Can Exposure to the Forbidden Truths Cause…

…humans to suffer a complete mental/nervous breakdown?
The answer to the above question is most definitely Yes. The Forbidden Truths, as I brilliantly reveal and articulate them, are absolutely terrifying and unbearable for the vast majority of all humans.
To be sure, most are not driven to a padded cell or straightjacket as a direct result of being exposed to My brilliant Manifesto of Forbidden Truth and other texts, but this is only because they feel “free” enough to flee from the exposure, to reject the Forbidden Truths, to demonize and attack both Me and the Truths themselves, etc…
But for a small percentage, none of these defense mechanisms work. The reason is that on some level of their subconscious mind, they think/know that I am absolutely right. This subconscious perception renders them unable to flee/reject, but at the same time, due to their damaged brains and inferior status, consciously accepting and embracing the Forbidden Truths is just impossible, as they are too terrifying to consciously bear.
When an inferior human finds himself in this situation, what I call a “feedback loop” can occur. The human is rendered simultaneously unable to reject and abandon the Forbidden Truths, but also completely unable to accept and embrace them. They perceive themselves trapped, with no way out, no escape. Terror confronts them on every side.
It is only in this very specific, admittedly rare circumstance, that My texts can directly and primarily drive a human to suffer a complete mental breakdown. And it has occurred. I have personally witnessed it, with email correspondents and even with face to face encounters a handful of times.
No details will be provided to you unworthy creatures, but suffice it to say these situations were/are deliciously delightful to Me. I am not without some pity for these inferiors, but My sadistic delight at their plight, wins out. Especially because most of them try to confront Me. It is a symptom of their mental breakdown, but I bite back, hard.
An interesting/amusing side note to this post: In mulling over the title, I considered going with “Can exposure to Forbidden Truth cause a human to become mentally ill?” But almost immediately I realized the invalidity of such a title. All of humanity is mentally ill. The entire species is mentally deranged. So, that’s when I modified the title to refer to a “complete mental/nervous breakdown”.
Mental illness is the status quo for humanity. Pathological dysfunction is how you inferiors function. Actual psychotic or other emotional breakdowns often occur specifically when the Matrix of Universal Illusion within which you fools function, is pierced by one or more unbearable Truths, and the inferior finds himself unable to successfully navigate back to the safety of the universal mental illness cloaked as “normal life”, by the matrix.
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    1. Thanks for the excellent and concise one word reply. Yes, exposure to the Forbidden Truths absolutely can and should cause both the creation and the maintenance of integrity of mind, of consciousness, of reality perception, and of brain function as relates to personal life path choices, within humans who possess a brain that has not already been hopelessly compromised and destroyed by societal, cultural, and governmental attack and infiltration.

  1. SEER, I most certainly believe that exposure to the forbidden truths can further cause or exacerbate the already fragile mental health of most humans. These inferiors minds aren’t capable to grasp and ingest the information in the forbidden truths, and there are multiple reasons why: first of all, inferiors revel in lies, illusions, and myths that were taught them as children, and it is hard to breakaway from them; secondly, brain defects, as you have mentioned previously, thwarts any and all attempts to embrace the forbidden truths; and thirdly, most inferiors live in constant fear and simply cannot fathom there being anything outside what they have been taught according to the matrix.

  2. No, the Forbidden Truths is too unbearable for inferiors. They want to be validated with the assurance of constant lies and illusions so that they can pretend nothing is wrong with them or humanity in general–and that’s the problem. Humanity won’t ever prosper and be free of their emotional and psychological enslavement until they accept the truths, the forbidden truths, of course. I just shake my head in amazement at humans when they try to impose their illusions onto others, sickening them with their delusional mindset and irrational thought patterns. The god myth is really a big one. There hardly isn’t a day that goes by when a human doesn’t try to proselytize with the nonsense, by inviting to their place of worship. Humans are nowhere near to succumbing to the Forbidden Truths–and I don’t think they ever will. Sad but true. They have absolutely no awareness that what they are doing is not only destroying them but humanity as a whole.

  3. Your strategy probably works well for walking thru the matrix from birth to death. But it is of the matrix and not eternal. In the greater scheme of things you are still dealing with illusion. But even dark paths point to forever.

    1. My strategy works for uncovering, honoring, embracing, and revealing Truth. There is nothing eternal absent the personal attainment of technological immortality. The dark path, as you judge it, points to Truth. All paths that point to supernatural versions of eternity are lies and toxic illusions of broken and terrorized minds.

  4. No truth seeker is complete until it is understood that nearly everything presented by the media is illusion. Nearly every picture, still or moving, is one face within that picture playing multiple roles. Train your eye by comparing one facial feature at a time from the same angle. The faces will look different but the facial features will be the same. And all this extends onto the world stage with the significant positions filled with actors. See for yourself. Spend a few hours training your eye. You will soon start to see it and after a few months you will be stunned by you find. Still pictures are easiest to work with but with practice moving pictures become easy to see. Don’t let the magicians direct your attention to what is different while you fail to see what is the same.

    1. My advice to you is to open your mind to the big picture of Forbidden Truth. Do not take a genuine Forbidden Truth: Yes, the 21st century media is a weapon of universal deception deployed by the Matrix to maliciously shape and control all human reality perception. That is absoluely True. But do not take this Truth realization and propel it down a narrow tangent of flawed perception.
      The Acting Mask is very real, and is worn by all human borns. I discuss The Acting Mask in My texts, and even devote an entire unfinished essay to it, right here:
      What you talk about in your comment sounds similar to the Truth of the human Acting Mask, but I don’t think your reality perception matches mine. Therefore it fails to uncover the primary level Forbidden Truth I reveal. Try to open your mind just a little bit wider, and you might break through to the dark side of the actual Forbidden Truth.

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