Caffeine: Destroyer of Human Potential for Mind Clarity & Health

When you humans think of substances that artificially alter brain chemistry, things like alcohol, marijuana, and various anti-depressant medications come to mind, but it is important for seekers of Truth to understand the depth and scope of deliberate mind destruction via substance as practiced by every 21st century society and government, extends to a far wider circle.
In this essay I will specifically out and dissect the devastating role of caffeine in robbing and destroying the personal potential of humans to thrive.
Those of you who read My texts know I have never gotten drunk or high on any substance, be it illegal, legal, or medically prescribed, in My entire lifetime. And I never will. I honor and I sanctify the glory and perfection of the mind universe I have built and lovingly maintain, out of the mind and soul murder committed upon Me as a child, and the daily murder carried out against Me each and every day on an ongoing basis.
But there are many things, substances, ideas, personal proclivities, that greatly harm the individual human mind on a mass scale, are relentlessly promoted by your slavemasters and destroyers, while not making you “high” as the term is traditionally understood.
Caffeine is exactly and absolutely such a poisonous destroyer of Self and of Truth. Caffeine is an artificial and unnatural stimulant that alters, compromises, and harms the human brain on many different levels.
I have, unfortunately, both as child and adult, consumed some caffeine during My existence. It is so pervasive, inserted into so many different substances, as to be virtually impossible to completely avoid. but I strive to minimize the intake of all caffeine, and to never use it as a mind stimulant, which is the intent of its sale and marketing.
Is it hyperbolic to refer to caffeine as a mind poison? No, not at all!
Whatever destroys the capacity of the human brain to function within maximized clarity and efficiency, is a poison, and must be outed and understood as such. Let’s break down the Forbidden Truth:
Caffeine is an unnatural and artificial stimulant. It is completely unnatural despite the fact it is present in numerous plants, because the usage of a substance is distinct from the existence of a substance, in judging whether it is natural. Caffeine exists as a natural substance, but that has nothing to do with whether or not the human choice to consume it organically, as a brain stimulant, can be considered natural.
Caffeine artificially stimulates the natural and normal functionality of the human brain. It has a direct and uncontrolled impact upon the actual reality perceptions of the individual. The intake of caffeine cannot be considered natural, normal, or appropriate, on any level, under any circumstances. It is highly addictive and wreaks havoc upon the human brain.
As a toxic stimulant, caffeine deceives the brain into falsely perceiving itself properly rested and energized, when this is in fact not functionally True.
“So what? I just want to feel rested and energized.” That’s what you pathetic inferiors are likely to think and to say. You idiots! Obsessed with making yourselves feel better, and willing to destroy Truth in favor of this useless and destructive goal.
All artificial stimulation of the brain via substance, is genocidally harmful. And for good measure, so is all artificial “calming” of the brain via substance, often attained via consumption of various herbs.
The brain deserves respect as a sacred vessel capable of and charged with the responsibility to recognize, reveal, and manifest Truth, at all times, not as a plaything to be artificially manipulated in order to create and sustain a personal universe of desired fictions and false perceptions of the Self-state and the external universe.
How much absolute rest and sleep per day, does the human brain need in order to be able to function at peak efficiency? According to 21st century society and government, 6 to 8 hours. A lie! The Truth is, 12 hours, or more. When not forced to perform slave labor, I often sleep 12 hours within a 24 hour time period, and find greatest strength and clarity of mind during such days.
But your greatest enemy does not want your brain to function at peak efficiency, ever! That is why it instructs you that “too much” sleep is bad for you, a sign of depression even. You must not waste your precious time sleeping… No, you must waste your entire existence serving as a slave, producing and creating as it instructs and orders.
All across planet earth, every single day, billions of you pathetic creatures pour the toxic poison of caffeine into your bodies, but your intent is to lie to your brain, to force your brain to perceive what is not True, not real, not valid.
The artificial perception of energy and wakefulness provided by caffeine is a devastating weapon of mind genocide of The Matrix of Universal Illusion. It ensures the human brain never functions at an efficient level, always remains disjointed, fuzzy, irrational, erratic. It renders a True state of rested mindfulness impossible for the human to even recognize as such, much less to seek and to demand as inherently deserved and as sacred Self-right.
Inferiors say they need caffeine to be productive. The Forbidden Truth is, their need for caffeine ensures they can and will never be productive in the only way that productivity can be Truthfully defined: An obsessive quest to maximize the personal potential of your own mind to thrive and to create for Self, a consistently maintained environment of peaked perception of reality and Truth, the capacity to see with absolute clarity how things are, and why they are as they are.
The Superior thrives by sleeping a lot, so that his mind is as healthy and clear and focused upon Truth as it can be. The Superior understands the brain to be a highly efficient processing device, that can only function well via the attainment of natural rest and organic cleansing. Both sleep and the state of complete rest attained via the absence of all perceptive influence from all external sources and stimulations, must be treasured and maximized, within the understanding that your enemy seeks to rob you on a daily basis of both, for specifically malicious reasons.
If you are unable to thrive as a Self-universe without artificial stimulation of your own mind, you prove yourself to be a broken and destroyed inferior, owned as a mind cripple by your slavemasters, society and government.
All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. You are correct. The irony is that many foods naturally contain sugar, are naturally sweet, and yet the pathetic humans feel psychologically compelled to heap artificially created and processed sugar upon almost all the foods they eat.
    Here you see a perfect example of a mass, almost universal addiction, not consciously acknowledged as such, you also see humans overtly destroying their own health, as society and government stands by and does nothing. “Just MODERATE your sugar intake”, says society, knowing most citizen-slaves cannot control their addictions, and are Self-hating anyway, so relish the opportunity to ruin their own health, on a subconscious level.
    And, on top of everything else, you should also appreciate the direct applicability of sugar consumption/addiction, to My recent essay contrasting the profound differences between Self-inspired creation of pleasure, and externally induced perceptions of happiness.
    Thanks for appreciating Forbidden Truth.

