In Appreciation of the Blogging Platform

I already made a similar post a year+ ago, but when humans do something right, they deserve open and ongoing credit for it. It happens so rarely.
The blogging platform is done right. It serves the creator of content, regardless of his level of Superiority, or lack thereof.
Posts made are very quickly identified by search engines, and ranked highly, if properly titled, categorized, and tagged. My post unveiling the completely uncensored video of Katelyn Nicole Davis’ live-streamed suicide has gained over 10,000 unique views within 48 hours of being posted, from 85 different countries, solely as a result of individual searches. The post began appearing on search engines less than one hour after being made.
Excellent service of Truth, even as, of course, Truth remains dead and all of these humans simply want to see a 12 year old girl die, so they can strengthen their own illusion of being alive, and gain emotional catharsis via third-party child abuse.
But the best part of the platform remains the comment editing feature provided to bloggers. Properly set up, it works perfectly. Every human comment is proactively blocked, provided for Me to review, and then I can either approve it, trash it, or permanently delete it. Trashed or permanently deleted comments are never seen by anyone but Me, not even by the comment maker. They do not even know their comment has been eradicated from the universe forever, unless they proactively review the full content of the post they attempted to comment upon.
This is an excellent system, maximized to serve content producers. It allows blog hosts to keep their blogs proactively free of human pollution, instead of having to clean up after human pollution. It makes a big difference.
So, if any of you humans desire to produce online content, especially of an unpopular nature, I am pleased to recommend, based upon My  own positive personal experience.
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Q & A with The Seer of Forbidden Truth

I receive many emails from humans, most of which are either trashed, or receive one of my pre-written Automated Form Letter replies, because they fail to meet the standards that I have established for those attempting to engage Me in direct contact, to be honored with a personal reply.
Some of these personal emails do contain questions that I deem to be valid, and am willing to answer, but because the email itself fails to meet my quality control standards, it receives no personal reply, and the valid question(s) go unanswered.
I have decided to take this opportunity to publicly answer a select few of these questions, as they enhance my True Reality, and in the process, Truth itself. The questions will appear in italics, and no credit in terms of name or other identification, will be given to those who posed the questions. The replies themselves, are the only acknowledged gifts the questioners will receive, undeserved as they most likely are.
“Why do you write your essays in blog format, instead of a website?”
Because blog posts disappear more readily, and I have no interest in providing humans with Truth. My interest is in expressing Truth to Myself, so I may personally revel in my own brilliance, while celebrating the rejection of all Truth by humanity. I find the blog format Superior, in achieving my objective.
“Why do you end your essays with “Copyright © 2014-2064″? First of all, it is no longer 2014, and secondly, you cannot set an arbitrary date for a copyright to expire.”
Firstly, the Forbidden Truths I reveal are timeless and valid until humanity extincts itself. The specific date or year when each essay is written, is meaningless. Secondly, I can do exactly as I choose, because I have never and will never respect the validity of any law enacted by human society or government, even when I choose to use a specific law to seize personal gain or benefit. I specify an end date to my copyright demand, because ceasing to exist voids all that a life form might create, rendering it non-existent, and, being sane, I have no interest in trying to protect what no longer exists. Thirdly, as to why I choose to copyright My writings, it is because I fully recognize my infinite brilliance, and the immeasurable value of every idea, concept, ideology, philosophy, and expression of Truth that I grace the universe with.
“Do you make posts to the internet using other names?”
Of course I do. None of my other identities will ever be known to any of you, unless and until I choose to openly reveal them, just as is the case with the varying identities I have used in my public activities dating back to 1989.
There are no other questions that I wish to answer at this time. If you have any questions, you may attempt to post them here as comments. If I deem your comment worthy of being posted, I will answer the question(s) contained within the comment. If I deem your comment unworthy of being posted, it will be trashed and never appear on this blog.
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Record-breaking Stats for The Forbidden Truth Blog

