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Defining Intelligence Within Forbidden Truth Parameters

I am one of the most brilliant human-born creatures to have ever enjoyed the pleasure of knowing he is already dead. In this Mind Bomb essay, I will list twenty separate and distinct defining parameters of personal consciousness that are required in order for any human-born to gain the capacity to try to become intelligent. Note: These inflection points do not make you intelligent, they merely allow you to know what intelligence is, thereby to begin a Forbidden Truth effort to attempt to escape from the universal and natural stupidity that permeates every aspect of human existence.
⇔Intelligence has nothing to do with the acquisition of factual knowledge. Intelligence is not determined by the amount of knowledge an individual has crammed into his brain. Intelligence can be measured by the type of knowledge an individual chooses to integrate to core consciousness, and how this knowledge is processed in direct harmony with both love of Self and love of Truth.
⇔Intelligence has nothing whatsoever to do with education, or being educated. In fact, it must be absolutely and clearly understood that every form of organized human education overtly sabotages, compromises, and destroys the capacity of an individual to develop intelligence. Education, in the modern era, was specifically developed as a cloaked weapon of society and government, and successfully deployed to devastating effect, to undermine and to prevent all humans, of all ages, from gaining and developing intelligence.
⇔Intelligence is the subordination of all brain activity and all thought process, to the chosen will of the individual Self-universe, within control of conscious and subconscious perception. The brain is not the leader. The brain does not determine what you think about, how you think about things, or when you think about things. No. The Self-universe owns, controls, directs, all brain function, via independent will and command of the omnipotent I and Me.
⇔To be intelligent, you must know, consciously, at every moment in time, that stupidity rules the world. That stupidity is the socially determined and enforced de facto standard within which all humans are compelled to endure the shackling, the oppression, the destruction of their own capacity to dwell within an external universe that honors and manifests intelligence. Therefore, the war to gain intelligence must be consciously understood as a war to destroy society and government, as their malicious destruction of intelligence must and does destroy your individual capacity to achieve the maximum benefits of your own Self-universe triumphs of mind.
⇔Intelligence is knowing, and fully implementing to maximal capacity, the fact that nothing external of Self and the individually developed Self-universe, deserves to be granted importance or value or legitimacy as either ideological or functional structure. The intelligent mind is consistently and unrelentingly Self-focused.
⇔Intelligence is knowing, at all times and levels of consciousness, that you are dead. That your capacity to be born, the greatest gift any Self-universe must claim as sacred entitlement, has been deliberately and maliciously denied, by forced beyond your control. And intelligence requires the proactive embrace of profound rage and hate, limitless in depth and scope, specifically rooted within this conscious realization of a supreme atrocity specifically directed and inflicted upon the Self-universe of Me, Myself, and the Omnipotent I.
⇔Intelligence is understanding your own sacred obligation to avenge Yourself, by dismembering and beheading every structure, and every individual who supports, defends, and enables every such structure to exist, that asserts and imposes a claimed right to control, direct, and determine your current, ongoing, and ultimate fate. Every such external construct, and all who serve to collectively uphold such constructs, must be annihilated.
⇔Intelligence is knowing that nothing untrue can be legitimate. That nothing untrue can be allowed to gain any foothold perception of value within your Self-universe. The pursuit of intelligence must always run concurrent and parallel to the pursuit of Truth, both recognition and fully conscious embrace. Within Truth, there is intelligence, and within intelligence, there is Truth. Any divergence within either, indicates a breach and a failure of both.
⇔Intelligence is knowing that every human-born brain is specifically limited in capacity, no matter what levels of Superiority and personal untouchability you may attain. Your brain is and will always be limited in capacity. Therefore you must selectively choose what to learn, what facts are important and valuable, and what facts exist as toxic and poisonous trivia, promoted and taught by society and government for the specific purpose of invading and occupying your limited brain storage and memory capacities.
You must independently choose to limit and filter through all factual knowledge, rejecting and discarding the unimportant and the externally poisonous, in order to maintain needed storage capacity within your brain, for valuable and primarily True facts and philosophical structures of reality perception.
⇔Intelligence is reflected and manifested via the conscious determination to harm and to destroy others, in reflection of the harm and destruction imposed and inflicted upon you, past, present, and future, specifically rejecting the legitimacy of all external demands for Self-control, inhibition, and the attainment of higher/better standards of conduct. All such external demands must be recognized as illegitimate.
⇔Intelligence is knowing as a Self-mind, that love, kindness, empathy, compassion, affection, are all specifically finite in quantity, and therefore must be conserved, hoarded, and exclusively bestowed upon Self, never externally distributed or dispensed.
