, I don’t think you have quite grasped, on a perceptual level, the intricacy of mind ownership as experienced via emotional subordination to intellectualized thought and deduction. It’s not that complicated, but it is a frame of mind that must be absolutely understood, in order to have any chance of personally achieving and realizing it as a True Reality of Self. Analyzing My above reply might aid your capacity to grasp the exact nature of this foundational mind frame. Or it might not. Good luck. 🙂
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Child Abuse in Retrospective

It is interesting to dissect your own experience of child abuse, by consciously recreating your emotional and intellectual state of mind at specific points in time, while it was occurring, after it ended, and throughout the years leading up to the present moment in time. By comparing your states of mind as they are, to how they were, the evolutionary impacts can be gauged and measured, the maturing of a Superior mind can be accurately assessed.
I like to begin at age 4, from My first conscious memories of confusion, terror, trauma, personal helplessness. Then I go to age 6, to standing in the school playground and vowing to never be one of those, never to be a human being, My first conscious effort to transcend. Then I go to age 8, consumed by rage, handling knives for the first time, envisioning murder and destruction of others. Then I go to age 10, awakening of the potential of guns and bombs to wreak mass havoc, and directly beginning to assault those who abused Me. Then I go to age 13, the stabbing and the subsequent cage lock, and My sacred vows, a seminal moment and point in time. Then to age 16, beginning of full isolation, obtaining and shooting guns, conscious work on transcending My humanity.
Even the adult years contain nuanced changes in perception, such as the full embrace of Forbidden Truth that those who abused Me are as much victims as I am and was.
As the years pass, the Forbidden Truth that time heals nothing, is proven. I am what I will always be: A victim of child abuse, destroyed. Only existing as a triumphant creation of Self, of mind, of courage, of love, of hate. If I should ever perceive My moment of death, those final seconds will be a reliving of My abuse. They will not be any triumphant illusion of victory. I know what I am. I know why I am what I am. I will always face the Truth of My creation.
This song speaks Truth, it speaks to the adult looking back and knowing, understanding, that he will always be an abused child:

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Emotional Autonomy: Triumph of Human Transcendation

One of the most personally beneficial aspects of successfully transcending your humanity, as I have done, is the establishment of complete and absolute autonomy of emotion. In this post I will dissect exactly what constitutes emotional autonomy, because 99.9999999% of you creatures cannot even begin to imagine how to accurately define, much less directly experience, this personal triumph of mind.
He who has created emotional autonomy for Self, is not free of any emotion, but the master of all emotion. He feels exactly and only what he chooses to feel, within the parameters of intellectualized choice, bordered within the embrace of factual Truth. Emotional autonomy does not allow you to escape from reality, but rather to recognize every reality as it presents itself, to face up to every reality without the distortions of misguided, inappropriate, and externally induced emotion.
Of course I feel fear and pain and other negative emotions, but only if and when My rational mind proactively decides that the experience of such emotions accurately reflects Truth, and therefore serves Me as positive enhancement of My experience of existence. Every emotion is a positive emotion, when accurately experienced and embraced free of external distortion or terror-based imposition.
Emotional autonomy grants Me the power to find all external expressions of love, affection, neediness, empathy, sympathy, absolutely useless and meaningless. Your emotional projections can have no bearing on the emotions I experience, because I am emotionally autonomous. If I decide I need to feel loved, I bestow love upon Myself. If I decide that I need to feel needed, I choose to do something that makes Me feel needed. If I need sympathy, I give Myself sympathy. If I want to feel sorry for Myself, I give Myself empathy. I am the owner of all emotion. I control exactly what I feel, just as I adjust a faucet to regulate the exact temperature of the water which flows out of it.
Emotional autonomy equates to emotional untouchability. I meet all of My own emotional needs. There is no emotional response that I covet from any living thing. Your emotional reactions to Me, are your reflection, they belong only to you, none of them ever find penetration to Me, to My experience of My emotions. Emotional interactivity is a crippling human weakness, a powerful addiction that you inferiors pathologically develop and cling to, as instructed and encouraged by your slavemaster societies.