Am pleased and proud to announce that yesterday. February 4th, 2015, saw The Forbidden Truth Blog completely shatter all Visitor and Page View numerical daily records. My brilliant blog had 7,851 unique visitors, who performed 13,336 unique Page Views, far exceeding My previous record highs, on both counts.
As always, these statistics do not represent any type of interest in exploring or embracing Forbidden Truth of any kind. The only reason I attained these record statistical highs, is because I searched for, located, and posted several direct links to the 22 minute ISIS immolation video of Muath Safi Yousef al-Kasasbeh, arabic name: معاذ صافي يوسف الكساسبة‎. The search engines immediately picked up My posts, thanks to the excellent service of, and many thousands of humans, desperately searching for this almost universally censored imagery, located the direct links via The Forbidden Truth Blog.
To give you an idea, I made three different blog posts which contained a direct link to this 22 minute censored video, and 10,512 of the total of 13,336 unique Page Views, went to these three specific pages. An additional 1,000+ page views went to older ISIS beheading video link posts that I have made. Virtually none of these visitors explored any of My other brilliantly insightful posts on child abuser, morality, violence, religion, or other Forbidden Truth topics. In point of fact, My Mandatory Parental Competency Testing essay, the most important and brilliant of all MY blog posts, received exactly two (2) views, out of the 13,336 daily total.
In another interesting statistical detail, I had 244 unique visitors yesterday, from the tiny country of israel, far and away an all-time record high. My average is 1 visitor per day, at most, from this slave-state, and the number of 244 is completely out of proportion to the population size of this country, versus other countries. Why 244 visitors from israel? Because Muath Safi Yousef al-Kasasbeh was an arab, and the regime solicited homicidal bloodthirst of israeli citizen-slaves revels in the viewing of arabs being brutally murdered. You can be certain that My 244 visitors from israel represent only a tiny fraction of the hundreds of thousands who accessed this immolation video via other sources, and achieved cathartic pleasure and joy, as well as sexual climaxes, from directly witnessing an arab being burned alive in real-time.
So, the records broken by The Forbidden Truth Blog yesterday in no way indicate any increased interest in Forbidden Truth on the part of humans. The exact opposite is proven, the absolute hopelessness of humanity, its addiction to the diseased and deranged structure of government, and the desperation of humanity to witness and to revel in state-sponsored murder. Every one of the 7,851 visitors to My blog, even if directed to the ISIS immolation posts by a search engine, had unlimited access to every single blog post, and yet the total page views was only 12,336, an average of 1.70 page views per visitor.
Each visitor viewed the immolation video, achieved sexual or mental pleasure/climax via the immolation, then left, content, fleeing from and overtly rejecting the uniquely valuable Forbidden Truths contained in My hundreds of other blog posts, which required only one or two mouse clicks to access. No comments were posted, no Likes were given, with every visitor clearly in terror of being considered an ISIS sympathizer or aspiring terrorist, should they openly identify themselves as liking the posts which contain the link to the uncensored immolation video.
Here you see the True face of 2015 humanity, a species of cowards, a species obsessed with murder and torment, overtly seeking it out, most especially when it is sponsored by a nation-state. A species willfully blind to and rejecting of its True nature. A species which cannot even begin to imagine trying to understand why it acts as it does, why it thinks as it does, why it clings to the perverse structures which ensure its collective doom.
And so I celebrate the proof given to Me, that humanity is doomed. I thank the species for proving that every conclusion I reach within My Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, located here:
is absolutely accurate. Thank you for rejecting all Truth, thank you for proving to Me that you will achieve the species extinction you have so richly earned, very soon. Thank you for helping Me to climax, both sexually and mentally, to this Truth, on this day.
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George Orwell Would Be Proud