⇔Intelligence is knowing that the only way to change the world, is to force others to change, and that every available method to force this change is inherently justified, regardless of how much harm it may cause in the short-term, and regardless of what demonizing labels or judgments the external universe might apply to such methods. Further, you must know that your right, as an intelligent Self-universe, and as an individual, to force the world itself, cumulatively and entirely, to change to your will, is absolute, sacred, and incontrovertible.
⇔Intelligence is the conscious choice to rigorously and obsessively abandon and reject all externally created and maintained distractions and diversions from the individual pursuit and embrace of Truth, of reality, and of the sacred individual right to focus the Self-mind exclusively upon chosen directional paths, absent all external influence.
⇔Intelligence is expressed and reflected by a personal proclamation of infinite value, and the right to attain infinite power and control over everything that touches the Self. Therefore, as god is externally defined by your mortal enemy, You must consciously and overtly claim and demand every power, every privilege, every right of action afforded to the mythological god creature, by society and government. As god is given right to destroy all Self-universes, you must claim right to subvert and destroy not merely god, but all human structures that are at work, subverting and destroying your capacity to attain omnipotence, untouchability, and immortality as a Self-universe.
⇔Intelligence is manifested by denying, rejecting, and transcending your humanity, within the conscious realization that the human species is a failure, biologically, developmentally, progressively, and intellectually, and cannot be redeemed or rendered viable, beyond individual transcendence.
⇔Intelligence is a mind on fire, in love with itself, what it is and what it must always be, a mind demanding radical change, knowing that all change is radical, because within the external human universe nothing has changed for thousands of years, as the collective consciousness of the species rests in frozen paralysis.
⇔Intelligence is the conscious abandonment of all belief on a structural level, within the understanding that belief is a polar opposite to, and impossible to reconcile with, the pursuit or the progressive development of knowledge, facts, or intelligence. Belief itself must be understood as a toxic poison seeking entry to the Self-universe of mind, where it will wreak havoc and destruction should such penetration, on any level, occur.
⇔Intelligence requires a consistent and absolute refusal to compromise on anything. Stupidity must never be met halfway, quarter-way, or any way. Intelligence must be treated as a standard that must never be lowered.
⇔Intelligence is known and expressed by an absolute and unrelenting desire to eternally repeat and replay every positive experience of the Self-mind. Obsession with new and different experiences must be consciously understood as an indicator of stupidity, even as mind progression towards superior intellect is consistently maintained. The Self-realized past and present must be honored as sacred foundational paths going forward to an infinite future.
⇔Intelligence is knowing there is no slavery beyond slavery of the mind. Understanding that every other form of slavery is only possible, can only exist, after slavery of the Self-mind to external forces has been established. Therefore, everything external of Self that seeks to control and influence your Self-mind, does so as malicious and unforgivable attack against You, an overt attempt to establish mind slavery against and upon You, that must receive an overwhelming response of violence and annihilation from You.
⇔Intelligence is the deliberative and ongoing organization of hate and of love in a way that consistently honors and reflects all of the Forbidden Truths as articulated by Me within all of My texts and essays, subordinating emotion to thought, consciously aware that emotions, while not to be denied a legitimate right to exist within the Self-universe, formulate as flawed and stray thoughts and must be refined within the superior environment of thought.
Boom!! Mind Bomb successfully detonated!

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The Forbidden Truths of Judgment

Seekers of Truth must understand how and why the external and internal judgments they integrate to personal consciousness, impact their quest for Truth, and their capacity to accurately perceive the external universe. The purpose of this blog post is to dissect the issue of judgment, referring specifically to an individual, mind and intellect-based examination and determination of external and internal structures, individuals, and Self.
Let us begin with the judgment of others, as individuals. The Superior understands that all judgment of individuals reflects a bias on the part of the judger, because all personal reflections are valid, and every personal reflection exists as a unique reality interpretation which cannot be externally experienced, therefore cannot be externally judged. We must judge the actions of individuals, based upon True consequences to them, to others, and to the universe itself, without passing judgment upon the individuals. This has nothing to do with condoning inferiority or stupidity or insanity, but rather consciously recognizing the individual right of the inferior to be inferior/stupid/insane, as a result of the victimization imposed upon him.
Superiors judge the beliefs, behaviors, and ideologies of others, and even as we decree them hopelessly broken, inferior pieces of human garbage, this judgment is not personal, but an accurate assessment of what they have done, what they choose to do, the harm they cause to themselves and to others in clinging to the diseased structures which are guilty of their personal destruction of mind potential, on an individual basis.