My emotional spectrum is not muted. Rather, it is gloriously rich, far richer than any of you toxic enmeshees. My love of Self is so pure and limitless, it shames your interactive, toxic dependencies, which you imagine to constitute love. My hate for each and every one of you is piercingly harsh, I could watch you suffer the most horrific deaths imaginable, and feel nothing negative. This is not a weakness, but the greatest of strengths.
Every feeling is a choice, this is what you creatures cannot begin to understand. You are owned by your minds, because you do not own your minds. This difference is profound. You are trapped within a web, and so you cannot see yourselves as you are, you cannot see yourselves as I, outside of the web, free of its suffocating fibers, can see you. On some level, most of you know you are hopelessly trapped, a slave to external forces which control your perceptions of reality on a minute by minute basis. But the idea of breaking free of the web terrifies you, it seems so impossible, because never have you been free of the web. Never have you been able to choose what you feel, to own your emotions, to own your mind.
Emotional autonomy grants Me the power to thrive in any environment. You cannot touch Me, because you cannot access My mind, my brain. My brain belongs to Me, it is my creation, and yet it remains subordinate to My will. My brain feels what I choose to allow it to feel. And so I have been tortured as a child, and locked up in a mental hospital, and locked up inside a jail cell, and trapped on this planet with you humans, and condemned to be murdered, to be retroactively unborn, and to endure all the great horrors of reality perception that come with the unconditional embrace of all Forbidden Truth. And yet still I thrive emotionally. I thrive within depression and hopelessness, I thrive because I give Myself what I need. I meet My needs. I thrive because nobody and nothing can touch My mind.
And you inferiors cannot understand. You think I have built up a defense mechanism, but it is the exact opposite. I have built an offensive weapons system. I attack, I destroy, that which is attacking and destroying Me. All the while, with unflinching courage, facing up to every reality of how and why My existence is doomed, and nothing I can do makes any difference to My future.
It took Me decades to develop 100% untouchable emotional autonomy. I consciously began this quest at age 6. Most of you cannot achieve this feat, no matter how hard you try, and of course most of you can never even imagine trying. Your failure to thrive as a species is directly linked to your personal failure, as individuals, to develop emotional autonomy. Each day of your existence is played out within emotional addiction, as you desperately try to extract from others, wha you are unable to create within Yourself. I pity you, yet I hate you so very much, because your failure destroyed Me as a child, and your failure will result in My personal murder.
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Full Force Atheism

What is an atheist? According to the dictionary definition, an atheist is a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of god or gods. To anyone who possesses a Forbidden Truth understanding of the structural and functional nature of religion, this definition is unacceptable. Society really has only created one word to identify those who reject the insanity of religion. This word is atheist, and therefore the word must stand for something powerful, it must stand for open, unrepentant defiance directly condemning and vilifying the insane god myth.
Let us understand that the societal definition of atheist is not merely weak and poor, but deliberately impotent. There are very specific reasons that society defines atheist and atheism in such a way as to shield religion from direct attack and exposure for what it actually is: A deranged delusion terroristically promoted and imposed by society and government upon all human beings, for the purpose of enslaving them to man-made laws, edicts, and behavioral/ideological demands which are genocidally harmful. This is a fair and accurate definition of what religion is, and only via the embrace of this and other Truth-based definitions of religion, can those who reject religion recognize their personal obligations to Self, in properly defining and seizing the title of atheist.
Imagine Self-identifying as an anarchist, but at the same time accepting the legitimacy of government. Such a position is ideologically insane and absurd. Yet the official definition of atheist, that you simply need not “believe” in the existence of god, instructs you that others should possess a legitimate right to believe in god. After all, your position is only that of a disbeliever, rendering the position of the believer, equally valid. This is insane, and it exists as a social conspiracy to legitimize religion and god addiction. The official definition of what constitutes atheism and an atheist, overtly promotes the concepts that god either does or may exist, and that even those who fully reject religion, are merely “disbelievers”, instead of regainers of sanity who are rejecting an insane myth and delusion.
Here you witness a perfect example of definitional brainwashing, one of the central themes of social control dissected within My one million word Manifesto of Forbidden Truth. The very definitions of the terms atheist and atheism suggest that god may exist, that religion is a belief system. But it is not. Religion is an externally imposed mental illness, a delusion, an error of thought, all of which are completely different from a belief which is decreed legitimate and valid via social engineering of reality perception.