The following blog post, which I made earlier today, has currently received an exact total of 1,479 page views:
That is correct, 1,479 independent page views, for this one, I repeat one, blog post. But, not even one single human being has had the courage or honesty to simply hit the “Like” button at the bottom of the post. Zero likes. Did all 1,479 humans like the post? No. But some did. But nobody will admit it publicly. Why not? Big Brother might be watching, we can’t say that we “like” a blog post which shows “terrorists” murdering a cop, especially not the uncensored version. Big Brother might be watching, Big Brother might think I am a terrorist, f I dare to Like this blog post. So, I won’t.
You see, this is the True face of censorship. What is the most horrific consequence of the censorship of the state, slaves? Tell Me!  The most horrific consequence of the censorship of the state, is that it compels individual slaves to Self-censorship, to censor themselves. It is this Self-censorship which is most destructive, it is this Self-censorship which destroys Truth itself, because it renders Truth invisible.
If all of humanity feels too terrorized by their own slave-states and by other governments to simply hit the Like button on a blog post, what does this tell you?? It tells you that Truth will forever be dead, because the universal terrorism of the state has won. Free speech is dead, because if you claim your right to deploy it publicly, and it defies state-sponsored terrorism and censorship, you will be hung out to dry. Nobody will have your back, nobody. They will read it, and a few will like it, but nobody will have the courage to uncloak, not even hidden by the internet, not even to simply press a Like button.
All 1,479 citizen-slaves, from all over the world, passed the Like button by. Leave that crazy Seer of Forbidden Truth out to dry, even as they achieve intellectual and sexual climaxes to the uncensored murder video they worked so hard to locate.
It’s okay, I don’t need likes, because I limitlessly and unconditionally love everything that I do. This post is simply being made to out you cowards, and to let you know, I see exactly what you are, even as you successfully hide from Big Brother, even as most of you won’t even consciously admit this is the reason why the post got zero likes, out of 1,479 views.
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My Site Stats Are Soaring, Wanna Know Why?

The site stats for The Forbidden Truth Blog are soaring today, almost 400 page views already, looks like My daily record of 823 might fall. And why? Is Forbidden Truth popular all of a sudden?? No, of course not! My site stats are soaring because tortured child-slaves all across the world are desperate to view other human beings suffering and dying, in as gory a manner as possible. These torture victims are watching TV, or surfing the web, and they are sexually and mentally climaxing to the Charlie Hebdo massacre, and they feel very frustrated that the media is withholding the best part of the footage from them.
Well, here I come, the Lone Ranger to the rescue, promising uncensored footage of that french cop being harvested. And of course I keep My promises, always, all of them. And so the tortured ex-children flock to My site, desperate for the link. Well, enjoy. I wish it was more gory and graphic, but we take what we can get.
This is the Truth. This is why I might break My daily view record for this blog. Nobody cares about the profoundly unique and insightful Forbidden Truths I am revealing, It’s all about the gore, to orgasm and climax to the moment of physical death of another human being. Emotional catharsis, a lifetime of suppressed and misdirected rage and hate, being released and relieved. And who am I to deny fellow victims their catharsis, even as I judge them complicit in their own ongoing victimization and destruction? No, I am not a hypocrite, I am simply stronger and deeper than the others. emotional catharsis is not enough for Me, as it is to the humans. It must be draped upon the mantle of Truth.
And so I continue to be The Lone Ranger:

Please, My fellow victims, continue to feed. Its not much, but it is all I offer in the way of visual stimulation. If any of you seek enlightenment to the Forbidden Truth, it is right here, at this blog, only in words, not images:
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100 MindGasms Yesterday, For the Writer

