Bruce Pardo and the True Meaning of christmas

On christmas day, let us all take a moment to pay our respects to the memory of Bruce Jeffrey Pardo, who went out of his way on christmas eve of 2008 to try to show the world the True meaning of christmas, the True, valid, and just consequences of a society choosing to celebrate its own mental derangements: Religion, marriage, parenthood, and the family unit:

More on Bruce’s santa catharsis, here:
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  1. Has it ever occurred to humans that Divorces cause animosity and hate among individuals when money is involved? This was certainly the case involving Bruce Pardo. He didn’t want to give his hard-earned money to his ex-wife, but was forced to, regardless of his objection. Plain and simple: divorces can lead to deadly consequences for both spouses involved, and in some cases, children and acquaintances’. It is not something that should be taken lightly

    1. Marriage is a toxic, diseased, and completely unnatural social ritual specifically designed and intended to enslave two human beings to each other, and to compel them to use each other as cathartic Poison Containers for their personal rage and hate. Divorce exists as a “get out of jail” card for those chained by the marriage ritual, but society invests great effort to convince humans to agree to get married, and therefore chooses to throw up obstacles intended to discourage divorce. The divorcing human is breaking free of the Sacred Family Unit shackle, at least to some degree, and society views this as a theat.
      Money and the family unit always work together to enslave individuals, they are primary weapons of society and government. Family massacres such as was carried out by Bruce are a small price for societal leaders to pay. Nothing of primary value is jeopordized by a family massacre, the closed circle of familial violence, which society sponsors and promotes, is maintained. Humans are far too brainwashed and indoctrinated to realize valuable Forbidden Truths as a result of a family massacre. They simply shrug their shoulders and blame mental illness or guns or “evil”, as they are instructed to do by their governmental, societal, and media puppetmasters.

      1. Humans always come up with excuses to justify the problems in society. They tend to blame objects or their fellow humans for destructive behavior instead of placing the blame where it truly belongs. Society problems and social ills could be solved if only humans accepted the forbidden truths, but they won’t. What humans do in the event of a tragedy, is demand punishment of the tortured- victims, and pray to a mythical god to make life better. Neither works because the true nature behind societal problems go unaddressed and unnoticed by society. In other words, they simply miss the point and are unable to connect the dots as to why things are the way that they are

        1. Absolutely correct, and well-stated. Leaders of society and government consistently create imaginary enemies and completely invalid scapegoats, both alive and inanimate, to completely cloak the primary guilt and responsibility they bear, for every problem, every injustice, tragedy, suffering, and dysfunction manifested by their victims: The human citizen-slaves. Guns, satan, lack of self-control, evil, immorality, mental illness, all these illusions of a problem are constantly thrown up by society and government, so that these diseased structures may never be accurately identified, blamed, and targeted for the destruction and annihilation that they have earned.
          Humans must be and are successfully brainwashed to blame and demonize each other, to blame inanimate objects such as guns and drugs, to blame structures such as satan and mental illness which are directly created by society and government, even as it rejects all responsibility for hosting and imposing them, and to judge themselves guilty and responsible. This is perhaps the most overtly toxic of all social propaganda: Getting the individual victims to blame themselves, to accept guilt and responsibility and punishment, as the Forbidden Truth that they are pure victims, created victims of societal and governmental malice and derangement, is fully concealed.

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