Okay, given a full understanding of the above, every Self and Truth-respecting individual who identifies as an atheist, must fully reject the official definition of what constitutes an atheist. This definition, “a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of god or gods” is not merely invalid, but overtly legitimizes religion itself. From the Forbidden Truth perspective, as well as any sane intellectual position, you cannot be an atheist, while also legitimizing the concept that god might exist.
I could invent a new word to replace atheist, and apply a Truth-based definition within which religion and god are exposed as the deranged, genocidally malicious structures that they are, but such a word would possess no meaning to the brainwashed masses. I could use a term such as “radical atheist/atheism”, but to do so spits in the face of Truth and actually legitimizes the societal definitions of atheist/atheism. suggesting that My Truth-based definitions are unusual and extreme, when all they do is express the factual Truth. And so I have decided to go with the term “Full Force Atheist/Atheism”. It is not ideal, but at least it avoids a term like “radical”, which simply does not apply when a position being articulated expresses simple, obvious fact and Truth.
So, are you an insane god addict, or are you an atheist, or are you a Full Force Atheist?? Let Me define exactly what a Full Force Atheist is, so you can decide if the definition fits you.
A Full Force Atheist refuses to capitalize the letter g in the word god. Always and in all circumstances, he refuses to capitalize the letter g, recognizing this as much more than a symbolic gesture. He understands that as a Full Force Atheist, he is at war with the societies and governments which impose religion via deceit, and to capitalize the letter g in the word god is to legitimize the conspiracy of human society to promote the existence of god. The Full Force Atheist may choose to capitalize the letter A in the words Atheist and Atheism, especially when referring to Himself as an Atheist, to openly indicate that he recognizes Himself as entitled to every power and privilege that society decrees the imaginary god creature to possess.
The Full Force Atheist completely understands that the concept of belief has nothing whatsoever to do with religion or worship of god. Belief in god is a functional failure of the human mind to understand and accept the Truth that god is an absurd fairy tale externally imposed and indoctrinated via terrorism of the state. The Full Force Atheist knows that no god creature as defined by any religious text, can or does exist. He further knows that anyone who believes in god is suffering from a delusion of mind which directly expresses mental illness and disease. Therefore, he cannot and does not possess any belief regarding the Truth that no god creature exists, and what society describes/defines as a “belief system” in those who are addicted to the insane god myth, does not and cannot constitute a legitimate belief. A delusion must not be confused with a belief. You can believe you are hungry, you can believe the sun may rise tomorrow morning, you can believe being shot in the head might kill you, but you cannot believe that a god creature exists, or might exist.
The Full Force Atheist fully understands that religion exists as a mental illness, externally imposed by human beings to enslave and cripple the minds of other human beings, and internally embraced due to genetic retardation, inferiority, and dysfunction of the human brain. The Full Force Atheist understands that all who are addicted to religion and god worship are suffering from an externally imposed and internally rooted mental illness, which must be openly identified as such, and proactively treated as such. Religion is not a lifestyle choice and god worship is not, and cannot be, a decision made by a rational mind. Religion must be treated as a mental illness, a highly contagious and communicable mind virus, human beings infecting other human beings via words and texts and connection of consciousness, to be purged from the human experience of existence via the promotion, popularization, and delivery of Truth and fact.
The Full Force Atheist does not respect any right of any human being to practice religion or to believe in god. The Full Force Atheist is not tolerant of any right of others to believe in god or accept religion as valid. He understands that to be addicted and enslaved to a deranged delusion cannot be a right. He understands that such an addiction and enslavement, rooted in malicious external brainwashing and indoctrination, and further cemented within absolute mental illness and derangement, cannot be perceived, recognized, or understood as constituting any type of freedom of choice, any type of human right.
The Full Force Atheist understands that being a Full Force Atheist does not free him from the genocidally harmful shackles of religion. He understands that no matter how completely he has freed Himself from the derangement of god addiction, his very existence continues to be horribly impacted by the fact that religion and god worship remains widespread and socially acceptable. Therefore, the Full Force Atheist is determined to eradicate religion and god from all of human consciousness. To relegate religion and god worship to the textbooks of mental disorders and dysfunctions. He understands nobody can ever be free of religion, until every single dictionary in the world accurately defines religion as: A mental illness and dysfunction which causes human beings to suffer from the delusion that a supernatural, omnipotent creature exists and is watching and judging them.