I spent about ten hours yesterday, slowly rereading all 134 of the posts that I have made to this blog over the past 98 days. Why did I do this? Because I love to revel in My own brilliance, to celebrate, over and over and over, all of My personal accomplishments and achievements, within the Forbidden Truth understanding that the only thing in the universe worthy of personal celebration, is the Self, absent any specific act or achievement, separate from yet also alongside any and every manifestation of the Self, which is expressed via act and achievement.
It was a glorious ten hours, many times I paused, after reading something brilliant I had written, in order to immediately reread it again, savoring a double dose of honor, respect, appreciation, and admiration for Self. To all who write and who aspire to personal Superiority: There is great benefit in rereading your own writings, not as a critic or to try to find grammatical errors, but to unconditionally revel in the glory and the brilliance of the Self, as expressed and revealed via the words you have written, the True Reality you have expressed, the Truth you have captured, integrated to Self, and revealed to the universe.
Anyone who is unable to joyfully revel in the brilliance of his own writings, is an inferior, psychologically and emotionally crippled, and owes an obligation to Himself, to consciously understand and accept this Truth, and if he aspires to personal Superiority, to immediately begin developing the love of Self and the unconditional respect and admiration for all that he chooses to do, which would allow him to obtain pure and undiluted joy, on both intellectual and emotional levels, from rereading his own writings.
“Rereading” is such a lukewarm term, however. I cannot leave it as such. What must occur is the immersion of Self, of all states of personal consciousness, within the glory of your previous state of consciousness, which existed during the writing of your texts. Do you understand, inferior ones? Everything you write is motivated by a specific state of consciousness, unique to that moment in time, to the specific period of time the text is written. Rereading this text days, weeks, months, years, decades later, affords you a uniquely perfect opportunity to not simply revel in your past brilliance, but to recreate, as conscious reality in the now, the same state of mind, the same natural True Reality high, unique to its time, that you experienced while you were writing the specific text.
Yesterday, during this ten hour rereading spree, I literally experienced 100 separate mind orgasms, MindGasms if you will: The double glory of reveling in your brilliance of the past, as you openly celebrate and glory in your brilliance of the present moment. This is the achievement of the Superior, Self-loving, unconditionally empowered Self, and it is pathetic and perverse that 99.9999% of all writers, not even speaking to the general mass of inferiors, but narrowing the population group specifically down to those who regularly write and who consider themselves to be writers, cannot personally relate to the experience I have just revealed, and instead spend their time being critical of and trying to improve/perfect their writing, all the while unable to glory in the perfection of the Self, as literally expressed, via their own Self-created literature. <Da*n, I just reread My last sentence, and am already glorying in how I integrated literally and literature into the same sentence, to brilliantly express a brilliant realization of Truth! How brilliant is that?!? Oh-oh, approaching egotistic overload, must abort….ahhhh, let it stand, the ego can never collapse due to its positive inflation! It’s another…MindGasm!
Wake up, humans! The only way to get high is within and upon Yourself, in stone cold sobriety. Make Yourself untouchable, bestow limitless and unconditional love upon Yourself, so that you may be able to MindGasm at will, to not simply recognize and embrace your perfection and brilliance, but to consciously revel in it, at will, purely and sincerely, effortlessly, its even easier than the orgasm, the MindGasm!
If I am ever locked up inside of a cage, I want humans to print out and send Me copies of My own writings. Sure, you can write Me letters and those will probably please Me too, but the easiest and best way to recreate the glory of the past, is to relive your own creations, your own achievements of mind, literary and otherwise. And if I ever come to suffer from alzheimer’s disease or any other form of dementia, let others read to Me, and provide Me with printed texts so I may read to Myself, not any of the classic texts such as The Silence of the Lambs or The Anarchist Cookbook. No, let them provide Me with texts of My own writings, so that I may try to recall and revel in the brilliance and perfection of the past Self, as I simultaneously seek personal perfection in the experience of the now.
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My 2014 Forbidden Truth Blog Statistics prepared a pretty cool webpage, just for Me, in which it outlined the key statistics of The Forbidden Truth Blog for 2014, or at least for 2014 up to the date of December 30th, since the year is not officially over, and I have decided to share these statistics with you humans. I am including a direct link to the full page below, but here is a summary, along with My comments. Keep in mind that I only started this blog on September 26, 2014, so these statistics only apply to a little over 3 months of the year:

  • I received approximately 8,500 individual page views.
  • November 17th was the most popular day for page views, with 823. As I later stated via a blog post, this day was so popular due to My posting direct links to uncensored ISIS beheading videos, and the vast majority of the 823 views were to these specific pages.
  • My three most popular blog posts of 2014 all featured direct links to ISIS uncensored beheading videos. A majority of My page views continue to go to the pages featuring links to uncensored ISIS beheading videos. Today, December 30th, so far, I have 74 page views, and 24 out of the 74 are to My 3 ISIS beheading video links, even though all three posts are more than a month old. Were it not for these three posted links to uncensored ISIS beheading videos, My total page views for the year would be…about 3,000, instead of 8,500.
  • My blog was viewed by humans from 92 different slave-states, what you humans call “countries”. The web page below has a nifty graph which shows exactly how many views came from each country. usa was number 1, britain number 2, australia number 3, canada number 4. germany is number 5, and finland comes in at number 6. I appreciate the one page view that I received from mongolia.