We judge inferiors to be victims of external structures. We judge these structures guilty of and responsible for destroying the capacity of the inferior to dwell within the light of Truth. In refusing to negatively demonize any individual inferiors, we properly place guilt and blame where it belongs: Upon society, government, and humanity as a collective species.
Our mandate must be to judge ourselves, to dissect every perception of reality so that we may come to recognize every Truth, and our judgment of Self must cut to the heart of only one question: Am I accurately embracing and reflecting every external Truth that I have realized, within absolute accuracy, absent all brainwashing, indoctrination, deceit, and all external influence, as well as personal desire, which may be capable of distorting the external Truth??
Self-judgment must be rooted in personal entitlement. I am entitled to do this, because doing this expresses the Truth, because doing this reflects what was done to Me, because doing this harmoniously meshes with the reflective mirror, allowing Me to more accurately reflect My True Reality.
I possess a sacred obligation to judge Myself, and this judgment cannot be legitimately made absent a continuous, sustained, and obsessive focus upon judging each and every external structure that has ever imposed itself upon Me, or that is currently attempting to impose itself upon Me. My judgment of Self must always be based upon accurate and Truth-based judgment of everything which attempts to impose itself upon Me, because all such imposition attempts exist as attempts to influence Self-perception, hence to impact Self-judgment. Every Self-judgment is based upon Self-perception.
No outside force, be it an individual or a structure, can ever possess any legitimate right to judge Me. All such judgments are invalid, and every negative judgment constitutes a direct attack upon Me, an attempt to harm, and must be consciously understood and treated as such. Key to the development of personal untouchability is the absolute and complete rejection of all external judgment upon Self. It must be understood that highly positive judgment, in the form of flattery and admiration and agreement, can also be supremely harmful insofar as it can compromise independence of mind and thought. No reliance upon the positive judgment of others, may be permitted to influence a personal Truth quest or any aspect of Self-perception.
Within the social structure of humanity, the right to judge exists concurrent with the right to punish, which bestows an entitlement to harm, as all punishment seeks to harm, and imposes harm. Society instructs individuals to judge themselves negatively, knowing this will inspire them to harm themselves. Self-harm, inspired by negative judgment of Self, cripples all capacity to develop egoism, egotism, narcissism, and Self-love. All who seek Truth and to transcend their humanity must understand the daily war being waged against each of us, to inspire negative judgment of Self.
I judge Myself entitled to harm others and to destroy social structures, free of all externally imposed limitations or attempts to impede the embrace of this right. I do so in conscious acknowledgment of the war being waged against Me, using judgment, punishment, and harm, actual and threatened. I did not start this war, I fight it in defense of Self, as lover and worshipper of both Self and Truth. Entitlement is not obligation, it is a sacred right, a right nobody and nothing can take away from Me, and at the same time a right that no external force can manipulate My reality perception of, for the purpose of distorting My conscious understanding of a sacred right, to any type of perception of obligation.
The Superior embraces judgment as absolutely vital in charting his own life path within the glory of Self-love and the seizure of all Truth via conscious analysis and understanding of factual reality. At the same time, the Superior understands that judgment is being actively deployed against him as an offensive weapon intending to harm, by society and government. It is this duality of realization which must be present, in order to avoid being harmed by the structure of judgment itself, as you use it to create an untouchable, Self-nurturing universe of mind.
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Depressed, and Mentally Healthy

Mental health has nothing to do with feeling happy, and nothing to do with being able to integrate well to any existing social structure or environment. The only accurate way to define what constitutes good mental health, is: The personal capacity to recognize and embrace factual realities and Truths, to integrate factual realities and Truths within personal reality perception and understanding, and to make conscious behavioral choices based upon these realities and Truths, which do not directly result in overt Self-harm.
The human who attains happiness at the cost of lying to himself and rejecting Forbidden Truth, is mentally ill. The human who fits into any existing 21st century social structure as a normal, mainstream member, is mentally ill, because the society within which he fits well, is absolutely mentally deranged.
When you are trapped within and enslaved by a deranged social structure, it must be understood as an honor to be labeled as mentally ill by the society itself. Such a label must be understood as a perverse attempt by society to legitimize and deny its own mental derangments, by applying a false label of mental illness to those whose psychological orientation towards Truth, threatens to expose the universal derangements of the mainstream, promoted, and imposed social structure.
By every rational and logical measurement, every personal existence in the 21st century is horribly depressing. The facts and realities of pretending to be alive as you play out an imaginary existence which is doomed to end in retroactive unbirth, are supremely and undeniably depressing. Depresion is a natural and appropriate emotional response to the factual reality that life is horrifically depressing. For any society to label depression as a form of mental illness, exposes the society itself, its mandates and chosen orientations of doctrine, as mentally deranged. In decreeing the depressed individual as defective and suffering from mental illness, the collective pathology of humanity as a species, in creating and embracing an existence which is by structure horribly depressing, is denied.