The Full Force Atheist understands that to worship a god via religion, is to worship and embrace not merely death, but his own death. He understands that god worship equals death worship, and as an Immortalist, he further understands that religion and god are the #1 obstacles to humanity embracing and demanding technological immortality. Therefore, he understands that his war must be to eradicate religion, not merely to personally reject god and religion. He understands that religion is directly responsible for and guilty of, murdering him. As such, religion is understood as his mortal enemy, something which must be fully destroyed as a social construct.
The Full Force Atheist supports the eradication of religion by all available means. He supports the criminalization of god worship, as well as the elimination of all houses of worship. He knows that the only way to destroy religion, thereby saving Himself from its multifaceted horrors, up to and including his own death, is to destroy the societies and governments which sponsor and impose religion upon the masses, recognizing that these structures will not abandon the insane god myth, as it constitutes a foundational level form of terrorization and universal enslavement.
The Full Force Atheist understands that all exposure of religion and god worship to children, constitutes child abuse of the most heinous and destructive type. He demands an end to the destruction of all child minds via exposure to religion. He understands that nobody, no parent, no school, no society, no individual human being, should be permitted to infect the vulnerable mind of any child, with any aspect of religion. He understands that religion cannot be presented to any child, or any adult for that matter, in a safe way, no more than the Ebola Virus can be safely contained via an Ebola infectee kissing and hugging and licking a healthy human being. All children must be fully shielded from religion, which must be understood as a highly contagious and communicable, genocidally harmful mind virus.
So, are you in, or out? The difference between being an atheist, as defined by society, and being a Full Force Atheist, as defined by Me in My above essay, is profound. You can be a socially accepted atheist, but in doing so you are simply pretending to battle religion, lying to yourself that your rejection of god frees you to Truth. The Truth is, you are still being terrorized, harmed, and destroyed by religion, and you are actively colluding with the structures that sponsor and impose religion. Your atheism is a functionally useless cloak, allowing you to pretend to be emancipated from a shackle, even as the shackle holds you in place, even as religion triumphs and thrives all around you, destroying you.
Only by embracing the operational and ideological doctrines of Full Force Atheism, as articulated above, do you deserve the title of atheist. These precepts expose god and religion for what they are, allowing you to understand the nature of your enemy, the nature of the battle, and that personal recognition and embrace of the Truth that god does not exist, is merely a baby step to the war against religion itself, that we, as lovers of Self and Truth, are obligated to undertake.
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You Will Know

You will know you are alive, when technological immortality becomes a reality.
You will know you are free, when no clock, no boss, no family, no money, exists.
You will know you are free, when every illusion of freedom has been exposed to the light of Truth, shattered intro a million fragments, and held up for ridicule by all who are sane.
You will know you are free when religion is eradicated from all human perception or consideration and relegated to its place as a malicious fairy tale.
You will know you are happy when every possible reason for you to be unhappy has been eliminated from the social structure of the human experience of life.
You will know what love is, when you recognize that the only living thing that could possibly deserve to be gifted by your love, is Yourself.
You will know what hate is, when you successfully bestow limitless love upon Yourself, and recognize that others hate you for having achieved this feat.
You will know what fear is, when you understand that to show others simply the Truth of what they are, is to terrify and terrorize them.
You will know perfection when you create a universe that nobody and nothing can ever touch, inside of your mind.
You will know hopelessness when you look at humanity with the Alien Eye of a Superior, and you understand that you were born that, and that is what controls and determines the future of every existing entity on this planet.
You will know mental health when you understand that you were born into a mentally deranged species and everything it has done to the universe you inhabit, physical and psychological, reflects the pathological mind disease of a genetically defective species.
You will know joy only if you understand that the embrace of untempered joy betrays the Forbidden Truth that your predicament is functionally hopeless.
You will know pain only if you consciously accept that the only pain is your pain, yours because it belongs to you, yours because you are experiencing it as a victim, yours because the only universe you can ever experience, is the universe you Self-create as a mind.