There are a few other interesting stats, but the overall takeaway for the seeker of Truth should be this: Blogging offers an effective way to reach a small minority of the human population of the world, but the population of the world has no interest in Forbidden Truth, and most viewers are simply seeking personal catharsis for their own pathologies, not any type of genuine enlightenment. This affirms what I already knew, of course, and it pleases Me, as I blog to commune with Myself and My own brilliance, and have no interest in having others derive anything positive from My revelations of Forbidden Truth.
The full statistical report is here, so check it out:
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Four of My Blogging Policies, Explained

I do nothing unless it makes logical sense, affirms Truth, or serves Me, My Truth-based needs and desires. If the thing meets two out of these three rules, I am more likely to do it. If it meets all three of these rules, I am even more likely to do it. This is My chosen life path policy, and I do not violate My own policies, to do so would place Me among you inferiors, in the darkness of personal inferiority.
I blog because doing so affirms Truth and serves My personal desires. Does it make logical sense? Not really. But two out of three rules are met, an acceptable ratio. But within the act of blogging, I refuse to do some things that most bloggers insist on doing. Here I will detail these distinctions, and why I hold them:

  • I refuse to like other blogs. Even if I read an article or more, and find Truth is being expressed, which is very rare, I will not hit the Like button. I do not like other humans or the things they do. What I might “like”, is My own personal reaction to the article or essay. This is not enough to prompt Me to hit the Like button. All readers of this blog should understand, no matter how often you hit the Like button in response to reading MY brilliant revelations of Truth, the chances that I will hit the Like button after reading any of your blog posts, are virtually zero.
  • I refuse to actively solicit comments to My blog. I do this because the opinions of others do not impact My experience of My existence in any significant way, positive or negative. I will reply to most of the comments made, that I deem worthy of being approved and posted to this blog, after My screening and moderation, and I “appreciate” comments which indicate an appreciation and respect for the Forbidden Truths that I reveal, but this appreciation is not personal, it exists as brain-to-brain mind-meld: Truth values more Truth, because more Truth enhances the perfection of existing Truth. I do not dismiss the value of feedback, Superior ideas and thoughts can come from any living thing, and as a top-level Superior, I seek them out and integrate them to My True Reality in order to increase My personal perfection. As such, I am not actively hostile to comments, but I do not “need” them, I do not ask for them, much less delight in them, as many other bloggers do.

My replies to comments are usually not made immediately upon posting your moderated comment to this blog, because I do not place a high priority upon “answering” your comments, even if they are insightfully Superior and ask valid follow-up questions to My blog post. Be patient, and within My prioritized schedule of chosen activities, your comment, especially if it contains questions, will receive a reply, possibly a very lengthy reply, but only within My determination of priority time-frame.

  • I will not post commments to other blogs, ever. If I have something to say, I say it within the envelope of My own personal creations. I do not engage others in dialogue within the envelope of their personal creations. I do not seek the approval of others, it is of no use or value to Me, and in reflection of this Truth, I do not specifically choose to feed the neediness of others, in any manner.
  • If you Follow My blog, I visit your blog and I try to determine whether or not there is anything of Truth-based value that would justify My following you back. I try to be lenient in this determination, even if all I find is a modestly interesting story, I will reciprocate the Follow. But if you are trying to sell something, or your blog posts honor the insane god myth, I cannot bring Myself to hit that Follow button, as I do not enjoy soiling My perfection, for even a nanosecond, in this harmless way.

I understand that your blogging content might not reflect your True Reality, I understand that even as you blog religious doctrine, you could be engaging in an epic True Reality struggle to break free of the insane god myth. I understand that even if your blog posts honor motherhood, patriotism, and apple pie, you could be an anarchist plotting the eradication of all governments. But I must create a threshold determination, a standard by which to judge whether your blog deserves to be followed by Me, and examining the content of your blog is how I make this determination.
I know that just as on twitter, most of My followers are not interested in Forbidden Truth and are merely following Me in order to receive a follow-back. I do not specifically care about denying these inferiors a follow-back, but unlike Twitter, I do choose to discriminate on this platform, in terms of requiring some indication of the capacity of the Follower to blog something that is sane, rational, or could be of interest to Me, before they receive a follow-back from Me.
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Why You Should Read All Comments To This Blog