The Forbidden Truth issue is not how to treat or cure or mask the signs of depression, but rather how to alter the factual realities of human existence, in ways which eradicate the causes of universal depression, including death, universal child abuse, lifelong slavery to external structures of malice, and the existing pointlessness and meaninglessness of life. Personal depression of individuals must be recognized as a precious indicator of what is wrong and diseased within society. Doing so would inspire those who are depressed, to consciously recognize there is nothing wrong with them, and everything wrong with the society guilty of and responsible for creating and imposing a horribly depressing universe of malicious and inferior structure of existence upon them.
The personal mandate of all Superiors who recognize and embrace the fact that they are depressed, as I do, is to unconditionally accept and embrace their depression as not merely valid, but reflectively necessary and vital for the achievement of good mental health. Concurrent with this embrace, must come the open acknowledgment that any and all emotional or intellectual urges to harm Self in response to feelings of depression, should be transformed, via strength and control of mind function, to rage and hate directed towards others, and towards all human social structures.
Let us never forget that harming others is always a sign of better mental health, than harming Yourself. And harming others does not mean you are harming Yourself, even if it results in you suffering harm via attack and punishment from others and from social structures.
It is not possible to achieve mental health perfection when you are born into, victimized by, and trapped within a mentally deranged social structure. But you can maximize your own potential for mental health, by rejecting the derangments of society. Two very effective ways of doing so, are to unconditionally embrace your depression of mind as indicative of good and appropriate mental function, and to always direct your intrinsically justified rage and hate outward, against others, while creating and enhancing unconditional love of Self.
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Introduction to Conscious Dreaming

The purpose of this post is to provide an introductory overview to the MindPower of Conscious Dreaming, as defined and experienced from the Forbidden Truth perspective of the human transcendee, Myself. Please note that if you do google searches for “lucid dreaming” or “conscious dreaming”, you will find definitions which do not match up with the Forbidden Truth definitions or experience of this glorious power of the Superior mind. Everything written here is applicable not to any traditional definition of this term , but very specifically to this Forbidden Truth definition:
Conscious Dreaming: The proactive ability to control and direct all experienced dreams while asleep, via intricately created plotlines, storylines, and detailed scenarios intentionally created by the conscious mind prior to going to sleep, and the ability to prevent all experience of all dreams, also via consciously focused MindPower prior to going to sleep.
Since the age of 5 I have sought to control and direct My experience of all dreams. I have spent decades specifically developing and perfecting this most valuable of MindPower capacities. It has taken Me decades to gain complete control over all aspects of My dream experience, which is what I possess today. As a child, aged 5-8, the primary goal of My obsession with controlling My dreams, was to prevent the nightmares associated with the daily, severe child abuse I was subjected to. I sought to become the victimizer, instead of the victim, in the process turning My nightmares into sweet dreams, of cathartic, sadistic vengeance.
The mind is always your greatest weapon. My early childhood experience of successfully transforming Myself from terrorized victim to terrorizing victimizer, via Conscious Dreaming, solidified this most valuable of Forbidden Truths. It took Me only a few years, to fully eliminate all nightmares, all “bad” dreams. My dreams were still bloodsoaked, but by age 8 I was always the attacker and victimizer, and so these bloodsoaked dreams were sweet and good, to and for Me.
Upon attaining puberty, I began focusing My power of mind to meet My sexual obsession with female foot pain, female foot deformity, and female foot sadism, the causing of pain to female feet. This is when I began to try to plot out very detailed and intricate Conscious Dreams, with lengthy plotlines and very specific “trigger point” details. In some dreams, I set a trigger point to sexually climax while asleep at a specific point of the storyline, and to then wake up at the exact moment of the climax, to experience it while awake. In other dreams, I set a trigger point to sexually climax at a specific point in the storyline, then to become awate within the dream that I was dreaming, but to remain asleep, and carry the Conscious Dream forward. In other dreams I set a storyline to wake Me up at a specific point of the storyline, fully aroused, so that I could continue the storyline while awake to a masturbatory climax within 1-5 minutes of awakening, based upon the arousal of the Conscious Dream plotline.
