Breaking the Tension

My last post was very long and very profound, so now it is time for a short and sweet and melodic tribute to rage, hate, and the power of the mind, via my favorite tension breaking song. Writing about child abuse sometimes wears on My nerves, especially when I specifically refer to some detail of My own victimization. Nothing serious, I always maintain full control of my state of mind and emotional experiences. But still, music is a nice way to shift a gear, to break away from one mood to another.
What I like about this tune is that it is not quite as intense in terms of directly addressing personal rage and hate, as some of My other favorite songs. It is not a song to unleash bloodthirst to, but instead it is a transitional tune, facilitating a shift from melancholy and memories of personal suffering, to a full embrace of external rage and hate, which I proceed to revel in via much more intense tunes which directly address this glorious state of mind
So, to those of you in the mood to transition, but not quite ready to wallow in the glory of ice cold external rage and hate, I recommend the modestly light-hearted but still seriously intense Birth of Tension:

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