This blog is not like other blogs. The universe of Forbidden Truths it lays bare to all, the greatest gift any human could ever receive, possesses the capacity to alter the fate of humanity, and as such, the fate of every individual human being.
A singular realization of a singular Forbidden Truth, is in itself incapable of changing any individual existence, in any meaningful way. But such a singular realization can open a wormhole within the mind, it can cast a ray of light which penetrates and saturates the entire universe of darkness and illusion which constitutes normal life as a destroyed human in the 21st century.
Each and every Forbidden Truth that I articulate is limitlessly precious and valuable, not for itself, but for the light that it casts, the illumination of every dark cave. Every Truth is a stepping-stone to more Truth, to different Truth, and every Truth possesses the capacity to alight the mind of an aspiring Superior to a path which leads, ultimately, to the place where I am, the place where nobody else is, the place where everything, and I mean everything, can be seen and understood and experienced within the grace of absolute reality.
Okay, the chances that any of you can or will travel all the way over the rainbow to reach My universe of Forbidden Truth, are pretty darn slim. But still, I have an important point to make: This blog is a haven for uniquely Superior insights of Forbidden Truth. It is a moderated blog, all attempts to post comments to this blog result in each comment being intercepted and held for My moderation and approval. As a result, each and every comment you find at this blog, is both on-topic and worthy of at least momentary conscious reflection.
Further, and more importantly, most comments posted to this blog do and will receive a direct reply from Me. These replies very often address new issues related to My original blog post, enhancing the degree and scope of Forbidden Truth contained within My original blog post. Sometimes I will formulate an entirely new blog post based upon a comment or question made to one of My original blog posts. But other times, in fact the majority of times, I will comprehensively reply to a comment, via a comment of My own.
Those of you who refrain from reading the comments made to My blog posts are depriving yourselves of both the interesting perspectives of other, aspiring Superiors, and even more importantly, the additional brilliant insights of Truth contained within My replies to the comments of others, which are posted as comments themselves.
You can be certain that every single comment to this bog will always be screened and moderated by Me. No type of spam, or any comment which fails to show proper respect and to address a legitimate issue, will ever appear within this blog. All inferior comments are intercepted, deleted, and trashed, only My eyes and mind are polluted by this garbage, and I can deal with it just fine. Gotta keep the fires of rage and hate properly stoked.
Truth consists of a million different embers, and the fire is always dying for you inferiors. Society and government extinguishes every ember it can find, via relentless attack. But the seeker of Truth understands that every ember can flare up, to any size, to any degree of illumination, revealing and inspiring entirely new paths of mind enlightenment. It is for this reason that the embers must be sought out.
Every word I write is precious, every concept I articulate carries with it the weight of a unique universe of interconnected brilliance. Even those who respond to My brilliance, assuming they are aspiring Superiors, are capable of creating their own embers of Truth. This is why you should be reading every word contained within this log: My blog entries, the commented replies of others to My blog entries, and My commented replies to the comments of others. Everything you find written here, every word, is worthy of the time and focus of a genuinely aspiring Superior.
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Need Follow and Comment Blocking Feature on

WordPress needs to implement a Blocking feature. There is no logical reason why inferior pieces of human garbage should be allowed to follow My blog, and post comments at will, forcing Me, as moderator, to waste time in trashing the comments. Of course a blocking feature can be circumvented quite easily, on any internet platform, but that’s not the point. The Twitter Blocking feature is very effective, it works well, it weeds out the human garbage. There is no reason why cannot implement the same type of structure, where accounts are easily blocked, prevented from following, and prevented from posting comments.
Also, would be easy as hell for WordPress to add an Automated Reply option to all comments. Under such a system, any human garbage attempting to post an inferior and unacceptable comment, would receive an automated reply, by email, stating: “Your attempt to comment to The Forbidden Truth Blog was rejected because_________________________________.” The blog creator can specify any customized message he wants, as part of the automated reply. I would go with something like: “Your attempt to comment to The Forbidden Truth Blog was rejected because you are an inferior piece of human garbage, unworthy of taking your next breath, much less polluting the brilliance of My blog with your toxic excreta.” Or words to that effect.
Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.