Pope Francis: Closest Real Thing to a Devil

pope francis, the single greatest current western world promoter of the insane god myth via the mind virus that is religion, informs us today that the devil is real. In doing so, pope francis proves that as an individual, he is the singular entity that comes closest to embodying the darkness that he attributes to the imaginary devil creature.
Organized religion is the darkest force of oppression, enslavement, and universal Self-destruction ever invented by the genetically brain diseased human species. The individuals who play a lead role in legitimizing the insane god myth to the unwashed masses via media-led terrorism and destruction of Truth-realization potential. and pope francis currently heads this list, are guilty of global genocide on a scale unmatched by any political leader.
Yes, pope francis is himself a victim of the disease that is religion, yet his chosen role in acting as promotional agent for organized religion, directly imposing it upon billions of human minds using terrorist threat, and openly destroying Truth in the process, defines him as the darkest of real-life forces on this planet, the darkest of forces overtly keeping all of humanity trapped within the chains of mental illness and pathological hatred of Selves.
god will never be dead until each of us successfully purges his myth from every corner of our enlightened minds. god will never be dead because of human beings like pope francis, and the deranged social structures which allow him to exist as a leader of human thought, when his words prove him to be a mentally ill subhuman who deserves to be ridiculed and shunned for his devotion to insane delusion.
For more Forbidden Truths on religion, read My 100,000 word Insane God Myth essay, at The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth:
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Josephine McKenna, Religion News Service

VATICAN CITY — As millions of revelers around the world dress in ghoulish costumes to mark Halloween and the darker side of life, Pope Francis warned that the devil is no myth and must be fought strenuously with “God’s armor.”

Francis described Christian life as a continuous battle against Satan during his homily at morning Mass at the Vatican on Thursday.
“This generation, and many others, have been led to believe that the devil is a myth, a figure, an idea, the idea of evil,” the pope told the faithful during Mass at the St. Martha guesthouse where he lives inside the walls of the Vatican.
“But the devil exists and we must fight against him.”
Basing his reflections on the Apostle Paul’s admonition that Christians must “put on the full armor of God” in order to resist Satan’s temptations, Francis likened life to a “military endeavor” and urged people against being carried away by passions and temptations.
“No spiritual life, no Christian life is possible without resisting temptations, without putting on God’s armor which gives us strength and protects us. … The truth is God’s armor.”
Meanwhile, an Italian exorcist, the Rev. Aldo Buonaiuto, suggested that Halloween should be replaced by a celebration of Christian saints and renamed “Holyween.”
He said too many people wrongly believe Halloween is a “simple carnival”; instead, he said, it masks “a subterranean world” based on the occult.
“For followers of the occult, Oct. 31 is the satanic new year,” he told the Italian daily La Nazione. “It’s a time for attracting new converts. And it’s also a time when exorcists have to work more.”
Buonaiuto is director of the Pope John XXIII Community Association, a Catholic organization fighting black magic sects and satanic cults, and is involved in Catholic training programs for exorcists.
With Halloween, he said, there is an increase in black magic rites, cemetery desecrations, thefts of sacred bones and the adoration of Satan, as well as demonic possessions.

Satanism: Bridge to Self-Worship

Satan does not exist, but satanism could be deployed as a valuable tool to allow insane god myth addicts to achieve liberation of their minds from the shackle of subservience that all organized religion demands and imposes. Unfortunately, the vast majority of humans who find the strength to reject the insane god myth, are unable to reject afterlife mythology as a whole, and to embrace the Forbidden Truths of what death constitutes. And so they become satanists, exchanging one toxic addiction for another toxic addiction, gaining no Truth-based enlightenment of mind or freedom from the afterlife mythology shackle.
To be clear, addiction to satanism carries slightly less harmful impacts, on an overall level, than addiction to god. But this difference is not significant, and in Truth, those who switch from worshipping god to worshipping satan remain addicted to the exact same diseased social structure, since both imaginary creatures are creations of the same insane mythology.
Satanism can empower the Self, only when it is used by broken god addicts as a bridge, to help rebuild themselves within the glory of omnipotent Self-love and the rejection of all subservience. The satanist must consciously understand, even as he worships satan, that satan does not exist and that he is using satanism as a crutch, temporarily, as he actively weans himself free of all toxic mythology.
Let us be clear: Society markets satanism as a preferred alternative to Truth-based atheism, because the satanist remains fully addicted to afterlife mythology and is thus much easier to terrorize back into the god worshipping fold, in future years. Anton Szandor LaVey did a fair job with his texts, such as The Satanic Bible, of creating some degree of independence for satanism to exist as Self-worship, yet in the end his texts fail to explicitly articulate satanism to be a mere bridge to Truth, and his reliance on ritual invocations prevents a great many satanists from achieving the liberation of Truth-based atheism rooted within unconditional and limitless love and worship of Self.
To all who seek liberation from the shackle of religion, I cannot recommend satanism as a bridge, because too many of you inferiors begin your journey upon this bridge, only to get stuck and spend the remainder of your existence trapped upon this bridge, or driven back into the even more diseased fold of organized, mainstream god worship. The best path to Truth-based atheism is to go cold turkey, cut the poisoned umbilical cord with one swift stroke, fully rejecting all afterlife mythology and all supernatural phenomenon for what it is: Insane delusion of the mind, inspired by external brainwashing and indoctrination, as well as personal cowardice.
This news article provides a nice overview of the utterly deranged state of 21st century humanity, as worldwide addiction to insane god mythology remains pervasive, and life is officially positioned by society and media as a battle between supernatural forces of good and evil, to conceal the Forbidden Truth that we are all being actively murdered, as we are universally enslaved by the all too human forces of genocidal malice inspired by our universal victimization:

Freedom: The Ownership of Time and Self

Very busy with slave labor for the next 24 hours, so only have time for a brief but very important insight into Self and freedom. It goes like this: The only thing you can ever own, is Yourself. Anything and everything that compromises ownership of Self, which must be understood as the proactive freedom to do exactly what you want, as often as you want, to whatever degree you want, absent all external control, must be consciously understood as constituting a direct attack upon and against you.
government, god, money, death, employment, families, marriage, and all socially sponsored rituals and customs, must be lumped together as structures which directly attack ownership of Self, recognized as intrinsically encompassing and constituting the ownership of time. Self and time are always linked. You cannot own Yourself unless you own time itself, and you can never own time unless you own Yourself. Every concept of freedom must realize both ownership of Self, and ownership of time.
Hate everything which compromises and destroys this foundational form of freedom. Start with government, because it is the multi-headed monster which creates and sponsors all the other shackles. Hate religion second, with the conscious understanding that unless you dissolve the terrorist force of religion as it imposes itself upon you, you will not be able to destroy the mind shackles which dwell in its toxic shadow. god and government must be eradicated as mind shackles first. From this tactical high ground, you can begin to lay waste to every other theft of time and Self.
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Hell on earth,courtesy of humanity

Oh Caius, my dear child, don’t you see where hell is? Don’t you understand that hell is what you were born into, hell is where you were forced to grow up, the only hell, the real hell, has been implanted within your mind by the diseased and deranged society guilty of your creation?
No Caius, you cannot find safe haven in hell by implanted horns beneath your skin, or imprinting ink numbers upon the surface of your skin. You have already been to hell, you are living out the True hell, right alongside the judge and the jurors who choose to demonize and destroy you for trying to reflect just a little bit of the universal injustice you are able to recognize Yourself as victim of.
This is what your society does: Creates the illusion of an imaginary hell after death, to cloak the horrific Truth that we are all experiencing, from birth until death, an existence far more hellish than anything described in the books of fiction used to terrorize us, and to justify the universal childabuse that Caius is victim of.
Jury Finds Caius Veiovis Guilty Of All Charges In Berkshire Triple Murder
Late today, word came from a courthouse in Springfield: guilty. Now, the last of three separate trials that have captivated the region involving the murders of three Berkshire County men is over.

A Hampden Superior Court jury found 34-year-old Caius Veiovis guilty on three counts each of kidnapping, witness intimidation and first degree murder.
The jury deliberated for nearly 37 hours over six days before reaching a decision around 3:30 Friday. After jurors were thanked for their service by Judge Jeffrey Kinder, Veiovis shouted, “I’ll see you all in hell. Every single f…ing one of you” at the jurors as they were leaving, according to reporters in the courtroom.
“I felt bad for the jurors,” said Berkshire District Attorney David Capeless. “They had done a remarkable job. They had certainly fulfilled their duty. They were conscientious. They listened carefully throughout the trial and obviously spent a considerable amount of time considering all the evidence in the case before they reached their verdicts. To yell at them in that way well, it showed who he was. I was disgusted by it. Disgusted quite frankly.”
Veiovis faces life in prison. Sentencing is set for Monday at 2. Capeless says he will recommend consecutive sentences. Veiovis is being held without bail at the Berkshire County House of Correction until then.
Veiovis, of Pittsfield, had pleaded not guilty to the charges connected to the murders of David Glasser, Edward Frampton and Robert Chadwell. The men disappeared from a Pittsfield apartment in August 2011. Their dismembered bodies were discovered two weeks later in Becket.
Ringleader Adam Lee Hall was convicted of multiple counts of murder and kidnapping in February. The 37-year-old is serving three consecutive life sentences plus 42 years. Glasser disappeared from his Pittsfield apartment weeks before he was scheduled to testify against Hall, a ranking member of a local chapter of the motorcycle gang Hells Angels, in an assault case. Prosecutors say Frampton, Glasser’s roommate, and their friend Chadwell were killed to eliminate witnesses.
In May, David Chalue, 47, of North Adams, was convicted on three counts each of murder, witness intimidation and kidnapping. He is serving life in prison without parole. Capeless says all three were found guilty because of the work by numerous investigators.
“Officers from agencies all across Berkshire County as well as their federal counterparts contributed to this,” Capeless said. “They did an amazing job. Hundreds and hundreds of witnesses were interviewed. Several thousand pieces of evidence were gathered. It was relentless. It was professional. It was a total commitment by everybody involved. That’s the reason we were able to obtain these convictions.”
All three trials were moved to Hampden Superior Court in Springfield because of pre-trial publicity in Berkshire County. Adding to the exposure was Veiovis’ mugshot, which received national attention. He has the number 666, recognized as a symbol of the devil, tattooed on his forehead along with six implants that resemble horns. When the mugshot was taken, he also had spikes through his nose and between his eyebrows, which have since been removed.
Capeless has pointed out the difficulties the victims’ families have faced in reliving the tragedies inside the courtroom. Capeless says he feels gratified.
“Justice has been served,” Capeless said. “I would never think to say that the grief suffered by the friends and families of David Glasser, Ed Frampton and Robert Chadwell have been assuaged. That unfortunately does not happen. But at least after these past six months of these three trials, the almost daily reminder of what happened to their loved ones, has now ended. For that, they get some relief. But, for the rest of us as the public yes justice has been served.”