You will know Yourself only after you transcend your humanity, and can look back with an unbiased eye and understand exactly how much has been taken from you, how much is being taken from you, and how much will be taken from you.
You will know rage when you understand that the cowardice and inferiority of the species you were born into, is responsible for every torment and every injustice you have ever and will ever endure.
You will know the Truth, when you know that nothing will ever be right. Nothing will ever be as it should be. Nothing will ever live up to its potential.
You will know the future only when you are able to observe 1000 maggots feasting on a rotting human corpse, and understand that they have already eaten and consumed you.
© Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

The Cages

The human has chosen to build and imprison himself within a vast matrix of overlapping and interlocking cages. The purpose of this blog post is to dissect just a few of these thousands of cages, and reveal the underlying pathologies of brain function which inspire them.
government exists as a foundational cage, structuring an environment of universal slavery which allows all other cages to be erected and embraced, absent all conscious acknowledgment and rational understanding on the part of individuals as to what they are doing, and why they are doing it. government provides and creates the plausible deniability which allows you humans to choose to erect and dwell within all other cages, never independently analyzing the horrific consequences suffered both individually and collectively, by this choice.
Religion exists as a cage, imprisoning the human mind to the embraced conditions of inferiority, subservience, and death worship. The cage of religion prevents any human from recognizing Himself as a god, from maximizing his personal potential to seek and attain omnipotence. Religion is the cage the human crawls into and deadbolts as many locks as he can find, so he may never consciously perceive the True consequences of death, and the Truth that he is merely pretending and imagining himself to be alive at this and at every other moment in time.
The family unit is a cage, imprisoning the body and mind of individuals to toxic dependency and pathological enmeshment to and with specific other humans, for no logical, rational, or beneficial reasons. The family unit is a terrorist and terrorizing structure, it blinds you to the atrocities being committed upon you from the outside, as it inspires you to reflect these atrocities with sadistic rage within your closed circle of fellow victims. The family unit is a circle of hate, masquerading as a circle of love. The family unit decrees “You are nothing without them“, in the process destroying your ego to the point you are only able to perceive Yourself as: “I am nothing”
The educational system is a cage, mandated to seize each and every child mind and systematically destroy its capacity to perceive reality and human potential within a sane and wide spectrum free of distortion and limitation inspired by indoctrination and propaganda. The educational system cage is designed and deployed so that every child is blinded to the True nature of the cages that he will willingly lock himself inside of, for his entire adult existence. The educational system is what renders existence within cages unavoidable, desirable, and impossible to dissect within Truthful analysis, for the Unwashed Masses.
Motherhood and fatherhood are cages, intended to provide victims of brutal, lifelong trauma with 1 or 2 or 5 specific individuals to relentlessly harm and victimize throughout their lives, to use as Poison Containers in cathartic reflection of their own trauma. “This is my child, I will mold it into my diseased and destroyed image, creating a new slave for the society which has destroyed me”, this is the cage of parenthood, as terror victims are brainwashed to align with their terrorizer, destroying children one by one, just as they themselves have already been destroyed.
Employment is a cage, forcing individuals to destroy their own mind potential by wasting their existences performing specific actions for which they are given worthless pieces of paper which allow them to fit into the matrix of universal slavery that is consumer culture. All employment exists as terrorist attack by a government, in which you are threatened with harm and suffering unless you subjugate your own freedom to do as your natural instinct inspires. Freedom to choose a specific form of employment, is the freedom to lock yourself inside of functionally identical cages, an absurd perversion of the concept of freedom itself.
Law is a cage, claiming to protect you from harm, as it imposes universal harm upon you. Pretending to protect you from bad people, so that the worst of the worst of bad people can and do decide exactly how you should be genocidally harmed and destroyed. Law is the cage which allows you to celebrate the conscious awareness that others are physically locked up inside cages, as you deny the Truth that your matrix of cages imprison you to a far greater degree.