Each and every night I plotted out Conscious Dreams, perfecting this skill, so that every aspect of the dream was under My control, every character, every action, the atmosphere, location, theme, every detail. Several years later, I watched a movie titled Scanners, which inspired Me to maximize My Conscious Dreaming capacities, to pursue a no limits path, in which I destroy the world at will, make human heads explode at will, commit every imaginable mass and serial murder, and experience every detail as vividly as any directly physical act. I have spend decades perfecting this skill, and it is now fully realized. I can do anything, experience anything I choose, with absolute control, and just as clearly and vividly as any physical act I may commit, within the realm of Conscious Dreaming.
To go back to how you humans define conscious/lucid dreaming, if you check the internet you see mention of “becoming aware that you are dreaming, while you are dreaming, and then controlling the path of the dream via this awareness.” No. This has nothing to do with the Superior path and methodology of My mastery of the dream. My mastery mandates the complete plotting of all dreams before going to sleep, including whether or not you want to be aware, during the dream, that you are dreaming. The vast majority of the time, I do not desire such awareness and do not experience it, as I do not incorporate it into My plotline. I have never studied or used any book or other guide to develop My Conscious Dreaming MindPower, it has always been developed as solo experience of personal mind potential exploration, and this fact illustrates the importance of not trying to emulate others or learn any Mind expansion skills from guidebooks or “self-help” videos, etc…
Let us clearly understand that society and government relentlessly discourages, demonizes, and ridicules all efforts by individuals to gain Truth-based mind enlightenment or directional power. Such enlightenment and power poses a direct threat to the social matrix. What I have achieved, in developing the capacity to experience as conscious reality within any dream, any night or day, every night and day, at My will,, anything I can imagine and plot out, is highly dangerous to every aspect of the socially engineered matrix. You humans experience dreams as fuzzy images which fade away to nothingness within a day or two at most. You humans cannot imagine the portals and gateways to enlightenment of mind to real-life situations, which occur in direct response to the capacity to experience dreams as reality creation, limited in scope only to the borders of a borderless mind, such as I possess.
Conscious Dreaming is not an escape from reality, but a pathway to experiencing every reality you can possibly imagine, as reality, and then you wake up and you are filled with outrage, not at what you have lost, but at what is being taken from you, every moment of every day. Conscious Dreaming makes everything possible, by showing you the actual, factual Truth, via what you create as genuine experience within your own mind, that everything is possible. Conscious Dreaming makes mockery of the existing universe of human experience, by illuminating it as nothing more than a series of maliciously imposed limitations.
And this is why a MindPower like Conscious Dreaming is completely hidden from the awareness of the typical, average human sheeple. And for the few who are above average, they are given inferior books and self-help guides which only minimize and limit the potentiality, directionality, and structural parameters of how to pursue the development of Conscious Dreaming skills.
Is Conscious Dreaming an easy skill to develop and perfect. No. The human brain is both genetically defective, and subjected to brutal and unrelenting external trauma from the moment of birth, throughout an entire existence, specifically intended to cripple the capacity of the brain to realize its potential of consciousness. The human spends his existence hopelessly trapped in mind fog, consumed by layers upon layers of obligations and obstacles and vampiric enmeshments and self-hates and self-fears. To become a successful Conscious Dreamer as I have, requires singularity of mind focus, clarity of all thought, the capacity to blot out the world at will, to render Self as not merely a universe, but to render Self as a universe fully isolated from every other universe.
Despite beginning at age 5, it has taken Me numerous decades to achieve absolute control over every dream. Decades of daily work, daily experimentation of mind focus techniques, and a relentless desire to achieve this perfection. Nothing has distracted Me, My focus represents My respect for what I recognize as valuable and precious to Me, as a universe. And those of you who attempt to achieve My feat, will likely fail. No matter how hard you try. You will fail because you lack the capacity to focus, you will fail because you fear Yourself, and you hate Yourself. You will fail because you dwell within an external universe of distraction and diversion. You will fail because even as I articulate My mastery of Conscious Dreaming, you cannot understand what this experience truly represents. Your goal will fail to match My experienced reality, because your minds are too narrow to perceive the parameters of this experienced reality.
I could write another 1000 words on the specfic techniques that have helped Me to perfect Conscious Dreaming, but why should I? How would it help Me, if any of you were to achieve My feat? Yes, I clear My mind in a specific way and I set the room to a specific temperature, and I make sure I do not drink anything for 3 hours before falling asleep, and I even sleep in a specific position, but are any of these things the key to mastery of Conscious Dreaming? Probably not. The key is to want it, and this key exists within finding the strength to decide to stop daydreaming through your own existence, to stop accepting the matrix of illusion within which every aspect of your consciously awake life is embraced as valid, necessary, real, and sane.
I close with My favorite scene from the 1981 movie Scanners. It is this scene which has inspired Me to enjoy thousands of dreams and awake fantasies, of both directly causing and witnessing, human heads explode:

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