Breaking News: Ariana Grande Homicide Bombing in Manchester, England

Terrorism is the personal reflection of being the victim of lifelong terrorization.

How delightful to wake up from a long night of deeply satisfying, intricately plotted Conscious Dreams, three separate ones in fact, spanning 10 hours, to the news of the Ariana Grande concert suicide bombing in Manchester, England. Details are still breaking, but at least 22 harvestees, many more injured. A successfully executed homicide bombing, by all indications:
government and its media puppets call it a suicide bombing, but the sane thinker knows this is psychological misdirection. Homicide bombing is much more accurate, as clearly the primary goal of the attacker was to harvest others, his own death being a price he was willing to pay, but not his primary motivation or desire.
Everything labelled as terrorism by any and every society and government is nothing more than an honest and accurate reflection of the personal experience of being terrorized.

government inflicts terror upon every child and every adult, then solicits them to reflect this terror upon others: Their legally owned children, defenseless animals, sex partners, spouses, employees, foreigners, demonized foreign regime citizen-slaves, etc… None of this is ever accurately described and labelled as terrorism, but that is exactly what it all is.

Those who terrorize you reserve this term, to specific acts of reflective terrorization that they desire to condemn and morally judge, and a primary reason why, is to successfully conceal from all conscious perception and understanding, the reality that every citizen-slaves exists as a tormented victim of terror as inflicted upon him by his very own society and government.
I so wish I could spend the day inside My isolated fortress, reveling in the developing details of this homicide bombing, but I cannot. Slave labor is My fate, but at least My mind is alive with invigorated consciousness, on this particular morning.

For now, you can follow ITV live coverage of this act of reflective revenge via this Youtube livestream:

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  1. It’s too bad that most inferiors aren’t aware that they terrorize others as a reflection of what has and continues to be done to them. In addition, govt mandates the terrorization of others so that it can remain unaccountable for causing this mess in the first place. Humans have no ideological sense as to why they do the things that they do, and are clueless about the forbidden truth regarding rage and hate. A perfect example of misdirected rage is a boss, who verbally abuses their employees, to relieve him or herself of pent-up rage and negative emotions that they are simply unable to bear: the boss is full aware that if his employee wants to keep their job they will have to put up with their ongoing bullying and harassment and not complain about it if they want to survive and pay their bills. I believe this vulnerability puts individuals in a delicate situation where they are handed over to their enemies for slaughter out of desperation. If most humans had alternative choices in getting away from their abusers, naturally they would.
    What humans fail to realize is that individuals suffering at the hands of these bosses often are forced to go underground with their true feelings (causing inner, emotional-conflict) regarding the hate that they have for their boss, which results in backbiting, and possibly later revenge. No one goes unscathed under this evil system; the perpetrators are not more or less a victim than the people that they are victimizing. WE ARE ALL VICTIMS REGARDLESS OF OUR POSITION IN SOCIETY. Yes, we all suffer from Bargain-basement Anger whether we admit it or not.

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