Punishment is a cage, inspiring you to collude with your greatest enemy, guilty of inflicting relectless injustice upon you, to ritualistically inflict injustice upon others, to harm them for your unacknowledged sadistic pleasure, in the process embracing punishment itself as a form of external terrorization. I will be punished if I do something bad, therefore I must allow bad things to be done to me, and accept socially promoted outlets such as punishing children and lawbreakers, as personal catharsis of my suffering.  <The cage.
Death is a cage. Its reality infuses every human existence with the detachment of oblivious farce. He who possesses Forbidden Truth insight as to the nature and consequences of death, is astounded by how you humans maintain conscious obliviousness to this premier cage, even as it directly inspires you to embrace all other cages.  Death is the most hidden of all cages, hidden from all conscious focus, because to focus upon this cage would threaten to unveil all the other cages that you creatures have created to help you hide from this premier cage.
And so the illusion of life rages on, each of you hopelessly trapped within the cages that you have chosen to dwell, after crawling inside on your knees, and throwing away any and all mind keys which could open the cells. The cosmic tragedy of your existences is exceeded by My tragedy. My conscious awareness of your cages, and the fact that they doom Me to your horrific fate, a fate which your cowardice has earned, render My tragedy far greater than yours. Because I cannot destroy your cages, and your cages will inflict upon Me, the same horrific fate you blindly accept.
© Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

Rinse and Repeat

Eat, masturbate, destroy the world, dream the same dreams, fantasize the same fantasies, and repeat. Over and over and over, a trillion times, for all of cosmic eternity. Can you envision Yourself immortal, repeating the exact same things over and over and over, for all of eternity, over and over and over with no end, and revelling in this repetition as the ultimate bliss? Or are you one of the Normals, a pathetic and broken inferior, pathologically seeking out “change” throughout your existence, as you remain trapped within the illusion that things are changing.
Change is one of the great lies and illusions of the human mind. You think you are changing yourself and your experience of reality, by going from one place to another, establishing different relationships with other living things, breeding, choosing new leaders, seeking an education and altering the form of your slave labor activity, etc… But the Forbidden Truth is you are remaining frozen and fixed in the exact same position. The superficial alteration of what you do, in no way changes the reality of what you are.
Society and government traps you within rigid constructs, and within these constructs, instructs you that you have the right and capacity and obligation to Self, to change your reality perception, by changing what you do, your physical environment. But in Truth nothing actually changes, because you remain trapped within the borders of a rigid construct.
True change requires a revolution of the mind, breaking free of all externally imposed constructs. The reason why humans desperately seek change throughout their existence, is because nothing they do actually results in any Truth-based change. Change is marketed as necessary in order to find the holy grail, in order to attain your “goals of existence, and so you waste your entire lives trying to attain these goals via change, but nothing inside your mind actually changes within Truth, and so you change nothing, you are a fish swimming inside of a fish tank, you go from one wall to another wall, only instead of a four-sided cage, you are trapped within a 1000-sided cage, that you cannot see, not with your eyes or with your brain.
The Superior knows what provides him with pleasure. The Superior knows what he wants and needs. The Superior creates for himself what he wants and needs, and having done so, he rejects all external enticement to “change”. He recognizes change as one of the weapons of illusion deployed by society and government against him. Do you remember 7 years ago, amerikkkan citizen-slaves, when obama implanted the indoctrinational mantra into your broken brains, that “change has come to amerikkka!”

And here you are, seven years later, and nothing has changed, and nothing can ever change, and nothing will ever change, because you exist and will always exist, as broken and destroyed slaves.
The Superior rejects and renounces all illusions of change, in favor of the glory of endless repetition. He wants an eternity of repetition, for what he has created as his own personal nirvana, within his own Self-created universe. I need only technological immortality, this is My demand, because I have already defined and seized the changes I need to eternally thrive as a brain and mind. Give Me food to eat, or smells to savor. Give Me memories to hold forever, give Me fantasies to create, or to relive. Give Me dreams to script out, or the same dream to replay over and over via the power of My mind. Give Me one or more of any of the blisses I have already created for Myself, and let them endlessly repeat.
I do not need change, My existence is not that of a kaleidoscope. I will not spend eternity staring at an object which is pretending to change, just as I will not pretend to change. I have already changed, by breaking free of the containment walls of your mind cages. I have changed what needed to be changed, achieving the nirvana and bliss that you creatures only pretend to seek, that you creatures can never obtain because you are searching inside of the cage that you dwell within.