  2. SEER, I must admit that I consume coffee every morning and sodas on some occasions, but with that being said, I am fully aware that caffeine is a “mind-altering” substance. Unlike most inferiors, who would deny this truth; I do not.

    1. It is always good to possess conscious awareness of what you are doing, and why you are doing it. Caffeine is an addictive substance, and all addictions are directly harmful to brain functionality on numerous levels. Caffeine also changes your brain chemistry in an artificial way, unlike sleep, rest, thoughtfulness, vitamins, minerals, or even meditation.
      Always admit to the Truth, face up to what you are doing, try to consciously understand and integrate to the Self-mind, the knowledge of what you are doing. Such consciousness CAN directly mitigate the harmful impacts of caffeine, but only to a limited degree. Harm is harm, recognizing the harm for what it is and does, does not erase or end the actual harm being caused.

    1. The key is to reject and shun all artificial and unnatural brain stimulants, and to provide your brain with the proper amount of sleep, rest, empowering and invigorating focus upon worthwhile things. To recognize the immense harm to both brain functionality and brain health, caused by artificial brain stimulants, and to physical health as well.
      Let us understand that the segmented division and control of time by society and government is a crime against humanity, and things like caffeine are front line weapons being deployed upon and against every citizen-slave, to make them feel better, as they are systematically destroyed and sucked dry of all mind potential to thrive and flourish within natural health and strength.

      1. Ok here’s the deal. I understand the Truth altering effects of caffeine, as it does alter natural perception, in some individuals more than in others, but why would you say it causes physical harm as well? How would you prove that? Caffeine has many protective effects, such as reduction of cancer; it also increase the absorption of sugar in the body, thus reducing the risk for diabetes. It’s also a known liver cleanser. Improving brain activity, even in an artificial way(speeding it up), also has benefits in preventing Alzheimers and Parkinson’s disease. These effects are true for both caffeine and coffee. I’ll also tell you a very nice effect, that no other website lists. When consuming coffee during the day, i sleep deeper at night. So, to cater to My True Reality, drinking coffee is a good thing. I believe physical health and sleep are more important than Truth health.

        1. Listen up: Caffeine is bad and harmful to every human, on every level. It harms you mentally, physiologically, emotionally, cognitively, and physically. Not only does caffeine contain NO vitamins or minerals, caffeine directly DESTROYS the capacity of the human body to properly process and absorb vitamins and minerals. Not only does caffeine have zero nutritional value, it destroys the nutritional effects of other foods and drinks you consume.
          Most important of all, caffeine is BOTH highly addictive and a psychoactive drug.
          21st century medical doctors refuse to out the Forbidden Truths of caffeine as I list them above, but they are all True. You can find the facts online, in places like here:

          And here:

          Caffeine is an offensive weapon of The Matrix of Universal Illusion, that is why it receives positive media attention and promotion. The primary reason is NOT because it generates trillions of dollars for the slave state of amerikkka alone, but because it is very useful in destroying the Truth potential of human minds, extracting maximum slave labor from citizen-slaves, and providing slaves with falsae perceptions of well-being within their daily and lifelong victimization.
          Caffeine actively HARMS your physical health. The objective evidence in favor of caffeine causing harm, overwhelmingly trumps, no pun intended, any evidence suggesting caffeine benefits physical health.
          As to sleep, caffeine is an artificial and unnatural STIMULANT. Of course you will sleep “deeper” at night after consuming caffeine during the day, because you have exhausted yourself beyond any appropriate level, while MASKING and hiding this physiological Truth from your conscious mind.
          The deep sleep you “enjoy” is not naturally invigorating, but a direct consequence of the loss of your caffeine-induced high, the equivalent of an alcoholics hangover.
          You are addicted to a toxic and overtly harmful stimulant that distorts and deforms the positive functionality of both your mind and your body.
          The second article above describes this perverse impact perfectly:
          “New research from Johns Hopkins Medical School shows that performance increases due to caffeine intake are the result of caffeine drinkers experiencing a short-term reversal of caffeine withdrawal. By controlling for caffeine use in study participants, John Hopkins researchers found that caffeine-related performance improvement is nonexistent without caffeine withdrawal. In essence, coming off caffeine reduces your cognitive performance and has a negative impact on your mood. The only way to get back to normal is to drink caffeine, and when you do drink it, you feel like it’s taking you to new heights. In reality, the caffeine is just taking your performance back to normal for a short period.”
          None of your positive claims about cafeine have been scientifically proven. Even if one or two are valid, the harmful impacts of caffeine overwhelm the possible, isolated and rare benefits for select individuals.
          Caffeine fails to meet any rational standard for legalization as a psychoactive, addictive drug. Within any sane society, it would be completely illegal to use as a beverage or food addictive, much less as a primary ingredient deliberately deployed and marketed as a desirable brain stimulant, as coffee is.

          1. Complete nonsense. You’re giving me 2 hackish websites like, and i’m giving you wikipedia. The websites you have are non-controlled rubbish, wikipedia is carefully analyzed so peacock language doesn’t get through, so that only facts get through. I didn’t expect that from you, to be honest. The websites you gave me are a dime a dozen, stop believing those, it’s not good for you. Even as we go by your dime a dozen website, it clearly states the negative effects of caffeine are more pronounced in high doses, not the doses the average person consumes. And i’m not a postmenopausal woman, just so you know :). So you lose 5mg of calcium per 150mg of caffeine, boo fucking hoo. 150mg of caffeine is a LARGE if you have 2 or 3 of those, you will lose 15mg of calcium. Ridiculous, really..are you honestly scared about that? Next point your hackish website is making, is the interference with iron absorption. Well, i get myself tested, by a doctor, and my iron is muy excelente, thank you very much. I have just the right amount. So, again, complete nonsense. Next on the list, the B vitamin malabsorption. Caffeine is a mild diuretic, so says your article, so you’ll be peeing more vitamin B. I personally don’t notice any increase in my peeing, but then again, i don’t drink that much. Of course, if you drink a gallon of coffee a day, you’ll be peeing more simply because you’re ingesting fluid..drinking lots of water a day does the same thing, you excrete more of these vitamins. But again, i have enough of them, nothing to worry about. You article also states coffee increases absorption of b12, so it’s good for that. The other vitamins, it MAY reduce their absorption, the article says. BUNK. Completely non scientific, one of millions out there, articles. I’d go with wikipedia. Coffee can be bad for you, in excess, or if you’re old and have a million other diseases and things like that. These things do not apply to me, or the majority of people.
            My sleep is indeed of much higher quality after drinking coffee. Maybe i have difficulty staying up normally, and i need the boost to focus, to exhaust my system. I’m not embarrased by it. And the restful night sleep due to being more active during the day(due to caffeine stimulation) is nothing like a hangover, trust me. Unlike you, i consume alcohol, on occasion, and i can tell you, from experience, it’s nothing like it. So again, bunk. Coffee reduces your risk for cancer, improves sugar absorption, increases cognition, and just makes your body function more efficiently, overall.

            1. You are addicted to a drug, and so you defend that drug, because it makes you feel better and you have no interest in facing up to the Truth that it is harming you on many different levels.
              The notion that an addictive, psychoactive drug that alters brain chemistry, provides unnatural energy, disrupts the natural sleep cycle, contains absolutely no vitamins, minerals, or other nutritional value, and actively leeches away nutrients from the body, should be completely legal, promoted as healthy without a shred of legitimate evidence, and actively consumed in mass quantities by 99+% of the population, is utterly perverse and insane.
              A typical human, you are a fan of Truth when you find it personally convenient or desirable to be so, and heap contempt and rejection upon Truth, when it is not. You possess no respect for Truth itself, only for your right to reject it at your choice and will. And so your universe will always be filled with Self-deceptions and Self-illusions, the human brain minimized, never living up to its potential.

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