I welcome the fixed parameters of eternity that I have chosen for Myself. I will not become bored, not tomorrow and not a billion years from today, because I am the owner and creator of My mind, and I choose what I feel. I am ready for immortality, but you creatures are not, and you will never be, and this is My great tragedy. I will lose everything, because you are too blind and stupid and cowardly and Self-hating to wake up and create an untouchable universe of Self-glory, inside of yourselves.
© Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

The Parameters of Sanity

Each of us is a created victim of the sum total of all that has been imposed and inflicted upon us, All variabilities of reality perception, relate to the reactive borders of our capacities to cope with and destroy the toxic impacts of external trauma. We who recognize the daily war being waged against us, must fully understand that we can cope with, or we can destroy, that which is seeking to destroy us. There is nothing to overcome, as destruction goes far beyond the Self-defeating concept that things can be overcome.
This is why I will not Self-identify as mentally healthy, despite My remarkable triumphs of mind and reality perception. To invoke mental health, in the shadow of deliberate destruction of mind potential as maliciously inflicted on a daily, ongoing basis against Me, since the moment of My biological creation, is to disrespect the reality and Truth of what was done to Me, and the reasons why.
When a living creature is deliberately shattered into a million jagged shards, and then successfully manages to reassemble himself stronger that those who chose to shatter him, he has overcome nothing. He remains a victimized destroyer, a Truth he must proactively embrace. Each day I destroy the world, with the pride of personal entitlement and the eternal injustice of a completed cycle of injustice.
My personal potential, just as the potential of the entire species I was tragically born into, is impossible to accurately assess, in the wake of the harm carried out against Me and against child born human. Perhaps I am at this moment the greatest of Overmen, the strength of My mind impossible for any other human to ever match. Perhaps. But still, My personal potential cannot be fairly judged as maximized, given the Truth that I have already been destroyed via externally directed malice.
And so I now chronicle My achieved parameters of sanity, in Truthfully direct opposition to the insanity of the species which created Me, and is forever guilty of compromising My experience of existence:
I am sane because I hate others, fully embracing the sacred right of reflection.
I am sane because I understand that I was hated, I am hated, I will always be hated.
I am sane because I own the focus of all of My mind activities, achieved via force of personal will, in harmony with all Truth and with the reality of Self as created victim.
I am sane because I reject and shun all human contact: Physical, emotional, and psychological. My virginity of body is matched by virginity of mind.
I am sane because I would rather every other existing life form suffer every imaginable torment of body and mind for all of cosmic eternity, than for Me to endure a singular moment of even the slightest distress.
I am sane because I am Selfish, Self-loving, egotistical, a narcissist, with full understanding that I do not exist as part of the universe, but the universe exists as part of Me, only via My grace and authority.
I am sane because I recognize the insanity of humanity, I see through every illusion it has created to deny to itself the Truth of exactly what it is, and exactly what it has done and continues to do.
I am sane because I embrace My right to do anything and everything that My mind is capable of recognizing as reflectively valid, free and absent of any and all external judgment, coercion, or enticement.
I am sane because I know I will never be mentally healthy, even as I know I have successfully rebuilt Myself to be stronger and more untouchable than any of the blind sheeple who dwell unaware of the mental derangements which define their universe of daily Self-illusion.
I am sane because I fully face up to the reality and the consequences of every Truth, on a real-time, ongoing basis, and within accurate assessment of its impacts upon the concept of a future.
I am sane because I consciously recognize and overtly reject every false illusion, no matter how comforting or enticing or relentless promoted by My enemies, it may be.
I am sane because I demand the sacred personal right to exist forever as a brain, reflecting the factual reality that all I have ever been and all I can ever hope to be, is a brain.
I am sane because I know that nothing can ever be owned, except the Self as independent and untouchable brain, with every emotion subordinated to every intellectual thought.
I am sane because I recognize Myself at this very moment, hopelessly locked up and trapped within the confines of a institution for the criminally insane, operated and controlled by those who are criminally insane. This institution, named by its operators, themselves inmates who have destroyed their own cage keys, is Planet Earth.
© Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.